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Labor Day Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice on Sep 2, 2008 9:55:49 AM



LIZ HARRELL says “It’s just a hill, get over it!” – That was my mantra this weekend as I climbed my first set of hills (ever!) on my bicycle.  31 miles (including hills) on two (non-motorized) wheels and one very sore tooshie, that was my accomplishment this weekend.  I am training to ride a “century”, taking place this November.  I’ve joined Team in Training to get me to my goal.  They train me to ride and I raise money for a great cause.  I still haven’t decided which is more difficult, fundraising or training.  OK – shameless plug coming…here’s my website…check it out…


Bonjour dear Mike,


LAURENT GAUTHIER European Managing Director reports Active is truly International and this weekend 3 of the French team gathered in Paris to race the Nike+ Human Race. LAURENT (sunglasses in pic) was supporting one of his friends along with ALEXIS TACQUARD (French account manager in the middle on the pic) who joined the team almost a year ago was doing his first running event ever and he was quite happy to cross the finish line in a little more than one hour. PIERRE DUVELLEROY (Executive account manager International – with his white cap on the left) did this race with his cousin who recently got kidney transplant so they both took the start with the only goal of finishing this race together and that’s what they did 1h and 10 minutes later. It was a special experience for all of us. First running event ever for Alexis, first time live coaching for Laurent (next time, it will with Pierre on an Ironman but he doesn’t know yet).

It was a very enjoyable 10K with very nice weather for this end Parisian summer with 4200 participants who all registered through Active!



JIM GARFIELD (AMG) ran the run portion of the Niles,MI Olympic Distance Traithlon with his brother Craig this past Saturday.  Mayberry, USA is alive and well in MI where the gas is under $3 and the fresh peaches are as big as your head!



ALI TERRY Account Exec Swimming says ALOHA and practices what she sells! On Saturday, August 30th, I crewed for my husband who swam the Maui Channel(from Lanai to Maui) solo race in 3 hours 53 minutes.  He was the 2nd solo swimmer out of 12 and was 14th overall including 45 relay teams(6 people)!  I was extremely proud of him to say the least.    He also raised thousands of dollars to support innercity drowning prevention programs!  Today, Labor day, I swam the Maui 'Aumakua 2.4 Mile Swim.  I was 2nd in my age group and not sure yet of my place overall.  The swim was incredibly warm, clear and beautiful!


MICHELLE CREPEAU and the tennis group attended and worked the US Open then Michelle headed out to Lake Tahoe, CA for an end of summer trip with friends.



TOYA REAVIS, Implementation Analyst raced the famous (AND VERY TOUGH) Balboa 4 Mile Cross Country race this Saturday. I had trouble sleeping for the past 3 nights leading up to race day and did not know how I could race this challenging hilly course.  I raced for a team so I could not back out. I raced on 4 hours of sleep!  I ran tough – I ran 28:55, 23rd woman overall and won 1st in my age group. I still can’t believe I ran. That was one of the toughest races in my life due to lack of sleep.  Toya, Sleep is overrated! Mike


KEITH WILLIAMS, Account Exec in London, England raced a mountain bike enduro event on Saturday with around 300 other participants in Mid Wales.  Here is the link to the event. The event was real good, and we had a sunny day! (very rare in Wales)


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK, Account Exec ActiveSports in Colorado GOT MARRIED!  Her and new husband Jim tied the knot this last Saturday on top of Vail Mountain.  The weather held out long enough for our ceremony overlooking Gamecreek Bowl followed by an awesome reception at the Gamecreek restaurant.  Everything went perfect and we had the best time you could ever have!  One year of planning for a 1 day event would make anyone build expectations, but when the day finally came, we could not have asked for anything better!


CHRIS INOUYE Implementation Thriva had a chance to run the Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon in Woodinville, WA.  Perfect temperatures and a flat course helped me to PR with a time of 1:34:16.  The best part: it ended at the Red Hook Brewery!  I'm not sure what I was doing with my shirt when this picture was taken.



KRISTI DUBIEL, Implementation Analyst with Thriva. This weekend my kickball team traveled to Las Vegas, NV to represent Arizona in the Founder’s Cup National Championship.  Yes, this is the same kind of kickball that you probably played in your youth.  There were 64 teams that qualified this year and we ended up tied for 5th.  My team played so well and even though we didn’t win, we played much better than we even knew we were capable of doing.  We won 18-1, 12-0, 7-1, 12-0 and then lost to the eventual champs 0-1.  After playing sports all throughout my childhood and college, it was definitely exciting to get the adrenaline pumping like that again.  Who knew kickball could be sooooo much fun and competitive J  (Attached is a picture of our team before the tourney started)



HECTOR SUAREZ in SD likes to bike, swim, and run for recreation as well as work out at my club.  I also hike near my home in Mission Trails Regional Park.


MICHAEL READE spent the weekend with HIS wife hiking in the Eastern Sierra. The scenery was incredible and the weather was usually good. We got ambushed by thunderstorms and hail right after reaching Bishop Pass at 12,000 feet, but except for that a great time. 



BILL BLIVEN Account Exec is working hard on his Mountain Bike getting ready for a MTB camp in Tahoe October 2nd


EDNA CASTANEDA, Client Services- NYC Active Office took part with 10,000 runners on Sunday at Randall’s Island (in NY) for The Nike Human Race 10K. The race was born with the goal to celebrate runners and their sport, while uniting athletes through the world’s largest running event ever organized in 26 cities world-wide. Each runner was able to pick from 3 charities that the race was benefiting: The UN Refugee Agency, WWF and the Lance Armstrong Foundation…Edna (obviously) chose to have her donation go towards LAF which empowers survivors to live life on their own terms and raises awareness for the cancer fight. 



BURT REPINE, ANDY GEORGE and a friend summited The Grand Teton (13,770 ft.), in Teton National Park, Wyoming, via the Pownall-Gilkey (5.8) route --- in a single day. The originally planned 2-day climb was shortened to just a day to avoid an impending snow storm. The trip covered roughly 20 miles, gained just over 7,000 feet in elevation, and involved 3 technical rock-climbing pitches above 13,000 feet. It took us 14 1/2 hours round-trip, beginning at the beguiling hour of 2:45 am. This single day effort was both one of the coolest, and hardest, things either of us has ever done. The views to and from the summit are indescribable.




MATTHEW HENRY, Interactions Designer Foundations did a seven mile run with Team in Training on Saturday morning and then ran the Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon on Monday in approximately 2 hours!


ASHLEY ELLIS, Acct Exec Swimming adventured out to the Channel Islands off the So Cal coast.  There are five islands about 19 miles from the coast of Ventura CA where I spent my day sea kayaking, hiking and snorkeling around Scorpion Anchoage, Smugglers Cove and Prisoners Harbor.  I had the pleasure to see a 4 pound FOX and over 100 dolphins for a 40 minute boat ride show.  It was absolutely inspiring and incredible.  The clarity to the water was stunning and learning all about the history to these Islands was fantastic.  My body was sore from a 4 hour kayak followed by a 3 mile hike.  Then on Monday pushed myself again for a nice Mile swim in the La Jolla Cove…getting all geared up for the race this weekend.


MICHELLE SHAFFER, VP of Compliance in preparation for her trip to Mt. Whitney, I hiked the Twenty Lakes Basin Loop near Saddlebag Lake, located between Yosemite and Mono Lake.  The scenery was breathtaking, and so were the 60-70 mph winds!  Check out the pic attached.


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