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Happy New Year!

Posted by IMVoice on Jan 12, 2009 11:25:40 AM



JESSICA WEXLER went mountain biking up in Ojai, CA and finally learned how to ride through a stream without falling! But falling Jessica is the fun part!



SARI RUDY, Account Exec in Tennis is also a proud golf MOM!  Her son Andrew Rudy placed first in the San Diego Amateur golf tourney winning by 6 strokes.  He earned an exemption to play in Junior World this summer. He shot 3 over in two rounds (74, 73) in a field of 36 kids age 13-14.  A future Tiger, you never know.



ADNAN ZAIDI, Tennis Division played in two tennis tournaments over the past two weekends. The results aren’t there yet but I am coming back from a long hiatus and am officially out of retirement! The matches I played were tough, both times three sets and the one yesterday I played while having the flu! The two tournaments were the “New Years Kick Off at Pompano” and the “40th Annual Dade County Open”.  Come on Adnan we don’t listen to excuses at Active!


MEAGAN JOHNSTON, Corporate Recruiter and MATT SYLVESTER, Application Specialist took a road trip to Utah in search of fresh powder!  Success!! They carved up Snowbasin, Solitude, and ended the trip with 12 inches of new snow at Brighton.  




WOW - BURT REPINE just returned last week from a climbing expedition to the Argentinean Andes where he summit the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 ft). Our climb took 13 days roundtrip, including a long 13.5 hour summit day, and 4 straight days of snowstorms high on the mountain. Out of 7 members from our expedition party I was fortunate to be one of 3 to make the summit. Not too shabby for a flatlander from San Diego, huh? Definitely an adventure of a lifetime! I have to add a big Thank You to ARCH FUSTON and his ActiveX workouts. They definitely went a long way in helping with my training. Here’s a pic of me during a break on the way to the summit and another standing at the tallest spot in the Americas.




MARC KOZAI, Online Advertising Manager was in Tahoe recently and despite the fact that it had not snowed in over a week we were able to find some secret stashes of power at Kirkwood.



NATHAN PHILLIPS (pictured) and GT GIORA TAMIR from the Foundations team climbed the Great Wall in Badaling, Beijing, China. The air was freezing and the temperature so low, Nathan’s ears fell off and had to be surgically reattached.



ANDREA RISHMAWI and MATT HAYNES along with 8 other friends spenT the weekend at Mammoth Mountain in CA.  Though Matt hadn’t been skiing in years, he managed to navigate some serious moguls.  Andrea, on the other hand, spent more time on her rear than on her board, and is nursing some serious bruising…OUCH!


REBECCA DIVITA, Account Manager in SD Saturday participated with 80 others in the RunJunk Triathlon Club of San Diego Duathlon and placed 2nd. The course at Black Mountain was fast, windy, and hilly…but with lots of food and great people, it was a wonderful early morning race!



Chuan Hu We went to Leshan city to see the highest Buddha statue in the world – Leshan Grand Buddha. It was carved out of a cliff and 71 meters (233 feet) tall. We climbed up the top of mountain than stepped down from through the stairs beside the Grand Buddha 3 times. It was a great exercise!



It can easily accommodate a hundred people on each of its feet. We are so tiny in front of it and I have to lie down on the ground to take this picture.



Around the Leshan Grand Buddha, there is a beautiful temple. It has a nice frontispiece with a beautiful horse rilievo.


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