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AMG’s MATT BECKMAN, LATANE MEAD AND JIM GARFIELD were with actor Will Ferrell in a golf outing to raise money for “Cancer for College” an organization that funds scholarships for college students fighting cancer. Although we’ll never make it to the tour…we had a blast.  Sure our game could have been fixed with “more cowbell”!



VANESSA ALLEN did a weekend hike in SD on Iron Mountain in Rancho Bernardo.


JAMIE WILLIAMS competed in a practice Sprint Triathlon with the San Diego VAVi Sports & Social club in Coronado on Saturday. The practice Tri was 500m swim; 11+ mi bike; and 3.1 mi run. . . . He’s preparing for the Mission Bay Sprint Tri on 10/4!!


MICHELE CREPEAU in NY did Fall kickoff health and wellness weekend, ran 9 miles, weights classes, spa, healthy snacks, herbal teas and went hiking yesterday in New Paltz at Mohonk.  


TIM VALANTI said he is fairly new to Active and was wondering what the Weekend Warrior report was all about.  I’ve raced almost every weekend over the summer and my Cyclocross race season is coming up.  On Sunday I competed in the final Playa del Run series race in Malibu.  1000m Swim and a 5k Run.  Fun race to end the Aquathon season with.  WELCOME to you Tim and now you know what the Weekend Warriors report is. Mike



This weekend was the Boulder/Denver Charity Challenge Event, and we participated in the Boulder Marathon & Half Marathon.  TINA NOVACKf and Robert Ham (from our charity, Urban Peak) ran the Half Marathon, and we had 3 Relay Teams participate as well.

Justine Tumolo, Mike Schultz, Staci Rieder and Stacey Edlund of Team Speedy Turtles ran a great race!

Michael and Leslie Cimperman, Ryan Bell and Gina Puzo of Team Knee Pain cruised in with anchor Gina running a 56:35!

Team SFWDY consisting of Sue Fonda, Brian O’Neill, Brett Burch and Akira Shirai had speedster Brian keeping them in the race!  It was a beautiful course, on dirt roads along the foothills with incredible views of the flat irons. Got to be a little windy and toasty towards the end, but everyone had a great time!


Tina Novak, Michael Cimperman, Sue Fonda, and Justine Tumolo pictured

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September Warriors

Posted by Active Toby Sep 14, 2009

Scott Novell, Development Manager in San Diego - Participated in the La Jolla Gatorman  race for the sixth time.  The Gatorman is the longest running swim race in America, it is a 5k swim from the La Jolla cove to Scripps pier and back, No wetsuits allowed!  It was a tough race this year with 6-7 foot swells and a lot of current, there were times I thought I was going backwards.  It was not one of my fastest times but was still an exciting and challenging event and always an exciting start as seen in the picture!


Robert Subkow, Director of Network & Communications - This weekend marked the 4th annual Helen Woodward Surf Dog Competition at Del Mar in which the Golden Surfer’s were well represented.  Jill Sonar Subkow (Our Golden Retriever) placed 4th in her heat of 13 dogs over 60 pounds, and 7th overall in the X-Large dog category, (Please don’t tell her she is extra large, she is a bit touchy about her weight, lol)….  The waves were challenging as the rip current was strong but Jill was able to get in 11 runs in 20 minutes, well she rode while I ran after the board and reloaded her for the next wave. Hope this is a worthy update




Ryan Lyster, Customer Experience Project Manager - I returned last week from Peru where I did a 4 day trek up the Inca trail to reach Machu Picchu with my Dad on his 60th birthday. The trek was difficult for my standards, reaching 4,215m’s above sea level and hiking the vertical of whistler mountain in a single morning! It was well worth it to see all the stunning ruins along the way and to be surrounded by the Andes. Cant say enough about the experience, would recommend it to everyone!



Charlie Trottier, Team Manager in San Diego, CA played with his Saturday Ultimate Frisbee league team for 60 minutes, 8 v. 8 and surfed on Sunday for 40 minutes. The waves were huge!


Jim Garfield (AMG) joined 1,500 athletes to compete in the Nautica Malibu Olympic distance triathlon.  Jim joined fellow Active X’s Rebecca Divita and Kelly Schulty along with Active alum’s Chris Wheeler and Carrie James.  In addition to Sunday’s race Jim channeled his inner Mike Riley once again to announce Sunday’s celebrity race.  This year’s field included Terri Hatcher and Felicity Hufffman (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Paul Lieberstein (THE OFFICE), William H. Macy and his high school buddy Jeremy Piven ( ENTOURAGE) among many other celeb’s and 3,500 hard charging athletes. This year’s event raised over $1 Million dollars for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.




Dave Detar, Account Manager for ActiveOutdoors - My ten year old son (Matthew) chose Labor Day to run in his first ever timed race.  We registered and ran in the 27th Labor Day 5K Classic in Washington, PA.  Since he had never run in an organized race of this length, I kept cautioning him against starting too fast.  Even with the first part of the course downhill, I was concerned when our 1 mile split was 7:15.  I thought Matt was in trouble.  Much to my surprise and delight, he kept running, stopping only for a quick drink at the mid-point water station.  With the finish line in sight, he pushed forward and crossed in 24:03.  This time earned him first place in his age group.  I finished 6th in my age group.  Not bad for what I thought was going to be a leisurely jog to introduce Matt to organized racing! Here is a picture of Matt picking up his first place trophy.



Tina Novak, Software Consultant in Colorado - This weekend I competed in my first adventure race, the Bearable Adventure Race in Lakewood, CO. It was a partner race, though my friend I signed up with hurt her foot last week and had to recruit my boyfriend as a last minute substitute! We had to complete a water crossing, where the hardest part was inflating our mattress we both had to touch at all times… After the swim we mountain biked 10 miles and ran 4 trail miles over the rivers and through the woods with our stuffed bear in tow, all the way to our orienteering challenge where we had to find 6 different points before running to the finish line. IT. WAS. AWESOME.



Jessica Wexler, (Foundations) - Spent the weekend mountain biking, hiking, and camping in the Hurkey Creek area near Idyllwild, California. Next weekend is the big 24 hours of Adrenaline Race so there were many experienced riders practicing the route and zipping past me on the trail. Note to San Diego co-workers this is an excellent place to camp with your dogs!



Toby Guillette, Community Development Specialist, San Diego - For my last long training run before the Noble Canyon 50K on 9/26, I ran up and down Palomar Mountain this weekend via the Nate Harrison Grade Rd. It was a brutal 10-mile ascent with an 8% grade and 4,700’ of climbing. I would recommend it as a solid mountain bike ride but not as a run. The 10-mile descent was a quad killer and got really hot. At least the view was "kinda" worth it



Bret Harris, Account Manager in San Diego - I helped organize this year’s Paddle For Clean Water event around the Ocean Beach Pier.  This is an annual gathering of ocean enthusiasts organized by the Surfrider Foundation to raise awareness about clean water issues here in San Diego by orchestrating a mass paddle out around the longest pier on the west coast.  Unfortunately, this year’s 1.2 mile paddle adventure had to be postponed due to the large swell, but the festival carried on and was a huge success!



This weekend Tina Wilmott in the PR department took trapeze classes in Escondido for a friend’s birthday. I’ve always wanted to try and highly recommend. It was amazing! Here is a video of me (see attached) flying through the air.

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End of Summer - No Way!

Posted by IMVoice Sep 8, 2009

RYAN WOOD participated in the Labor Day Pier Swim, a one-mile swim around the Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, CA. The water temperature was perfect and it was a great fundraiser for the Oceanside Swim Club. Over 500 participated.


JIM GARFIELD, Dir of Business Development.  From the land of peaches as big as your head and corn as long as your arm….Jim Garfield (AMG) raced the Niles, Michigan Super Sprint Triathlon finishing in 4th over all and 2nd in his age group.  36 minutes for a whole triathlon was definitely the fastest and shortest triathlon he has ever done. To fast to even stop at an aid station….Next up is the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with his colleagues from San Diego next weekend! 



MIKE MACDONALD, Web Developer & SEO expert drove 13 hours (each way) to Redding, CA to camp on Whiskeytown Lake with my girlfriend's family.  We rented a boat, tubed, swam, hiked around the dusty trails and generally had a good did our puppy Jasmine (see attachment). Note to self: the "Patrolled by Aircraft" signs on Hwy 5 are legit, and a radar detector isn't going to help you when a plane catches you speeding. 



JAMIE WILLIAMS reports he and LIZ HARRELL did a 50 mile bike ride Sunday.  They took Amtrak from Solana Beach Train station to San Juan Capistrano and biked back ~50 miles.

The day was warm and beautiful.  The traffic along PCH mostly cooperated.  In our group of 9 we had 1 flat tire.  Stopped for pizza at Pizza Port in Solana Beach to

refuel after the ride.  Awesome day, awesome ride.  J


MAREA BLUE, Application Specialist reports finding the temperate San Diego climate a touch too chilly for their taste, the San Diego Surfers Women’s Rugby Club traveled east on Saturday to play the Tempe Women’s Rugby Club in Arizona heat that managed to be oppressive and unpleasant even in the midst of a hurricane. The Surfers struggled in the first half against an aggressive Tempe side whose large forward pack had a significant advantage on a smaller than regulation field that was more suited for say, lawn bowling than a rugby match.


After a stern, yet gentle chat with coaches Richie Walker and Tim O’Hara at the half, San Diego recommitted to their game plan, setting faster, cleaner rucks and increasing their kicking game to gain field position and get the ball moving forward.  Rookie hooker Becca Williams picked up the ball from the back of a ruck and dove it into the try zone to score the first points of the match early in the second half.  A score by 8-man Alyssa Barker following a breakaway by Kate “Too Much Equipment” Henne and a successful two-point conversion kick by Active’s own Kirstin Hartos sealed the 12 – 0 Surfer victory.


The Surfers’ second side went on to win the B-side match and San Diego’s solid boat race team soundly defeated the Tempe men’s squad at the social, making San Diego 3 for 3 on a fabulous rugby weekend.


The Surfers play their home opener against the Sacramento Amazons at Robb Field in Ocean Beach on Saturday at 11:00 AM, followed by a match against the Davis Doubledeckers at the same time on Sunday.  Come out and support the toughest and best looking rugby team in San Diego!  A full season schedule is available at

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