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What's your ACTIVE?

January 25, 2010

ANUSHEH CHAVEZ ran the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon, finishing in 2:12.  This was 2 minutes faster than her half in Las Vegas in December.  Also pictured are JESSICA WEXLER (Sr. Business Analyst) and LIZ HARRELL (Director, Product Management & Projects) ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon together.  Jessica and Liz have been training buddies for the past few months.  Sunday all of their hard work paid off and they crossed the finish line together.  The weather was perfect, the course was amazing and lots of Active folks were out there cheering us on!  A truly epic day!



MICHELLE NATION WENT ALL THE WAY! She ran the Full Marathon yesterday in a new Personal Record of 4:39:39. She said it was great seeing so many smiling faces from all her Active friends and family out on the course.


TODD PREECE ran the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon and had a fast day.  He completely crushed his previous PR, putting in a 1:37 and placing in the top 10% of his age group.


JENNIFER ROMINE, Account Manager Endurance had a mini family reunion with both her sisters and Mom coming down to race the Carlsbad Half Marathon (this was the first half for the rest of the family and only Jen’s second).  A little friendly sibling rivalry helped Jennifer to PR with a time of 2:12:22, however she still was not able to beat her older sister J. 



JAMIE WILLIAMS, Data Warehouse Architect ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon Sunday – his first Half, so he now has a PR – 2:02! J


KEVIN BEATTY from the SD office completed the Carlsbad ½ Marathon while battling a head cold. He finished in 1:39, good job Kevin a lot of people would have stayed in bed!


STACEY JOHNSON also ran the Carlsbad ½ Marathon in a tiem of 1:45. She said what a beautiful day to run, clear skies and sunny with a big surf to watch along the course.


JASON GRIFFITH, Project Manager Foundations sending in his FIRST contribution after being here almost a year! He ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon (my first).  I finished w/ a time of 2:22.57.  Five Months ago I started doing trail runs w/ Michelle Nation & Kevin Burke and couldn’t run more than a mile.  So I’d like to thank them for the motivation and support as well as the training plan Arch put together.  Overall I’m very happy considering it was my first, I was able to run the whole race, no walking, and had no on course issues.  The weather was absolutely perfect for running I don’t think it could have been any better and I feel great today my legs are only a little sore.  WAY TO GO JASON GETTING TO THAT FINISH LINE!

ROB POWELL ran the Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon along wth 60 other friends/family as par of Chloe’s Crew, an organization inspired by Chloe Nichols, an 8 year old girl whose spirit and determination inspires others to reach for and achieve their goals.  Chloe was a fiercely determined girl who never backed down from a challenge, and Chloe's Crew is determined to keep this spirit alive.  She passed away at age eight on August 25, 2009 from complications due to medical treatment, and yes, she fought the good fight all the way to the end... 

Jason1.JPG Jason2.JPG

MATT BECKMAN did yesterday’s Carlsbad Half was a perfectly sunny morning.  There were quite a few Active supporters out there, which is greatly appreciated, especially for the under-trained.  Attached is a pic I snapped as we approached Highway 101 at Mile 3. 


Carlsbad Half.jpg

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