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A TEAM Weekend to Remember

Posted by IMVoice Jul 28, 2008





Team Captains making it all work for the Solana Beach Triathlon were ARCH FUSTON, ALLISON REUTTER & ALYSON TYSON.  With their leadership and passion the dream for so many to complete a triathlon became a reality.  Check out the group picture and the Captains looking fresh after the race.






There are events that happen in everyone’s life that lifts the spirit to a new height. Sunday was one of those events. Starting on Saturday night, the ActiveX Charity Team began the final journey towards their goal. Nearly 40 of us gathered for our own pre-race carbo load in Pacific Beach, toasting, staying loose and warding off the nasty pre-race jitters. You could tell right then and there we would be a huge success, as everyone was sporting the right attitude and confidence.


Sunday morning came very, very early. But who were the first ones on site? ActiveX. We immediately filled the parking lot, laughing, checking out the water, bathrooms, and just keeping it loose. What a great start to the day.


And then it happened. Over and over again, more and more kits were showing up. Before you knew it, you couldn't look anywhere and NOT see one of OUR athletes! We DOMINATED the event with our new presence. We received loads of air time from the race announcer, congratulating us on our numbers, the bulk of which were first timers. Everyone took notice. Comments abound throughout, like "I wonder if they would sponsor me next year" to "I wonder if is hiring?" We made an impact.


So I've raced a lot over the last 10 years. But NEVER in my race career have I winded myself yelling words of encouragement on course. Everywhere you looked, there was an athlete. "Go Carrie", "Go Ryan", "Go Nahied", it was non stop! I was like being hooked up to an IV bag of liquid motivation, it just kept coming.


At the end of the day, all 80+ were successful in the quest, and it showed. Hugs, high fives, slaps on the butt (not really, HR) were shared, a massive tangle of tri kits. Photos were taken by the hundreds, and Allison and Alyson were able to present our check of FIFTY-SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to the Monarch School. The crowd went nuts!, if not already, was the hit of the event. What a day.


Next year, I predict, we double our participation numbers. Heck, that's what we're all about. Spread the tri gospel my friends, it is an amazing lifestyle. WHOOO HOOOO, GREAT WORK!!!


Oh, we also had a party that afternoon at the gracious Carson and Jared Hinkley's house. I'll let the stories speak for themselves. Not going there.


KEVIN BEATTY finished the Solana Beach Tri this weekend with a time of 1:06.  Can’t wait for the AFC ½ Marathon and Mission Bay Tri coming up!!!


HANNAH SANSONE was one of the MANY competing in the Solana Beach Triathlon. She placed 6th in her age group and REBECCA DAVITA placed 7th in her age group!


DEBRA URKA Application Specialist competed and finished her First Ever triathlon in 1:23:24 but who is counting!  She can’t wait to do her next one.

I finished the Solana Beach Tri (first ever!) in 1:23:24! It was great fun and I will be another one shortly!


NOLAN HANSEN was the big Actve Winner because he WON his age group!


Mike, Thank you for all the support yesterday.  CHRIS WHEELER said it was great seeing you along with everyone else out there.  Crossing the finish line with 80+ Active team members cheering me on was one of the best athletic experiences I’ve had thus far. Chris was 2nd in his age group!


STEPHANIE SNAMAN writes it was a great weekend!! What an amazing day, no matter where you looked Active was there! Luckily BETHANY DOMINICK and I were able to run the last leg together and help keep each other motivated. We crossed the line together and clocked in at 1:05.10 which put us tied for 11th in our age group! We can’t wait for the next one!


A BIG thank you to RUDY NOVOTNY the great announcer of the Tri who called all the Active team members across the line and helped us with the check presentation.



NUNO COSTA said he was proud to be a part of the Active group yesterday – racing representing Active was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  Knowing what a great cause we were helping and how much we had raised collectively gave me some inspiration to compete really hard and I finished 4th in my age group with a time of 52:52, which is my best tri finish ever. Nuno looked like he could have done another one!


ANDREA LEVINSON says what a great race that was! Everyone did so well and on top of that have such a Great day!!!  I’m sure everyone has a lot of great pictures to share (I know I do) So, I thought it would be easiest to create an account on Snapfish for all of us to share our photos with each other. If you are interested just contact Andrea.


MARK WARBLE did the Solana Beach Duathlon yesterday morning.  Had a great race finished 3rd in my age group with a time of 56:20.  More importantly, I’m so happy everyone on the ActiveX Charity team finished with smiles on their faces.  Congrats to you all!  And a huge thanks to Arch for his amazing coaching skills.  This was such a success for Active- we certainly made ourselves known at the race.




Starting with TOM MCGORTY: Well Mike, as I've mentioned before, I don't do much more than umpire so not sure if I belong in the same crowd as the Weekend Warriors. But, I did umpire in the Little League Michigan State Tournament (11-12 year olds) where the winner, Bay City SW heads to the Central Region tournament. If they can win there, their next step would be the World Series in Williamsport.


I'm writing a blog which started with my District and then the State. I will be continuing with the Central Region tournament and then the WS. (



STEVE HOOVER, ActiveNet Development Manager enjoyed a great day of hiking and fishing with family and friends in Lake Tahoe’s Desolation Wilderness region. 



BURT REPINE, Foundations Development was out in Colorado over the weekend with his Mom and friend in tow. On Saturday we ticked off Mt. Elbert (14,440 feet --- second highest in continental U.S. next to Mt. Whitney) and on Sunday we hiked up Gray’s (14,270 ft.) and Torrey’s (14,267 ft.) before flying back to the cozy comforts of sea level.



JARRYD PINTO, Inside Sales Health & Fitness reports the Active Assassins squeezed out another thriller in Sunday’s 6-5 overtime victory advancing further in the VIHL playoffs. With the return of stars Lou Douillard, Jason Lo, and Brian Choy, the team pulled together negating 3 deficits leading them to victory in sudden death overtime. With two more knockout games remaining before the finals, the Assassins will need to bring their A-Game to beat the Burnaby Blues on Tuesday night. With anticipation of a  full line-up, the Assassins look forward to sending yet another team packing.


Next game: Tuesday July 29th @ 1045pm at Bill Copeland Arena, Burnaby, BC.

The arena happens to be around the corner from the Burnaby office so any supporters in the area are encouraged to come out and help your Assassins through another conquest.



LEVI SMITH also participated in the Solana Beach Triathlon yesterday. It was my first time competing in a triathlon and I had so much fun. It definitely will not be my last! I was worried from the start about the swim. Once in the water, I started panicking and couldn't control my breathing. I saw some divers come out of the water and started feeling a little calmer. I continued my swim. About halfway through, I had to hold on to a life guards board for about 30 secs and then continued on. I am also very greatful for swim buddies, they were very encouraging! Coming out of the ocean I was puking and in shock that I had finished the swim. Once I heard the crowd cheering, I instantly started felling energized and began to run towards the transition.


The rest of the event was pretty smooth except the bike to run transition(T2); I almost ran out of there without my helmet on!



NICOLAS REIS, Intenational was not one of the Triathletes in Solana Beach, shame on me, I know. I went to Huntington Beach to see the US Open Surf Championship. Although I am not a big surfer (Well, I am big, just not a surfer:), it was amazing what those guys were able to do.


Nico is the tall guy with the hat on.


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Active July Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jul 21, 2008

MIKE REILLY was enjoying the 10th Anniversary of the Ironman Lake Placid in NY this weekend. He was joined by vacationing VICKY EYDELBERG who works in the SD office and ex Active team members SARAH LOWELL (who currently works for Ironman New Zealand), SARAH TROWBRIDGE AND COURTNEY GAY.  It rained hard from the start of the event until almost midnight. Athletes had to navigate on the bike thru tons of water and then run in portions that were ankle deep. But the resolve of an Ironman is amazing because the drop out rate was no worse than any other Ironman worldwide. By the way the event for 2009 will be full within 10 after we open it today online at noon.    


Jim Hine spent 6 days on the Main Salmon River last week. Three families on 5 boats and a couple of kayaks did about 80 miles unguided through the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness Area. We had to rig a block and tackle on a steep rocky shore to right a fully loaded oar boat that flipped through the hole in Big Mallard, which needed 12 people on the ropes to pull over.  Fortunately only one dry bag tore, converting a couple of sleeping bags into water filtration systems.  It was a ton of work loading and unloading the kitchen, tents, coolers (and the Groover) each day...but the boogie board sessions, bridge jumps, dear invasions, and smores on the beach every night made it all worth it.    


Brooke Kirkpatrick - A.E. Sports (Denver – working remotely)

Jim (my fiancé) and I ran the Vail Half Marathon yesterday, which was really 14.5 miles!  The run started at Golden Peak and we ran 10 miles at a continuous climb (gaining 4000 feet elevation).  The last bit was traversing across the mountain at 11,000 ft and finished at the top of the gondola (where we will be getting married)!  The views were spectacular and the challenge was difficult…it doesn’t get much better than that!  Let’s just say I didn’t go for my PR time on this one.


Mark Warble ran the Run & Stride for Pride 5k on Saturday.  I finished 22 overall and 5th in my division, with an overall time of 19:40.  It was a nice flat course through the streets of Hillcrest with people cheering all along the way.


AMBER MARTIN and ANDREA RISHMAWI summited the “elusive” 14,500’ Mt Whitney this weekend.  As a challenge, they made the ridiculous decision to do a night hike, starting at 10PM Friday night, on very little sleep.  Fighting altitude sickness and near-frostbitten appendages, they reached the peak at 6:25AM Saturday morning, just missing sunrise.  Turns out the elevator down was out of order, so they had to hike the 11.5 miles all the way back down the mountain!  (Bummer!)  They descended in just over 5 hours, even jogging portions of it making sure to befriend the rangers on the way down…note the pictures J  After the 14.5 hour hike, the two ladies have a new motto in life: Sleep is really overrated.  



Arch Fuston lead the ActiveX Charity Tri Team did it’s final race prep Sunday evening with a simulated race at Fletcher Cove. Don’t let the transition wipeout and running with the helmet still on fool you...this group is ready to rock this coming Sunday!



Chris Wheeler did the ActiveX tri.  It was a lot of fun seeing some new faces out there.  This trial run was a real confidence boost for everyone.  It’ll be fun to see 80 of us out there this weekend all sporting the matching ActiveX Charity gear. 


Peter Hottenstein, I wanted to share some photos from the Full Moon Sea Kayaking client event Jessica Wright and I hosted last Thursday night in Sausalito’s Richardson Bay.  We took agency representatives from Columbia Sportswear (Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners), 24Hr Fitness (Agent Silverfox) and a brand marketing representative from Clorox.


To highlight the charitable nature of Active Network’s audience, we selected Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC), a non-profit, volunteer based organization that provides outdoor recreation opportunities for people with disabilities to guide our trip.  All of the fees we paid went directly to fund trips for Bay Area special needs populations and our expert guides were all volunteers. 


We met our clients on the beach, got a quick kayaking lesson and then hit the water around sundown.  We paddled to a nearby restaurant for dinner and once again hit the water again to paddle home under a spectacularly full moon over the San Francisco and Oakland skylines. 


We were able to spend quality time with key decision makers, received tremendous feedback, and a great time was had by all.  Juli Johnson, Media Supervisor, Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, who’s media team has been working night and day to get Columbia Sportswear’s new messaging produced said, “I feel like I have been on a four hour vacation.”  


Sandy Oldaker from Clorox sent an email early Friday morning saying, “I cannot thank you enough for inviting us to last night's moonlight kayak trip.  It was an absolutely amazing experience and the guides were phenomenal.  After leaving I looked up ETC on my blackberry and was reading things to Tyler on our way home.  Just a great program.  Thanks again.  Sandy”


Also, Mike Grinde, Partner & Client Service Agent, Agent Silverfox said he would not only tell other media people he network’s with about the trip, he plans to tell of his friends too!       


Mary Meagher participated in the Trans Tahoe Relay put on by the San Francisco Olympic Club.  The 11.5-mile race goes from Sand Harbor on the Nevada side to Skylandia Beach on the California side.  Most swimmers are part of a six-person relay team (150 teams participated), and start with a 30-minute stint in the water, then tag a teammate and rest in a boat before swimming shorter, 15- and 10-minute legs. The water varies from 60-65 degrees with no wet suits allowed!  It was my first open water swim and I can't wait to do it again next year!


Patti Rosenthal, Mountain bike from Purgatory to bottom of Hermosa on the Hermosa MTB Trail.  Close to 25 miles of awesome single track, creek crossings, some mud & wild flowers.  Another must-do mtn bike ride in Durango, Colorado.



Hannah Sansone met up with two old college roommates/former Rutgers Crew teammates and we competed in the Olympic Triathlon at the Strawberry Fields Multisport Festival in Oxnard, CA. SCARY hard one-mile swim, and then a flat and fast 25 mile bike and 10K run. The strawberries and complimentary beer tent at the end were a nice touch too!



Jim, Nolan, and Nuno all raced in the Vineman Ironman 70.3 series race on Sunday and each of them set a PR on the course.  All of the hard training paid off.  Nuno was really happy with his overall time; Jim was stoked that he broke his previous time by 1 minute; Nolan developed a filthy handlebar mustache and is convinced that is why he ran a sub 1:30:00 Half Marathon; Ryan was happy to be apart of the experience cheering on his fellow Active buddies and had fun riding alongside Nolan for the entire run portion of the race.  Vineman was quite the experience for all of us!




Nuno: 05:07:27.0 

Jim: 05:32:05.5

Nolan: 04:33:27.3

Ryan: 08:15:06*


*Total time driven on Sunday following the race (including Starbucks Double Shots and multiple bags of sunflower seeds)

From Left to Right: Ryan Drew, Nolan Hansen, Jim Garfield, Nuno Costa

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LAURENT GAUTHIER has 2 reports below and he says greetings from the very beautiful south of Austria where has taken place the IM Austria yesterday. NICO REIS German account manager & marketing – with myself Europe Manager were at Klagenfurth to meet Triangle Sports owner of IM Austria a good client of Active International. The race has been amazing and really fast, specially with two woman breaking the world record of Paula Newy Fraser.



Last week end LAURENT GAUTHIER – Europe Manager – gather a group of friend and client to ride l’Etape in the south French mountain called “Les Pyrenées”.

A nice and scenic bike ride of 169kms/106miles, as usual, morale was high this morning in Pau, where nearly 8 500 amateur cyclists were ready for the start of the latest edition of the MONDOVELO Etape du Tour. A fine rain over the race area that began around 5:30 am called for special precautions, and it took nearly half an hour for everyone to cross the starting line.

The ride has two main difficulties with the Tourmalet pass (Km 116,5 Col du Tourmalet Ascent of 23,4 km at a 7,5% gradient) & at Km 165 Hautacam Ascent of 15,2 km at a 7,2% gradient.

Despite the bad weather, the group manage to get to the finish line and have had lot of fun while this week end.

Special congratulations, for Nathalie Jouffret who finished in 8h40’ with her husband Christophe from Look Bicycles & some big congratulations to Peyo from AI for completing this very hard bike race in 8h18’ with only three months of bike training!!!!

Next year, Dave Alberga & Mike Reilly will be with us. J


From left to right: Christophe Reece ( Xerox), Georg Hochegger (Triangle – IM France), Christophe & Nathalie Jouffret from Look bicycles, Stephane Janssone (Compex), Laurent Gauthier (AI – Europe Manager), Peyo Duvelleroy 1er (AI – Account Executive), Ben Armengaud from TriOx!


JENNIFER SALTERS MAGNONE, Dir New Business Dev and EDNA CASTANEDA from the New York office had a different sort of ‘active’ week last week. They were lucky enough to see John Mayer’s performance in Times Square last Tuesday and MORE IMPORTANTLY meet John Mayer!!!



But EDNA CASTANEDA met John and also worked out! She completed a 63 mile bike ride yesterday for the American Cancer Society. The ride began at the Ben Franklin Bridge of Philadelphia and ended in south Jersey close to Atlantic City. She was accompanied by the rest of her “Dream Team 7/13” members as well as first time ride cyclist, her 13 year old goddaughter/cousin Danielle Gonzales who rode the first 25 miles and showed glimmers of Lance Armstrong throughout the tough hills. The day was beautiful, the ride was long but the event was inspirational to see thousands come together to fight cancer and remember those who have been lost. We did this one for Chila!




EMILY CHAN-NORRIS reports in that on Sunday, Active X’ers Ryan Drew, Andrea Rishmawi, Jenni Miller, Karen Hardy, and Emily Chan-Norris watched the Carlsbad Triathlon to cheer on Hannah Sansone and Jim Garfield. It was a great time! (Picture Attached)



AMBER MARTIN pulled a double with a wedding in the Bay Area with childhood friends dancing until 1am. Then the next morning did the Jungle Run half marathon which is a First Wave event one of our great clients. Exhausted I ran the half in 2hrs, but it was a fun local race, and it was great to meet one of the race directors I have worked with over the phone for 3 years.


STEVE MAZZA was back east competing in the Rhode Island 70.3 half Ironman.  He swam 36 min. bike in 3:30 and ran in 2:54 for a total time of 6:44.  He practically had his entire family waiting for him at the finish line.  He said it was one of the most beautiful events he has ever been at.


JIM GARFIELD reports that Active X’ers Bethany Dominick, Ryan Drew, Jim Garfield, Carson Hinkley, Jared Hinkley, Mary Cecil, Kelly Schulte, Latane Mead, Arch Fuston, Rebecca DaVita, Mike DaVita ventured into La Jolla Cove Friday night for swim to the buoys in preparation for the July 27 Solana Beach Triathlon. First time “Cover’s” Latane Meade and Kelly Schulte high five each other in the middle of the swim! 




MICHAEL FOX, ActiveEducate Account Exec spent the weekend biking, kayaking and hiking around Catalina Island. It was hot and humid, and our hotel was at the very top of the hill which made for a challenging climb at the end of the day, but upon arrival we were able to jump in the pool for some much needed respite. The following day was spent entirely at Descanso Bay. The snorkeling was awesome; there were a ton of Garibaldi (pictured below, although not my picture) and a lot of other as-yet-unidentified fish. Also awesome was the raft that I spent most of the day floating on!



CHRIS WHEELER, Account Exec Blue Bear raced in Long Beach, CA at the Southwestern Rowing Regional’s with San Diego Rowing Club. I competed in the Men’s Masters 8, finishing third, Men’s Open Double finishing second by 0.4 seconds to a couple of other SDRC guys, and Men’s Open 8, winning by open water. The Open 8 was an especially big win because there’s a pretty historic rivalry between us and the second place crew. They aren’t used to losing by that much, so it was really exciting for the whole program.



SHANNON FIACK writes about ALLY WARD. Ally and he partner DOMINATED at the World Beach Bocce Ball Championships that were held Saturday at Dog Beach, Del Mar. This is the second time in her 4 years of competition that Ally has been crowned champion and she’s a dead eye. After a neck-and-neck game in the quarterfinals, she faced her arch nemesis, Trudy, in the semi-finals and easily defeated Trudy’s team, amid the chanting and heckling of the crowd surrounding her court (the booze ban was lifted for this special event). The strength of Ally and her partner lies in their long range game – most other teams lost accuracy the further away the pelina (the small ball you aim for) was thrown. Mild-mannered Ally Ward becomes a fierce competitor when it comes to her bocce game and she showed her will to win by becoming the 2008 World Champions of Beach Bocce Ball! WAY TO GO ALLY!


KRISTEN ADELMAN, account manager and 3 of her best friends from 3rd grade, Kristi, Dina and Heather) participated in the 2 Day Avon walk for Brest Cancer up in San Francisco this past weekend, where both fun and success were achieved by all, 3.200 walkers raised over $7.3 million dollars. The 39.3 mile route included all the great sites of the city, including their well known hills and the Golden Gate Bridge. The finish line was awesome we were surprised by both Kristi and Dina’s moms (a 10 year breast cancer survivor) we almost signed up for next year’s event but we were unable to reach an unanimous decision, Boston or D.C?



TOYA REAVIS kicked some serious butt this weekend. She raced the Mile at the USATF West Region Masters Championships at Cal State San Marcos this Saturday. I had a quite a week leading up to the race. I was in Eugene OR for the US Track & Field Olympic Trials for 10 days and just returned on Monday. Due to the quick deadline my friend signed me up for “a track meet.” She did not tell me it was a regional championship. I was so exhausted all week from the trip and not sure that I could race on Saturday. It was around 88 degrees and very windy for the race. I was beyond nervous. This would be my first track race since returning from injuries. The guns goes off and I take the lead. The first lap was 84 (slow), I was leading the whole time and hitting a tough headwind on the backstretch each lap L - the girl behind me was on my heels and I could hear her coach yelling “stay on her to block the wind.” She tried to go ahead of me on the last lap and I decided to just go at that time as I was holding back waiting for 200 meters to go. I won in 5:39 – I put 8 seconds on her on the last lap. My last lap was 78 seconds. Now I am the West Regional Masters Mile champion. – pretty good considering my fatigue and lack of races. Toya, wish I could have seen that last lap!


HANNAH SANSONE, account exec Swimming was back at it after a 2-year hiatus, I competed in the Carlsbad Triathlon on Sunday along with fellow Active X-er Jim Garfield. I had a solid race (she finished 15 out of 48 in her division) and it was an absolutely beautiful day, so the event was tons of fun. It was made even better when I heard Andrea Rishmawi, Jenni Miller, Ryan Drew, Karen Hardy and Emily Chan-Norris cheering from the sidelines, and they were right there to welcome me across the finish line – what a way to dive right back into racing!


JASON LO and The Burnaby Active Assassins finished off their season this past Sunday with their final regular season game. The Assassins going into Sunday’s game was bumped to 3rd place in the division through the week and played the 2nd place team in the div to determine who would solidify 2nd position. The Assassins came through with a whopping 10 – 1 victory over the Burnaby Blues and have solidified a good spot and confidence going into the playoffs beginning this coming Friday Evening. Game Highlights : “Mr Hockey” RYAN LYSTER missing his slapshot as pictured in the bottom left, but taking out his anger afterwards and upending a Blues player on the boards right afterwards as evidenced by the dangling wheels in the air on the next picture.

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Active Warriors Holiday

Posted by IMVoice Jul 7, 2008



CAITLYN BARKER, Support Team Lead ran the Scripps Ranch Old Pros 10K in 52:39, a little warm and humid (we really shouldn't be allowed to say that here in San Diego) but fun as usual and doing the race help make room for the 60lbs of live lobster, steamers, steak tips and clam chowder that my relatives brought from Boston for the holiday. Fortunately I did not eat all of that but it was enough seafood to last me until their next trip!



LAUREN GUINN family of 4 with the visiting Magill family of 4 all ran in the Pacific Palisades 5K in LA. She said they all had a blast!



KEVIN BEATTY, LAUREN PISCO, and MICHELLE ULRICH ran the Coronado 15K – Michelle placed 2nd in her age division!!!


MICHELLE ULRICH did run the Coronado 15K on Friday, July 4th. She ran a PR of 1:04:25 and placed 10th Female Overall and 2nd in my age group (Kate Major placed first!). It was a great race!


KEVIN BEATTY Competed and finished the Coronado 15K with a PR time. Great way to kick off the festivities of the 4th!


KYLE PALANIUK with thrive went out wakeboarding and landed a back flip for the first time. Not sure if this is the sort of thing you are looking for, but it’s something Active that I did. You land anything Kyle after a back flip I’ll always post it!


JASON LO reports the Burnaby Active Assassins are nearing the end of their Inline Summer Hockey Season. Although suffering a 5 – 4 overtime loss on Saturday, is still currently sitting in 2nd place in the division with a record of 7-5-3. The Assassins are looking forward to a strong playoff push in the upcoming weeks. For those of you in the Burnaby office wishing to come out and support the team, the final game of the season is Sunday July 13th, 1:30pm @ Kensington Arena. Go Assassins!


Pictured - Top: Lou D, Inderpal D, Gary S, Ryan L, Brian C, Jarryd P / Bottom: Kevin P, Jimmy L, Justin L, Jason L

Missing – Matthew C, Anthony W, Megan H, Matthew H



KRISTI DUBIEL Thriva (Bothell office but remote out of Arizona J) I was able to attend the Diamondback v Padres game on Friday. It was a great game and I got plenty of dirty looks when cheering for the Padres J After the game was a really nice 4th of July Fireworks show. I also play on an indoor co-ed soccer league every Sunday. The new season just started and our team came out with a victory (11-2). There was only one minor causality; a guy on the other team broke his leg after a collision with our goalie. Unfortunately, I didn’t score even after having like 20,000 opportunities…clearly I am not bitter about that and hopefully next week I will be able to finish! Anyways, it is a great way to stay in shape out here since the temperature is now at a consistent 110 plus everyday. That makes it a little difficult to exercise outside!!


PATTI ROSENTHAL Epic 4th of July MTB Ride over Kennebec Pass in Colorado (11,600 feet) & out Junction Creek to Carver's for some ice cold beer & grub! It's a 35 mile loop full of beautiful vistas, wildflowers, waterfalls & fun single track. A good 5-6 hour ride with some great friends. A must do if you're in Durango Colorado!



EDDIE STRICKLER, Tier III Bothal, WA competed in the Righteous Richland Sprint Triathlon this weekend. The race was early Saturday morning (8:30) and was a lot of fun. This triathlon had a half mile swim, 12 mile mountain bike, and a 5k run. The mountain bike section is fun but I think it hurt me a little because I’m not one to go skidding around corners. I finished 17th overall in a time of 1:10:22.


KATHIE FOLEY and her family participated in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July, 12 mile Bike Ride. I had it easy; my husband hauled the extra 80 plus lbs. J



MIKE REILLY also rode the Scripps Ranch bike race (50 mile division) and hung with the lead pack for 23 miles until he was dropped heading up a climb like a bad habit! Still managed to ride in feeling strong in 2:30:41


BURT REPINE, Foundations Dev and ANDY GEORGE with another friend spent yesterday rock climbing on Tahquitz in Idyllwild, CA. Fortunately we got on the rock earlier enough to avoid the sweltering sun. The views were amazing!




KELLY D. BELL, AMG Senior Account Manager had a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend full of many activities including golfing, attending the Cherry Creeks Arts Festival to gardening and of course the highlight of sitting courtside at the women’s AVP (Pro Beach Volleyball) Crocs Slam Boulder Open at Folsom Field on Sunday. You can see the beautiful Flat Irons (mountains) behind the stadium as well as the swarm of spectators trying to get their picture and autograph from Olympic qualifiers Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh who won the championship match against Jenny Johnson-Jordan and Annette Davis for their 15th straight tournament title.



JULIE RAHILL went to Sequoia National Park with her family. They enjoyed a one day hike of about 10 miles round trip to Heather and Emerald Lake. 


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