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SCOTT EVANS, VP Sales rode part way up Mt. Palomar to watch lance and the boys come by.  He said he was so jazzed after seeing the riders he rode back to his car like he was in the race!




PATTIE ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Mgr drove 13 1/2 hours with her husband from Durango, CO to San Diego on Friday to watch the Tour of California.  Brought our bikes to get in a couple of rides in & reunite with some old racing buds.  The last stage of the TOC was a scene & well worth the long drive.  Saw a lot of friends & the racing was incredible - over 300,000 racing fans!   Went to the start & got a few photos of some of the racers (Chris Horner from Astana - my favorite all time US racer).  Then headed to the finish to watch the race on the big screen & saw Frank Schleck beat Nibali in the sprint. 




ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON along with two friends from Boulder, CO, watched the Tour of California time trial in Solvang, CA on Friday.


What you don’t see is how hard these guys warm up before starting their TT. They are on the trainers for :30 to an hour, working up a huge sweat and getting their heart rates up. By the time they get into the chute, they are very ready for a hard effort, and don’t have to fight that immediate lactate build up. Keep this in mind next time you do a sprint triathlon or 5K.


We got to meet “helmet head” the guy that either wears longhorns or elk horns, depending on who he is supporting (longhorns = Lance, UT, elk horns = Levi, Montana). The crowds were amazing. Really suggest making the trek to Solvang next year, it is well worth it!



MIKE REILLY along with a couple of buddies Bernard Mougel (owns Bernardo’s restaurant in RB) and Todd Smith rode to the top of Palomar Sunday morning to watch the race.  Todd took a fully stocked car up there the night before and parked.  So when we arrived we had plenty of food, wine and Champagne!  Coming down the hill was a challenge with a full belly.  It was one of my most Epic sports days of my life and that might be saying a lot!




JULIE RAHILL, QA Tech. cross country skied to Panther Gap in Sequoia National Park Saturday night with a small group led by the SNHA (Sequoia Natural History Association). Camped out and skied to Panther Peak the next morning, learning some basic mountaineering skills (ice axe techniques, climbing, basic avalanche awareness) and then skied out. We caught a nice Sierra storm in the middle of the night, making things that much more beautiful! This was my first "backpack" on skis trip, but definitely not my last




JACQUELINE BERRY and LEVI SMITH participated in the 1st Annual SDMPI in San Diego. Give Your Heart to Monarch 5K on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the energy was great. It was also nice seeing Jim De La Cruz and his wife and son there as well.  Sunday Levi ran 9 miles for the first time ever. He is training for his first marathon through the “Who Wants to Get Active” program so be sure to follow his training progress and leave comments of encouragement!


JIM DE LA CRUZ and his wife ERIKA pushed his 6-year old son JOSH in the SDMPI Give Your Heart To Monarch 5K Run/Walk at Mission Bay this past Saturday. Great weather, flat course that ran along the water, and small crowd. It was a great way to show support for The Monarch School by running with some of the students and teachers. I recommend this event next year for any first timers plus you can run or walk with your dog in the event.


JIM GARFIELD, AMG & JESSE HAMMOND(Active) cheered on the Tour of California this weekend at the Rose Bowl.  Jim was so inspired by his picture of Lance and of the fans that he did his own Tour of California and rode the next day to Oxnard…a lot slower then the racers.





REBECCA DIVITA & NOLAN HANSEN raced in the Tritonman Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning IN San Diego and Ryan Drew and Chris Wheeler came out to cheer. Despite the cold and foamy water, the course on Fiesta Island was great! After the race, Ryan, Nolan, and I biked to Pizza Port to celebrate with a few pitchers…making the ride home up Torrey Pines slightly more difficult. Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Chris Wheeler and I finished the weekend on Sunday at the VIP tent (always in style) at the Amgen Tour of California.


TOBY GUILLETTE ran the Orange Curtain 50K (31 miles) in Long Beach and finished 5th overall in 4:27. This time is a new personal record by over an hour and fifteen minutes and was my third marathon+ distance race in less than a month. On Sunday, I was out in Escondido at the ATOC finish line to see the action. 



MICHELE CREPEAU had a great weekend, went up to Tahoe with family and worked on teaching my niece and nephew how to ski.  Too funny revisiting the rope tows and bunny slopes.  Have to confess did sneak in some real runs later in the day.  Shorts weather, beautiful spring days and fresh snow…


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Snow in San Diego Of Course

Posted by IMVoice Feb 17, 2009

A US Holiday 3-day weekend for Presidents Day.  A lot of training going on out there!  Create a Great week! Mike


A riding group lead by AIREY BARINGER with REBECCA DIVITA, CHRIS WHEELER, JESSE HAMMOND, LUKE SMITH & MIKE REILLY climbed the famed Mt. Palomar in North San Diego County on Sunday to its 5300’ summit.  It was an epic ride starting out in the low 40’s then in the high 20’s at the top.  REBECCA was the smart one she warmed up with a big bowl of Chili at the top!  But Cold is when you are descending 30 to 40 mph!  This Sunday watch Lance and the Tour of California conquer it in the midst of their 96 mile final day.



EDDIE STRICKLER, Application Support Saturday ran the 800m (half-mile) in the Husky Classic at the University of Washington. I ran 1:52.14 which is my best time I’ve ever run indoor in the 800. I also won my heat which was fun. The meet brought a lot of great athletes together and resulted in a lot of fast times. I enjoyed watching the meet after I finished competing. YOU’RE A FAST GUY Eddie!


NICO REIS, Active International has a Bloody tail to tell and a picture from the Hospital.  I had a Basketball game with my team on Saturday in Munich Germany. Well halfway through the third quarter I went for a rebound under our basket when one of the opponents undercut me. I landed chin first, nose second on the court. When I got back up I was bleeding from two different parts of my face (new, even to me). I went to the hospital, got two stitches on the chin and cut in the nose. Luckily no broken nose, it would have been my fourth one!  Basketball IS a contact sport I guess.


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It's the second week of February  and here's your Weekend Warrior Report.


I'm pinch-hitting for Mike Reilly this week--but fear not! Mike will be back next week for your regularly scheduled awesomeness.





CHRIS BOHNERT ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon in 1:54:00... there were a lot more hills than I expected


MICHELE CREPEAU - Ran the Bronx Half Marathon Grand Prix in 2:05:15. Training run for upcoming Boston Marathon. Great day, 56 degrees in New York!! Felt almost like San Diego weather.


JESSICA WEXLER participated in the Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5k run.(See photo below) It is an annual family tradition to do this race together and continue running straight to the restaurant for Dim Sum.







BROOKE KIRKPATRICK and her husband ran the 5k snowshoe shuffle in Beaver Creek, CO. yesterday. We actually signed up for the 10k which turned out to be a lofty goal considering they had not run in snowshoes and did not look at the map to see how much elevation we climbed! It was fun to do something out of our ordinary!!


AIREY BARINGER ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon in 1:46:49. I had a blast and feel solid about my performance, especially since it was my first sanctioned half-marathon distance run.


AMBER MARTIN ran the San Dieguito half Marathon. It was my third year running it, and every year I forget how hilly it is. I got my PR for that course, 1:52:10


TOBY GUILLETTE ran the beautiful Sedona Marathon in 3:39 for 22nd place overall and 4th in my age group but still finished 2 minutes behind my older brother--he went 21st and 4th in his age group too. The trip was great and 2 marathons in 2 weeks has been a nice challenge

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Super Bowl Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Feb 2, 2009





MIKE DOBRANSKY, STEPHANIE SNAMAN AND KAREN HARDY love the picture below with Ironman World Champion CRAIG ALEXANDER from Australia.






On Saturday morning the 6 time Ironman Champion DAVE SCOTT took an Active crew out on a 50 mile ride and beat us all up except for Active’s famed Coach GALE BERNHARDT. ROB KLINGENSMITH, ARCH FUSTON, MIKE REILLY AND SARAH MOOSBRUGGER were dropped like a bad habit towards the end.  This was a ride commemorating the famed KLINGENSMITH crash of 7 years ago to the day.



ASHLEY ELLIS after two years of going through two foot surgery’s, 8 months in a boot and 5 months of physical therapy I went for my first run While it was only 10 minutes ~ the run down to the beach was a start to hopefully me joining other Active co-workers in some 5K’s or Triathlons. Thanks for the true inspiration & motivation from the previous nights Endurance Sports Awards!


As some of you may know but for others STEVE MAZZA & MIKE COLEMAN won a trip to the Super Bowl.  With the expert juggling of Mazza and the direct camera work of Coleman they won!  This is a shot of them before Super Bowl XLIII supporting our favorite ice cold refreshment (Coors Light tailgate party), and a couple inside Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium…




MATT HENRY, Interaction Designer – Foundations kicked off another season of Team in Training, my first as a mentor!  I took my first 15 minute run since finishing and injuring myself at the Disney Marathon a few weeks ago.  I’ll be taking it easy this time, training for the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon.  If you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing, visit my website at If you’re in Bothell and want to join the Team, come see me!!


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Industry Manager, Cycling Durango, CO had a Pre-Superbowl outing - what a game!!!!!!   Went to the San Juan Mountains for a backcounty excursion.  Skiied the US Basin in the Red Mountains.   About 1500 feet of climbing to an incredible view of mountains all around (above 12,000 feet).  Went with a couple of friends who were snowboarders (knuckle draggers).  Had a nice "vista" lunch in the trees & then the fun part of skiing down!  Then off to the Superbowl! Great Pictures Patti!




MATT HAYNES & ANDREA RISHMAWI out of the SD office did a little jaunt up Iron Mountain this weekend…the Hiking Group is looking a little sparse, if anyone is interested, please let Andrea know!


BRET HARRIS, Account Mgr SD. Do to the extreme lack of swell this weekend, I decided to change things up a bit and went scuba diving at La Jolla Shores.  The weather was perfect for diving as there were no waves and the visibility was amazingly clear (about 30ft I believe).  This was my first dive out at the shores and we only went down about 40ft as a couple of people had some minor issues with their equipment.  We didn’t see any big fish, but the numerous fields of sand dollars and strange, tube/worm like creatures sticking up out of the sand made for a pretty fun dive.


AMBER MARTIN did very well in the Super Run 10k around Fiesta Island at Mission Bay San Diego in 49 minutes.


This weekend JACQUELINE BERRY & LEVI SMITH ran in the Super Run 5k in Mission Bay. The hour before the race was pretty cold (Sorry Canada it was 48 degrees) but by the end of the race, the sun was shining bright. It was a beautiful day for a run and we finished 7 minutes faster than the Turkey Trot we did in November with a time of 37:10:00. It was fun and we are looking forward to the 5K for Monarch schools this month and a mud run next month! I am also training for my first marathon. You can view the status of my training here:



JESSICA WEXLER hiked and camped this weekend in the Anza-Borrego desert near San Diego. The best part was exploring the slot canyons and calcite mine areas.



ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer Camps and Events spent the weekend up on Crystal Mountain.  Got some great snowboarding in with my wife, Jenn and her parents.  Could have used some more powder, but it’s hard to beat the views from the top of the Rainier Express lift looking out towards Mt. Rainier (in the background of the picture) on a gorgeous sunny day.  Icy days like this can cause some heavy sliding in areas, and luckily I was able to avoid some encounters with trees!  Good fun had by all. 



Part of TINA NOVAK’S relocation to our Boulder office was to stop in Breckenridge for some backcountry boarding. A friend took me snowshoeing up Mt. Baldy, to hit up 4ft of powder and attempt to avoid the trees… Was a slow climb to the 11,500ish feet for this normally San Diego sea level girl – but what an epic welcome to CO!



HANNAH SANSONE ran in the XTerra Mission Gorge 5K trail race on Sunday for some pre-Superbowl exercise. I ran into our own TOBY GUILLETTE who was volunteering on the 15K course. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous trail (I highly recommend running there!), but my run felt slow and painful and I quickly exited after the event because I was so bummed. I hadn’t worn a watch and the timing clock wasn’t running when I finished, so I figured my performance was pretty poor. Lo and behold, I checked the times Monday morning and I won my age group and came in 8th overall! I guess I didn’t need to “self-medicate” my previously bruised ego with so much beer and nachos after all – oh well! It turns out it was a great first race of the year!

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