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What's your ACTIVE?

January 19, 2009

China leads off

Posted by IMVoice Jan 19, 2009

CHUAN HU in China reports that Wenhu is a Burnaby based developer of Active. He spent last weekend in Xi'an because he needs to give a training course there. As a host I took him a bicycle trip of Xi'an city at weekend.


We ride a half loop inside the city wall which was built in Sui Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. The small alley inside the wall was very quiet and we could enjoy the ride all by ourselves.




We also took a picture at the south door of the city wall. This door was built at 582 DC in Sui Dynasty. By walking through the door, you can imagine that the soldiers was standing guard on the top of the wall and ancient people passing by you. It is a directly connection between you and people who was living in 1500 years ago.



Then we went to the symbol of Xi’an, the Big Goose Tower. It was built at 652 DC in Tang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty Emperor Li-Zhi built it for celebrating his mother’s birthday. After that it was used as a library to store the original Buddhism Sutras which were brought back from India by a famous monk - XuanZang. I bet you must know the famous Chinese story – the Monkey King. That story was talking about XuanZang who went to India for the original Buddhism Sutras together with his 3 apprentices including the Monkey King.



LAURENT GAUTHIER - European Managing Director was in San Diego working but not on the weekend! The weather was so great in San Diego last Saturday afternoon that Mitch Thrower (co-founder of my business partner and me went for a long easy bike ride of three hours along the SoCal coast, from La Jolla to Carlsbad and back. The light was simply amazing!




AMBER MARTIN went to Phoenix, AZ and ran the Rock n Roll ½ marathon in 1:48:28 with some friends from college. This was a great jump start to my training for Boston. We also got to enjoy watching the NFC championship game with a bunch of Cardinals fans after the race. Great Race and Great Weekend.


I debated about putting this story in the report but it was just so amazing figured you all would like to read it.  Now don’t start sending me your crazy stories like this!


DAN JOSEPH in the San Diego office had a little stress workout this weekend. His story - I am standing on my front door step at midnight with a helicopter overhead, 4 police cars and a small army of cops. I just caught 2 burglars (assuming for now barring trial) with my dog and my sons miniature baseball bat! How is that for being active!

The dog was barking and I grabbed my headlamp and ventured to my neighbors pitch black backyard. I found the gate broken open. I then relocked it to keep whoever was here - locked in.  I then yelled and heard movement.  I grabbed the dog and scouted the bushes, house and yard. I could not find them. Standing on the back porch thinking and I realized I was standing on top of them! I started yelling "call 911" to my wife, and then I looked down and saw fingers under the porch. I yelled to my neighbors and woke them up and they blocked an exit.

They came out and tried to get by me. Not happening today! I held them until the police came.

Then the helicopter came. Then the police with lots of lights and then the canine unit!

We got em'. Good times!


LEIGH-ANNE FRANKLIN (technical writer on the Foundations project) spent the last two weekends snowshoeing in Manning Park.  I don’t think that’s Gatorade in the pouch!




CATHERINE HANSEN, Sr Mkt Services Consultant hosted a team party at my place downtown.

We had lasagna, salad, garlic bread on the rooftop of my building. Then, things got a little crazy once we started playing flip-cup. So fun! 



MARIA LAU for the first time in her life went dirt biking in the desert!  And no falls,


Stephanie Snaman and her Dad (Don Snaman) met for the fourth year in a row at the Rio Bravo Rumble in Bakersfield, Ca. The weather was absolutely perfect from sun up to sun down! I started our day off with the 10K trail run and then passed the timing chip on to my Dad as he took off on the 16 mile mountain bike ride. It was tons of fun being able to race as a team and we both put forth good times (right around 2h 15m total), but it just wasn’t enough to get us on the podium. Regardless, “Team Snamanators” had a great morning and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


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