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St. Patrick's Day Week

Posted by IMVoice Mar 16, 2009



SCOTT EVANS, BEN CRUISE AND KEVIN JONES caught some big ones while down in Cancun Mexico.





LAUREN DACHILLE & AMANDA BOURQUIN celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early running in the St Patty's Day Run on Misson Bay in San Diego on Saturday. We finished strong a little over 56 minutes! Great course and even better beer garden


CHRIS OCHS Sales Manager for Reg Online did the “Runnin’ of the Green” in downtown Denver yesterday. It was a 7 Km run that he did in a fast 36 min.


STACI RIEDER Account Manager with Reg Online ran at the lake for 45 minutes on Saturday, and worked out at the gym (cycling, elliptical and lifted weights) on Sunday


DEBRA URKA Application Specialist in SD hit the water this weekend and went diving. The water was a bit chilly (55 degrees) event with my am wetsuit but it was well worth it. I saw my first back sea bass, a 150 pound fish. He came right up to us and swam with us for a while, truly amazing!


BRET HARRIS (one “T”) & MIKE DOBRANSKY made sure everyone had FUN at the St. Paddy’s day 10k!  They had to close the beer garden after they went in for fear of running out!



ASHLEY ELLIS while in Cancun climbed a rock in the middle of the ocean taking this amazing hand stand photo. Later in the day my friend Jene and I went Zip Lining in the Jungle then we went on an off road bike ride to this pond where I flipped from 15 feet in the air. As the natives said my new nickname is “Chica Loca”. 





MICHELLE ULRICH participated in the Mission Bay St. Patrick’s Day 10k on Saturday with a finish time of 39:57.  I was 7th Female overall and 3rd in my age group.  It was a great race!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) channeled the spirit of colleague Toby Guillette and took a 1:45 hr trail run through the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. He was amazed at the amount of wildlife he saw in that short time..parrots…dolphins..hawks…rattlesnakes…oh yea..and a BOBCAT!!! Just a reminder might not be a bad idea to not run on mountain trails ALONE!

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