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MARK WARBLE, Desktop Management Tech SD office participated in the AIDS Walk 2008 10K Run on Sunday and finished in a little under 45 mins.  It was a nice overcast morning, which made for a cooler run.  I was lucky enough to catch-up with fellow Active employees Michael Wilson and Amber Martin at the starting line.  I was glad to see other Active members amongst the thousands of supporters participating in the walk and run.


MICHAEL WILSON also ran the 10K in the AIDS Run in Balboa Park yesterday.  Great day, great event, worthwhile cause!  Ran it in just over 45 minutes…not a PR, but felt great!


JON BELMONTE and his family had a big weekend of youth soccer.  His son Calvin played great defense and scored a goal in his team’s U6 victory this past Saturday.  Then daughter Hana’s U8 girl’s team played an amazing game against the best team in their league, dropping a close 1-0 contest.  Coach Jon could not be more proud of his Purple Dragons!  Next time let's see pics of the kids Jon.


MICHELLE CREPEAU reports in from New York.  Yesterday marked our first year with working with the Tunnel To Towers Run to benefit the Stephen Siller Foundation.  Sharing quotes from our team, along with pics!!!  Those participating from Active: EDNA CASTANEDA, JEN MAGNONE, CRAIG CULHANE, BRENDA SEIDNER, ANGIE GIANULIS AND MICHELLE CREPEAU.


JENNIFER SALTERS MAGNONE, Dir. New Business Active Marketing writes. This was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had since moving to New York City this year.  There are no words to describe the emotions and motivation associated with this race – it truly is a living, moving tribute to the firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th.  Seeing all those people out there made me proud to be an American – cheesy, but true!


MICHELE CREPEAU, Sales Major Accounts said she was thrilled to finally be able to work with the Tunnel To Towers Run/ Walk as it is one of the best events in the US!  My friends and co-workers had the honor of attending the dinner Saturday evening and participating yesterday in the event.  Despite the rain, almost 20,000 people came out for the run/ walk.  Running through the tunnel to be greeted by 343 firefighters holding photographs of the firefighters that lost their lives on 911 and another 343 firefighters holding American flags is truly the highlight.  It was amazing to see firefighters and families who travel from around the world to join the Siller Family for this event.  Along the course, there were hundreds of memorial reminders, yet mood is incredibly festive and inspiring as you remember all the good that came from the American people following 911.  


BRENDA SEIDER REILLY, Dir Online Media writes: I have lived in New York all my life.  This is one of the most moving events I ever attended, especially when the 343 firefighters walked in with pictures of our fallen heroes. It makes you realize that we need to treasure life everyday. Congratulations on this wonderful event that honors and celebrates everyone for their heroic deeds on 9/11.


EDNA CASTANEDA, Account Manager is proud of our NY office.  This weekend the NYC Active office took part in the Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk. To say that it was one of the most inspiring events I have ever attended does not do the event justice. There were several key moments that stuck out: firefighters being in full uniform, a solider holding onto 3 huge tires with a mask on during the race but the most touching scene by far was definitely with the 343 firefighters lined up after the tunnel. It all brought tears to my eyes (while running of course). There was such a sense of patriotism but ultimately it was a huge reminder of how precious life is and that we should all be thankful for each blessed day that we are given. Special “shout out: To Michele Crepeau who was so moved by this event that she worked hard to have be an Active Giving client for this race.


Stephen Siller, beloved husband and father of five, was a firefighter from Squad 1, Park Slope Brooklyn. On 9/11, he was off-duty, and on his way to golf with his 3 older brothers.When Stephen heard on his scanner that the World Trade Center had been hit, he turned his vehicle around and headed towards the site. When his truck was prohibited from entering the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, typically of him, he raced on foot towards the site with his gear strapped to his back.He was last seen alive on West and Liberty Streets where he, more than likely, went looking for his Squad, all of whom perished. The Tunnel to Towers Run retraces Stephen's footsteps on that fateful day.  In running along his path, we honor the memory of all the Firefighters, Police, and EMS workers who performed their duty that day. In running this race, we are reclaiming still another part of the city for all our heroes and for all of those who died on 9/11.

They will never be forgotten!




Connect and share your experience with other participants in the Tunnel To Towers online community


MIKE READE, Software Developer SD office went hiking up in the San Bernardino Mountains and did a day hike to the summit of San Gorgonio. It was 13 miles each way with an altitude gain of 4600 feet, and well worth it. The views were incredible.




KRISTIN HARTOS, LeagueOne & EMILY OGATA, Application Specialist travelled to Minnesota with our rugby team (San Diego Surfers) over the weekend to two nationally-ranked teams in preparation for play-offs and nationals in the coming weeks.  We played the Minnesota Valkyries (No. 8) on Saturday afternoon, and despite injuries to key players (including a broken leg), we won the back and forth battle 31-21.  Sunday’s game against the Twin Cities Amazons (No. 4) was even tougher.  We were up 5-0 heading into halftime, but the Amazons came back in the second half to tie the score 5-5.  Later, our scrumhalf got a breakaway down the right side of the field, and passed to our wing who touched down in the corner to put us up 10-5.  The Amazons scored again on a similar break down their sideline to tie the score again 10-10.  We held them on the goal line for another long drive, but they eventually broke through our defensive line from about 5 meters out and scored down between the posts.  They converted the kick to come from behind and win 10-17.  We were definitely the underdogs coming into the weekend, so we were pleased to have come away 1-1 for the weekend.  Marea Blue (formerly of Active) came up from her AmeriCorps post in Iowa as well to cheer us on and get some game time.  Playoffs are this weekend in San Diego.


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A Normal Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Sep 22, 2008

ARCH FUSTON celebrating his birthday went to Cancun, Mexico and participated in the Ironman Cancun 70.3.  He said the Half Ironman was very Hot, Windy and a Brutal Day but he finished!  I’m sure most of us would also want to spend our birthday the exact same way as you Arch!


ROB PUCHER, Sales Rep Camp Register reports a Bothell office golf tournament last Friday, 9/12.  We had 8 foursomes and finished just before dark.  It was awesome and the food afterwards was stupendous!

The man at the grill in the first picture (IMG 148) is Rob Gillespie, who was the winner of the Active Iron Chef Contest.  He was the recipient of some chef knives, an apron and a chef’s hat!  He made the best side dish, “Beans a la Gillespie.”  I challenge anyone at Active to make a side dish more mouthwatering.

Nicole Wilde, Will Sablan, Doug Cheney & Joe Benoit were the winners of the golf tournament.  They all will enjoy gift certificates to a fancy restaurant located near our Bothell office. 

Some familiar Active names that enjoyed 18 last Friday were, Matt Ehrlichman, Robbie Rech and Stephen Branstetter.  It looks like they have played a round or two in their lifetimes. 




STEPHANIE SNAMAN from the SD office along with her parents (how cool is that) rode the Tour for Woodside up in Northern California. A 55 mile ride through the SF bay area backroads, absolutely beautiful. The ride included over 4,000 feet of climbing which meant for some bombing downhills.  It was a wonderful way to start the day! I was also able to finally meet Bonnie, an event director who I have worked with for the past few years.



SKIP CLEVER, Business Dev Mgr out of Nashua, NH ran the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay in New Hampshire on Saturday--this is a 65.1-mile loop around the famous lake.  Eight legs, eight person teams, I ran the third leg a hilly 9.3 miles.  This was the 20th annual (and an Active registry event).  My team won our division, and two other teams from my club also took prizes. But could you spell Winnipesaukee correctly after the race?


ELLEN MANNING who calls herself the “new girl” in the UK office. I had softball games on Sunday - my team won the London Fastpitch Championship with two come from behind victories!! On an even more exciting note, I had the unbelievable opportunity to meet the USA Olympic head softball coach Mike Candrea and the face of USA softball Jessica Mendoza as they are touring Europe promoting softball and putting on clinics.


DEBRA URKA in the SD office spent the entire weekend SCUBA diving. ON Saturday I went out and did two boat dives, one at Point Loma kelp beds and one at the Yukon (a sunken Canadian warship that was turned into an artificial reef). It was amazing! On Sunday I did two shore dives, once into La Jolla canyon and one out to the Marine room to swim with the leopard sharks (by far the highlight of the weekend!).


SHAWN BOOM reports last Thursday the Active Educate sales team had a group outing at the Solid Rock Climbing Gym in Old Town San Diego.  We missed having a few of our remote teammates join us but enjoyed the opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other to a great team building trip.




MARK WARBLE, Desktop Mgt Tech in SD participated in Urban Dare '08 on Saturday.  It's an "Amazing Race" scavenger hunt-type event, where teams of two decipher clues in order to get to check-points.  At each check-point you have to either take a photo of your team in front of a particular sign/landmark, complete a dare, or answer a trivia question.  This year it took place in Pacific Beach.  Although my teammate and I didn't finish in the top 10, we did have tons of fun and got at least a 6-7 mile run in that day (the clues were in no logical order, so we did a bit of back-and-forth).  Shout out to Arch for making us do wheelbarrows at ActiveX.  That was one of the challenges and we blew through easily.


TOBY GUILLETTE joined CHRIS WHEELER, NOLAN HANSEN, RYAN DREW and REBECCA DIVITA on Saturday morning for a beautiful 60-mile coastal ride to Oceanside and back. 



And then on Sunday, he joined AIREY BARINGER for a 50-mile ride starting in Borrego Springs and climbing for 12 miles into the mountains. Airey had a big surprise when a Bighorn Sheep jumped off the rocks above and landed 10 feet in front of him in the middle of the road, then jumped over the gaurdrail on the other side of the road. 



EDDIE STRICKLER ran in the University of Washington Sundodger Open meet on Saturday in rainy Seattle, WA. I ran the 8k course in 25:58 and finished 26th. This was my first time under 26 minutes and I was quite happy and muddy at the end of the day!


LIZ HARRELL, Dir Project Mgt had a great 44 mile cycling weekend with 1600 feet of climbing including tough Torrey Pines hill.  Her route was UCSD to the Starbuck's in Carlsbad then back to UCSD, all along Highway 101. Somehow I messed up my left foot and can’t walk on it very well. On top of that I’ve messed up my right hand/arm as well.  Too much pressure on the ulnar nerve apparently leads to some funky results.  Try typing without full use of your right pinky.  It’s almost kinda funny, almost.


Jeez….the things I do for cancer research.  Hint:  That was a shameless plug to get more donations.

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Busy Busy Sept Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Sep 15, 2008



JENN MAGNONE, Director New Business Development out of the NYC office participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Sunday, Sept 14.  25,000 people showed their support to fight breast cancer as they ran/walked a 5k through Central Park.  Jenn ran her first 5k since she arrived in NYC and loved it!  Good for you Jenn!



HOLY COW or HOLY FISH! TIM BRAMLET of the Englewood, Colorado office spent last Saturday fighting this 7 foot 250 pound Sturgeon on the Frasier River outside Vancouver. This behemoth fish worked out every muscle during the hour it took to land it. 



CAROL TASHIRO, Tournament & Event Sales Coordinator Active Golf ran her first 10 miles.  She is a training buddy for a girlfriend that's running next month in the Womens Nike Marathon in San Francisco. She ran 20 miles for first time in her life!


MIKE REILLY did an endurance event and finally after all these years WON!  It was a 36 hole Golf tournament in San Diego.  I won the first 18 in total gross and net.  Then in the final 18 won again.  Three trophy’s in one day, I’ll never swim, bike or run again!



CAITLYN BARKER, Support Team Lead ran the very tough Camp Pendleton Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathonon Saturday! This race was a “training” event for the Marine Corps Marathon next month. I love this event because there are only 1100 participants and therefore never too crowded on the trail. It’s a hilly off road 13.1 mile out and back course through the hills of Camp Pendleton. The weather was overcast and cool and we even got to enjoy a “soundtrack” of live fire exercises from some nearby artillery units. Overall I finished completely covered in dirt with a healthy realization that I have a lot to work on before next month!


DARIN ADLER & JENNI MILLER out of the SD office worked out in a different way and it was a challenge. They went to Luigi’s in Pacific Beach to take on the pizza eating contest.  We had to try to take down a 30 inch pizza in less then an hour….8 pounds of bread and cheese!!  Needless to say we did not quite finish but we gave it our best shot. 




The Paparazzi were out in force this weekend as The Active gang (Jim Garfield, Steph Snaman, Bethany Dominick, Chris Wheeler, Michael Dobransky, Rebecca Divita, Carson and Jarrod Hinkley and Aly Tyson)  joined Mathew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kournikova and a slew of other celeb's and participants in the inaugural Nautica Malibu Olympic Distance Triathlon and classic race this weekend. Jim followed the footsteps of our own Mike Reilly in announcing the race and shouting out the Active particpants.



My name is PAUL BALTOVICH a new Account Executive with the government group up here in BC.  I’m actually based in Toronto area.  I’m fairly new with Active Network, but as a very Active (pardon the pun!) individual within my community, I enjoy reading the updates as to what Active employees are doing to stay involved and stay healthy, making a difference in our communities where we work, live, and play. 


This past weekend I spent coaching our Whitby Iroquois under 10 girls soccer team in the league championship round robin and finals out here in Whitby, ON, a community of approximately 115,000 people just east of Toronto.  Whitby lays claim to producing some of the best soccer players in the Greater Toronto area with an organization that is dedicated to excellence.  Over the course of the weekend, our girls played 5 round robin games in the championship pool, finishing with an undefeated record of 3 wins, 0 losses and 2 ties, sending us into the championship final Sunday afternoon against one of the teams who held us to a tie earlier in the day.  The big game remained scoreless until mid-way through the second half when our opponents scored on a great shot from the left side of our goal.  Our team gave the remainder of the game everything they had, ringing a shot off the goal post in the other end and threatening two other times.  When the final whistle blew, our opponents held on for a 1 – 0 victory.  My daughter Madeline played standout soccer during the championship, leading our team with 6 goals, 3 assists and most importantly encouraging her team mates.  I am immensely proud of our team’s accomplishments this year, and just how much they improved in their play as the season progressed.  Way to go team!


TOBY GUILLETTE This weekend I had the pleasure of pacing my buddy during the final 25 miles of the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run. Our run together began at 11 p.m. on Saturday and finished at 7 a.m. on Sunday. His 25-hour and 49-minute performance was good for 22nd overall. I’m happy to have helped him achieve his goal and very impressed with his night running abilities on such a rugged and technical trail. This was also a great way for me to preview the course in case I choose to register for 2009.



JULIE HALLADAY played in the Play Ball for Paul softball tournament yesterday at Hourglass Park. It was a great tournament with the proceeds benefiting the Paul Jacobson’s Hospital to Home: A Spinal Cord Injury Foundation. My team played 5 games yesterday with our first game at 8am and last at 7pm! Took me back to my younger years spending the entire day at the softball field and made me realize that I’m not as young as I once was! J Even though we came up short, losing in the semi-final game, it was a great day at the field for a great cause.


MICHELLE SHAFFERE VP Compliance hiked Mt. Whitney this past weekend.  The weather has never been so phenomenal!  There was absolutely no wind to speak of and the scenery was breathtaking as usual.  



EMILY OGATA & KRISTIN HARTOS had our second rugby game of the season this Saturday against the Scottsdale Lady Blues WRC.  Both teams came out hitting hard and the Blues were the first to put points on the board.  After that we held them scoreless and we were able to come back and defeat them 36-5.  Thanks to our Active fans Bret Harris, Michelle Nation and Dave Ellis for their support!!


Attached is proof of the hard hitting nature of this game…. The picture includes an x-ray of a broken arm which resulted from the match.  You can include it if you don’t think it’s too much.  


!Broken Arm.jpg!


LIZ HARRELL, Director San Diego tackled 35 miles and 1000 ft of climbing on her pretty blue bicycle!  From the UCSD parking lot, they rode down Torrey Pines (I got up to 21 mph when my hands were too tired to keep “feathering” the brakes).   We rode up the coast line to Carlsbad, did the “Cannon Loop” then headed back down the coast.  Whew!!!

Liz is riding to raising money to find a cure for cancer…



If you participate in an activity that is in the Active Directory, please go to the event, login and post a comment!  You can comment/rate all events in our Directory, whether or not Active provides registration.

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This weekend's report is truley impressive and I'm proud of each one of you. Get ready for a big dose of inspiration:


SHAWN BOOM For the weekend warrior, I’m proud to say that I completed a 37 hour trail running race, traveling 102.6 miles this weekend. 


Friday morning at 8am I toed the starting line of the Superior 100 Trail run on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is rugged and wooded foot-traffic only trail that follows the rocky ridgeline above Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota.  It stretches from Two Harbors to the Canadian border. The trail dons extreme “baby head” rocks, tree roots with nearly every step, heart racing uphills, and quad pounding declines.  None of the physical surroundings, however, compared to the monsters that attack the mind during a 37 hour event that had me see two sunrises and two sunsets before resting. 


I remember as a kid sitting down with a blank piece of paper and a penning my life goals.  Marathon, check.  Ironman, check.  Climb a mountain, check.  The one that scared me the most though, was to run 100 miles.  Ever since I was 13 and picked up a runner’s world magazine at the local library and read an article about the concept, I’ve feared the distance.  Mark Twain said “Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”.  After running from 8am on Friday morning to 9pm on Saturday night without stopping or sleeping, I’m happy to report I’m not longer “afraid” of what lies on the fringes. 


I am not highly scientific about my training or about researching the course ahead of time, so I had overlooked the fact that what I initially though was a 100 mile run turned out to be 102.6 total miles on what the race directly claims to be one of the top five hardest trail races in North America.  Luckily I found out about the extra 2.6 miles a few days ahead of time.  Apparently they came free when you pay for the 100 mile entry fee.  


I had an incredible support crew in my fabulous wife Bethany and my parents who met me at every single aid station with warm soup, ginger ale, turkey sandwiches, and most importantly a healthy dose of mental nourishment. 


I’ve attached the finish line picture and I will put up more race images and a detailed race blog later this week for anyone interested in the nuances:



Sunday the ActiveX team celebrated our fearless leader, Arch Fuston, with a “thank you Arch!” BBQ in his honor.  Arch has sacrificed a lot of himself this year, organizing our thrice weekly ActiveX workouts at the company headquarters in San Diego. He has pushed us athletically, challenged us to do more than we thought we were able, organized our weekend triathlon workouts, and has inspired us to reach goals we didn’t think we could reach. We have not only seen our bodies change, but we have created friendships that are very unique in a work environment. The ActiveX team has become like a family, and if it was not for Arch we would not have this truly unique experience. The least we could do was get a custom ActiveX surfboard made for him. Arch was very surprised and touched. Thanks to Hannah Sansome for organizing the event and coordinating the surfboard, and to Kelly Conti for hosting the event at her house. We feel very lucky to have a company that supports our athletic endeavors and gives us the ability to have such a unique experience. (Written by Carrie James)




MIKE DOBRANSKY and STEPHANIE SNAMAN competed in the LA Triathlon this weekend with a crowd of about 2000 finishers.  Armed with the preparation of Active X and weekly swims in La Jolla, we set off in search of fast times on the streets of LA.  Luckily for us we have experience in medium sized surf and didn’t get pummeled by the waves coming out of the water (some folks did)...  riding the empty streets of LA was a blast and actually pretty eerie.  We would definitely do this event again.  Special shout out to Bethany and Bekah for making the trip to be our support and crew for the weekend.



This week-end, 1 200 participants (all registered through Active Europe) gathered in Monaco for the Ironman 70.3. With a great sun and perfect conditions to race, it was one of the most exciting race of the season. LAURENT GAUTHIER (European Manager) along with PIERRE DUVELLEROY (European executive account manager) were there to meet some clients & prospects and monitor the entries opening for the 09 edition.

Even if this race is said to be one of the toughest Ironman 70.3, it’s fantastic to be able to race in Monaco and especially on the Formula One track. You get to do 5 loops of the official Formula one track… if you were able to do the 90k bike ride in the hilly French Riviera before.

If anyone wants to do an Ironman 70.3 in Europe, this is the one!



MIKE MACDONALD and his girlfriend camped with good friends at William Heise Park in Julian. On Saturday we hiked just over 6 miles around Mt. Laguna, discovering several “lakes” (read: stinky marshes) and dozens of cattle…some of which were not so friendly. It was a great weekend and we are already planning a return before the sunny weather goes away.



JIM GARFIELD (AMG) had a change of pace this weekend. Instead of being IN the water racing, he had the opportunity to be ON the water piloting his dream boat a 52' Hinkley for a spin in the pacific!



On Sunday MICHELLE VALENTI got up at 4:45 am to help her boyfriend pick and sort grapes for his wine-making experiment. Come 3 p.m. I was tired but still had to do a 12 mile training run. I went across the street to my usual running trails and I immediately noticed a bunch of pink flags all along my course. There was a race going on. I had caught the tail end of the Steven's Creek 50K, and although I was only running 12 miles it was great to have company and a cheering section on what would have been a long and lonely run.



Ashley Ellis participated in the 78th Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim.  This was my first open water race EVER as well as my first time racing a mile.  After a long 4 days in Vegas working the ASCA conference for Active I had no idea how well I would do.  Shockingly enough I placed 3rd OVERALL in the Master’s Women’s 1 mile race.  I am still waiting for my official time and what place I took in my age division and will report that back to you as soon as I find out.



On Sunday, Jesse Hammond also lined up in La Jolla Cove with over 500 competitors for the 78th Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim 3-mile Gatorman. After surviving the underwater wrestling match known as the start, it was a looong trip over to Scripps Pier. But that was nothing compared to fighting the rolling waves and current for the 1.5 miles back to the Cove.


But I made itthe clock read 1 hour, 23 minutes when I hit the beachand I had a lot of fun finding out I could actually finish a swim that long without having to do the elementary backstroke.


Steve Mazza reports, "A beautiful late summer day at the nations' oldest roughwater swimming event. I swam the 1 mile in the La Jolla Roughwater Swim. Clear and sunny, almost 80 degrees at race start, water temp was 73. A bit of swell/chop and some kelp, but a great day!"


The end result of a weekend “surfing” session featuring Ricky, Nick, Karen, Andrea and myself – followed by stitches and five hours in the hospital. A guy will do anything to get his picture taken with a lifeguard!



Picture #2 may be too graphic for less-than-mature audiences.



Eddie Strickler did the Mt Baker Hill Climb race this weekend. It’s a beautiful bike race along the Scenic Mt Baker Highway. The race starts in Glacier, WA (about 1,000 ft) and climbs up to Artist Pt above the Mt. Baker Ski Area (about 5,300 ft). It is 24.5 miles almost entirely uphill. It was my first time doing any serious riding and I kind of got worked on the hill. I finished in 2hrs flat. It was fun and a beautiful day for a ride.


GT and friends participated in the 26 miles first annual Bike the Bay ride ( About 2000 riders showed up at the Embarcadero on Sunday. Weather was perfect for riding but morning fogs affected the view from the Coronado Bridge. Crossing the Coronado Bridge on bicycle was interesting and the ride around the bay was a lot of fun.


Emily Ogata (Application Specialist) and Kirstin Hartos had their first rugby game of the Fall season against Coast WRC up in Long Beach on Saturday.  It was Emily's first game back after her ACL surgery last December, but that didn't stop her! (see attached for proof)  We did beat them 84-0 on the field, and won the boat race at the bar afterwards too! Shameless solicitation for fans: our first home game is this Saturday (9/13) at 11am at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, and should be a better contest against a more experienced team. 



Sarah Moosbrugger completed the Big Kahuna Half Ironman triathlon in Santa Cruz, Ca. on Sunday, with the time of 6 hours, 21 minutes, a PR for Sarah. The day started off rough for Sarah. Riding her bike from the host hotel to the race start, she caught her front wheel in train tracks and was thrown off her bike, hitting her head and scraping her palm and knee on the ground. Good start. Sarah had a great swim which you never hear her say, and a sketchy bike got a little derailleur damage in the fall, and a hot, hot, run. Sarah trains hard, and it paid off with her personal best time for this distance.


Post race, Sarah walked into the chilly Santa Cruz water to cool off, only to be accosted by a very strong NoCal wave, sending her tumbling along the ocean floor, filling her tri kit up with sand. A tough end to an already tough day. At 8:00pm last night, she was having a drink. Or two.

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Labor Day Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Sep 2, 2008



LIZ HARRELL says “It’s just a hill, get over it!” – That was my mantra this weekend as I climbed my first set of hills (ever!) on my bicycle.  31 miles (including hills) on two (non-motorized) wheels and one very sore tooshie, that was my accomplishment this weekend.  I am training to ride a “century”, taking place this November.  I’ve joined Team in Training to get me to my goal.  They train me to ride and I raise money for a great cause.  I still haven’t decided which is more difficult, fundraising or training.  OK – shameless plug coming…here’s my website…check it out…


Bonjour dear Mike,


LAURENT GAUTHIER European Managing Director reports Active is truly International and this weekend 3 of the French team gathered in Paris to race the Nike+ Human Race. LAURENT (sunglasses in pic) was supporting one of his friends along with ALEXIS TACQUARD (French account manager in the middle on the pic) who joined the team almost a year ago was doing his first running event ever and he was quite happy to cross the finish line in a little more than one hour. PIERRE DUVELLEROY (Executive account manager International – with his white cap on the left) did this race with his cousin who recently got kidney transplant so they both took the start with the only goal of finishing this race together and that’s what they did 1h and 10 minutes later. It was a special experience for all of us. First running event ever for Alexis, first time live coaching for Laurent (next time, it will with Pierre on an Ironman but he doesn’t know yet).

It was a very enjoyable 10K with very nice weather for this end Parisian summer with 4200 participants who all registered through Active!



JIM GARFIELD (AMG) ran the run portion of the Niles,MI Olympic Distance Traithlon with his brother Craig this past Saturday.  Mayberry, USA is alive and well in MI where the gas is under $3 and the fresh peaches are as big as your head!



ALI TERRY Account Exec Swimming says ALOHA and practices what she sells! On Saturday, August 30th, I crewed for my husband who swam the Maui Channel(from Lanai to Maui) solo race in 3 hours 53 minutes.  He was the 2nd solo swimmer out of 12 and was 14th overall including 45 relay teams(6 people)!  I was extremely proud of him to say the least.    He also raised thousands of dollars to support innercity drowning prevention programs!  Today, Labor day, I swam the Maui 'Aumakua 2.4 Mile Swim.  I was 2nd in my age group and not sure yet of my place overall.  The swim was incredibly warm, clear and beautiful!


MICHELLE CREPEAU and the tennis group attended and worked the US Open then Michelle headed out to Lake Tahoe, CA for an end of summer trip with friends.



TOYA REAVIS, Implementation Analyst raced the famous (AND VERY TOUGH) Balboa 4 Mile Cross Country race this Saturday. I had trouble sleeping for the past 3 nights leading up to race day and did not know how I could race this challenging hilly course.  I raced for a team so I could not back out. I raced on 4 hours of sleep!  I ran tough – I ran 28:55, 23rd woman overall and won 1st in my age group. I still can’t believe I ran. That was one of the toughest races in my life due to lack of sleep.  Toya, Sleep is overrated! Mike


KEITH WILLIAMS, Account Exec in London, England raced a mountain bike enduro event on Saturday with around 300 other participants in Mid Wales.  Here is the link to the event. The event was real good, and we had a sunny day! (very rare in Wales)


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK, Account Exec ActiveSports in Colorado GOT MARRIED!  Her and new husband Jim tied the knot this last Saturday on top of Vail Mountain.  The weather held out long enough for our ceremony overlooking Gamecreek Bowl followed by an awesome reception at the Gamecreek restaurant.  Everything went perfect and we had the best time you could ever have!  One year of planning for a 1 day event would make anyone build expectations, but when the day finally came, we could not have asked for anything better!


CHRIS INOUYE Implementation Thriva had a chance to run the Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon in Woodinville, WA.  Perfect temperatures and a flat course helped me to PR with a time of 1:34:16.  The best part: it ended at the Red Hook Brewery!  I'm not sure what I was doing with my shirt when this picture was taken.



KRISTI DUBIEL, Implementation Analyst with Thriva. This weekend my kickball team traveled to Las Vegas, NV to represent Arizona in the Founder’s Cup National Championship.  Yes, this is the same kind of kickball that you probably played in your youth.  There were 64 teams that qualified this year and we ended up tied for 5th.  My team played so well and even though we didn’t win, we played much better than we even knew we were capable of doing.  We won 18-1, 12-0, 7-1, 12-0 and then lost to the eventual champs 0-1.  After playing sports all throughout my childhood and college, it was definitely exciting to get the adrenaline pumping like that again.  Who knew kickball could be sooooo much fun and competitive J  (Attached is a picture of our team before the tourney started)



HECTOR SUAREZ in SD likes to bike, swim, and run for recreation as well as work out at my club.  I also hike near my home in Mission Trails Regional Park.


MICHAEL READE spent the weekend with HIS wife hiking in the Eastern Sierra. The scenery was incredible and the weather was usually good. We got ambushed by thunderstorms and hail right after reaching Bishop Pass at 12,000 feet, but except for that a great time. 



BILL BLIVEN Account Exec is working hard on his Mountain Bike getting ready for a MTB camp in Tahoe October 2nd


EDNA CASTANEDA, Client Services- NYC Active Office took part with 10,000 runners on Sunday at Randall’s Island (in NY) for The Nike Human Race 10K. The race was born with the goal to celebrate runners and their sport, while uniting athletes through the world’s largest running event ever organized in 26 cities world-wide. Each runner was able to pick from 3 charities that the race was benefiting: The UN Refugee Agency, WWF and the Lance Armstrong Foundation…Edna (obviously) chose to have her donation go towards LAF which empowers survivors to live life on their own terms and raises awareness for the cancer fight. 



BURT REPINE, ANDY GEORGE and a friend summited The Grand Teton (13,770 ft.), in Teton National Park, Wyoming, via the Pownall-Gilkey (5.8) route --- in a single day. The originally planned 2-day climb was shortened to just a day to avoid an impending snow storm. The trip covered roughly 20 miles, gained just over 7,000 feet in elevation, and involved 3 technical rock-climbing pitches above 13,000 feet. It took us 14 1/2 hours round-trip, beginning at the beguiling hour of 2:45 am. This single day effort was both one of the coolest, and hardest, things either of us has ever done. The views to and from the summit are indescribable.




MATTHEW HENRY, Interactions Designer Foundations did a seven mile run with Team in Training on Saturday morning and then ran the Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon on Monday in approximately 2 hours!


ASHLEY ELLIS, Acct Exec Swimming adventured out to the Channel Islands off the So Cal coast.  There are five islands about 19 miles from the coast of Ventura CA where I spent my day sea kayaking, hiking and snorkeling around Scorpion Anchoage, Smugglers Cove and Prisoners Harbor.  I had the pleasure to see a 4 pound FOX and over 100 dolphins for a 40 minute boat ride show.  It was absolutely inspiring and incredible.  The clarity to the water was stunning and learning all about the history to these Islands was fantastic.  My body was sore from a 4 hour kayak followed by a 3 mile hike.  Then on Monday pushed myself again for a nice Mile swim in the La Jolla Cove…getting all geared up for the race this weekend.


MICHELLE SHAFFER, VP of Compliance in preparation for her trip to Mt. Whitney, I hiked the Twenty Lakes Basin Loop near Saddlebag Lake, located between Yosemite and Mono Lake.  The scenery was breathtaking, and so were the 60-70 mph winds!  Check out the pic attached.


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