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PAUL CHEUNG of LeagueOne (Active Sports) in Burnaby office completed his first marathon on Sunday in Vancouver International Marathon with the time of 4 hr 35. His legs feel like **** but he feels like a million bucks.


FAST MAN MARK LISTER (Documentation, Burnaby) also ran his first marathon at the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. Conditions were ideal; partly cloudy with very little wind.






After starting a bit quickly, I settled into my race pace and work with a small pack. I hit the dreaded “Wall” full-on around 30km, but thanks to the energetic spectators, I pulled it together soon after, even managing to catch a few runners in the last few kilometres. I finished in 2:50:07 (19th overall, 3rd in my age category 25-29) and I’m very happy with my result. Mike Comment – “You better be happy with a FIRST MARATHON TIME OF 2:50 buddy, you make us all jealous”! THIS IS THE FASTEST ACTIVE TEAM MEMBER MARATHON TIME THIS YEAR, WONDER IF ANYONE WILL BEAT IT?






David Detar (ActiveOutdoors – Campgrounds) and his nephew (Dan Price) ran the half marathon in Pittsburgh on May 3. The marathon / half-marathon returned after a 5 year absence to Pittsburgh and set an attendance record with 10,500 participants. It was the first half marathon run by either of us. Having never completed this distance in a race, we both set a goal of 2 hours & 30 minutes. With the weather cooperating (temps were in the 50s with no wind), we were able to exceed our expectations. After running together for the first nine miles, I pulled ahead slightly at the end to finish in a time of 2:06:35. Dan was just a few minutes behind at 2:09:57. I’m anxious to compete at this distance again and now want to break the 2 hour barrier. Here is a picture of my nephew (on the left) and me after our run.

PS: Active’s own Mike Reilly was in Pittsburgh to announce the event!!!!


!David_2347.jpg! (david pic)


MICHAEL WILSON & MIKE REILLY did work the Pittsburgh Marathon and ½. It was a great day and the race after a 5 year hiatus came back in full force with over 10,000 runners.



GISELLE DOMDOM ran the Orange County, CA Half Marathon. It was the first year on the new course--beautiful and a lot of fun! I would recommend it and will probably be back again next year.


TOBY GUILLETTE (AMP) our resident Ultra Man is preparing for the Vermont 100 Endurance Run in July. Racing back-to-back this weekend was great training. Saturday did the Sun Strides Black Mountain 7K Summit run, finishing 5th overall and 1st in my age group with 28:31. Later that day, drove to OC Marathon expo where I ran into Active Alumni Marques Charbonnet.

Sunday: the new OC Marathon course, finishing top 70 overall and 5th in my age group with 3:29. Solid training weekend in the books


ARCH FUSTON reports the ActiveX Charity Challenge group in San Diego did their workout at the La Jolla cove on Saturday morning. After a beautiful 4 mile coastal run, the group completed a 4-stage ActiveX workout, much to the delight of German and Japanese tourists.


Our photos can be scene at:



Active X’s RYAN DREW, REBECCA DIVITA & JIM GARFIELD were among the 1,000’s of athlete’s and other Active employees racing the Wildflower Triathlon weekend in the hinterlands of Paso Robles, CA. Chill’s (rain), Spills (Jim crashed) Thrill’s (great course) were had by all. Of course the camping experience would not be complete without the edition of Rebecca’s cappuccino machine which despite her best efforts sucked to much juice out of the Prius to be used!







NOLAN HANSEN, Account Specialist also participated in the festivities of the Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend. The race weekend consisted of over 7500 athletes and nearly 30,000 spectators in all. I raced in the Half Ironman Long Course Triathlon and finished in a time of 4:47.


ALEYNA PERSZYK-DORR Yesterday, we had a beautiful day for a hike in the San Gabriels. My father, my boyfriend and I completed a 9.2 mile hike on Mt. Baldy. We approached from the South from Manker Flats via the Baldy Bowl Trail. After the first mile on the paved San Antonio Falls Road, a single-track trail climbs steeply up the west wall of upper San Antonio Canyon to the Sierra Club Ski Hut, across the base of Baldy Bowl to the south ridge, then ascends the ridge directly to the summit. The hike was challenging and the scenery was stunning!





STEPHANIE SNAMAN reports on Sunday did the Spring Sprint Triathlon in San Diego which marks my one year anniversary of triathlons! HANNAH SANSONE was also out there racing and we had CARRIE JAMES, EMILY CHAN-NORRIS AND KAREN HARDY for support! I had a great race and was able to shave nearly 9 minutes off of my previous time. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!




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