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Spring has Sprung be Active!

Posted by IMVoice Mar 30, 2009



JB LEEP and CAROL MARTIN with Blue Bear in Poway, CA office hiked through the flooded Amazonian rain forest just outside of Iquitos, Peru.  We are back in Lima today (Saturday) after completing a week long cruise adventure that included visiting people who live in villages along the river and numerous wildlife sighting trips.  Tomorrow we leave for Machu Picchu and explorations in the Andes.  What a wonderful country! 



How Diverse are our Team Members From the AMAZON Rain Forest to COLORADO Snow!


PATTI ROSNETHAL Cycling Durango, CO. Snowcat skiing in the San Juan Mountains with the San Juan Snow Cat Company.  Rented the snowcat & went skiing with 10 of our local Durango friends.  At close to 12,000 feet the views were incredible & the powder was awesome.  A great blue bird day with about 11 runs of great skiing.  Our photographer (& my husband) took some great photos & video clips of us including him crashing into a tree where he ended up breaking his collarbone on the 3rd run.  He still skiied the rest of the day but his ski season is now over.  Besides the collarbone mishap it was a great day!  PATTI WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, COLLECT ON LIFE INSURANCE ON THE GUY?




LARRY GOLDEN AND DAVE NEFF, InfoSpherix in our Frostburg, MD location completed their first 5K of the season with a time of 29 minutes.  Larry & Dave we have to get you some ACTIVE gear to wear!



This was an incredible weekend for me! This Saturday I ran 14 miles training for my first marathon! I am a member of team “First Time Marathon Runners” through the “Who Wants to Get Active 2009” program and you can see video and updates of my training progress as I attempt to run my first marathon on May 31st, which will be the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon!


LEVI SMITH, Tech Support SD office competed in his first mud run! It was really amazing seeing everyone completely covered in mud and having a good time! Here is a link to my blog; and video of the run will be up soon:


BRAIN BERGEY, Reg OnLine in our London office completed his first half marathon!  He decided to make it a destination and travelled from London to Northern Ireland for a long weekend.  I spent a couple days exploring the beautiful area and rugged coastline, and then ran the Larne Half Marathon on Saturday the 28th of March.  Despite gale force winds along the beautiful coastal route, I managed to finish in 1:49:23.  Not bad for my first try, but definitely room for improvement!


ALYSON TYSON, SD office ran the inaugural Pacific Half Marathon (Part of the Great Race of Agoura Hills). It started in Paramount Ranch in Malibu and ended at my old high school in Agoura, CA. It was a hilly but beautiful race. I ended up taking 7th in my age group with a 1:55 finish. Feels good to be back running!


GISELLE DOMDOM ran the Valley of Gold Half Marathon in Oro Valley, AZ near Tucson. I feel great having my first half under my belt. It's just a checkpoint for the bigger goal--running the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on May 31st.!



MEGAN FERRI, Account Mgr Active Community Solutions and 3 of her girlfriends ran in the 5k San Diego Mud Run yesterday in La Mesa.  I’ve never laughed so much on a run, we had a great time!  “SUCH DIRTY GIRLS”!



KELLY SHULTE SD Office braved the costal fog and met JIM GARFIELD (AMG) for a 20 mile training ride in Malibu over the weekend in preparation for the Solana Beach triathlon. Kelly had her game face on as she borrowed Jim’s gloves, put on her yellow hoody, blue sunglasses and charged up and down the hills of PCH.  Truly a fashion maverick! Of course we were both proudly wearing our Active Tri Kits as well!




ERIN LANG, HR Assistant spent the weekend up at North Lake Tahoe with her family.  Got in a couple of good days snowboarding, the snow wasn’t great but the weather was beautiful (the picture attached is overlooking Donner Lake from Sugar Bowl) and it was fun to get up to Tahoe before the season is over.



TOBY GUILLETTE, Community Development Specialist, organized a run with two members from the Online Community on Saturday morning. The three of us met "offline" at Mission Trails for a 5-mile run. On Sunday, I cheered on the triathletes competing in the Superfrog and Superseal Triathlons on Coronado Island.

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If you haven't already be sure to join the ActiveX Charity Challenge.


BURT REPINE SD office said all his ActiveX workouts of just the right mix (shameless plug) I finished 4th overall and 2nd in my age group at the Xterra Black Mountain 5K Trail Run on Sunday.


STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, GM of Camps Bothell caught "the stair climbers cough" this weekend participating in the Big Climb for Leukemia (69 floor stair climb) in Seattle. Beating his goal time of 9:19 he completed the 1311 steps in 8 minutes and 58 seconds good for 13th place out of 2918 racers. He sends a special thanks out to Robbie Rech (Foundations) and Jake Cooney (Marketing) for help training.


EDNA CASTANEDA (Active NYC=Account Manager-Account Management & Operations) was accompanied by her consistent cheering team and of course the top cheerleader Guapo (pictured in photo) on Sunday for Nestle Beverages St. Paddy’s 10 Miler Race. The course was all hills and the weather was great!



DAK JORDAN, Account Executive in Educate, and his brother Derek went fly fishing on the Yakima River in Central Washington.  We landed 12 rainbow trout on our trip and released all of them...even the record setting fish we didn't get a picture of.



TRACY ROJAS SAYS What a difference a day makes! I saw it all in Mammoth this weekend.  From beautiful, sunny spring conditions in the 50's on Friday, to snowy conditions on 16 inches of fresh powder on Sunday. It was an epic weekend of snowboarding.



KICKBALL - Friday afternoon there was a showdown on the kickball field between Team Endurance (Jenni Miller, Lauren Dachille, Michelle Ulrich, Jennifer Romine, Jason Chicoine, Jeff Fallis, Michael Wilson, Josie Donnelly, Scott Evans, Shannon Turner, Ally Terry and Jamie Wells) Versus Team Sports (Amanda Bourquin, Tim Manion, Ally Ward, Elaine Bergeron, Bret Harris, Nick Mowbray, Melissa Magat, Todd Alloway, Kathleen Gendron, Janean Nation, Nahied Rahimi, Laura Hilts, James Satchell, Greg Lopez)


Team Sports came out strong in the beginning and took an early lead.  This is a competitive group willing to run over anyone that stands in their path (Bret Harris slamming into Jen Romine at 1st, and Todd Alloway taking down Michelle Ulrich at 2nd).  Team Endurance came back and showed they were not a group to be messed with (Amanda Bourquin was pegged in the head with the ball running to first, and later in the back running to home).  Both teams made some incredible plays (Josie deflecting the ball flying at her head to Jeff Fallis who makes the catch, and James Satchell covering the entire outfield from Right to Left making plays).


Team Endurance was able to keep their stamina throughout the game and although they were down a few players, ended up with a 20-11 victory! 


It was a fun afternoon and a great team bonding experience.  Since we played a team sport for this competition, next time shall we try an endurance event maybe a relay race?


JASON KARLS ran the Mercer Island, WA 1/2 marathon.  Despite the threat of rain and lack of anything waterproof, this was a fantastic half-marathon for me. After one mile, the rain blew over and my gamble paid off - no need to worry about extra clothing or over heating!


Having last run it in 2002, this event has grown significantly. The course is relatively the same - a loop around the island and the vibe from the runners is really positive. Even the locals come out and cheer with sincerity. The course is absolutely beautiful with rolling hills along a two lane forested road. The hills are not that bad and you can make it up them with adrenaline and an easy recovery on the down side. The one exception is at mile post 11 with a 100' hill that can def take some steam out of you. But really - if you've made it this far, there's no turning back now!

I was shooting for a pace of 9:00/mi and expecting 10:00/mi w/ the way my training has been going. I was surprised with a finishing pace of 8:40/mi and how strong I felt.


A side note for cyclists - this is one of the must rides to do on your way out to zoo hill   For SD active-ites give me a shout if you're in the NW for some serious hills!

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St. Patrick's Day Week

Posted by IMVoice Mar 16, 2009



SCOTT EVANS, BEN CRUISE AND KEVIN JONES caught some big ones while down in Cancun Mexico.





LAUREN DACHILLE & AMANDA BOURQUIN celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early running in the St Patty's Day Run on Misson Bay in San Diego on Saturday. We finished strong a little over 56 minutes! Great course and even better beer garden


CHRIS OCHS Sales Manager for Reg Online did the “Runnin’ of the Green” in downtown Denver yesterday. It was a 7 Km run that he did in a fast 36 min.


STACI RIEDER Account Manager with Reg Online ran at the lake for 45 minutes on Saturday, and worked out at the gym (cycling, elliptical and lifted weights) on Sunday


DEBRA URKA Application Specialist in SD hit the water this weekend and went diving. The water was a bit chilly (55 degrees) event with my am wetsuit but it was well worth it. I saw my first back sea bass, a 150 pound fish. He came right up to us and swam with us for a while, truly amazing!


BRET HARRIS (one “T”) & MIKE DOBRANSKY made sure everyone had FUN at the St. Paddy’s day 10k!  They had to close the beer garden after they went in for fear of running out!



ASHLEY ELLIS while in Cancun climbed a rock in the middle of the ocean taking this amazing hand stand photo. Later in the day my friend Jene and I went Zip Lining in the Jungle then we went on an off road bike ride to this pond where I flipped from 15 feet in the air. As the natives said my new nickname is “Chica Loca”. 





MICHELLE ULRICH participated in the Mission Bay St. Patrick’s Day 10k on Saturday with a finish time of 39:57.  I was 7th Female overall and 3rd in my age group.  It was a great race!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) channeled the spirit of colleague Toby Guillette and took a 1:45 hr trail run through the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu. He was amazed at the amount of wildlife he saw in that short time..parrots…dolphins..hawks…rattlesnakes…oh yea..and a BOBCAT!!! Just a reminder might not be a bad idea to not run on mountain trails ALONE!

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March Warrior Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Mar 9, 2009

PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Account Manager, Durango, CO. Another great backcountry trip up in the San Juan Mountains.  This time to the Wolf Creek area to a spot called Lobo Lookout.  Wolf Creek had just gotten 12 inches of fresh powpow.  Well over a 1,000 feet of climbing up with skins on our skis but the fresh powder runs down was well worth it.  Skiing with great friends on a sunny blue bird day!



JULIUS DAGOT and the [Burnaby office Social Committee |] organized Saturday’s Snow Day—involving 40 employees, family, and friends. The participants skied, snowboarded, and snowtubed at Cypress Mountain. The event was a huge success, and the participants enjoyed a day of fun with the snow, in true Canadian style.




ADNAN ZAIDI played the “Al Mills Memorial Championships”, a USTA sanctioned tournament, in the Men’s 35 Singles. I played well but ended up losing to the #1 seed in the finals. Here is a link to the tournament’s home page (no results have been updated yet):


STEPHEN MATSUBA (Foundations) took part in the 2nd Annual British Columbia Kendo Federation Kendo Tournament as a member of the Vancouver Kendo Club.  The competition hosted participants from B.C. as well as a team from Washington State.  I competed in the individual shodan (1st black belt) division and was a member of the Vancouver Kendo Club’s B Team.  While our team did not make it into the medal round, our club’s A Team came in second.




NICO REIS, Active International, Munich, Germany, went to see the Harlem Globetrotters on the World tour in Germany! Now clearly this is one of the Basketball teams, every fan or Player should see at least once in their life. Amazing ball handling, ridiculous dunks, alley oops, etc. but foremost: Great entertainment. Needless to say they won their game against the Washington Generals (whom the Globetrotters defeated in the past 50 years, by the way).


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) was a victim of the State of California budget woes.  He hit a major pothole on PCH in Malibu while riding up to Ventura. This time it was really only the bike that broke and not his shoulder.  He also discovered that although very cool, the Active riding kit was not road rash resistant.  Hey Arnold…how about throwing some $ towards road repair!!!!




TOBY GUILLETTE ran 26 miles on the Noble Canyon trail on Saturday morning and then joined up with AIREY BARINGER and JESSE HAMMOND on Sunday for a mellow bike ride through OB, Point Loma, Harbor Island and Little Italy. 



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A Grand Warrior Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Mar 2, 2009

The Gran Fondo Colnago was GRAND!!


JIM GARFIELD (AMG) had a grand time announcing ROB KLINGENSMITH’s new event, the Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego. He joined fellow Active volunteers MARK  KUUSIK (Active) and DAVE ALBERGA (All Active) in cheering fellow Active colleagues including REBECCA DIVITA (Active Camps) who came in Third Place for the women in the King of the Mountain hill climb competition up Honey Springs.  She accepted her award from none other then Ernesto Colnago, founder of Colnago bicycles.


!GF markjim dave.jpg! 


PHILLIP GRAHAM and his wife rode the Zion Country Century -  a 105 mile road ride from St. George Utah to the entrance to Zion's National Park and back. The fun part was we did it on a tandem.  After 4,600 feet of vertical climbing, about 8,100 calories and some sore back ends we did it in 5:58. Pictured is myself in the middle with my wife on my left and friends we met up with.  The two other couples pictured also rode tandems.  The other picture is of my wife and me at the start.  33 degrees at the start and 70 at the finish - perfect day and great fun!




CATHERINE HANSEN joined the “Critical Mass” ride on Friday night. Over 250 participants started at the Balboa fountain. It was so amazing following the flashing red lights. The police were heavily patrolling the event, so I felt safe. It’s pretty dangerous though because we go through red lights and hog up all the lanes Went to Kensington and turned around for about 16 miles. We’re going to do it again on the 27th



TOBY GUILLETTE set out at sunrise on Saturday for a 20-mile trail run on the Pacific Crest Trail by Warner Springs with a couple running buddies. We had over 4,400 feet of climbing, perfect weather and beautiful views. 



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