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Running, Hiking, Riding & Sailing

Posted by IMVoice on Jan 11, 2010 2:02:37 PM

TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, ran the San Diego Resolution Run 5K on Saturday morning. I finished in 18:27 (5:57 pace), good for 9th overall and 5th in my age group. This is also a PR for me -- not a bad way to start 2010! Then on Sunday, I went on a 2hr40min mountain bike ride out at Mission Trails. What a beautiful weekend in San Diego! 



ROBBIE RECH, JOEL WERDELL and CHRIS INOUYE (all from Bothell) went backpacking high up in the Cascades this weekend as part of winter guide training for Peak 7 Adventures (  We hiked 4 miles in at Coal Creek learning some avalanche awareness techniques along the way.  At Kenall Peak Lakes, we attempted to build igloos to sleep in.  It was a good thing we brought tents as well.  Below are some of the odd things that happen during instructor training highlighted with these 4 photos.


1. [P1030546.jpg] Ancient Inuit igloo foundation stomping technique (unfortunately, the igloo never completely closed)


2. [P1030593.jpg] No really, I'm cleaning out a stove


3. [P1030540.jpg] Hey, Robbie, eating snow will make you more dehydrated.


4. [P1030562.jpg] Amazing sunsets



MICHAEL STRICKLAND, Senior Copy Writer on Foundations, bags the peak of Iron Mountain, a popular San Diego day hike. The approximate location of The Active Network’s San Diego office is indicated in the background.




This weekend LIZ HARRELL (Director, Product Management & Projects) and JESSICA WEXLER (Sr. Business Analyst) took full advantage of the amazing weather that San Diego has to offer.  A 26 mile bike ride along the coast on Saturday morning, followed by a 13 mile run Sunday morning.  This was our last LONG run before the Carlsbad Half on January 24th!




ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive for the Communities group serving Higher Education, was part of the crew aboard the Beneteau 47.7 yacht El Sueno to WIN the Class 3 division in the Southwestern Yacht Club’s Cabrillo I "ROUND THE CORONADOS" 33.6 mile open ocean yacht race. The victory was extra sweet as the second place boat was skippered by none other than Dennis Conner (FOUR time America’s Cup Winner).  Despite a poor start and some major kelp grappling, the crew of El Sueno finished ahead by a margin of 2:51 (corrected).  It was a long day of racing that had us finishing in the dark after witnessing an amazing sunset over the vast Pacific.  As this is only the first in a four part series, the stage has been set for some solid, competitive racing. If any Active folks are interested in getting involved in racing El Sueno, contact Anthony for more info!

El Sueno3.JPG




MATTHWE HENRY, Interaction Designer Bothell completed the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge this weekend.  Yes, that's 39.3 miles of running in two days.  Saturday's Half Marathon and Sunday's Marathon started off unusually cold for Orlando, both with sub-freezing temperatures.   Disney even managed to invite a special guest for 5 am on Saturday: snow.  Sunday was cold and windy, but it at least stayed dry.  Sunday was the first event I've attended that featured Powerade slushies and semi-frozen water.  Even warnings of "Beware of the ice on the road." The event was great, as usual, despite the weather.  I ran through Cinderella's castle twice, and saw almost every single Disney character you can think of out there cheering us on.  Best part is, I don't actually feel that sore! 

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