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What's your ACTIVE?

December 1, 2008

Runnin Turkeys Galore!

Posted by IMVoice Dec 1, 2008

We sure do have a bunch of Turkey’s working at Active! Have a great week everyone.


CAITLYN BARKER who is soon off to live in Guam ran The Run for the Hungry 5K with former Active employee Kim Primerano and our dogs Cheddar & Lily. It was a fabulous run and we were rewarded with a huge downpour as we walked home! Good fun!




MEGAN FERRI, Account Mgr Community Solutions SD took her best friend and cousins visiting from Seattle, WA to the Father Joe 5k in San Diego on Thanksgiving morning. The beginning of the race started with a light sprinkle and eventually turned into a down pour! Despite the rain, we finished the run and had a great time! Yes folks it does rain occasionally in San Diego!



MATT HAYNES & ANDREA RISHMAWI did an impromptu Active Hiking Group jaunt up Cowles Mountain Sunday morning in San Diego. While climbing, Matt heard a loud popping sound, had a stabbing pain in his leg, and go that “uh-oh” feeling that you don’t want to get ¾ of the way up a mountain! We had to hike all the way back down to get Matt to a doctor, who told him it was a ruptured plantaris muscle...looks like someone’s gonna be taking a hiatus from the Hiking Group!! Here’s a pic of Matt in the ER.






CHINA REPORT Chengdu ActiveX - 1st Event. We didn’t have any chance to participate in any Turkey Trotters Events but we did have fun on a long foot trip last weekend.


We started from the most eastern point of 3rd ring road of Chengdu and the destination was an ancient town name “Luo Dai” around Chengdu. The distance is a little bit more than 10 miles. It took us more than 4 hours to finish. The distance is longer than the diameter of Chengdu city which has a population more than 10 million!



JAKE COONEY, Online Mkt Mgr Bothell, WA did the Seattle Marathon! Despite the advice of board members, I did my second marathon 8 weeks after my first one. But my hope of improving my time was shattered when the 3:30 pacers started getting further and further away when some idiot decided to put a hill at mile 19 just as Mr. Axle Rose asked me if I knew where I was and informed me that I was in the jungle (baby) and that I was gonna die. But it was a great run with beautiful scenery and my time was exactly 30 seconds worse than my first time at 3:41.


BORCE GJORGJIEVSKI, Sr. Business Analyst out of Burnaby joined Active a month ago and I have seen some pretty extreme weekend warriorisms so far J, but I was up at Whistler for the opening of the season this weekend. There was not all that much snow, the weather was too warm (about 8C in the village) but it was good riding for early season. Sunday was especially good with the sun shining at mid-mountain while the valley below was enveloped in cloud and drizzle. Two lifts were open at mid-mountain on both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, along with the base gondolas, which provided for quite a bit of fun, if not full-mountain experience. Here is a pic.


MEGAN CARTER ran the 10k Run for the Hungry this weekend in San Diego. I pushed my 3 month old and 2 and ½ year old in the double stroller. It rained so hard and we all got SOAKED!

Your kids must have loved getting out of bed to go play in the rain Megan!


KAREN HARDY reports that she and ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON, ANDREA LEVINSON, CAEHLE ROMANO, CASEY DIETZ, JENNI MILLER, RYAN DREW, ALISON INGLESE and ANDREW COLE all ran the downtown San Diego Run for the Hungry 10K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was a bit surreal running past the closed bars at 8am... Everyone had a blast, especially when it started to down pour half way into the run. It was a great way to start the day pre Thanksgiving festivities!


KEVIN BEATTY also did the Pure Fitness Run for the Hunger 10k downtown on Thanksgiving morning. Ran it in about 45 minutes which isn’t bad for me considering the rainy conditions.


MIKE DE LA CRUZ and his wife ran the Long Beach, CA 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. It was a great out-and-back flat route that runs along the scenic shoreline in Long Beach. At a very mellow pace we ran this course in 1 hour, I recommend this event in the future.


TINA WILMOTT in the public relations department joined thousands at the Dana Point, CA Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday morning. The first half mile was a drizzle, but was soon followed by a solid downpour that lasted the entire race. The plan was to then walk the 5K with my parents, but after looking at my drenched clothes from under their umbrellas, they opted to skip it. I came in at 45:38 and 11th in my age bracket.


TOBY GUILLETTE and friends took a Thanksgiving trip to southeast Utah and got rained/flooded out of their backpacking trip in the Grand Gulch so they mountain biked Moab's famous Slickrock and Porcupine Rim trails.


WILLIAM BASSLER with the Foundations Group just started here a few weeks ago. He along with his wife did the Turkey Trot 5K in Oceanside, CA. Their 2 sons 12 and 7 did the 1 Mile run and they all had a blast. Welcome to Active Bassler Family!


MICHELLE ULRICH said no turkey trot for me but my sister and I did a nice hike on Thursday morning bright and early. We hiked Iron Mountain.


ARACELI DAGDAGAN ran the Temecula, CA Turkey Trot – at the Cougar Vineyard and Winery on Saturday, 11/29. The weather was gorgeous, a sunny 70 degrees. I ran the 5K, my first in five years – my goal was to finish and I did! J


MATT SYLVESTER (Application Specialist), MEAGAN JOHNSON (HR/Recruiter) and side kick Jake participated in the Father Joe’s Turkey Trot at Balboa Park. We finished under 30 minutes despite the massive downpour and side kick Jake constantly trying to lie down on the grass. This was Jake’s first 5k (and possibly his last).


MICHAEL READE ran the Pro-fitness 10K in downtown San Diego in 50 minutes.


LAUREN DACHILLE and her entire family participated in the Hilton Head Island Turkey Trot 5k and 10k in South Carolina. My 13 year old little sister, Mary Claire ending up beating her 2 older brothers in the 5k and my Dad Kevin pulled ahead beating me in the 10k with a time of 51:15.It was a great race, a little on the brisk side but was followed up by flag football after dinner!



JACQUELINE BERRY & LEVI SMITH participated in the Run for the Hungry 5K turkey trot with their dog “Deer” Thursday. It was a beautiful fun run through downtown San Diego. Towards the end of the run there was a nice mist to cool us off, and by the time we were in our car to leave, it started pouring rain! We just missed it to return to a bright and sunny Ocean beach!


MATTHEW HENRY facing the cold, and my cold finished my Team in Training event, the Seattle Marathon in 5:31. The race featured the I-90 Bridge to nowhere, made possible by the dense fog. This is the third in my 6 month, 4 marathon gauntlet. See everyone in Disney World in 6 weeks!


JENNIFER ROMINE, Account Exec and her husband ran in the Run for the Hungry Turkey Trot in downtown San Diego.


CHRIS WHEELER, BRYAN PAVIN, REBECCA DIVITA & TINA NOVAK with friends spend the holiday weekend up at beautiful Mammoth Mountain. The weekend was full of lots of turkey, lots of snow, and lots of fun. After a few nervous turns, Tina proudly conquered the expert only top of the mountain amidst 50-65 MPH winds and ice rink like conditions. Luckily things were a bit calmer down at the bar, so we celebrated the occasion with a few drinks. All made it out unscathed despite the brutal conditions at the top of the mountain and had a great time.




CHRIS WHEELER just couldn’t sit still this weekend. He and ASHLEY PASCHALL did the Dana Point Turkey trot. We started off the morning with a little warm up run before our 5k trot. This turned into quite the epic adventure as the biggest downpour I’ve ever seen in Southern California graced us from start to finish. To make things that much more interesting, we couldn’t find a way back to the 5k starting line because all the parking lots had flooded and now contained about six inches of water. We finally found a place we felt we could long jump the river that had formed and made it to the starting line. The actual race itself was relatively uneventful with the sun deciding to poke through the clouds. All this for a guilt free Thanksgiving…


JANEAN NATION, Account Mgr did the Father Joe’s Turkey Trot in Balboa Park in the pouring rain with my boyfriend and our dog. We were soaked by the end, but it was a great start to a food-full day!


For all you VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS out there you do not want to read this report, yes it does include Bambi. To each his own for Weekend Warriors but we certainly do not want to offend anyone. Remember Active is in the Hunting and Fishing business.


Tom McGorty out in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been deer hunting for 30 years and finally bagged is FIRST buck ever! According to Tom, he never has a problem getting a doe and always manages to put “meat in the freezer” every year both in bow and gun seasons. And this year was no exception, at least during the October bow season. Tom put over 50 pounds of deer meat in the freezer which indicates it was a pretty good size deer.


Last week during the gun season, Tom was able to do something he has been waiting 30 years to do and that was to bring down a buck. Tom hunts at his brother Phil’s place in Gladwin, MI which is about a 3 hour drive from Kalamazoo. The brothers have been hunting together for over 25 years and Tom’s buck is the first one taken by either of them from Phil’s property since Phil purchased the property a few years ago. To say the least, both were extremely happy.


Email Tom directly if you want to see his picture.

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