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November Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Nov 24, 2008

MIKE REILLY - Reporting in from IMAZ:


Reilly with Chris Wheeler, Nolan Hanson and Rebecca Divita at Ironman Arizona on Sunday.


In the tower at IMAZ: Mike, Jamie Cameron and Jeff Fallis workin it!


ELAINE BERGERON - IMAZ debut performance: 12:14:57 for 922nd overall and 35th of 91 in the W30-34 age group. Way to go Elaine! All your hard work and training paid off. "You are an Ironman!"


BURT REPINE - As a final tune-up for my December attempt at Argentina’s 22,830 ft. Mt. Aconcagua, I did a 6-hour round-trip hike up Mt. San Jacinto (10,834 ft) via the Devil’s Slide route on Saturday. It was roughly 16 miles round-trip with 4,384 ft. in elevation gain. I highly recommend this route --- it’s a very well-maintained, easy-going trail combined with stunning views of Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks, and the surrounding valleys.



AMBER MARTIN - Ran the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend with high hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in April. All of her hard work paid off as she crossed the finish line just under 3:35! Way to go Amber


JIM GARFIELD - (AMG) blames Active X for his amazing leg strength that caused catastrophic structural failure to his crank arm on his bike.  Needless to say 25 MPH mechanical failures on PCH do not go unrewarded….AC shoulder joint separation anyone? Jim we all wish you a steadfast recovery



MICHELLE ULRICH - hiked on Saturday at Mission Trails with a friend and then finished the weekend at my first Chargers Game!


ANDREA RISHMAWI - The Active Hiking Group kicked it up a notch this weekend and hiked Mt Woodson on Sunday morning.  Matt Haynes, Bree Kulis, and Andrea Rishmawi trekked up and down the 6.5 mile out-and-back trail in about 2.5 hours.  If you want to join the hiking group or get on our email list, please email .  Next week we’re headed to Cuyamaca State Park.



CHUAN HU - We had a soccer game with TELECA (A Chengdu software outsourcing company) soccer team this weekend. They are well trained and good players. We played with them only for fun. They scored 2 in the 1st half and scored 3 in the 2nd half game. We tried our best to score but failed until we decided to give up defending at all. Almost all our team members joined the attack. We got 4 corner kicks. Which is amazing we caught all of those 4 opportunities! So at the end of game, we were very glad even we still 1 goal behind.


It was kind of fun to make them so nervous when I kicked the last two corner kicks. We kept scoring despite they paid full attention on the defense. We lost the game with great honor and much fun!


Names: (From left to right)

Tom Hou; Vincent Zhao; Arlin Luo; Jex Chen; Chuan Hu; Joey Yin; Bill Wang; Vian Ma.



JIM DE LA CRUZ - Pretty mellow weekend exercise wise. I wanted to report in that this past Friday with my wife, 6-year old son and I served dinner we bought from Pat and Oscar’s to the kids at The Monarch School downtown. The kids and staff at The Monarch School were very grateful and happy to see us there! Attached is a picture of my son Joshua and my wife Erika serving the salad. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!



LIZ (Product Management) and SCOTT (Accounting) HARRELL – San Diego

We did it…109 miles around the perimeter of Tucson, AZ on a bicycle!!! It was a beautiful day in the desert, not too hot, but very dry, a gentle breeze (most of the time) and clear skies.  This was our first century (+ 9) ride.  For the past 13 weeks we’ve been training with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It has been an amazing “ride”. Not only did we have 109 miles to ride, we also had two river beds to cross, that meant getting off the bikes and rolling them through the sand to the other side. This definitely slowed us down. The ride started at 7:00 in the morning…and everyone needed to be off the course by 6:00 PM. Scott’s time was 09:18:48 My time was 10:46:54 – I was sub-six…6:00 PM!!! It was a great ride, for a great cause!!!  Will we do it again?  Ask me that after my hands and legs start to work properly again. A few pics from the day…yes, those are Jack in the Box antennae balls on. I forgot to add the links to our pages…

Liz – Scott –



JOEL WERDELL - Some people take their daughters, others maybe a kayak.  Not that I should, but that I could. The route which started Tuesday at 6:30 AM and arrived at 8:45 AM:





Did I mention this was upriver in a whitewater Kayak?  Luckily there was less than a half mile of out of boating experience for a grand total of little over 4 miles.  Shout out to Jake Cooney for the sweet shots.


Then on Saturday, I asked my wife if she wanted to go for a little hike, and “Honey, there might be a little snow at the top”.  Andrew Frantz (Foundation’s Developer) was along for the ride with skater shoes and jeans, makes you wonder…why buy all that nice gear  






TOBY GUILLETTE - I went mountain biking this weekend to prepare for my Thanksgiving road trip adventure to Moab, UT. There were great riding conditions but the best part was discovering a whole new network of trails in east SD county. 

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Weekend before last a large group of ACTIVE TEAM MEMBERS did the Catalina Island Triathlon. CARSON HINKLEY, JARED HINKLEY, CHRIS WHEELER, SILVIO FRISON, LATANE MEADE, KAREN HARDY, ANDREA LEVINSON, REBECCA DIVITA & ALY TYSON. JENNI MILLER was the “team mom” who came along to cheer us all on and take some great action pics!  We didn’t get our report in last Monday, because we were stranded in Catalina through Monday since all ferries were cancelled due to some crazy weather Sunday…!  We had an amazing time, with a pretty challenging hilly course!! Some highlights…Aly Tyson had a pretty major accident when someone got elbowed into her as she was hauling down hill on her bike at 30+mph…amazingly Aly was ok even though she didn’t get to finish the race since her bike got totaled, her helmet dented and she had (and still has) a severe case of road rash!  Rebecca Divita kicked butt and came in 1st overall female!  The celebratory margaritas post race were well deserved by everyone!    





DAVE ALBERGA, CEO made a visit to China last week to meet our team members at the 2 Active offices.  Dave said it was like walking into an Active office anywhere.  The atmosphere and culture of the office was as stong as any of our locations.  KELLY LANG said it was such a pleasure and uplifting expereince to be able to spend time with Dave.  His visit was appreciated by them very much.





ANDREA RISHMAWI, Acct Exec is at it again leading the Active Hiking Group but it was more like the Active Hiking duo this week – Matt Haynes and Andrea Rishmawi hiked Iron Mountain Saturday morning in San Diego.  It was Matt’s first hike in 27 years and he made that mountain his buddy.  Matt also ran in the San Diego Mud Run Sunday morning, diving head first into the giant mud pit at the finish line, finishing in just under 50 minutes.


LAUREN PISCO ran the inaugural Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon this weekend with about 38,000 runners in 3:58. It was perfect race day weather and an awesome course. Definitely recommend this one!!


While we didn’t have any Brush fires in SD County STEVE MAZZA found a fire. He did an evening/night ride at Mission Trails Regional Park provided an awesome sight…the full moon rising over Fortuna Mountain, almost as intense as the electric orange sunset over the Pacific. 10 miles of steep climbing and bombing downhill 30 mph at night!  Sunday during daylight hours, I rode from Tierrasanta along San Clemente Canyon (Hwy 52) and came across a car fire on Interstate 5 (pic attached). After repairing a blowout, I peddled up to UCSD campus, down to La Jolla Shores and along the beaches and out to Sunset Cliffs. 38 miles on the fat tires. San Diego never looked so epic riding weekend!



AMBER MARTIN in her tapering for the Philadelphia Marathon next weekend rolled the Silver Strand Half Marathon. It was a fun race to do the week before I run a marathon. My friend Julia and I took 15 minutes off our time from last year, finishing in 1hr and 15 minutes. We were under 6 minute miles the whole time. If only I could run that fast.



JENNI MILLER & MICHELLE ULRICH from the SD office headed up to Santa Monica to see One Republic and Augustana in concert.  So they biked on our beach cruisers from Santa Monica Pier to Marina Del Rey during the day.  It was beautiful and hot.  To make the ride even more interesting we even had a star run in- Dennis Rodman was hanging out in Venice Beach! Girls I hope you didn’t decide to get a tattoo!



ERIN LANG, HR Asst. went up to LA this weekend for a 5k on Sunday called Run for Her (a run/walk that was started a few years ago by a friend of a friend).  The air was pretty smoky up there, but the area that the race was in wasn’t too bad and it turned out to be a really nice run.  About 3,500 people showed up to show their support for the fight against Cervical Cancer as they ran/walked around the Grove.


ALICIA TOWERY, ANGIE (TOWERY) GIANULIS & CAITLYN BARKER ran the SD Mud Run in La Mesa this weekend (in 90 degree heat!) Alicia, Angie and Caitlyn's sister Courtney ran the 5K. Their course consisted of 16 mudpits, 6 hay hurdles, 1 tunnel crawl, 1 500ft mountain climb and a few dousings from the many fire hoses and water trucks around the course. Clearly they were the smart ones. Caitlyn and her friend Chelsey ran the 10K which consisted of 32 mudpits, 12 hay hurdles, 2 tunnel crawls, 2 friggin climbs up that 500ft mountain and one too many run-ins with the fire hoses. Overall they had a great time, held onto their shoes in the mud, slept well and are still picking dirt out from under their fingernails!





MICHAEL WILSON ran Silver Strand Half Marathon in SD this weekend.  It was very hot and DRY but he  finished in 1:42:55!  Not my best, but considering the minimal training I did, I was satisfied!

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Colder Workout Weather for All

Posted by IMVoice Nov 10, 2008



The Harrell’s did it!!!  LIZ & SCOTT (San Diego) completed their longest training ride…90 miles and 3,000 feet of climb!!!  We left the UCSD parking lot early in the morning and rode our way up the coast to San Clemente a couple of miles north of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  We had lunch at Carl’s Jr. then headed back down the coast.  It was a PERFECT San Diego day - highs in the mid 70s, not a cloud in the sky and a nice gentle breeze.  I hear that it’s snowing in parts of North America…brrrrr.  Next Saturday will be a “short” ride of approx 40 miles and then the prep party.  Cause the Saturday after that is the big event…109 miles around Tucson!!!  We continue our fundraising efforts along with our training…check out our sites…. and


GISELLE DOMDOM (San Diego office) -- I ran the Shelter Island 5K on Sunday. Rain stopped right before the race started, which made for a nice, dry run. It was a fun event with a great crowd and an even more amazing post-race champagne brunch buffet!

LAUREN GUINN, SD is a very proud Mom!  Very Proud Mom this weekend!  My son Kevin, 12, who plays for the AYSO La Costa Gladiators, won in his first playoffs game. He was also selected for the AYSO BU12 All-Star team. 


MICHELLE VALENTI, LUKE SMITH, JESSE HAMMOND, JOSH BECK, CHRIS BOHNERT, EMMY CICCOLO & BRET HARRIS all went up to Northern CA to run the Big Sur ½ Marathon (Which actually isn’t in Big Sur!). Luke smoked the group with a time of 1:50:09. I guess his daily nutrition plan of coke and a cookie really works. Emmy was right behind him at 1:52:57. Chris and Bret stuck together and finished with a time of 1:53:20 while Michelle (1:59:24) crossed the line just seconds ahead of Josh (1:59:51) and Jesse (1:59:52). Michelle, Josh and Jesse were just happy to come in under the 2 hour mark. GREAT Run by all you guys!


TOBY GUILLETTE our resident “Go Long Guy” did the Silverman Triathlon just outside Las Vegas, NV this weekend and for the 140.6 miles went 13 hours and 11 minutes through 35mph winds, rain, lightening/thunder at the 'world's toughest triathlon'. I finished 4th in my age group and 36th overall managing a 4:11 marathon after 7.5hrs on the bike where we climbed 9,500ft. What an experience!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) although unable to race the Catalina Triathlon, none the less rode to the Ventura County Line in record time (VERY wind aided) in solidarity with the Active X’s who raced this weekend.

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November Weekend Warriors

Posted by IMVoice Nov 3, 2008

November is upon us!  Have a great week.


THE PERFECT LEAD STORY IS MICHELLE ULRICH, out of the San Diego office running the New York City Marathon in an incredible time of 3:14:45!  Michelle says it was an amazing day!  I am so excited about my time.  I trained really hard to hit a 3:15 and finished a little below that.  This is a PR for me in the marathon by almost 12 minutes.  Definitely one of my favorite courses and it helped to have my mom, dad and sister cheering me on at 3 different points.  I finished in the top 190 females and 2181 overall! 


SARAH MOOSBRUGER, SD office also ran the NYC Marathon yesterday!  This was my 3rd, and I ran it with my sister and father this year, it was an amazing experience once again.  My father is 65 (this was his 9th marathon, which is mind-boggling to me), and together we introduced my younger sister to the amazing experience that is the New York City Marathon.  Needless to say, she had a great time.  My father's been nursing a ruptured hamstring for the past year, so we stayed with him until mile 21 at which point we broke away to try and break the 5 hour mark...didn't happen (5:01 was our time) but it's not the time that counts - just another incredible experience and to do it with my family was even better!


Hey Sarah your Dad's a stud running with a bad Hammie!


Sister’s ANGIE GIANULIS & ALICIA TOWERY ran with their team, “Carol’s Rack Pack”, at the Race for the Cure in San Diego on Sunday.  The team ran in celebration of Angie and Alicia’s mom, who is currently going through breast cancer treatments. 



KIRK JENSEN, Edmonton Office Golf Division Ran the Hamilton Half Marathon in 1h:32m.  A strong run and 7min off my PB, finished in the top 10 for my Division.  Did the run in preparation for the Philly marathon on Nov 23 (Are you ready to rock Amber!).  Ran by heart rate/exertion, non stop for the first time.   Over the last 5K I reeled them in.  Run smart at the beginning and hard at the end.  No body passes this off campus Active X man on the hills or in the last 5K!


The BELMONTE’S had a successful weekend on the soccer field.  Hana (and Jon’s) Girls U8 team came back to win a hard fought game 2-1, with Hana assisting on the winning goal (as much as 7 years olds assist each other).  Calvin’s U6 team won 5-4 as well.  Jon and Rita also started logging some miles with a short run on Sunday. PLUS A LITTLE SMACK TALK!  To cap off the near perfect weekend, the family watched the NY Giants dismantle the Dallas Cowboys 35-14.  Sorry for the painful reminder Scott Evans…at least you can look forward to a higher draft pick next April, tough guy.  


TOBY GUILLETTE, Community Development Specialist, finished off my training program on Saturday with an hour swim, 2-hour bike ride and 2-hour run in preparation for Silverman next Sunday in Nevada. Silverman is a full 140.6-mile triathlon and considered the most difficult in North America due to the grueling elevation gain (9500ft) during the bike course. I’m hoping to have good news to report this time next week!


CHRIS WHEELER, Account Exec Blue Bear competed in the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival with San Diego Rowing Club.  We raced in the Open 8+ category against forty or so other collegiate and masters crews.  The beautiful Newport Beach weather took a break for the race as it poured the entire time we were on the water.  


LIZ & SCOTT HARRELL had another successful training ride in San Diego. Liz rode 81.4 miles (every 10th counts!) with over 2,800 feet of climb, including a nasty hill on Old Highway 395 (AKA Champagne Highway), starts just North of the Lawrence Welk Resort, head South and climb!  No breeze, no clouds and a waaaaaarm day made for a difficult climb…oh and I ran out of water half way up. 

Scott had a similar ride, but with a few more miles and feet of climb…85 miles and 3,000 feet of climb.  Oh and 3 flats!!! 

Next Saturday is the last and longest of our training rides…90 miles!!!  Fundraising continues…. and


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) has continued to taper (as advised by triathlon legends Mark Allen and Scott Tinley at last weekends CAF race) by cheering at this weekend’s Muddy Buddy race. His friend’s Jenny Fletcher and Angie Greene appreciated the support and even shared the mud!



KEVIN BEATTY & ERIKA WINTER ran the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure run in Balboa.  It was an easy run, and exciting running along with 10,000+ people.  It’s always incredible just hearing about many of the cancer surviving stories and very inspiring for a Sunday morning. 


MELISSA EISLER also ran the Race for the Cure in Balboa Park San Diego. More than 10,000 people come out every year to support breast cancer -- always a great event. 

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