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What's your ACTIVE?

February 23, 2009



SCOTT EVANS, VP Sales rode part way up Mt. Palomar to watch lance and the boys come by.  He said he was so jazzed after seeing the riders he rode back to his car like he was in the race!




PATTIE ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Mgr drove 13 1/2 hours with her husband from Durango, CO to San Diego on Friday to watch the Tour of California.  Brought our bikes to get in a couple of rides in & reunite with some old racing buds.  The last stage of the TOC was a scene & well worth the long drive.  Saw a lot of friends & the racing was incredible - over 300,000 racing fans!   Went to the start & got a few photos of some of the racers (Chris Horner from Astana - my favorite all time US racer).  Then headed to the finish to watch the race on the big screen & saw Frank Schleck beat Nibali in the sprint. 




ARCH & CHRISTY FUSTON along with two friends from Boulder, CO, watched the Tour of California time trial in Solvang, CA on Friday.


What you don’t see is how hard these guys warm up before starting their TT. They are on the trainers for :30 to an hour, working up a huge sweat and getting their heart rates up. By the time they get into the chute, they are very ready for a hard effort, and don’t have to fight that immediate lactate build up. Keep this in mind next time you do a sprint triathlon or 5K.


We got to meet “helmet head” the guy that either wears longhorns or elk horns, depending on who he is supporting (longhorns = Lance, UT, elk horns = Levi, Montana). The crowds were amazing. Really suggest making the trek to Solvang next year, it is well worth it!



MIKE REILLY along with a couple of buddies Bernard Mougel (owns Bernardo’s restaurant in RB) and Todd Smith rode to the top of Palomar Sunday morning to watch the race.  Todd took a fully stocked car up there the night before and parked.  So when we arrived we had plenty of food, wine and Champagne!  Coming down the hill was a challenge with a full belly.  It was one of my most Epic sports days of my life and that might be saying a lot!




JULIE RAHILL, QA Tech. cross country skied to Panther Gap in Sequoia National Park Saturday night with a small group led by the SNHA (Sequoia Natural History Association). Camped out and skied to Panther Peak the next morning, learning some basic mountaineering skills (ice axe techniques, climbing, basic avalanche awareness) and then skied out. We caught a nice Sierra storm in the middle of the night, making things that much more beautiful! This was my first "backpack" on skis trip, but definitely not my last




JACQUELINE BERRY and LEVI SMITH participated in the 1st Annual SDMPI in San Diego. Give Your Heart to Monarch 5K on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the energy was great. It was also nice seeing Jim De La Cruz and his wife and son there as well.  Sunday Levi ran 9 miles for the first time ever. He is training for his first marathon through the “Who Wants to Get Active” program so be sure to follow his training progress and leave comments of encouragement!


JIM DE LA CRUZ and his wife ERIKA pushed his 6-year old son JOSH in the SDMPI Give Your Heart To Monarch 5K Run/Walk at Mission Bay this past Saturday. Great weather, flat course that ran along the water, and small crowd. It was a great way to show support for The Monarch School by running with some of the students and teachers. I recommend this event next year for any first timers plus you can run or walk with your dog in the event.


JIM GARFIELD, AMG & JESSE HAMMOND(Active) cheered on the Tour of California this weekend at the Rose Bowl.  Jim was so inspired by his picture of Lance and of the fans that he did his own Tour of California and rode the next day to Oxnard…a lot slower then the racers.





REBECCA DIVITA & NOLAN HANSEN raced in the Tritonman Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning IN San Diego and Ryan Drew and Chris Wheeler came out to cheer. Despite the cold and foamy water, the course on Fiesta Island was great! After the race, Ryan, Nolan, and I biked to Pizza Port to celebrate with a few pitchers…making the ride home up Torrey Pines slightly more difficult. Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Chris Wheeler and I finished the weekend on Sunday at the VIP tent (always in style) at the Amgen Tour of California.


TOBY GUILLETTE ran the Orange Curtain 50K (31 miles) in Long Beach and finished 5th overall in 4:27. This time is a new personal record by over an hour and fifteen minutes and was my third marathon+ distance race in less than a month. On Sunday, I was out in Escondido at the ATOC finish line to see the action. 



MICHELE CREPEAU had a great weekend, went up to Tahoe with family and worked on teaching my niece and nephew how to ski.  Too funny revisiting the rope tows and bunny slopes.  Have to confess did sneak in some real runs later in the day.  Shorts weather, beautiful spring days and fresh snow…


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