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Posted by IMVoice on Jun 1, 2009 11:42:08 AM

NO ONE FORGETS THEIR FIRST TIME! Rock n Roll Weekend in SD for 12th year!


ANUSHEH CHAVEZ ran her FIRST marathon at Rock n Roll.  She trained hard for the race but had no idea that the last 4 miles would be so hard!  She finished in 5:03 and wished she hadn’t taken that last pottie break cause she would have broken 5:00!  Here is a pic with ALISON HARGRAVE INGLESE on her left.



ALISON HARGRAVE INGLESE, Application Specialist NFL was another FIRST timer at RnR.  She wanted to break 5:00 hours.  I ran the Rock N Roll Marathon with my dad. This was my 1st marathon and his 12th. My goal was under 5 hours and I came in at 4:59:22, barely made it! Such a great event and the support from everyone who came out to watch was amazing! It was so much fun and it was so great to share the experience with my dad.



JEN ROMINE reports on the RnR Marathon “We Be Runnin’” the Rock and Roll Marathon Relay!

LAUREN DACHILLE started us off in the first leg of the relay, 18 minutes after the gun went off as she hit the snooze one too many times on her alarm J.  “It was packed with high energy from all the fans at the start, the drag queen cheerleaders in Hillcrest and the huge turn of fans lining the course cheering! Running wise, I had a great section that included a nice downhill into the city around Petco Park and then ending on Broadway. I felt like it was over way too soon!”

AMANDA BOURQUIN ran the 2nd leg “I was quite nervous waiting for Lauren to run through the relay transition line on Broadway, but without fail she came flying through screaming “Mandy, Mandy??”.  The baton handoff was perfect and I was off!  I ran up Broadway and onto the scenic, yet uphill and deserted 163!  Thank goodness there was a gorgeous downhill descent into Mission Valley and onto Friars Road with many fans and bands cheering me to the mile 13.5 relay hand off. JENNI MILLER ran the 3rd and longest leg of the marathon around Mission Bay.  “Running through PB was by far the best part of my run. There were a ton of supporters including some awesome Active folks who came out to cheer (thanks guys!). Looking back at this race, what I will remember most is the continuous compliments I received for my socks…. Seriously, never running another race without them (ha-ha)!”

JEN ROMINE ran the final leg of the marathon.  “I had so much fun running the race, especially coming into the MCRD with everyone cheering and Mike Reilly announcing was incredible, it inspired me to sign up for a ½ marathon and hopefully complete a full at some point.  Thanks to everyone that came out to cheer us on, and all of the volunteers that helped make the race possible!”

Our Team finished in 4:11:09



LEVI SMITH, Tech Support Analyst this weekend competed in his FIRST ever marathon and was able to complete it!!!!!! The feeling is incredible and I never could have done it without all of the help I received through my training program and encouragement from team members but most importantly, I had MIKE DE LA CRUZ as a running buddy and that truly made all of the difference. I hit a major wall at mile 16 and had to walk the rest. Jim walked it with me even though he could have run the rest and received a better time. Without Jim I am sure I would have quit! By mile 23 I was crying from the pain and then I happened to notice several signs from the spectators. One said “Pain is only temporary, but the feeling of finishing will last forever” and another one said “pain is the body’s way of releasing weakness”. I must have had a lot of weakness in me because I sure was in a lot of pain ;  ) I would have to say that hearing the voice of Ironman (Mike Reilly) bring us across the finish line was the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to hear that same voice when I complete my first Ironman!!!!!!! What a weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JIM DE LA CRUZ, Sys Admin from San Diego finished the San Diego RNR marathon yesterday with Levi Smith. FIRST of many more full marathons. It was a great event and recommend it to anybody that likes to get past the 13.1 distance on to the 26.1. Thanks to Arch and ActiveX for getting my physical and mental mindset comfortable for this event! I also ran into some other folks from Active in the event as well as cheering us on for support which is an added plus.

In addition, the experience to taken to another level to have and see Mike Reilly calling out the names at the finish line, truly an outstanding voice to hear especially at the end of an event.


GISELLE DOMDOM was one of the many Active Rock 'n' Rollers yesterday. It was such a great experience for my FIRST marathon! The chance to run through my hometown made it extra special. Big thanks to my Content Team members for their support--and to all the familiar Active faces along the course! Very motivating! Attached is a post-race picture with two more Active first-time marathoners, Jim De La Cruz and Levi Smith. Yay for conquering 26.2!



AMBER MARTIN, SD office  finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in her worst marathon time EVER. After acquiring  tendonitis at the Boston marathon only 5 weeks ago, I still decided to attempt the race, because I have never dropped out of a race I registered for. The hill up the 163 killed my Achilles and I contemplated dropping out between mile 10-14. My stubbornness kept me in the race, and I limped across the finish line in excruciating pain with a time of 4hr 48 minutes. This morning I can barely walk due to increased Achilles tendinitis and bone growth on my right heel at the connection point of my tendon, and a left knee full of fluid, an injury probably caused by favoring my right ankle. After 11 marathons in 3.5 years I will be finally listening to my body and not running another marathon this year. I hope to get back in 3:45 marathon condition by the Pittsburgh Marathon 2010.


MICHELLE ULRICH, Account Exec Running & Justin Rock, Account executive- Active Educate participated with 2 other team members in the Rock and Roll Relay yesterday.  The FUNtastic Four (our team name) finished 5th overall in the co-ed division and 9th out of 350 teams overall.  Our finishing time was a 3:09:53.  What a fun day!


MARK WARBLE, IT/Desktop Management, SD office.  This was my FIRST full marathon and it was incredible.  Tons of energy and cheers throughout the entire course.  I felt good for the first half, but keeping a decent pace seem to get incredibly more difficult for the second half.  The last six miles were the longest I’ve ever felt.  I finished 4:20:42 and am very happy with that time.  Had a great experience…the pain I’m feeling today, however, is a different story.  =)


ERIC RAMOS cramped up the last 6 miles of the SD RnR Mrathon but finished in 4:55.  It was his FIRST RnR marathon but 3rd overall in his young career.


MICHELLE NATION in SD office ran the Rock and Roll marathon yesterday with my big sister Kristie.  Loved the perfect weather and all the support from friends and family.   I didn't make my goal time but I did get a new PR so all in all an awesome day!   Thanks to Mike and his voice for getting us off to a great start.



TOBY GUILLETTE also ran the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon this weekend and I am inspired by all the first timers who did amazingly well. I ran with video camera and got some fun footage to edit and share so stay tuned for a video later this week. Thanks to all for making it such a fun locals event!


BOB SHAFERWERE AND FRIENDS Were in Mammoth May 14-16 and skied all the Chutes on top (Gondola/Chair 23): Hangman’s, MJB, Climax, Dave’s Run and the Wipe Out Chutes (3 total)!


Standing left: Scott Willingham; 1979 World Free Style Ski champion, 2003 Legends of The Free Style Ski Champion, featured in 4 Warren Miller Films & Starred in Dick Barrymore's "Vagabond Skiers"


Standing Right: Bob Shafer-Business Development Advisor, Active Sports


Below left: Jim Martinson; Ski Hall Of Fame Member, 1981 Winner Boston Marathon, 1992 Para Olympic Gold Medal, Downhill Val D'isere


Below Right: Brad Parks; A founder of Wheelchair Tennis now an international sport, 3 time winner US Open of Wheelchair Tennis, 1992 Para Olympic Gold Medal Tennis Barcelona, 1980 Para Olympic 2 Gold, 2 Silver Medals Track & field Moscow

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