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What's your ACTIVE?

December 8, 2008

December Workouts

Posted by IMVoice Dec 8, 2008

It must have been a restful weekend for everyone!  Not much reported in.


MIKE GARFIELD (AMG) continues to cross-train and let his separated shoulder heal. This weekend he discovered the challenge of bowling with his other arm.  Needless to say, the score did not reflect the success of at least being able to get out there.



KELLY SCHULTE accomplished two things on her ride up the coast with Mary Cecil and Sarah Moosbrugger this past weekend; she rode her longest ride yet topping it off at 45 miles AND had her first encounter with the pavement.  Beware, riders, of crazy women in large SUV’s driving through Del Mar…they might just run you off the road! 


JIM HINE On Sunday did a sunrise ride in the foothills.  Even though the temps were in the high 20's, our trails here in Boise have stayed rideable...up until today (our first decent snow).  I made it 18 miles before my feet said it was time for the hot tub.  Luckily there was zero-wind, which made for a gorgeous day.



ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON went to Boulder, CO to visit friends and go snow shoeing. They had to drive west of Nederland to about 9500 feet before they got into enough snow to shoe. After an hour and a half of snowshoeing, they were spent. Great fun, being in the cold, the snow, was great, but getting back to SD was even better.



CHRIS STEED out of the Bothell office continued his undefeated season 9-0 coaching the Squirt (ages 9-10) Seattle Junior Hockey Blades with a win over the Kitsap County (Bremerton) Outlaws.


In between Christmas and New Years Chris will be taking his team to Burnaby for a Christmas Tournament.  Look out Burnaby!


Team photo attached – Coach Chris is the guy in the back row, middle.



TOBY GUILLETTE was in Joshua Tree National Park this weekend for a group trip. I went for a 20-mile trail run on Saturday and took a bunch of photos of my friends who rock climbed on Sunday. We had great weather and a really nice time.


Can you see the rock climber in this pic?

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