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Active Warrior: 3/29

Posted by Active Toby Mar 31, 2008

MELISSA EISLER, Content Producer for Consumer Media checked in with an update from her South American adventure. “I just got back from the four-day trek to Machu Picchu. It was absolutely the most amazing experience. Day two was a little rough on the legs, but I made the 28 miles without any problems. These photos are from the very end of the Inca Trail. I did the hike with my brother (in photo). You would love this place! I have a million more photos and videos to share when I get home. Hope you’re well!”



ROB KLINGENSMITH, Vice President of Active Marketing Group, attended a party hosted by Sharon Worman and Richard Bryne, the owners of locally-based Speedplay Pedals on Sunday. What made it fun was that the guest of honor was pro cyclist and 2006 Giro d’Italia winner Ivan Basso. After a lively 35 mile ride through Elfin Forest (****, that guy can climb!), we settled into a multi-course Italian lunch and listened to Ivan talk about how he got started in cycling, racing against Lance and his plans for the future.


JUSTIN LAKIN, Software QA Tester, met up with a friend and his friend’s 6 year old son for a half day trek around the tide pools and children’s pool of La Jolla Shores on Saturday (03.29). The landscape is ideal for beginners and spans roughly 1.25 miles from the southern-most point of the tide pools to the children’s pool.  Seals, sea anemones, hermit crabs, and other cool ocean dwellers added to the entertainment during the trip. Below is a short video of the seals that congregate in the children’s pool this time of year.



The weather was nice and the tide was low, perfect for an enjoyable day at the beach. 


On Sunday, Justin ventured out on a solo run around Lake Miramar to test his problematic Iliotibial band.  A short history, Justin experienced pain in his left knee following the Carlsbad half-marathon and found that running short distances (1.5 miles) would easily aggravate it.  After adopting some additional stretch techniques, Justin is happy to report there is no pain following his 4.92 mile run and he is encouraged to resume training for future half/full marathons. 


EMILY CHAN-NORRIS, Account Manager for Active Trainer in San Diego, did the Race for Autism 5K in Balboa Park on Saturday and then hiked Cowles Mountain. 


ANDREA RISHMAWI and some friends took the Active Hiking group out of state this weekend. They climbed Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ - though it's only a 2.2 mile hike, you gain a SICK 1200 feet of altitude. The views are amazing - check out the Active Hiking Blog, the pictures will be posted tomorrow morning.


WIL FLUEWELLING, Staff Accountant in San Diego, played 18 holes of golf with a couple of friends out in Escondido @ Eagle Crest. (Thanks go to Mike Carran for the suggestion!) It was my first time out in over a year since my motorcycle accident last February. My score was very indicative of how out of practice I was--nearly doubled par, but it was great to get out on such a beautiful day.


AIREY BARINGER, took part in the San Dimas Stage Race. Finished the time trial stage on Friday in 14th place out of 100 (1 minute and 18 seconds behind the winner). The stage consisted of a 3.8 mile climb up Glendora Mountain Road in Glendora, CA and I completed the course in 16:48. The road race was on Saturday and was 42 miles long. I crashed on the second of six laps when my left pedal hit the ground as I pedaled through a steeply banked corner. The crash took me out of contention for the rest of the race. I finished the stage but did not make the time cut (5% of winner’s time) and thus, could not compete on Sunday.


I will take a couple days off to heal up before beginning to train hard again.  I will continue racing over the next several weeks so I can earn enough points to become a Cat 3 road racer.  My training will also shift focus a little as I begin preparing for the San Diego International Triathlon (Olympic distance).


Keep the rubber side down!!


SCOTT EVANS, STEVE MAZZA and TOBY GUILLETTE took on the Ford Ironman 70.3 at Oceanside, CA on Saturday with the support of many familiar (Active) faces along the run course. They each had a great race and Steve says he “feels awesome”


Here’s Steve representing ActiveX:




Scott enjoyed his race/training session for the Ironman Coeur d’ Alene on 6/22.


Toby had a blast in his triathlon debut and is very satisfied with his performance/training session for the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run on 6/7-6/8.



STEVE TWOHY in Acounting, was unable to make the Ford Ironman California 70.3 race due to IM Arizona training, "so I decided to test my limits otherwise. I did a nice Crystal Pier to South Mission Swim which was an ocean swim a little over 2 miles. Then, as most Ironman Trainees do, I ran for 2 hours up and down the beach to shake the water off…Best Regards to those of you who did the 70.3 this weekend. Congrats!"


TIM MCMAHON - Sr. Account Manager - Major Accounts (Running) ran the Shamrock Shuffle (8K) this weekend in Chicago and finished the race in 35:58. Extremely sore today, but happy to improve on my last year's time by 36 seconds.


TRISH OBERHAUS, Online Community Specialist for Team Sports out of Chicago also ran the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k on Sunday morning along with 30,000 other participants. The course starts in Grant Park and winds through the streets of downtown Chicago before finishing back in Grant Park. It was a fun race and is known for kicking-off the running season here in Chicago. I’m looking forward to future events on the Chicago race calendar this year and nicer weather (I’m excited about the opening of baseball season, too!)

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Weekend Easter Warriors

Posted by IMVoice Mar 24, 2008

MATT LEAHY like a lot of Active Warriors are training for many spring events. Matt is training for the Vancouver Marathon in May and he ran 32k (20 miles) yesterday.  This marathon is one year almost to the day when I had reconstructive knee surgery, so it’s been a bit of a battle rehabbing and getting back into running shape!  GOOD LUCK Matt!


Saturday morning, ANDREA RISHMAWI and HEATHER HAWKES hiked Cowles Mountain Sn Diego in 45 minutes! Awesome time!



Sunday, some of the Active Hiking Group, ANDREA RISHMAWI, ANDREW COLE, and RYAN DREW hiked Iron Mountain – the boys finished in just under an hour and ten minutes, with Andrea close behind in an 1 hour 15 minutes…best time so far!!  We followed that up with a little light lifting (of bloody mary’s and mimosas that is) at The Shore Club.


!Easter 08001.jpg!


STEVE MAZZA spent quality time with his teenagers camping and hiking in Big Sur last week. The weather and scenery were spectacular!  The waterfall is McKay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.



MICHELLE ULRICH hiked with her sister while visiting aunt and uncle in Santa Monica and hiked the Backbone (Will Rogers) Trail in Pacific Palisades on Saturday.  It was a great hike!


KRISTI DUBIEL  had an exciting weekend of basketball, baseball and kickball.  I watched KU advance to the Sweet 16 and I also went to the Giants v Milwaukee baseball game.  My kickball team had an undefeated season and we won the division championship game on Thursday night.  We will be heading to Las Vegas in September for Nationals…should be fun J 



STEVE SKINNER AE said No way man, I didn’t sit on my haunches, this cat played rugby again.


As a 38 years old wanna-be jock (notice I didn’t say ex-jock) I made the pilgrimage to Pullman, Washington and participated in the annual “Old Boys Game” where the current Cougar rugby club hosts the Alumni, play them in a match, sell t-shirts, jerseys, hold raffles, etc in order squeeze support money for the youngsters.


It was fun to walk the paths of my old stomping grounds and participate for just a few minutes in a college kegger.  Got a chance to watch the Cougar Men’s basketball team stomp Notre Dame at Pete’s Bar and Grill with some old friends deep in the heart of Cougar Country. 


I am proud to say that in my 13 years of being a WSU Rugby Alumni, the Alumni prevailed 35-7, and yours truly, the oldest man on the pitch, scored the final try against the Cougs right before they head off to California for a play – in match to the National Championship Tourneay. They call it the Sweet 16, a different kind of March Madness…  Long Live Cougar Rugby!


RICHARD NEHER our resident Tennis God did much better than that. He worked at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the final 3 days of the Pacific Life Open, which is the 5th largest tennis tournament in the world(after Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open), and features the world second largest tennis stadium with 16,000 seat capacity, I had the privilege to help the Tennis Director, Tom Fey, run a so-called Tri-Level tennis tournament with 190 players from 12 of the 17 USTA Sections. Tri-level tennis teams consist of two players level 3.5, 2 players level 4.0, and 2 players level 4.5. Not only did the Southern California Section win the whole thing and displayed some awesome tennis at a lower level than the celebrities in the big stadium, but we were able to rub shoulders with some big stars, like Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, andf Rod Laver. All in all a super weekend of fun work in the sport I love.


TOBY GUILLETTE, Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports, celebrated Easter in Joshua Tree National Park. It was beautiful as the desert was in bloom and my friends and I camped out under the bright moon and stars. I did a short trail run on Saturday but mostly relaxed and enjoyed the 80 degree weather.

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St. Patrick's Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Mar 17, 2008



MICHELLE ULRICH in SD  ran the St. Patty’s Day Mission Bay 10K and ran a personal record 39:44!  WOW what a great time coming in 2nd in her age group and 5th female overall. 


ALLY WARD Industry Manager in SD also ran the St. Patty’s Day 10K on Saturday morning.  Apparently running 12 minute miles doesn’t get you into the top 3 of your age division, but she had a great time and look forward to doing some more races soon.


It was a family affair for JIM DE LA CRUZ System Administrator who ran with his wife and pushing his 5-year old son Josh this past Saturday at the St. Pat’s 10k at Fiesta Island. It was great weather for the run!  Way to go Jim but your son crossed the finish line before you did!


EMILY CHAN-NORRIS Account Manager for Active Trainer also ran the St. Patrick’s Day 4-Mile Run this weekend in Mission Bay Park with fellow Active friends and co-workers KAREN HARDY, BETHANY DOMINICK, and ASHLEY BRINSTER.  The beer and pizza waiting for us at the finish line was a little hard to stomach at 8:10am, so we went out for a celebratory brunch instead.  Later in the day I hiked at Oak Canyon (part of Mission Trails) which I’d recommend to anyone who wants to feel like they need to get away from San Diego for a bit. Though it was only a short drive from PB, I felt like I was in Wyoming or something. Good times.


On Saturday, TOBY GUILLETTE, CARRIE SMITH and JESSE HAMMOND went for a two-mile swim from La Jolla Shores to La Jolla Cove and back. After the initial numbing of their feet and hands they were able to get moving and had a great swim. They saw some lazy seals floating around, had to crawl over a veritable island of seaweed and rolled along with 10-foot waves. All-in-all, a great way to start the open water swimming season.



TRAVIS FREEBORN in SD rode his bike about 40 miles this weekend up and down the coast of So Cal. 


MICHELLE SHAFFER VP Compliance hiked up Cowles Mtn on Saturday enjoying the day.

TINA NOVAK Software Trainer tried out her new Snowboard and went up to Bear Mtn. in So Cal.  The board did great and Tina said it passed with flying colors, we hope you did also.


ANDREA RISHMAWI and LINDA MARKEY hiked Iron Mountain in exactly an hour and a half…best time yet!  Andrea also did Cowles Mountain this weekend along with a stop at The Field Irish Pub in downtown SD to rehydrate!


KELLY BELL AMG Senior Account Manager enjoyed the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Forest at 9,000+ feet in elevation!  I had the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of the RMNF in the winter by taking a snowshoe hike up to Emerald Lake and Alberta Falls.  It was great tooling around town (Estes Park) and catching the Elk (behind her in the picture) as they roamed through town as well!

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Posted by IMVoice Mar 10, 2008




AxtiveXers ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON (Some call Arch a workout masochist) SARAH MOOSBRUGGER, RICKY GRAY, JESSE HAMMOND and his girlfriend Emmy rode the Elfin forest 40 miler this weekend in SD County. Arch wants to know where the Forest was?


A group of ARCH & CHRISTY with SARAH, VICKY EYDELBERG & CHRIS BONHERT warmed up for the upcoming La Jolla ½ Marathon running a 10 miler.


STEVE MAZZA spent the weekend in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California and hiked a 3200 ft unnamed peak and took in the wildflowers.



The Active Hiking Group did a quick hike up Cowles Mountain (it’s not really a Mountain more like a small hill for the Vancouver and Colorado folks) in San Diego Saturday morning. ANDREA RISHMAWI, CARRIE JAMES, ANDREW COLE, JEN ROMINE, and SCARLETT DALGLEISH did the 3 mile hike up and down in about and an hour and a half.


JARED SYMONDS Marketing Assistant in Burnaby played on his Board this weekend at Seymour’s up near North Vancouver, British Columbia. He's a Marketing Assistant at the Burnaby office



BRYAN PAIJIT Web Developer in Consumer Media went crazy this weekend starting with Basketball dropping in 22 points, 8 assists, 2 steals in a 2 hour pickup game in Ocean Beach at 8am. Then he followed it up with 3 hours of flag football at 2pm in La Jolla. I threw about 80 passes and had 15 TDs and 4 Ints.

Then went bowling in downtown San Diego rolling a career high 186


MY RIGHT ARM FEELS LIKE JELLO!! Wonder if Bryan does anything during the week?


TJ HART Data Architect did a 60 mile Saturday bike ride the SD Bicycle Club up Mission Gorge road in San Diego. New to the area he is discovering the diversity of SD County.


BROOKE KIRKPATRICK AE in SD and her fiancée rode the Solvang ½ century and finished up the day with wine tasting! This ride was absolutely gorgeous…we are definitely going back next year to ride the full century!


STEVEN TWOHY Staff Accountant, Corp. Accounting/Finance decided to get the most from the weekend with a 90 mile bike from Pacific Beach to Camp Pendleton and back. For Ironman training that simply was not enough. Sunday morning I was in the ocean doing a mile swim, followed by a two-hour jog up and around Mount Soledad. Apparently the Gail Bernhardt Ironman Training plan is more than I bargained for, it is an excellent plan to say the least, and I felt good enough to bike to work today, so I did. I will be competing in the Arizona Ironman April 13th and am trying to finish strong among my 18-24 male age group competitors. GOOD LUCK Steven and I can’t wait to call you an IRONMAN!


MICHELLE VALENTI Content Producer in San Diego mountain biked in Morro Bay and did a little wine tasting in Paso Robles after. One of these days an Active person will do the wine tasting first then Mtn Bike!



MICHELLE ULRICH in SD is also training for the La Jolla ½ Marathon and had a GREAT 12 mile training run along the coast and finished the last few miles going up and then coming back down the Torrey Pines hill to prepare for the La Jolla Half!


KRISTI DUBIEL Implementation Specialist woke up bright and early and hiked Squaw Peak in Phoenix, AZ. I made it to the summit and back down without stopping in 58 mins…which may not sound like a big deal, but it is like doing the stair climber the entire way up. I am training for a couple of Grand Canyon hikes in June and this is one of the best training trails to hike. On June, 6th I will be hiking the GC Rim to Rim and then on June 13-15 I will be hiking Havasupai Falls. Great PIC looking down from Peak to Phoenix.


She also was a baseball fan this weekend taking in 3 spring training games.



Report from KIRSTIN HARTOS Implementation Specialist. This weekend marked the San Diego Surfers’ 25th Annual Champagne Classic Women’s Rugby Tournament at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, one of the largest women’s rugby tournaments in the country, drawing 15 teams from around North America – including several top ranked squads. I was the lone “Active” member playing for the Surfers this weekend as two of my teammates and fellow Active employees Marea Blue (Implementation Analyst, Endurance) and Emily Ogata (Application Specialist, Team Sports) were sidelined and recovering from their respective surgeries.


Our first match of the day against Chico Women was a bit messy on both sides, but we shut them out and put up at least four tries, making the final score something like 22-0. Our other pool C match pitted us against a tougher, faster and more experienced opponent: “Last Call” (a Beantown traveling team). Our speed on the outside paid off, and our wing was able to touch-down for the Surfers’ single try between the posts, making for an easier conversion. Last Call missed their only conversion, so we came away with a narrow 7-5 victory. In the first round of the championship bracket on Saturday afternoon, we played the Scottsdale Lady Blues. Despite committing a slew of penalties at the try line, we managed to ward off their repeated attacks and were finally able to clear the ball when it popped out the weak side of a ruck to end the first half. Our speed on the outside earned us more tries, and we capped off the match with a number-8 pick up and breakaway from the 50 meter to end the game 19-0.


Sunday morning we faced off against the defending National Champion Berkeley All-Blues in the semifinals, who had beaten their quarterfinal opponent 69-0 the day before. We easily could have resigned our fate before the game looking across the field at many of the best players in the US (USA Eagles), but we came out strong, fought hard, and held our own at times – only allowing them two tries in the first ¾ of the game. Their last two tries came within the last 5 minutes of the match on hard drives from their Eagle prop, making the final score 24-0. Berkeley went on to defeat Boston Women later that day by at least 35 points for the Championship. Great weather, talented teams and competitive games made for a fantastic rugby weekend in San Diego.


CRISTY PLUCHENNIK Staff Accountant ran 5 miles on Saturday as part of my long run training. I am training for the half marathon event as part of TNT in the Rock ’n Roll Marathon on June 1st. If anyone wants to read my story on why I am dedicated to running the half marathon distance and why I joined TNT, the link is




ASHLEY ELLIS Acct Exec Swimming & STEVE MAZZA did a La Jolla Cove swim this weekend with beautiful weather & cold water, what a great combination! WE know she beat Mazza out of the water!





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Active Warriors: 3/1

Posted by Active Toby Mar 3, 2008

RICKY GRAY, Graphic Designer, did his first 30 mile group ride this weekend.


RAND RAGUSA, Group Director, Online Media Sales--I visited Mountain High ski resort for my first ever Snowboard lesson on Sunday. This was my first time @ MH…& was impressed with the area, instructors, conditions & cheap lift tickets. MH is a great beginner / intermediate snowboard mountain & only two hours away from San Diego! Check it out -


JESSE HAMMOND, Content Producer--did the Bulldog Bike Race, a 26-mile road race at Camp Pendleton. It was a great day and a fun ride. I finished in 1:14:58 and improved by seven minutes on my time from last year. Ended up in the top ten of my age group (out of 22).


ALISON TERRY, AE Swimming--Saturday- went hiking for the first time at Mission Trails. Sunday- conducted a four hour swim clinic for adults that included lecture, drills, underwater filming and stroke analysis.


STEVEN TWOHY, Staff Accountant-- In preparation for IM Arizona I did a half-Ironman distance bike-run brick. The Gail Bernhardt IM training plan has worked well for me and it shows, as I went above and beyond the training requirement for the weekend by extending the brick to half IM distance. Surprisingly, not as beat up and sore as predicted, I am looking forward to continuing the GB Training Plan today in Sunny San Diego.


AMBER MARTIN, Senior Marketing Services Analyst--I ran LA Marathon in 4 hr 9 minutes, where I learned the pain of going out too fast. The first 6 miles were down hill and at the half marathon I was at my 2nd fastest time for that distance, which I knew would catch up with me. I ended up running through horrible leg cramps. Still a ways from qualifying for Boston, but I am going to try again at SD rock ‘n’ roll.


CHRIS CONNORS, Technology Consultant--A bunch of Active folks teamed up for some surfing on Saturday in Pacific Beach at Crystal Pier.  BRETT HARRIS, MIKE DOBRANSKY, DIEGO ROVIRA, BETHANY DOMINICK, and I all enjoyed the water for about 2hours! Bethany is a surf instructor with Surf Divas if anybody needs a lesson!


STEVE SKINNER, Technology Consultant--My rugby club Seattle Rugby Club traveled to Denver, CO to play the Glendale Raptors in the newest and only Rugby-Only stadium in the United States for a pre-season warm up to the upcoming US Super League.  The match was rebroadcast on Fox Sports Northwest on Sunday the 3rd and will be rebroadcast again on March 6th.  It was the first US Super League match ever shown on a major us television provider.


In the first side match Seattle looked a little over-matched in the first half with a couple of long runs by the Glendale Raptors scoring tries matched only by penalty conversions for the visiting Seattle team and the home team took a 22 – 6 halftime lead.  The Seattle coaching staff worried about conditioning in the second half in the thin Denver air but it was the Raptors that faltered first and with a brilliant possession-oriented kicking game we scored a narrow 3 point victory off a late converted try in the 78th minute of an 80 minute match for a final score of 32 – 29.


The second team for Seattle had a large percentage of players making the trip with first side experience and scored an easy 35 – 0 victory.


To top it off about 6 of us made it up to Eldora outside of Boulder, CO for some 2 mile high skiing and snowboarding (boy my low-lander lungs were squeezed!) rounding out an incredible and Active weekend! You all should have been there!


SCOTT ROBINSON—I’m the General Manager of a midget hockey team up here in British Columbia. The Greater Vancouver Canadians ( won both games this weekend after traveling 8 hours to Castlegar, BC.  The Canadians won both games by a combined score of 16-2.  Their next games will be the provincial semi-finals which the Canadians will be hosting at Ladner Leisure Centre the weekend Mar 14, 15, 16.


The Active Hiking group headed out to a new trail this weekend – ANDREA RISHMAWI, CARRIE JAMES, and LINDA MARKEY hiked the 6.5 mile Cuyamaca Peak Loop Sunday morning.  I have three words for you: muddy and painful.  We got slightly (read: REALLY) lost and are all pretty scratched up from climbing over (and under) fallen trees and hopping over streams.  We had a great time, but would have loved to have had more Active Hikers with us – if anyone is interested, let Carrie or Andrea know!


Here are a few pics:


TOBY GUILLETTE, Online Community Specialist for Endurance Sports, was also in Cuyamaca SP this weekend, for a 30-mile trail run. I was training with my support/pace crew for the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run on June 7-8. It was good for us all to get on the same page and discuss our strategy for the race.



Sunday I did a 50-mile bike ride in the very WINDY Anza-Borrego SP. Here is a photo of the “desert bloom”


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