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Dave Detar - Account Manager, ActiveOutdoors participated in the Spirit of Columbus (OH) half-marathon on Sunday, August 30, 2009.  The race setting was very nice as most of the course followed the Scioto river into the heart of the city.  My goal for the race was to break the 2:00 hour mark.  I had run my first half-marathon in May and finished in 2:06.  With great conditions and a favorable course, I was able to achieve my goal, finishing in 1:53:47. Here is a photo near the finish line with my sons {Matt (blue shirt) and Andy (red shirt)}



Jim Hine competed with some friends in the Bogus Basin Hill Climb, which gains 3,600 of elevation over 15 miles.  The record field was capped at 400 riders and I placed 17th in my age group with a PB of 1:15:26.  The fast riders get to the top in under an hour, but I was just trying to keep up with the Nuns on the tandem!  We devoured lime-and-salt popsicles and cruised down slower than usual to take in the views. 







Jim Garfield (Active) and his brother Craig participated in his hometown Chicago Triathlon this weekend.  The Chicago Tri is the largest in the U.S. and I am sure has the biggest pot holes as well.  Over 9,500 participants including Active own Bill Kennedy (Active Multi-Sports) braved the canyon size pot holes, semi- chilly water and great run to compete in this massive event.  The Organizers are really lobbying hard for the 2016 Olympics and put on a first class show!  Barely a 20 min wait for the porta-johns!  You can read Jim’s race report as a featured blog on the Huffington Post.





Brittany Bowles

, Ellen Steevensz and Jamie Williams did the Bike the Bay ride (25+ miles) from Embarcadero Park behind the San Diego Convention Center over the Coronado Bridge and around the bay back to the Park.  The weather was beautiful if a bit hot.  J  It was a lot of fun to go over the bridge on a bike – it’s the only chance of the year to do that.  There is a 4 mile run/walk (May this year) that also lets you over the bridge.  Otherwise it’s car only!!





Meghan Swirski and Leah Pardini participated in the Great Urban Race in Seattle, WA over the weekend. The Great Urban Race is a timed urban adventure. Teams of two solve twelve clues, have a wild city adventure (think: running, lots of running) and complete fun challenges along the course.  We didn’t place, but we finished with over an hour to spare.  Team Name: Meerkats – WATA!


One of the challenges, as shown in the attached photo, was to find the Maximum Minimus Mobile Pig and take a picture of the team jumping in front of it.


Tons of fun, and we got lucky with the weather, was a gorgeous day!




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Hope that Summer never ends

Posted by IMVoice Aug 24, 2009

MICHELLE CREPEAU out of the NY office participated in the Inaugural New York Road Runners Club Sprint Triathlon yesterday with Jill Parker and ex Active team member..  It was a Great course at Flushing Meadows.  Pool swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run.

Here is link to event if you want to check it out.


DAVE ALBERGA, CEO reports a great family weekend of camping, diving and learning about sustainable living with Jean-Michel Cousteau on Catalina Island.



JAMIE WILLIAMS reports he and LIZ HARRELL, JESSICA WEXLER & COREY BERNARDO did a 27 mile out-n-back ride through Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base Sunday morning.

Photo in Oceanside, CA near Harbor Drive before we started out.


Jessica also reports from the same trip. Corey “Road Kill” Bernardo, Jessica “Cruise Director” Wexler, Liz “Downhill” Harrell, and Jamie “Chain” Williams - ventured out to Camp Pendleton for a scenic 27 mile bike ride. We did an out and back starting at the base South gate with a turn around at the beach in San Onofre. More rides planned for the future. Let us know if you’d like to tag along next time.



JASON KARLS, Myella & Elva Karls went on a camping trip / music festival over the weekend.  The venue was at Helsing Junction Farm, just south of Olympia, WA.  There were a lot of great bands - all from K records (calvin johnson/kimya dawson/tender forever...).  The shows lasted well into the night w/ the disco on the farm lasting to 2:30 am.  It was Elva's first camping trip and she did awesome; even sleeping through the thumping music! 



KELLY SHULTE placed 3rd at the Santa Barbara sprint triathlon this weekend.  No pic of Kelly but the plaque is the important picture.



JANETTE KIM from the Burnaby office participated in the Mitsubishi City Chase on Saturday which is an urban adventure that is a combination of a smaller scaled “Amazing Race” plus scavenger hunt. It takes about 4-6 hours for average teams to get the course done - there were 800 of us “Chasers.” In teams of two, we used limited resources, determination and the ability to make decisions on the fly as we searched for ChasePoints scattered in unknown locations throughout the city. At each ChasePoint, there were a series of challenges designed to test the teams with a variety of physical, mental, and otherwise adventurous tasks. Each group had to complete 10 out of 25 ChasePoints. All of the teams ran, walked and could only use public transit to navigate our way throughout the city, while calling family and friends for help, accessing the Internet wherever, and we even had random strangers give us a hand. The short of the challenges my team did was: dragonboat racing, scaling a climbing wall, doing some bootcamp, doing a blindfolded dunking for pop cans in a large vat of water, etc. There were some ChasePoints where people had to eat bugs (I ate a cricket last year) and get naked but fortunately, I was able to avoid those ones! All in all – a great way to spend the day running around Vancouver!


ANDREA RISHMAWI, Acct Exec Swimming ran the 4 mile End of Summer Fire Run this weekend, put on by Stay Classy.  Though the premise for my participation was the mother load of single San Diego Firefighters waiting at the finish line, there were only a handful of said firemen…  Here’s a pic of some hot firefighting action…


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America's Finest Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Aug 17, 2009

The San Diego half marathon triple crown series came to an end this weekend with the America's Finest City Half Marathon and Active's Mike Reilly announcing the event.


Michelle L. Ulrich - ran AFC Half yesterday and had a great race.  I ran a 1:29:55 placing second in my age division. 


Kevin Beatty ran the AFC half and finished with a time of 1:41. Getting stuck and having to wait for the trolley to pass was a little disappointing, but overall a great day for a race. 


Carol Martin - My goal was to finish in less than 3 hours. And here’s the result…  Just made it. I came in 32nd of the 38 women in the 60-64 age group. The fastest one in my group did it in 1:05 – amazing. It was a real challenge.  But I’m ok.  Have a couple of blisters, but otherwise intact. I think I’ll probably sign up for Carlsbad Half in Jan. 



Jim de la Cruz, from the San Diego office writes, “I am so grateful, I finished the AFC yesterday in 2:06:00 it was great hearing Mike Reilly bring me in and pickup my triple crown award for the 2nd year!”


Anusheh Chavez participated in the AFC 5K.


GISELLE DOMDOM went kayaking with my brother and sister in La Jolla. Then we took advantage of the summer’s last “Free National Parks Weekend” and visited Cabrillo National Monument. We enjoyed beautiful views of San Diego and a great hike.




Steve Mazza went mountain biking in the High Sierras – pics of Minaret Vista and Mammoth Mountain!




Chris Inouye from Thriva Implementation completed his first triathlon under perfect weather conditions.  I thought I’d start small for my first triathlon so I raced the Lake Stevens Half Ironman.  My swim and bike were good, but I cramped up in the first mile of the run.  The cramps never went away, but I thankfully finished in a total time of 5:51.  If Joel Werdell from Thriva Product Management doesn’t get his report in, I’ll brag for him: Joel also raced his first triathlon this weekend.  He had a blistering pace on the bike and finished his Half Ironman in 5:24.  Already looking forward to next year!



Chris Ochs, ActiveEvents OnDemand-Boulder, and his partner Missy Simpson competed in the Muddy Buddy-Boulder on Sunday.  The dirty duo won their age group with a time of 45:57, barely edging out the next finisher by 9 seconds!  Most of all, they had a blast.







Tina Novak got muddy this weekend at the Muddy Buddy race in Boulder, CO. Both my buddy, Katy, and I had never done a Muddy Buddy and had no idea what to expect – so we donned our shiny gold capes and got at it. Needless to say we were NOT disappointed with the trail runs/rides and muddy obstacles, and can’t wait to compete again next year!



Jim Hine - On Saturday we biked the Deadwood River-Julie Creek loop near Lowman, Idaho.  The Deadwood is named for the hundreds of fallen trees that jam up the river most of the year.  Only expert kayakers will risk running it.  The 24-mile loop started with a long push to the main ridge, but the trails on top had fun ups/downs, roots and rocky sections.  The fast switchbacks and creek crossings on the descent were a blast.  Our total elevation gain was 6,110 feet…with 4,300 climbed in the first 10 miles.  We cooled off in the fast-flowing Deadwood after the ride - but the run-off was in the low 50’s so it was a quick dip!







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Summer Time Fun

Posted by IMVoice Aug 10, 2009

DAVE DETAR, Account Manager - ActiveOutdoors, participated in the Brookline Breeze.  The "Breeze" is a 5k run and 1 mile fun run in the Pittsburgh suburbs.  The 5K course was challenging with plenty of hills.  I finished top 15 for my age group with a time of 24:52.  The race was part of my training for my next half-marathon: The Spirit of Columbus (OH) on August 30.  I'm hoping to break the 2:00 hour mark at that event.



JESSICA WEXLER (Foundations) spent this last weekend camping on the beautiful Santa Cruz (Channel) Island with family and friends. During the weekend we did a 12 mile hike to the summit of the island followed by a hike to a remote beach. On the return ferry home we were treated with 2 blue whale sightings and a pod of a thousand dolphins.



TIM WOOD Played in a golf tournament in Coronado, CA. Did well on the front nine, fell apart on the back. But it was a PERFECT San Diego day!  Tim didn’t say what his final score was.


MARK LISTER (Documentation – Burnaby) ran his first half marathon on Sunday, the Delta Half Marathon. The course is entirely flat, running along farm roads, residential streets and next to the **** along the Fraser River. With very little breeze, moderate temperatures and a mist-like rain, conditions were perfect for a fast race. I placed 4th in a time of 1:17:25. WOW a first ½ in such a great time!


Lily and Chuan from Chengdu office. We went to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau last weekend. The view is beautiful over there.



We climbed up to the peak of Zhe-Duo Mountain which altitude is 4407 meters (14458 feet). We almost could touch the cloud!



Yours truly MIKE REILLY at Ironman Lake Placid, NY on a rainy morning but all was well and the sun came out on day race day.  Glad I found a banner to keep the fence up!


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Mountain Biking Only

Posted by IMVoice Aug 3, 2009



PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Industry Mgr. rode Kennebec Mountain Bike Loop – this is an epic MTB bike ride we do every year.  You climb up to 11,600 feet to the top of Kennebec Mountain & then go down the back side down to Wall’s Gulch, up to High Point & back out Junction Creek.  Miles of single track through the forest with creek crossings, waterfalls and some hike-a-bike.  Had several crashes – one trying to cross a creek, another off a tree root & fell off the cliff climbing back out (that one hurt!).  Our friend also did several endo’s & cut his hand pretty deep which we duct taped closed for the remainder of the ride (he ended up with 6 stitches).  All in all it was a terrific ride (over 8 hrs) & we were rewarded with cold beers & lunch at the finish.





JIM HINE, General Mgr Database Services rode his father in-law's Trek 2200 this past Sunday while vacationing in Jamul.  "I swapped out the 15-year-old bald tires for new rubber when I noticed the tube bulging out of the sidewall!  The 40-mile loop climbed above the morning clouds on Skyline Truck Trail and out through Japatul Valley.  The descent towards Alpine tool me past Sycuan Casino and back to Jamul on Dehesa Road.  I'd guess that 80% was over full bike lanes...way to stay classy San Diego!"



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