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CHRIS OCHS, Sales Mgr Active Events competed in the Great Urban Race, a scavenger hunt, ( on Saturday.  The hunt involved finding and photographing various landmarks around downtown Denver.  The team with the fasted time wins the event and qualifies for the National Championship in New Orleans—He and his partner Kevin Davis (left) were not the fastest, but they had the most fun!  On Sunday Chris ran the Lyons River 5K in Lyons, CO.  His 5K time of 23:00 was more than six minutes slower than the winner.  How do those high school kids get so fast?!?!



JAKE COONEY, Online Marketing Manager in Bothell set a PR at the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon.  It was a great day and a beautiful course.  My previous 2 marathons were right at 3:40 so my goal was 3:30-3:35 and somehow managed to knock out a 3:12.  I’m a little disappointed I didn’t shave a couple extra minutes off and qualify for Boston but I’m not too upset because I wasn’t trying and I did much better than expected.  Gross photos are always a fun part of the weekend report so I included my shoe after the race.  I’d like to note that this is only the blood that reached the outside of the shoe after my thick wool socks became fully saturated.  In the next couple weeks I expect to pull my foot out of my sock with 1 fewer toenails than it went in with but it’s all worth it.




Another RnR Roller CHRIS INOUYE (Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA) PR'd in the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this weekend with a time of 1:29:36!  Also raised money for Peak7 Adventures.  I need 10 more people to donate $10.  Help a kid get ACTIVE this summer:



NICHOLAS BATTAGLIA Implementation Analyst in Bothell, WA ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon on Saturday. Nicholas didn’t give a time but I hope he liked what he ran!


ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer - Bothell, WA On Saturday with his Church softball team from Overlake Christian Church played in the Owen B. Shackett Softball Tournament in Kent, WA.  SHANE WHITEHURST (Implementation Analyst) is also a member of the team, and RYAN MCDONALD (Account Executive, University Camp Sales) filled in for this tournament.  We started off the day at 10:20 a.m. and promptly lost our first game (barely).  Not yet recovered from our first lost, we dropped our second game immediately after in extra innings.  Luckily this tournament was a three game minimum (normally losing twice would mean an early exit) so we got another chance.  With nothing left to lose we played our 3rd game and won, convincingly (10 run rule enforced).  We rolled that into our next game which happened to be against the first team we lost to.  We again won with the 10 run rule enforced and moved on.  The next game was against the second team we lost to, and again won by the 10 run rule.  So we moved on to another team and rolled through them.  Somehow we know find ourselves in the championship playing against the top team and need to beat them twice in a row to win the tournament from the loser’s bracket.  In the first Championship game we scored a bunch early and held them off late.  So we forced a second championship game and only one win away from taking the whole tournament.  The second game proved uneventful until the bottom of the fourth (we were the visiting team).  We were up 3-1 before their offense woke up and scored a few to put them up 5-3.  Heading into the top of the 5th we knew we had to score some runs.  I came up with the bases loaded and proceeded to launch one (well) over the left center fence to put us up 7-5 and we ended the inning up 10 -5.  Just as we felt the game was under control and had them beat, they rallied for a huge inning putting them up 14-10.  We only got one run in our half of the 6th inning and then in the bottom they just ran away with it and enforcing the 10 run rule on us.  All in all we played 8 games and spanned 10 hours in the 80-90 degree weather leaving us all sore and sun burnt.  Yet we will do it all again gladly at the next tournament for another championship game!


SIJEN OLTHOF, Thrive Implementation Analyst Bothell had a wonderful weekend here in Seattle, WA.  The weather was perfect for the Seattle RnR race.  Ten people from the Bothell Office participated with the Active Team. 2 people, (Jake Cooney and Brian Cronrath) ran the full marathon, while the rest of the team ran the half marathon (Chris Inouye, Jason Karls, Joe Benoit, Matthew Wanamaker, Nicholas Battaglia, Nicole Pelley, Sijen Olthof, and Stephen Branstetter). Congratulations to everyone who ran the race.  Thanks for participating in all the training and fundraising leading up to the event.  Here is the photo I got at the race.  People in the photo left to right (Chris Inouye, Nicholas Battaglia, Sijen Olthof).


For me the race is the first event after having a baby last fall.  My goal was to run a 10 min mile and I completed the race at 2 hrs and 14 min. Great day, Great Race, Great Accomplishment.  YES IT WAS SIJEN CONGRATULATIONS!



BRIAN CRONRATH, Thriva Application Support Bothell ran his first marathon.  It was really fun but also ended in disaster.  I started out fine, was hitting about 6 minute pace give or take a few depending on if the mile was an uphill or downhill.  I was feeling great throughout the whole race really – I never felt overly exhausted, it was more of a fight against my legs cooperating with me.  I had to stop soooo many times during the race it war ridiculous.  I had to stop at least 3 times (as far as I can remember) to apply Vaseline to blisters on my feet.  The nike Lunar road racers definitely didn’t treat me too well.  Despite the blister setbacks, I was still doing pretty well for the whole race.  It was amazing to me how even though there were 25,000 so people racing, it seemed that I was completely alone for 95 percent of the race.  It was crazy when people would be so far ahead of me that I could barely even see them, and later in the race I would reel them in. 


I believe I was like 1:18 at the halfway point, and feeling great.  Things were going very well until about mile 23.  I believe a large blood blister on my right foot was causing me to favor one side of the foot slightly, and it just caught up with me at that point.  The pain was only mild at mile 23, but it was enough to cause me to slow up a bit.  I had had many various aches and pains throughout the race, but usually just backing off for a bit would allow them to go away after a little while.  Unfortunately, the pain in my fight foot just kept getting worse and worse.  To the point where I was hobbling the last two miles.  My mentality went from away from trying to get a  good place, to now I was just telling myself to “finish the race and not care about time or place”.  To give a little insight about how slow I finished, a friend (of a friend) of mine passed me during the last mile, and he finished in I believe 2:41, and I finished in 2:46.  The last mile I swear felt longer than the entire race before it, I couldn’t believe how long it took me to finish the last mile.  I had to walk a lot of it.  Surprisingly I think I only got passed by around only 8 o 9 people during my problems with my foot.  After I finished the race, I went straight to the med tent and got all my blood blisters lanced, and got ice packs immediately applied to my foot.  I could hardly walk, so I had to have my dad (who was spectating) drive around through traffic and pick me up behind the med tent.  Since traffic was so bad, this took around 40-50 minutes, I’m not gonna lie it was kind of miserable… haha!!  This whole weekend I basically just stayed off of the foot, it hurts immensely to put any pressure on it.  Originally I thought my foot may have been broken, but now I just think it’s a really bad strain.  I’m going into a doctor later to get a proper diagnosis.





MEGAN HOLLSTEDT Web Designer Burnaby reports. Thanks so much for continuing to do such a stellar job with the weekend warrior report. Here's the goods for what went down here in Burnaby, BC this weekend:


ActiveX Team Burnaby made their inaugural appearance this weekend at the Scotia Bank Half Marathon and 5k. Together the group has raised $4052 so far for KidSports, a Canadian non-profit  that provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport. A big thank-you out to Janette Kim for leading the way in organizing the crew and running with a hang-over at the same time.


Team Site (go!!):


Half-marathon runners:

Jamie Haaf - best time: 2:11:30

Jason Slusarchuk

Darren Jensen

Lorna Jensen

Matt Hoffman

Paul Hiller

Stanley Ulmer


5k runners:

Mathew Cox - best time: 25 min 30 sec

Janette Kim

Jennifer Saalfeld

Tamara Lee

Megan Hollstedt


Top Fundraiser goes out to Jason Slusarchuk  $930.00 and change. Way to go Jason!!


Some team members thoughts on the day: From Matt Hoffman "Ran with Darren and his wife, Lorna, the entire way and had an absolute blast chatting away with Lorna J."

From Stanley: "This was my first attempt at that distance."

Janette & Jason: Ran with injuries!

Paul Hiller: New dad as of a few days before the half marathon, probably ran without much sleep!

Janette's comments "Absolutely loved the vibe of the run and having done this as a team. Next year will be even better."

Megan's comments: "My time would've been better is I wasn't tweeting the whole way."


Way to go team Burnaby!



JASON SLUSARCHUCK Acct Mgr Burnaby did the Scotia bank Half Marathon in

2:46:39 in Vancouver, BC.


JIM HINE Mountain Biking in Ketchum, ID. On Saturday the family road the 'Rip and Tear' loop near the Galena Lodge 25 miles North of Ketchum.  Our dog Lewis was on point the whole time on a trail that serves double-duty to xc skiers and snowshoers in winter.  We had great views of the Sawtooths, checked out a couple of the rental yurts, and returned to the lodge for 'adult' grill-cheese sandwiches.  On the way back to Sun Valley I got 'dropped off' at the trailhead for Oregon Gulch.  I rode the lower Oregon Gulch loop and connected to Fox Creek.  Trails around Sun Valley right now have high-run off so some of the creek crossings can be deep and I had to climb over a half-dozen downed trees.  But the 13 mile ride was 100% single track and the descent was fast and smooth.


MICHAEL WILSON, Sales Mgr Endurance & Giving and Brandon did the SD International Tri this weekend…beautiful day and great course!  I finished in just over 2 hours and felt great.  Saw some other Active-ites out there as well as some Active spectators.  Beautiful day for a triathlon in San Diego!


MIKE DOBRANSKY (Team Lead, LeagueOne – San Diego) participated in the San Diego International Triathlon this weekend in sunny San Diego.  There were a handful of Active folks out there and we had way too much fun.


Yours truly MIKE REILLY finished up 3 event weekends in a row with the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Triathlon in Lubbock, TX.  It was there 20th anniversary.  The event directors Marti and Mike Greer are among the best in the Country and produce a world class event.  In the picture with me are Jamie Whyte top NZ triathlete, Cameron Brown 8x winner of Ironman New Zealand and Mike Greer race director and youngest 70 year old I know!



Scott Friesen, Business Analyst at the Burnaby office, travelled south to participate in the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon on Saturday.  He had a great time being apart of the largest running event in Washington State history.  He also enjoyed bumping into several members of the Bothell team along the route and at the finish line.  Scott ran his first half marathon in a time of 1:47:26.


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