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What's your ACTIVE?

January 18, 2010

The Wheels were Rolling

Posted by IMVoice Jan 18, 2010




CHRIS OCHS, Sales Manager Active Events-RegOnline, and ERIC OLSON, Sr. Director of Strategy Active Events, took advantage of balmy 42-degree F weather with a 50-mile bike ride around Boulder, CO.



ELAINE BERGERON, Account Manager Active Sports and MIKE REILLY rode in the Stagecoach Century Bike ride on Saturday. The 100 mile ride starts 1 ½ hours east of San Diego in the Anza Borrego desert. The ride is an out and back 100 with 3 challenging hills and headwinds just to mix it up.  Elaine rode on a 4 women time trial relay team.  They got a late start and we met up at the half way point. I took off from there about 10 minutes before they did and in no time they past me like I was going backwards.


Elaine’s team time was 5:22 and they were the first Women’s team to compete in the team time trial. Elaine said it was fun and a special experience receiving encouragement from other riders and next year they are shooting for a sub 5 hours. She said the last 50 was much easier than the first 50 and I totally agree as I rode ½ faster coming back for a total time of 6:05.




ASHLEY ELLIS, Swimming Account Mgr this weekend attended the Grand Prix Swimming Invitational in Long Beach California.  This was the first in a series of high level swim meets.  Last night there were THREE meet records.  It was incredible to watch Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff and Rebecca Soni [all Olympians] in the pool. 



JENNI MILLER, Endurance Sales SD ran the P.F. Changs Rock N Roll Half Marathon yesterday in Phoenix, AZ! The weather couldn't have been any better which made it for a really enjoyable race. I finished with a time of 2:22 which for my low legs is great!


MICHELLE NATION, Product Manager SD Ran the Rock and Roll Arizona ½ marathon this weekend as a warm up for next weekend’s Carlsbad Marathon.  As usual, our friends at Competitor Group put on an amazing event!





ANDY GEORGE Victory & Victim!  Crazy man Andy took 1st in his group at a San Diego area mountain bike race this weekend but not without a hospital visit for some shoulder damage and a nice elbow scrape. Way to give it your all Andy!


MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Web Designer and some friends took on the 16km return snowshoe in Garibaldi Provincial Park to Taylor Meadows on Saturday. After a 5am start, one stuck and then un-stuck Honda civic, and a few cups of coffee, we trekked up the 915 metre  elevation change to find one of the prettiest lunch spots ever. Great views of Black Tusk surrounded our happy (and tired) group.


LORRAINE RYGLEWICZ, Active Communities Gymnastics was in Puerto Vallarta last week and had the chance to go zip lining!  I am absolutely terrified of heights so this was way more about conquering a fear than anything else.  At the end of 14 zip lines across the tree tops I excitedly kissed the ground but am very proud to say I did it!









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