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After some last minute tips from triathlon legend Michellie Jones, JIM GARFIELD (AMG) PR'd in the Santa Barbara Long Course Tri. This in spite of last Wednesday's ActiveX hate-a-thon work out!



TAWNYA BORDALO and her husband ran the End of Summer Fire Run from La Jolla to PB on Sunday. This was our first event together and we had such a great time! The conditions were nice and cool in the morning and the course was easy and quick. I was able to decrease my average mile time by 54 seconds! Big thanks to ActiveX and the weekly trail running group!


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK and her fiancé Jim ran the Copper Mountain Half marathon this last Saturday finishing at 2:10.  Out of the women, I was the 14th to finish, but there were a total of 82 people for this race!!  The first half of the race took us around Copper Mountain Village and the second half was climbing up Vail Pass and then a nice run down to finish! 


TOYA REAVIS competed in the Wild Duck 5K Cross Country race this Saturday. It is the 1st race of the Dirt Dog Cross Country series. It was very very competitive as most of the best runners in the region come out for the series. I was 17th woman overall and won 3rd in my age group. My time was 20:22 on a tough hilly course and it was warm and humid. 20:22 was same time I ran last week in the AFC 5K which was a flat road race on pavement - I am getting stronger.


HANNAH SANSONE made the long drive South to Imperial Beach for the IB Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. I placed 4th in my age group and was 20th overall out of a field of 152 women. This was such a fun day - everyone at the event was happy and positive and stepping up to cheer each other on. And I ran into another athlete from Active, Emily Ogata, which was definitely a highlight of the morning!


NUNO COSTA also competed in Imperial Beach Tri this weekend - finished 2nd in my age group - 25-29 Best finish in a race for me ever



ARCH and Christy Fuston moved this weekend with the help of some ActiveX’ers. We had a moving dolly, but we all agreed it would make it too easy, so we left it in the truck. Ahh, the intrinsic benefits of ActiveX!



LIZ & Scott HARRELL (San Diego office) rode with Team in Training this Saturday. Liz rode her bicycle for 21 miles!!! First time ever. Was even able to clip in and out with out falling down (not as easy as it sounds). Scott tackled 26 miles and discovered that padded bike shorts really do help!!! We are training for a century ride, El Tour de Tucson with Team in Training. They train us; we raise money for a really great cause.


TRISH OBERHAUS did the Accenture Chicago Triathlon for the second year and had a great time. We had beautiful weather for race day and I improved my sprint distance time from last year. I was also able to meet and hang out with Toby this weekend which was very cool. My wave started the race more than an hour before Toby’s did, so when I finished I went back to the part of the course where the run begins. I ran with him to cheer him on (but only for a little bit because I couldn’t keep up)


TOBY GUILLETTE raced the Olympic-distance Accenture Chicago Triathlon against 4,088 others and finished 262nd overall. The highlight of my trip was finally meeting Trish, my fellow Online Community Specialist, who I’ve worked with for over a year.


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LAUREN PISCO, Implementation LeagueOne ran the America’s Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon this weekend in San Diego.  The beginning and middle of the course was great.  The hill at the end was grueling, but I made it through in 1:51!


KEVIN BEATTY wants us to feel sorry for him. After a great vacation in the Punta Cana and almost having my flight cancelled in the Dominican Republic due to the tropical storm that tore through the island, I successfully landed in San Diego around 10 pm on Saturday night, all to wake up 4 hours after I got home to run the AFC Half.  Definitely planning I don’t recommend to anyone but it was worth it because I completed my first Triple Crown by running Carlsbad, La Jolla, and AFC Half Marathons.  Way to get it done Kevin.


MIKE COLEMAN, Dir of Bus Dev ran another half marathon, competing in America’s Finest City half marathon this weekend, completing this year’s triple-crown series. I highly recommend training for races rather than Mike’s strategy of “I just do races” without any training. This year races, next year training.  HA HA Coleman real funny!



JIM DE LA CRUZ was able to successfully finish the AFC half marathon yesterday; I ran the race in 2:09, completing this event accomplished my goal of receiving the Triple Crown award for running the Carlsbad Half, and the La Jolla Half this year. No strollers allowed so I could not to push my son and double the work-out but my wife cheered for me after she finished the AFC 5K. Credit goes out to Ryan Drew for cheering me on throughout the race on his bike, thanks Ryan for the support! Great event looking forward to next year!


ANGIE TOWERY ran the AFC Half this weekend with her sister, Alicia.  They ran this race together last year and definitely saw improvement in their time this year, but that hill at the end never seems to get easier!!!  They celebrated their run afterwards at a friends Birthday BBQ Wig Party!!!


ARCH FUSTON and his wife Christy ran the AFC Half, the third race for the “Triple Crown”. Had a great day, felt X strong. Was on the way to a half-marathon, post-Achilles PR when the Brown Family knocked at the door and we ended up having a 7+ minute visit at mile 4. I kicked them out and tried to chase Christy down, but missed her by 2 minutes. Great morning, nice and hot, and you can’t beat having IM Voice bring you across the finish line. Awesome day!


MICHELLE ULRICH ran with her twin sister LARA and said it is always good Mike to hear your voice bringing me in to the finish! Yesterday was great running the AFC Half Marathon.  I ran a 1:31:03 to finish second in my age group and 19th female overall.


TOYA REAVIS ran the AFC 5K in Balboa Park in SD.  She ran a fast 20:23 good for 1st in her age group and 8th female overall.  But the best part is she was interviewed live on the local FOX news station after the race!


MICHELLE NATION reports the Nation sisters (Michelle in Product Management & JANEAN in Team Sports Sales along with our sister Kristie who flew in from Salt Lake), did the AFC half marathon this weekend.  We had a blast jogging the whole thing together in matching shirts and enjoying the beautiful views.  When we reached mile 11, Janean was particularly glad to have practiced running the hill on Lusk! The day ended with a PR for Janean and big thanks due to Mike Reilly for an awesome welcome call at the finish line. 


JUDY FLYNN, School Finance ran the AFC Half Marathon on Sunday.  I ran slower than planned but had a great time!


CHRIS WHEELER, Account Exec Blue Bear got off land and competed at the US Rowing Masters National Championships this past Thursday-Sunday with San Diego Rowing Club.  We were blessed with tons of sunshine (Duh San Diego) and lots of good racing with crews from all over North America.  To cap off the weekend, we won a National Championship in the Men’s A 4 w/coxswain.  This was by far our best race of the regatta.  There were some pretty decorated rowers in the field and it was a very closely contested, so although it really hurt, it was great crossing the finish line first.  


Take a guess what PATTI ROSENTHAL did this weekend.  Of course Mountain biking in Crested Butte, Colorado.  Unseasonably cold weather this last weekend in Crested Butte - snow in the upper local mountains.  Still was able to get out & ride up Gothic Road to one of the epic trails in Crested Butte, Trail 401.  An 11-mile ride up Gothic Road to the trailhead which is at 10,707 feet.  Then up from there to over 12,000 feet where there are an abundance of wild flowers.  Crested Butte is known for the Wildflower Capitol of Colorado.  Beautiful!!




BURT REPINE (3RD from left in photo) with 3 friends spent a windy night on the summit of San Gorgonio (11,499 --- highest peak in SoCal).  Aside from the wind the weather was great and the night time views of the valleys below were fantastic.



NICOLAS REIS, Marketing International  went out on Mission Bay in SD with some friends on a boat to go Wakeboarding and Waterskiing.  Well, this was my first time out there and man do my arms hurt today…(scared of ActiveX today).  While I really had to fight to get up on the board, I was able to stay up on the Ski’s a couple of times (Proof attached J). Great times in sunny San Diego! Nico



So everyone in the SD office didn’t run the ½ marathon. TOBY GUILLETTE & JESSE HAMMOND did a long swim this weekend. Inspired by that Phelps kid (and to train for the Gatorman open water swim I’m doing in September and the Silverman full-distance triathlon Toby is doing in November), we jumped in at La Jolla Cove Sunday morning. Our swim took us straight to Scripps Pier, and then we headed back to La Jolla Shores for about a 2.2-mile trek. It was a beautiful day with perfect water temps and clear visibility.


From last weekend MEGHAN SWIRSKI & LEAH PARDINI participated in the Seattle City Chase event on August 9, 2008.  Among the day’s challenges were Can-Can dancing with total strangers, tight-rope walking, kayaking on Lake Union, and lots, and lots of running…followed by the best beer ever tasted at the Finish Line.


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Olympic Weekend Warriors

Posted by IMVoice Aug 11, 2008

A lot of you must have been watching the Olympics instead of doing. Mike


How appropriate to hear first thing today from JEAN SU in our China office.


Our first Active basketball team won championship in Xian Software Park 2008 Basketball League.

The league started in the beginning of July and there were 32 teams and 8 groups that our team competed with for a month before we won our final game last week.

Here are our basketball team heroes:

Bill Zhang; Bruce Xu; David Qu; Dion Mo; Eric Sun; Gary Chen; Jacob Zhang; Joe Zhang; Lei Zhang; Michael Zhang; Nemo Ding; Ray Geng; Rui Zhang; Sean Guo;


Congratulations team!



SCARLETT DALGLEISH, Software Consultant participated in the Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon here in San Diego on Saturday.


MICHELLE ULRICH, AE Endurance was in San Francisco this weekend and biked over the Golden Gate into Sausalito and then back.  It was a great ride, good exercise and beautiful views!


AMBER MARTIN and ANDREA RISHMAWI hiked Iron Mountain Saturday afternoon in east San Diego County. It was pretty hot out, and we only ran into about 5 or 6 other hikers the whole time!

Way to be out there girls!


JASON LO, Account Exec reports on Sunday afternoon in Burnaby, Canada The Active Assassins Roller Hockey Club came back from a 2 – 0 deficit to win 3 – 2 and became the BRASS II Vancouver Inline Hockey League CHAMPIONS!  The Assassins got the most out of their season by coming back through the secondary playoff bracket in the double-elimination playoffs, eliminating every single team from the tier out of the playoffs.  With a VIHL record 8 game playoff stretch necessary to take the title, the Assassins did so in style led by Playoff MVP Lou Douillard.  The Assassins lost in round 1 to a score of 4 - 3, but came back with 5 straight victories including 3 shut-outs which is unheard of in Inline Hockey. 


The final three game series for the Championship title started off with a 7 – 0 victory by Active, then followed by a 3 – 2 overtime loss, and with a 3 – 2 victory to end the season on top!  The Active Assassins are going to proudly display somewhere in the office (location TBA) the championship cup and are looking forward to another season again next April.  Thanks to all the team members who made this year a successful 26 game run including: Brian Choy, Matthew Cox, Inderpal Dhaliwal, Lou Douillard, Matthew Hoffman, Megan Hollstedt, Jimmy Lam, Justin Leung, Jason Lo, Ryan Lyster, Jarryd Pinto, and Anthony Wong.



ALISON TERRY, Account Exec Swimming on Friday and Saturday competed at the United States Lifeguard Nationals.  More than 2,000 of the USA ocean lifeguards competed south of the pier in Manhattan Beach, CA which proved to be a great surf racing venue!   Lifeguard Nationals includes events such as paddle boarding, surf ski, swimming, rescue races, surf dory boats and running events. Some of the best surf lifesavers around the country competed and it was once again a high level national competitive event. Competition was fierce yet friendly and at the end of the day, we all bond together, tell stories of the past, and discuss lifesaving ideas for the future.


AIREY BARINGER and TOBY GUILLETTE did a scenic 100-mile bike ride throughout San Diego county on Saturday morning.

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Summertime Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Aug 4, 2008



PATTI ROSENTHAL had an awesome mtb ride from the top of Hotel Draw to Kennebec Pass on the Colorado Trail.  An epic 7-hr day with 5 hrs of riding plus hike-a-bike.  The wild flowers were plentiful with incredible views.  We did have to ride in the rain for about an hour (afternoon storms are pretty common this time of year) but the rest of the ride was sunny & beautiful.  Another must-do ride here in Durango, Colorado!



JIM GARFIELD (AMG) took race director Michael Epstein, Yahoo Sports Director Wayne Sieve and AMG's own Jessica Givens and friend on a VIP tour of the X Games this weekend in L.A. Thrills, spills and major heat were the theme of the successful 14th showing of these exciting games!



MICHAEL VALENTI I did his first 70.3 this weekend in Sonoma. JESSE HAMMOND did the aquabike after convincing his girlfriend and I to do Barb's Race. While Jesse racked his bike and kicked back his heels, Emmy and I headed out for the Half Marathon run in 98-degree heat. Emmy placed 3rd in her age group and Jesse placed 1st in his despite taking a wrong turn. Other than the heat, the course was beautiful and fun.  




DAK JORDAN, ActiveEducate K-12 Division, and some friends hiked to the summit of South Sister Mountain (10,363 ft.) on Saturday.   The weekend included a 24-mile backpacking adventure with the highlight being the summit of South Sister Mountain in the Three Sister’s Wilderness near Bend, Oregon on Saturday. 



RYAN DREW, Tennis Division raced XTerra Snow Valley yesterday (1000 yd. swim, 11 mile mtn. bike, 4 mile trail run).  As it was my first Off-Road Triathlon, I was painfully surprised with a brutal race up and down the ski mountain at Snow Valley resort.  The bike ride was pretty technical as the downhill portions were all sand and loose gravel which made for an interesting ride.  On the first loop of the downhill portion I was cruising behind a guy who flew off the path and flipped over his handlebars.  This was my initial warning that the rest of the day was going to be intense.  I crashed on the second loop of the downhill portion, when my handlebars swept under me and I luckily clipped out in time to perform the ever amazing "superman" maneuver off of the bike, sliding 10 feet or so, skinng the right side of my body. I got up, pretended like nothing happened, got back on the bike and made my way to the bottom.  The run was more of a hike as all the participants were huffing and puffing climbing up and down this mountain to make it to the finish.  This was one of the harder races I have been apart of, and I was really happy to see the finish line.  It was also very cool to see defending XTerra world champion Conrad Stoltz racing this course with us.

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