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Olympic Weekend Warriors

Posted by IMVoice Aug 11, 2008

A lot of you must have been watching the Olympics instead of doing. Mike


How appropriate to hear first thing today from JEAN SU in our China office.


Our first Active basketball team won championship in Xian Software Park 2008 Basketball League.

The league started in the beginning of July and there were 32 teams and 8 groups that our team competed with for a month before we won our final game last week.

Here are our basketball team heroes:

Bill Zhang; Bruce Xu; David Qu; Dion Mo; Eric Sun; Gary Chen; Jacob Zhang; Joe Zhang; Lei Zhang; Michael Zhang; Nemo Ding; Ray Geng; Rui Zhang; Sean Guo;


Congratulations team!



SCARLETT DALGLEISH, Software Consultant participated in the Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon here in San Diego on Saturday.


MICHELLE ULRICH, AE Endurance was in San Francisco this weekend and biked over the Golden Gate into Sausalito and then back.  It was a great ride, good exercise and beautiful views!


AMBER MARTIN and ANDREA RISHMAWI hiked Iron Mountain Saturday afternoon in east San Diego County. It was pretty hot out, and we only ran into about 5 or 6 other hikers the whole time!

Way to be out there girls!


JASON LO, Account Exec reports on Sunday afternoon in Burnaby, Canada The Active Assassins Roller Hockey Club came back from a 2 – 0 deficit to win 3 – 2 and became the BRASS II Vancouver Inline Hockey League CHAMPIONS!  The Assassins got the most out of their season by coming back through the secondary playoff bracket in the double-elimination playoffs, eliminating every single team from the tier out of the playoffs.  With a VIHL record 8 game playoff stretch necessary to take the title, the Assassins did so in style led by Playoff MVP Lou Douillard.  The Assassins lost in round 1 to a score of 4 - 3, but came back with 5 straight victories including 3 shut-outs which is unheard of in Inline Hockey. 


The final three game series for the Championship title started off with a 7 – 0 victory by Active, then followed by a 3 – 2 overtime loss, and with a 3 – 2 victory to end the season on top!  The Active Assassins are going to proudly display somewhere in the office (location TBA) the championship cup and are looking forward to another season again next April.  Thanks to all the team members who made this year a successful 26 game run including: Brian Choy, Matthew Cox, Inderpal Dhaliwal, Lou Douillard, Matthew Hoffman, Megan Hollstedt, Jimmy Lam, Justin Leung, Jason Lo, Ryan Lyster, Jarryd Pinto, and Anthony Wong.



ALISON TERRY, Account Exec Swimming on Friday and Saturday competed at the United States Lifeguard Nationals.  More than 2,000 of the USA ocean lifeguards competed south of the pier in Manhattan Beach, CA which proved to be a great surf racing venue!   Lifeguard Nationals includes events such as paddle boarding, surf ski, swimming, rescue races, surf dory boats and running events. Some of the best surf lifesavers around the country competed and it was once again a high level national competitive event. Competition was fierce yet friendly and at the end of the day, we all bond together, tell stories of the past, and discuss lifesaving ideas for the future.


AIREY BARINGER and TOBY GUILLETTE did a scenic 100-mile bike ride throughout San Diego county on Saturday morning.

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