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Summertime Weekend

Posted by IMVoice on Aug 4, 2008 11:39:43 AM



PATTI ROSENTHAL had an awesome mtb ride from the top of Hotel Draw to Kennebec Pass on the Colorado Trail.  An epic 7-hr day with 5 hrs of riding plus hike-a-bike.  The wild flowers were plentiful with incredible views.  We did have to ride in the rain for about an hour (afternoon storms are pretty common this time of year) but the rest of the ride was sunny & beautiful.  Another must-do ride here in Durango, Colorado!



JIM GARFIELD (AMG) took race director Michael Epstein, Yahoo Sports Director Wayne Sieve and AMG's own Jessica Givens and friend on a VIP tour of the X Games this weekend in L.A. Thrills, spills and major heat were the theme of the successful 14th showing of these exciting games!



MICHAEL VALENTI I did his first 70.3 this weekend in Sonoma. JESSE HAMMOND did the aquabike after convincing his girlfriend and I to do Barb's Race. While Jesse racked his bike and kicked back his heels, Emmy and I headed out for the Half Marathon run in 98-degree heat. Emmy placed 3rd in her age group and Jesse placed 1st in his despite taking a wrong turn. Other than the heat, the course was beautiful and fun.  




DAK JORDAN, ActiveEducate K-12 Division, and some friends hiked to the summit of South Sister Mountain (10,363 ft.) on Saturday.   The weekend included a 24-mile backpacking adventure with the highlight being the summit of South Sister Mountain in the Three Sister’s Wilderness near Bend, Oregon on Saturday. 



RYAN DREW, Tennis Division raced XTerra Snow Valley yesterday (1000 yd. swim, 11 mile mtn. bike, 4 mile trail run).  As it was my first Off-Road Triathlon, I was painfully surprised with a brutal race up and down the ski mountain at Snow Valley resort.  The bike ride was pretty technical as the downhill portions were all sand and loose gravel which made for an interesting ride.  On the first loop of the downhill portion I was cruising behind a guy who flew off the path and flipped over his handlebars.  This was my initial warning that the rest of the day was going to be intense.  I crashed on the second loop of the downhill portion, when my handlebars swept under me and I luckily clipped out in time to perform the ever amazing "superman" maneuver off of the bike, sliding 10 feet or so, skinng the right side of my body. I got up, pretended like nothing happened, got back on the bike and made my way to the bottom.  The run was more of a hike as all the participants were huffing and puffing climbing up and down this mountain to make it to the finish.  This was one of the harder races I have been apart of, and I was really happy to see the finish line.  It was also very cool to see defending XTerra world champion Conrad Stoltz racing this course with us.

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