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Active Running Crazy

Posted by IMVoice Jan 26, 2009

ACTIVE’S NEW MOTTO SHOULD BE “BUILD AN EVENT AND ACTIVE WILL COME” A big Running weekend but let’s start with Hockey, MTB and Snow.  Have a great week. Mike


MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Designer plays on a female hockey team here in Burnaby called the “Kung Fu Pickles” (don’t ask, I have no idea where the name came from). We played a tough game on Sunday and came out with a 5-0 win placing us second in our division. We’ve had a solid year so far, I get my practice time in on Friday lunch hours with some fellow active co-workers at the Burnaby office. I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!  MEGAN WHERE DID “KUNG FU PICKLES” COME FROM  




PATTI ROSENTHAL resident bike Guru did back-country skiing out of Silverton, Colorado.   Started climbing at 9900 feet up to over 11,500 feet.  Did 2 laps so total of 3,000 feet of skinning up the mountain for some nice, fresh powder turns.  I personally am a "resort" girl & see nothing wrong with taking a chair lift up the slopes but you can't beat the scenery & its one heck of a workout!  Another great day of skiing with friends in Durango!




JIM “HOLLYWOOD” GARFIELD, JESSICA GIVENS with AMG & TINA NOVAK, Parks & Rec checked out the X Games in Aspen this weekend. Word has it that Jessi and Tina were even included in ESPN’s coverage of the event.  Check out your local listing for their debut!



KEITH WILLIAMS, London office here in the US racing the Southridge USA Downhill MTB Winter Race in Fontana, CA.  He flew across the Atlantic to San Diego for International Team Summit from the UK. Decided to spend some time on the mountain bike before the weeks rammed packed meetings.  Hired a Jam Jar (car) for the weekend, to cruise north for the Southridge, Fontana Winter Race Rnd1. USA motorways are so complicated and big, but I completed the 100 mile trip witnessing many a strange sight and getting lost once. One fatal mistake on the US motorways could mean life or death, starving or eating with multi diner options that cover the worlds tastebuds. I was late for the registration deadline, but one smooth swoop of the cockney shakespeare tongue, got me registered by just confusing the event director!. 


The way the downhill event works is that we get one practice run and 1 race run. First practice run started by loading my borrowed lightweight Cross country bike on the truck. Other riders looked at me rather strangely with not being equipped with the latest monster downhill bike and being ENGLISH! I got the feeling they thought I was a nutty Brit.  The riders follow the fully loaded truck in a cruiser, and taken to the top of the mountain to start the downhill track. The race track itself was dusty and loose, offering no support for grip which is not good when there are so many rocks and boulders to avoid. At one point I did hit a rock, which smashed my aggressively pinned pedal into my shin, opening my leg up in 3 places. Luckily for me there were medics at the bottom to close it up and finished by placing the biggest plasters in the world on my very hairy legs (you can see in one of the pictures).


Race run went ok, but rather than focus on the track my mind went back to not thinking about hitting my shin again, would definitely hurt and cause nausea!  Finished a great days racing 15th  position in experts. The event had a great ‘Chilled’ but ‘Race’ atmosphere, with a superb track and organization (except registration is still on paper!). I did try to make a sale too get event director online with Active! One to chase.


A big thanks to top guy Eric at Zumwalt's Bicycle Center, 6425 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115, (619)582-6440, lending me his own personal bike. Zumwalts is a great bike shop for all riders, check him out.




Please follow this link for all reviews of the Carlsbad ½ Marathon


ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON hosted the ActiveXers with a carbo loading party at their house Saturday night. Not sure if it was the food (probably the beer), but everyone had races beyond their expectations!



JOSIE DONNELLY, SD office ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon with her sister in 2:18:49.  I had a bum knee so was just glad to finish the half marathon this year.  You can’t really complain when you’re running along the ocean in perfect weather and the rest of the US is covered in snow!


BETHANY DOMINICK, Account Mgr SD ran her first half marathon this Sunday in Carlsbad, CA alongside all of her Active friends who had been training together for the past couple of months.  After hearing JOE TERRY speak at the sales launch a couple of weeks ago who made a point of encouraging us to write down our goals, I set mine to complete the race in less than 2 hours.  I set my watch to time my race but realized it was a bit off as I set it to start before our actual wave did.  On the last few miles I had a vague idea of where I would finish, but realized I would have to pick up the pace quite substantially if I wanted to accomplish this goal.  When I finished the race in 1 hour 59 minutes and 45 seconds, I realized how powerful his message was. Great job to everyone who competed on Sunday!!  WOW impressive BETHANY!


CASEY DIETZ, Account Exec. Active Educate did her first half yesterday at Carlsbad! It was awesome but definitely a struggle. I managed to come in just under my goal of 2 hours in 1:59:45! A big thank you to Bethany Dominick for picking me up in the last mile and pushing me through the finish line! It was so great to see all the friendly faces in the crowd as well. Thank you for all the support, I look forward to my next one!


MARC VILLANUEVA ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday which was my first half marathon in a time of 2:06:56.  I survived and am actually looking forward to running one again (and I hate running!).  Yes Marc it’s a Love/Hate thing.


ALISON INGLESE battled blisters in her training runs preparing for her first ½ marathon at Carlsbad Half this last weekend. She had a blister on each foot swell up the last 3 miles of the race but kicked butt running 2:10:32.


KEVIN BEATTY had a great run yesterday at the Carlsbad ½ Marathon beating his PR by about 7 minutes running a 7:45 pace per mile to come in at 1:41:35.  Great way to start off the year! 


MIKE DE LA CRUZ ran with my wife and pushed my 6-year old son Josh, we came in at 2:56. The Bob strollers Rock! It was a great race, great weather, great to see some of my co-workers running in it; I'll be back next year!


KAREN HARDY also ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:06:38, it was my 1st half marathon and I had a blast!  We had perfect running weather and the event was very well organized.  It was great to see so many other Active team members out on the course!  Don’t forget to review this event and share your experience with others:


MICHAEL READE ran the Carlsbad half. He had a goal of 1:50 to 2:00 finish time, and finished at 1:51:42. Way to set your goal Michael!


TRACY TOM ran the Carlsbad Half as Silvio Frison this weekend (thanks Silvio!).  Finished in a time of 1:42:08.  Tons of fun and look forward to running the La Jolla Half in April….this time under my own name!  Nice run Silvio keep up the good work!


TAMMI SCHMIDT ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon yesterday in 2:30:10, which was my second time ever running a half marathon! Getting out of the parking lot after the race was crazy but the course and weather were beautiful!


CHRIS WHEELER, Senior Account Exec ran the Carlsbad half yesterday and recorded a new Personal Record of  1:34.29!


TRACY SCHUSTER tackled the Carlsbad Half this weekend. I managed to pull off a decent finish coming in at 2:10:24 with almost no training. I had a great time out there as I ran into at least a dozen Active folks either watching or running and got to keep pace with Liz Allen for a bit as she completed her first ever half marathon! It was a great day for a run and now it’s time for Triple Crown prep – La Jolla half here we come!


LIZ ALLEN ran the Carlsbad Half yesterday.  After 4 years of working at Active I finally broke down and did my first race.  It was great through mile 10, and then really painful for the last 3.1.  My goal was to finish in 2:10, but I crossed at 2:16:53 – for my first race I’ll take it.  It was great to see so many friendly Active faces at the finish line!  STICK AROUND THIS PLACE LONG ENOUGH LIZ AND IT GETS YOU!


JUDY FLYNN, Account Exec K-12 also ran the Carlsbad Half in 2:17:19 and had a lot of fun!  It was such a perfect day for it!


ASHLEY PASCHALL, Consulting Project Coordinator ran in her first half marathon in Carlsbad with a time of 1:40. It was great to be out there with so many people from Active!


TAWNYA BORDALO, AMP ran her first half marathon in Carlsbad this weekend.  What an amazing experience!  I want to shout out a HUGE thanks to CAEHLE ROMANO & BETHANY DOMINICK.  I was fading around mile 10 and all of a sudden my fellow Active Xers came running past, cheering me on!  That extra encouragement gave me my second wind as I picked up speed and ran towards the finish line!  I met my goal of not stopping and got a better time than I anticipated. Thanks to the Active team members that came out to cheer us on.  It was a great event and I was glad to share it will everyone that was there!


BILL BLIVEN did NOT run Carlsbad he went Motocross riding in Otay Mesa near the US/Mexico Border on Saturday and did a 40 mile bike ride up to the Cabrillo National Monument in Pt. Loma Sunday.


MARK WARBLE- Desktop Support, SD office competed in the Carlsbad ½ marathon on Sunday (along with numerous other Active employees) and had a great time.  This was my first ½ and it went smoothly- finishing in 1:43:01.  The course had a great coastal view with a few gradual hills and the weather was perfect.  Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Great job to all the Active folks that participated!


Leave it up to our TOBY GUILLETTE to run the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon in Hemet, CA on Saturday. It rained the night before and morning of the race so the dirt fire roads were soft enough to be real easy on the body but didn't get muddy at all. I recognized and chatted with some fellow SoCal ultra runners (one of which ran Carlsbad 26.2 yesterday too) and really just enjoyed the scenery as I cruised around the reservoir at a comfortable pace. I ran 3:29:40 which is an 8-minute/mile average pace--good enough for 20th place overall.

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China leads off

Posted by IMVoice Jan 19, 2009

CHUAN HU in China reports that Wenhu is a Burnaby based developer of Active. He spent last weekend in Xi'an because he needs to give a training course there. As a host I took him a bicycle trip of Xi'an city at weekend.


We ride a half loop inside the city wall which was built in Sui Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. The small alley inside the wall was very quiet and we could enjoy the ride all by ourselves.




We also took a picture at the south door of the city wall. This door was built at 582 DC in Sui Dynasty. By walking through the door, you can imagine that the soldiers was standing guard on the top of the wall and ancient people passing by you. It is a directly connection between you and people who was living in 1500 years ago.



Then we went to the symbol of Xi’an, the Big Goose Tower. It was built at 652 DC in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty Emperor Li-Zhi built it for celebrating his mother’s birthday. After that it was used as a library to store the original Buddhism Sutras which were brought back from India by a famous monk - XuanZang. I bet you must know the famous Chinese story – the Monkey King. That story was talking about XuanZang who went to India for the original Buddhism Sutras together with his 3 apprentices including the Monkey King.



LAURENT GAUTHIER - European Managing Director was in San Diego working but not on the weekend! The weather was so great in San Diego last Saturday afternoon that Mitch Thrower (co-founder of my business partner and me went for a long easy bike ride of three hours along the SoCal coast, from La Jolla to Carlsbad and back. The light was simply amazing!




AMBER MARTIN went to Phoenix, AZ and ran the Rock n Roll ½ marathon in 1:48:28 with some friends from college. This was a great jump start to my training for Boston. We also got to enjoy watching the NFC championship game with a bunch of Cardinals fans after the race. Great Race and Great Weekend.


I debated about putting this story in the report but it was just so amazing figured you all would like to read it.  Now don’t start sending me your crazy stories like this!


DAN JOSEPH in the San Diego office had a little stress workout this weekend. His story - I am standing on my front door step at midnight with a helicopter overhead, 4 police cars and a small army of cops. I just caught 2 burglars (assuming for now barring trial) with my dog and my sons miniature baseball bat! How is that for being active!

The dog was barking and I grabbed my headlamp and ventured to my neighbors pitch black backyard. I found the gate broken open. I then relocked it to keep whoever was here - locked in.  I then yelled and heard movement.  I grabbed the dog and scouted the bushes, house and yard. I could not find them. Standing on the back porch thinking and I realized I was standing on top of them! I started yelling "call 911" to my wife, and then I looked down and saw fingers under the porch. I yelled to my neighbors and woke them up and they blocked an exit.

They came out and tried to get by me. Not happening today! I held them until the police came.

Then the helicopter came. Then the police with lots of lights and then the canine unit!

We got em'. Good times!


LEIGH-ANNE FRANKLIN (technical writer on the Foundations project) spent the last two weekends snowshoeing in Manning Park.  I don’t think that’s Gatorade in the pouch!




CATHERINE HANSEN, Sr Mkt Services Consultant hosted a team party at my place downtown.

We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread on the rooftop of my building. Then, things got a little crazy once we started playing flip-cup. So fun! 



MARIA LAU for the first time in her life went dirt biking in the desert!  And no falls,


Stephanie Snaman and her Dad (Don Snaman) met for the fourth year in a row at the Rio Bravo Rumble in Bakersfield, Ca. The weather was absolutely perfect from sun up to sun down! I started our day off with the 10K trail run and then passed the timing chip on to my Dad as he took off on the 16 mile mountain bike ride. It was tons of fun being able to race as a team and we both put forth good times (right around 2h 15m total), but it just wasn’t enough to get us on the podium. Regardless, “Team Snamanators” had a great morning and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


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Happy New Year!

Posted by IMVoice Jan 12, 2009



JESSICA WEXLER went mountain biking up in Ojai, CA and finally learned how to ride through a stream without falling! But falling Jessica is the fun part!



SARI RUDY, Account Exec in Tennis is also a proud golf MOM!  Her son Andrew Rudy placed first in the San Diego Amateur golf tourney winning by 6 strokes.  He earned an exemption to play in Junior World this summer. He shot 3 over in two rounds (74, 73) in a field of 36 kids age 13-14.  A future Tiger, you never know.



ADNAN ZAIDI, Tennis Division played in two tennis tournaments over the past two weekends. The results aren’t there yet but I am coming back from a long hiatus and am officially out of retirement! The matches I played were tough, both times three sets and the one yesterday I played while having the flu! The two tournaments were the “New Years Kick Off at Pompano” and the “40th Annual Dade County Open”.  Come on Adnan we don’t listen to excuses at Active!


MEAGAN JOHNSTON, Corporate Recruiter and MATT SYLVESTER, Application Specialist took a road trip to Utah in search of fresh powder!  Success!! They carved up Snowbasin, Solitude, and ended the trip with 12 inches of new snow at Brighton.  




WOW - BURT REPINE just returned last week from a climbing expedition to the Argentinean Andes where he summit the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 ft). Our climb took 13 days roundtrip, including a long 13.5 hour summit day, and 4 straight days of snowstorms high on the mountain. Out of 7 members from our expedition party I was fortunate to be one of 3 to make the summit. Not too shabby for a flatlander from San Diego, huh? Definitely an adventure of a lifetime! I have to add a big Thank You to ARCH FUSTON and his ActiveX workouts. They definitely went a long way in helping with my training. Here’s a pic of me during a break on the way to the summit and another standing at the tallest spot in the Americas.




MARC KOZAI, Online Advertising Manager was in Tahoe recently and despite the fact that it had not snowed in over a week we were able to find some secret stashes of power at Kirkwood.



NATHAN PHILLIPS (pictured) and GT GIORA TAMIR from the Foundations team climbed the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing, China. The air was freezing and the temperature so low, Nathan’s ears fell off and had to be surgically reattached.



ANDREA RISHMAWI and MATT HAYNES along with 8 other friends spenT the weekend at Mammoth Mountain in CA.  Though Matt hadn’t been skiing in years, he managed to navigate some serious moguls.  Andrea, on the other hand, spent more time on her rear than on her board, and is nursing some serious bruising…OUCH!


REBECCA DIVITA, Account Manager in SD Saturday participated with 80 others in the RunJunk Triathlon Club of San Diego Duathlon and placed 2nd. The course at Black Mountain was fast, windy, and hilly…but with lots of food and great people, it was a wonderful early morning race!



Chuan Hu We went to Leshan city to see the highest Buddha statue in the world – Leshan Grand Buddha. It was carved out of a cliff and 71 meters (233 feet) tall. We climbed up the top of mountain than stepped down from through the stairs beside the Grand Buddha 3 times. It was a great exercise!



It can easily accommodate a hundred people on each of its feet. We are so tiny in front of it and I have to lie down on the ground to take this picture.



Around the Leshan Grand Buddha, there is a beautiful temple. It has a nice frontispiece with a beautiful horse rilievo.


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