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Colder Workout Weather for All

Posted by IMVoice on Nov 10, 2008 11:14:16 AM



The Harrell’s did it!!!  LIZ & SCOTT (San Diego) completed their longest training ride…90 miles and 3,000 feet of climb!!!  We left the UCSD parking lot early in the morning and rode our way up the coast to San Clemente a couple of miles north of the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  We had lunch at Carl’s Jr. then headed back down the coast.  It was a PERFECT San Diego day - highs in the mid 70s, not a cloud in the sky and a nice gentle breeze.  I hear that it’s snowing in parts of North America…brrrrr.  Next Saturday will be a “short” ride of approx 40 miles and then the prep party.  Cause the Saturday after that is the big event…109 miles around Tucson!!!  We continue our fundraising efforts along with our training…check out our sites…. and


GISELLE DOMDOM (San Diego office) -- I ran the Shelter Island 5K on Sunday. Rain stopped right before the race started, which made for a nice, dry run. It was a fun event with a great crowd and an even more amazing post-race champagne brunch buffet!

LAUREN GUINN, SD is a very proud Mom!  Very Proud Mom this weekend!  My son Kevin, 12, who plays for the AYSO La Costa Gladiators, won in his first playoffs game. He was also selected for the AYSO BU12 All-Star team. 


MICHELLE VALENTI, LUKE SMITH, JESSE HAMMOND, JOSH BECK, CHRIS BOHNERT, EMMY CICCOLO & BRET HARRIS all went up to Northern CA to run the Big Sur ½ Marathon (Which actually isn’t in Big Sur!). Luke smoked the group with a time of 1:50:09. I guess his daily nutrition plan of coke and a cookie really works. Emmy was right behind him at 1:52:57. Chris and Bret stuck together and finished with a time of 1:53:20 while Michelle (1:59:24) crossed the line just seconds ahead of Josh (1:59:51) and Jesse (1:59:52). Michelle, Josh and Jesse were just happy to come in under the 2 hour mark. GREAT Run by all you guys!


TOBY GUILLETTE our resident “Go Long Guy” did the Silverman Triathlon just outside Las Vegas, NV this weekend and for the 140.6 miles went 13 hours and 11 minutes through 35mph winds, rain, lightening/thunder at the 'world's toughest triathlon'. I finished 4th in my age group and 36th overall managing a 4:11 marathon after 7.5hrs on the bike where we climbed 9,500ft. What an experience!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) although unable to race the Catalina Triathlon, none the less rode to the Ventura County Line in record time (VERY wind aided) in solidarity with the Active X’s who raced this weekend.

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