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What's your ACTIVE?

November 3, 2008

November Weekend Warriors

Posted by IMVoice Nov 3, 2008

November is upon us!  Have a great week.


THE PERFECT LEAD STORY IS MICHELLE ULRICH, out of the San Diego office running the New York City Marathon in an incredible time of 3:14:45!  Michelle says it was an amazing day!  I am so excited about my time.  I trained really hard to hit a 3:15 and finished a little below that.  This is a PR for me in the marathon by almost 12 minutes.  Definitely one of my favorite courses and it helped to have my mom, dad and sister cheering me on at 3 different points.  I finished in the top 190 females and 2181 overall! 


SARAH MOOSBRUGER, SD office also ran the NYC Marathon yesterday!  This was my 3rd, and I ran it with my sister and father this year, it was an amazing experience once again.  My father is 65 (this was his 9th marathon, which is mind-boggling to me), and together we introduced my younger sister to the amazing experience that is the New York City Marathon.  Needless to say, she had a great time.  My father's been nursing a ruptured hamstring for the past year, so we stayed with him until mile 21 at which point we broke away to try and break the 5 hour mark...didn't happen (5:01 was our time) but it's not the time that counts - just another incredible experience and to do it with my family was even better!


Hey Sarah your Dad's a stud running with a bad Hammie!


Sister’s ANGIE GIANULIS & ALICIA TOWERY ran with their team, “Carol’s Rack Pack”, at the Race for the Cure in San Diego on Sunday.  The team ran in celebration of Angie and Alicia’s mom, who is currently going through breast cancer treatments. 



KIRK JENSEN, Edmonton Office Golf Division Ran the Hamilton Half Marathon in 1h:32m.  A strong run and 7min off my PB, finished in the top 10 for my Division.  Did the run in preparation for the Philly marathon on Nov 23 (Are you ready to rock Amber!).  Ran by heart rate/exertion, non stop for the first time.   Over the last 5K I reeled them in.  Run smart at the beginning and hard at the end.  No body passes this off campus Active X man on the hills or in the last 5K!


The BELMONTE’S had a successful weekend on the soccer field.  Hana (and Jon’s) Girls U8 team came back to win a hard fought game 2-1, with Hana assisting on the winning goal (as much as 7 years olds assist each other).  Calvin’s U6 team won 5-4 as well.  Jon and Rita also started logging some miles with a short run on Sunday. PLUS A LITTLE SMACK TALK!  To cap off the near perfect weekend, the family watched the NY Giants dismantle the Dallas Cowboys 35-14.  Sorry for the painful reminder Scott Evans…at least you can look forward to a higher draft pick next April, tough guy.  


TOBY GUILLETTE, Community Development Specialist, finished off my training program on Saturday with an hour swim, 2-hour bike ride and 2-hour run in preparation for Silverman next Sunday in Nevada. Silverman is a full 140.6-mile triathlon and considered the most difficult in North America due to the grueling elevation gain (9500ft) during the bike course. I’m hoping to have good news to report this time next week!


CHRIS WHEELER, Account Exec Blue Bear competed in the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival with San Diego Rowing Club.  We raced in the Open 8+ category against forty or so other collegiate and masters crews.  The beautiful Newport Beach weather took a break for the race as it poured the entire time we were on the water.  


LIZ & SCOTT HARRELL had another successful training ride in San Diego. Liz rode 81.4 miles (every 10th counts!) with over 2,800 feet of climb, including a nasty hill on Old Highway 395 (AKA Champagne Highway), starts just North of the Lawrence Welk Resort, head South and climb!  No breeze, no clouds and a waaaaaarm day made for a difficult climb…oh and I ran out of water half way up. 

Scott had a similar ride, but with a few more miles and feet of climb…85 miles and 3,000 feet of climb.  Oh and 3 flats!!! 

Next Saturday is the last and longest of our training rides…90 miles!!!  Fundraising continues…. and


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) has continued to taper (as advised by triathlon legends Mark Allen and Scott Tinley at last weekends CAF race) by cheering at this weekend’s Muddy Buddy race. His friend’s Jenny Fletcher and Angie Greene appreciated the support and even shared the mud!



KEVIN BEATTY & ERIKA WINTER ran the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure run in Balboa.  It was an easy run, and exciting running along with 10,000+ people.  It’s always incredible just hearing about many of the cancer surviving stories and very inspiring for a Sunday morning. 


MELISSA EISLER also ran the Race for the Cure in Balboa Park San Diego. More than 10,000 people come out every year to support breast cancer -- always a great event. 

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