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What's your ACTIVE?

November 24, 2008

November Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Nov 24, 2008

MIKE REILLY - Reporting in from IMAZ:


Reilly with Chris Wheeler, Nolan Hanson and Rebecca Divita at Ironman Arizona on Sunday.


In the tower at IMAZ: Mike, Jamie Cameron and Jeff Fallis workin it!


ELAINE BERGERON - IMAZ debut performance: 12:14:57 for 922nd overall and 35th of 91 in the W30-34 age group. Way to go Elaine! All your hard work and training paid off. "You are an Ironman!"


BURT REPINE - As a final tune-up for my December attempt at Argentina’s 22,830 ft. Mt. Aconcagua, I did a 6-hour round-trip hike up Mt. San Jacinto (10,834 ft) via the Devil’s Slide route on Saturday. It was roughly 16 miles round-trip with 4,384 ft. in elevation gain. I highly recommend this route --- it’s a very well-maintained, easy-going trail combined with stunning views of Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks, and the surrounding valleys.



AMBER MARTIN - Ran the Philadelphia Marathon this past weekend with high hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in April. All of her hard work paid off as she crossed the finish line just under 3:35! Way to go Amber


JIM GARFIELD - (AMG) blames Active X for his amazing leg strength that caused catastrophic structural failure to his crank arm on his bike.  Needless to say 25 MPH mechanical failures on PCH do not go unrewarded….AC shoulder joint separation anyone? Jim we all wish you a steadfast recovery



MICHELLE ULRICH - hiked on Saturday at Mission Trails with a friend and then finished the weekend at my first Chargers Game!


ANDREA RISHMAWI - The Active Hiking Group kicked it up a notch this weekend and hiked Mt Woodson on Sunday morning.  Matt Haynes, Bree Kulis, and Andrea Rishmawi trekked up and down the 6.5 mile out-and-back trail in about 2.5 hours.  If you want to join the hiking group or get on our email list, please email .  Next week we’re headed to Cuyamaca State Park.



CHUAN HU - We had a soccer game with TELECA (A Chengdu software outsourcing company) soccer team this weekend. They are well trained and good players. We played with them only for fun. They scored 2 in the 1st half and scored 3 in the 2nd half game. We tried our best to score but failed until we decided to give up defending at all. Almost all our team members joined the attack. We got 4 corner kicks. Which is amazing we caught all of those 4 opportunities! So at the end of game, we were very glad even we still 1 goal behind.


It was kind of fun to make them so nervous when I kicked the last two corner kicks. We kept scoring despite they paid full attention on the defense. We lost the game with great honor and much fun!


Names: (From left to right)

Tom Hou; Vincent Zhao; Arlin Luo; Jex Chen; Chuan Hu; Joey Yin; Bill Wang; Vian Ma.



JIM DE LA CRUZ - Pretty mellow weekend exercise wise. I wanted to report in that this past Friday with my wife, 6-year old son and I served dinner we bought from Pat and Oscar’s to the kids at The Monarch School downtown. The kids and staff at The Monarch School were very grateful and happy to see us there! Attached is a picture of my son Joshua and my wife Erika serving the salad. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!



LIZ (Product Management) and SCOTT (Accounting) HARRELL – San Diego

We did it…109 miles around the perimeter of Tucson, AZ on a bicycle!!! It was a beautiful day in the desert, not too hot, but very dry, a gentle breeze (most of the time) and clear skies.  This was our first century (+ 9) ride.  For the past 13 weeks we’ve been training with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It has been an amazing “ride”. Not only did we have 109 miles to ride, we also had two river beds to cross, that meant getting off the bikes and rolling them through the sand to the other side. This definitely slowed us down. The ride started at 7:00 in the morning…and everyone needed to be off the course by 6:00 PM. Scott’s time was 09:18:48 My time was 10:46:54 – I was sub-six…6:00 PM!!! It was a great ride, for a great cause!!!  Will we do it again?  Ask me that after my hands and legs start to work properly again. A few pics from the day…yes, those are Jack in the Box antennae balls on. I forgot to add the links to our pages…

Liz – Scott –



JOEL WERDELL - Some people take their daughters, others maybe a kayak.  Not that I should, but that I could. The route which started Tuesday at 6:30 AM and arrived at 8:45 AM:





Did I mention this was upriver in a whitewater Kayak?  Luckily there was less than a half mile of out of boating experience for a grand total of little over 4 miles.  Shout out to Jake Cooney for the sweet shots.


Then on Saturday, I asked my wife if she wanted to go for a little hike, and “Honey, there might be a little snow at the top”.  Andrew Frantz (Foundation’s Developer) was along for the ride with skater shoes and jeans, makes you wonder…why buy all that nice gear  






TOBY GUILLETTE - I went mountain biking this weekend to prepare for my Thanksgiving road trip adventure to Moab, UT. There were great riding conditions but the best part was discovering a whole new network of trails in east SD county. 

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