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Summer lives on for Active Warriors

Posted by Active Toby on Aug 31, 2009 3:54:49 PM

Dave Detar - Account Manager, ActiveOutdoors participated in the Spirit of Columbus (OH) half-marathon on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  The race setting was very nice as most of the course followed the Scioto river into the heart of the city.  My goal for the race was to break the 2:00 hour mark.  I had run my first half-marathon in May and finished in 2:06.  With great conditions and a favorable course, I was able to achieve my goal, finishing in 1:53:47. Here is a photo near the finish line with my sons {Matt (blue shirt) and Andy (red shirt)}



Jim Hine competed with some friends in the Bogus Basin Hill Climb, which gains 3,600 of elevation over 15 miles.  The record field was capped at 400 riders and I placed 17th in my age group with a PB of 1:15:26.  The fast riders get to the top in under an hour, but I was just trying to keep up with the Nuns on the tandem!  We devoured lime-and-salt popsicles and cruised down slower than usual to take in the views. 







Jim Garfield (Active) and his brother Craig participated in his hometown Chicago Triathlon this weekend.  The Chicago Tri is the largest in the U.S. and I am sure has the biggest pot holes as well.  Over 9,500 participants including Active own Bill Kennedy (Active Multi-Sports) braved the canyon size pot holes, semi- chilly water and great run to compete in this massive event.  The Organizers are really lobbying hard for the 2016 Olympics and put on a first class show!  Barely a 20 min wait for the porta-johns!  You can read Jim’s race report as a featured blog on the Huffington Post.





Brittany Bowles

, Ellen Steevensz and Jamie Williams did the Bike the Bay ride (25+ miles) from Embarcadero Park behind the San Diego Convention Center over the Coronado Bridge and around the bay back to the Park.  The weather was beautiful if a bit hot.  J  It was a lot of fun to go over the bridge on a bike – it’s the only chance of the year to do that.  There is a 4 mile run/walk (May this year) that also lets you over the bridge.  Otherwise it’s car only!!





Meghan Swirski and Leah Pardini participated in the Great Urban Race in Seattle, WA over the weekend. The Great Urban Race is a timed urban adventure. Teams of two solve twelve clues, have a wild city adventure (think: running, lots of running) and complete fun challenges along the course.  We didn’t place, but we finished with over an hour to spare.  Team Name: Meerkats – WATA!


One of the challenges, as shown in the attached photo, was to find the Maximum Minimus Mobile Pig and take a picture of the team jumping in front of it.


Tons of fun, and we got lucky with the weather, was a gorgeous day!




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