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Busiest Active Weekend Ever!

Posted by IMVoice Apr 26, 2010

Ragner Relay Official Report (from Arch)


30 hours, 30 minutes, 27 seconds. No sleep. 200 miles of running. Van stank. And smiles a mile wide. This past weekend, 22+2 ActiveXers completed the SoCal version of the Ragnar Relay, a 200 mile suffer-fest from Santa Barbara to Dana Point.

With four 12-person vans, we headed out on Thursday night to Santa Barbara. Three of the vans took a direct route, while an unnamed fourth van opted for something a bit more sketchy. All vans arrived in SB fully  loaded, some more than others, checked in to the Vagabond Inn (next to Denny's, where if you showed your room key, you'd get a FREE GRAND SLAM!), and laid in the last bed we would see for 30 hours. Except for Nolan.


Friday morning was clear and blue, perfect weather for running. We arrived at the start, got our teams checked in, and started warming up.



Larkin Geyer (PR), and Anthony Valentio (Account Executive) started us off on our epic journey.



There were a few in the group that enjoyed playing dress up...



...and everyone had a running buddy the entire time. Misery loves company.



Some dropped into fountains...



While others just dropped.



We had new runners, old runners, accomplished runners, and hurt runners, but we made it through without a visit to the ER. An amazing weekend, an amazing group of people working together, not killing each other, and doing something incredible. We're going for 6 teams of 12 next year. Forever in ActiveX lore are (in no particular order): Alyson Rea, Larkin Geyer, Nick Mowbray, Ashley Paschall, Sarah Moosbrugger, Liz Harrell, Anthony Valentino, Mark Warble, Rob Thomas, Kevin Beatty, Evan Witte, Giselle Domdon, Tina Novak, Demian Dorrance, Nolan Hansen, Ryan Drew, Bryan Pavin, Greg Lopez, Bree Kulis, Nancy Lukacev,  Michelle Valenti, Nicole Busch, Lindsay Nesselroad, Emily Nesselroad, Levi Smith, Dennis King, Christy Fuston, and Arch Fuston.






SHANNON STEWART reports her and EMILY JOLLER, JEN ROMINE, MICHAEL WILSON, TAMMI SCHMIDT and 7 friends ran 200 miles from Ventura, CA to Dana Point, CA this weekend as a team in the Ragnar Relay.  We started at 9:30AM on Friday and finished up around 2:15PM on Saturday.  Lots of laughs, no sleep, beautiful scenery along the way and new friends...great way to spend the weekend.   Thanks to our own STEVE MAZZA for supporting our team the entire distance and the wonderful people that represented us on the volunteer front: ASHLEY ELLIS, MARGARET PATRICK and LEVI SMITH!!


JIM GARFIELD (M&M), EMILY & LINDSAY NESSELROAD (Active) were on hand to cheer the Active relay teams running in the 200 hundred mile Ranger Relay run from Santa Barbara to Dana Point this weekend.  The teams wound their way through Hollywood between 12:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.  After cheering Jim went home to bed…and Lindsay and Emily continued to raise the Active flag and volunteered throughout the night recording the runners as they came through the check points.


LIZ HARRELL, Director, Project Management (San Diego) participated in the Ragnar Relay with 23 of her now closest friends! As “Runner 12” for Team 1, I had a blast riding around in a dirty, crowded and eventually smelly van for over 30 hours.  I ran a total of 12.7 miles and slept a total of 1.5 hours.  It was a truly epic adventure and can’t wait to do it again!  Pic of Giselle (Runner 12 – Team Deuce) and me with our BIG (and heavy) medals.


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities/Higher Education, had the good fortune with sharing an amazing experience during the 200 mile Ragnar Relay for thirty sleep-deprived hours.  Our Two-Team ActiveX crew: Greg Lopez, Breanne Kulis, Mark Warble, Nancy Lukacev, Nicole Busch, Liz Harrell, Arch and Christy Fuston, Alyson Rea, Ashley Paschall, Breanne Kulis, Bryan Pavin, Demian Dorrance, Evan Witte, Giselle Domdom, Kevin Beatty, Michelle Valenti, Nick Mowbray, Nolan Hansen, Rob Thomas, Ryan Drew, Sarah Moosbrugger, Tina Novak, and super special props to my running buddy Larkin Geyer (picture here - this chick rocks!).  Amazing volunteer support props go to Active’s very own Levi Smith, Lindsay Nesselroad, and Emily Nesselroad giving so much of their time and energy to all the runners.  This was my first field trip with the ActiveX posse and it was fantastic.  Recipe for a great time: add together equal parts sweat, insanity, 200 miles of Southern California, 1.5 hours of sleep, and buckets of laughs – run vigorously, and… viola!



EVAN WITTE & ROB THOMAS participated in the Ragnar Relay in their own unique way.  For some reason other runners didn’t want to run near them!

Ragnar - Evan-Rob01.jpgRagnar - Evan-Rob02.jpg


DEMIAN DORRANCE – Sr. Systems Engineer – Active Systems Team:   Had the great fortune to join the epic ActiveX Ragnar Relay 200-mile run across Southern California this weekend. I had little running experience before this, with PR distance at 9 miles, but took the plunge on a 2-day around the clock long distance relay knowing I’d have a great team from Active to pull this off with.  Fortunately for me, I landed on Team1 ActiveX1 as runner #2, and was lucky to get paired with the awesome Nancy Lukacev, runner#2 for Team2 ActiveX Deuce, who had the perfect pace to keep us going strong for all three of our relay legs totaling 12.7 miles.  Our night run was a blast, but I’ll not soon forget our  “ocean leg” through the picturesque refineries and junk yards of scenic Wilmington J In true ActiveX fashion, we even put in a X-style workout after the race on a group volunteer shift unloading, packing, and reloading gear for the Ragnar Relay event crew. Big shout out to my awesome teammates in Team1, Van1: Alyson Rea, Ashley Paschall, Nick Mowbray, Larkin Geyer, and Tina Novak! In addition to running on almost zero sleep, I ended up driving a lot so a huge thanks to Tina (who flew in for this adventure) and Nick for sharing the driving – especially  when I passed out in back a day and half after we started this adventure! If you have a chance, don’t miss this event next time… everyone picks each other up, you run as a team, and the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment are amazing. Sign me up for the next one!





SKIP CLEAVER, Dev. Mgr. Online and Event Sales ran the "Middlebury Maple Run--the Sweetest Half Marathon" in Middlebury, Vermont Sunday, April 25. He ran 2:11:28 on a very windy, hilly, but beautiful course on and around Middlebury College.


ARACELI DAGDAGAN, Marketing in San Diego volunteered on Saturday at the Race for Humanity in Temecula, CA – I helped with the start and finish line for their 5K and 10K.  It was very inspirational. Not to mention that I’m getting a free Disney ticket for participating in the “give a Day, get a Disney day program!  Well worth it.


TINA WILMOTT in the Public Relations department ran in the La Jolla, CA Half Marathon on Sunday. It was perfect running weather and a beautiful course as always. First race after becoming a Mom and enjoyed every moment. Not my best time, but came in 16th in my division so no complaints!


KAT KEIVENS, MICHAEL READE and MEGAN DUVALL (not pictured), and JAMIE WILLIAMS also ran the La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday. The weather was awesome for running – mostly overcast and cool – probably around 65-68 degrees.  We all started out together and split up as the hills came up on the course.  The Del Mar hill was a nice warm up for the main event – the Torrey Pines’ hill. Once we all got through Torrey everything was mostly flat or downhill until we entered the final 2 miles in La Jolla.  Then we hit the final hill.  After 12 miles of running, it was not the biggest hill, but we sure felt it.  It was soooo nice to coast in after that hill for the final ¼ mile downhill to the finish line at La Jolla Cove!!  The organizers did a fabulous job with signs, transport, and the water and aid stations.  Overall it was a great course and a great time for us all.


BRETT HARRIS and his roommate and ran in the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend.  As always it was great to see so many Active and former Active people both on the course and cheering on the sidelines.  I was simply hoping to break the 2hr mark, but ended up finishing at 1:50.  The weather was perfect and the course was beautiful, I would definitely recommend this race to anyone!


TODD PREECE came away with yet another PR at 1:36 in the La Jolla Half Marathon and averaged a 7:20 pace despite the undulating course.  The credit for the run however, goes to the adrenaline boost he got from fellow ActiveX'ers cheering at the top of Torrey Pines hill and a high-five from DAVE ALBERGA in the last 1/2 mile.  Felt connected to something bigger on this run so thanks to all who came out to cheer their co-workers.


MICAH KROPP (Application Specialist), played for the San Diego Old Aztecs in the Southern California Rugby Semifinals on Saturday in Ocean Beach. Micah and his teammates defeated the Eagle Rock Rugby club 55-9. The Old Aztecs improved to 11-0 on the season, and with this victory, secured a spot as one of the final 16 teams to be competing for the USA Rugby Division II National Championship.



SHANNON IBERGER, Account Manager Active Ambassadors says “Viva Las Vegas”  She met friends out in Vegas for the weekend. While the city was gambling/sleeping Saturday away, we headed out to Red Rocks for a beautiful and challenging 23-mile ride through the park.  At 85 degrees with 6 miles of solid climbing, it was a remarkable way to earn and justify splurging on the rest of what sin city has to offer:  elaborate buffets, MGM Grand lazy river and refreshing frozen cocktails. 


NICK BATTAGLIA (Implementation Analyst) ran the Top Pot Doughnuts Inaugural 5k Doughnut Dash around Greenlake on a beautiful spring Sunday in Seattle and met a couple of other warriors at the finish line.  Yes, free doughnuts and coffee were available but went fast!


JESSICA WEXLER (San Diego - ActiveWorks) spent the weekend mountain biking at Mission Gorge and Mount Laguna. On Mount Laguna we were treated to a partially snow covered trail which is unusual for this time of year.



Active Volunteers in the Community Media + Marketing team members KAT KEIVENS, JINNA FELTON, CHARLIE TROTTIER, ALISON SALINGER, BRIAN LAW, ALEX BROWN and DANIELLE GRASSI lend their hands and their field experience at the MS Walk on Saturday.  More than 3,000 participants raised over $1 million to fight MS.


STEVE MAZZA supported Active Endurance’s team in the Ragnar Relay So Cal, a 200 mile odyssey. I drove the team van, aided a speedy teammate with a support leg on my bike on a 7 mile stretch of the LA beaches at 4am and had a sleepless blast!  On Sunday I paced my fiancée as she completed her first distance race, the La Jolla Half Marathon, start line pic attached.


ROB POWELL (Director, Strategic Accounts) ran the La Jolla Half Marathon on Sunday then stopped the Odwalla booth (Active client) to enjoy a post-race smoothie.

MAREA BLUE and KIRSTIN HARTOS traveled to St. Louis over the weekend with the Southern California regional team to play against the West in preparation for the National All-Star Tournament at the end of May.  We made it down to the riverfront on Saturday morning to check out the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and even had time to ride the tram to the top and check out some amazing views of the city.  Our practice on Saturday afternoon screeched to a halt early due to the severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings – so we took shelter in a nearby public restroom for an hour waiting for the tornado sirens to stop blaring, before heading back to the hotel.  With all of the rain, the host team West had trouble finding a field to play on Sunday morning, but we did get to play at the local seminary’s football field.  In spite of the wet, muddy and sticky conditions, we came away with a 31-0 win over the West.  Thankfully we were able to get showers in before catching our flights back!


Update from China: Bowling & Snooker weekend!

[Chuan]: Chuan, Echo Zhang, Shane Ke, Gem Guo, Subrina Shen, Dante Yu from Chengdu H&F team, Anason He, Lene Huang from Chengdu Class team and Kelly Wu from Chengdu AI team went to a bowling game yesterday.  Chuan was the most experienced bowling player.



LEVI SMITH Tech Support volunteered for 3 different teams this weekend at the Ragnar Relay! It was a great event and I had an amazing time greeting all of the runners at the exchanges! Next year I am going to run in the race!!!!!



MICHELLE NATION On Sunday participated in the Breakaway Ride and completed Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California.  I’m thrilled to report that I finished all 113.9 miles from Davis to Santa Rosa California under the cutoff time.  The weather was perfect and the route was intensely beautiful despite some insanely hard climbs.  There are few places on earth more beautiful than Northern California wine country in the spring!  Plus she got a good picture with George Hincappie. Wildflowers, lakes, giant oaks, redwood trees, vineyards, etc .  Up next: Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2 months!



STACEY JOHNSON  ran (limp-ran) the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon on Saturday.  Note to self: do not run 13 miles injured... not pretty.  The race was "interesting."  Luckily I finished before they had to call the race for severe weather and possible tornadoes.  Check out this pic I took out of my hotel room at 4:30am as we were about to head down to the start line... I just happened to catch the coming storm.  Exciting stuff!


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MIKE REILLY working and reporting from the Boston Marathon. Happy Patriots Day!  His daughter Erin (white visor) and Niece Kim (Pink visor) ran the marathon for the first time.  Lisa Rainsberger the last American woman to win Boston (1985) started the women's race.  Robert Cheruiyot from Kenya set a new course record in 2:05:52.  The Boston Marathon in my opinion is the best in the world and not to be missed.


Photos from Mike:




Jim Garfield (M&M) and Jared Hinkley (M&M) participated in the 6k DOW/Live Earth Run for Clean Water.  Active is doing the registration for this 200 city world wide event to raise awareness for clean drinking water.  6K is the average distance a woman has to walk in Africa to get to clean drinking water.  The DOW event is also the largest clean water initiative in history.  We were joined by Los Angeles based advertising agency clients, professional triathlete Jenny Fletcher and Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz.


j,p and me.JPGangency1.JPG


Lindsay Nesselroad Solana Beach Training @ Mission Bay Park. 4/17 Good Times!!




Stella Cardenas (daughter of Stephany Cavatoni, GM, Consumer Insight and Access) and her U6 Softball Team had a great game against tough competitors this weekend – and all team members had great hits (no tee required!) and are really picking up their fielding game.  Stella rocked out first base!


stella batting.jpg


Eddie Rafols, Software Trainer, kicked off my running season with the St. Albert 10 Mile Road Race on Sunday. I finished with a personal best of 1:10:11. And true to my roots as a member of the golf consulting group, I managed to squeeze in a round of golf in the afternoon as well!


This is WW report from Xi'an, China.


Weekend Warriors From XI'AN, CHINA - CASH XU (Accountant), EDA ZHAO (Development Tools Administrator), PAUL GUO (Desktop Administrator), Fod Shadbakht (English Trainer) and ERIC MA (Directory Market Dev, M+M) took an 80K (60K Flat, 10K Uphill and 10K Downhill) tour ride to Jiulong Pond, a beautiful scenic spot in Qinling Mountains.


It was not cool to ride in such a chilly day, especially they just experienced a weird snow last week in Xi'an! But it's an awesome ride with such a great group. There're so many funs riding the sinuous rocky terrain, so challenging to ride uphill! While downhill was crazy, their hands were so stiff to hold the brake all the while for 20mins, besides have to dodge the vehicles passing through!




Tawnya Bordalo, Heidi Achenbach, James Sola and Jeremy Spitzberg enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning ride from Fiesta Island to Solana Beach and back (35mi).  As expected, the fog you see in the picture burned off just as we were about to climb the hill at Torrey Pines.




Brooke Kirkpatrick, Account Manager, ActiveSports - I celebrated "spring back to Vail" for the last day of skiing this season.   We have a tradition of dresssing up as Omigos and Senoritas every year. Yesterday was a perfect blue bird day to spend the day with friends, skiing, and watch pond jumping!




Evan Witte (Product Manager - Foundation) ran the Carlsbad 5000 last weekend with a finishing time of ~20 minutes. Unfortunately due to losing a bet he donned a full 80's inspired costume in celebration of the 25th anniversary event.


Carlsbad 5000.jpg


Busy weekend here in the NW.  Rain or shine, we had a Zoo Outing followed by a Red Mill Burger Outing(In and Out of Seattle). Great day out with Family and Friends.  Thank you for coming out to play


Daffodil Classic Metric Century (100 kilometer/62 mile).


AprilActivities 003.jpg


Sijen Olthof and Nicole Pelley (Business Analyst)rode the Daffodil Classic this weekend.  Great day for a ride with Mt. Rainer as our backdrop. This is the longest distance we have ever ridden.  Our goal by the end of the summer is to ride from Seattle to Portland.


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego camped out in Cuyamaca State Park (thanks ReserveAmerica!) with Airey Baringer, Jesse Hammond and Mike Clarke and did a 5 hour mountain bike ride on Saturday

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We have to start off with the First Ever Active Marriage (at least here in SD if not the entire company). Tara Kincaid and Chris Bohnert met at Active, dated at Active, got engaged at Active and now were married this last Friday while still working at Active.  They were married in La Jolla, CA and it was a truly an Active wedding with so many of us in attendance.  Yours truly was honored to be the one marrying them, something that I will cherish for a lifetime.  The happy couple are off to Belize.

IMG_1952-Edit-2.jpg IMG_1893.jpg



LIZ HARRELL, Director, Product Management & Projects (San Diego) participated in two 5K races this weekend!  Saturday morning I ran the Mission Driven Eco Run 5K (Mission Trails) with one of my BFFs (Violet).  It was her first ever 5k and she trained for it using the Couch To 5K program (offered by Active).  She was awesome!!   Sunday morning I ran the Carlsbad 5000 and PR’d!  A weekend full of WINS!




ActiveEducate’s CAROL MARTIN (and 2 sisters) and JB Leep drove 500 miles to Kanab, Utah, to spend 2 days of PTO volunteering for Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary.  How does this qualify for NBR-Weekend Warriors?  How does 8 hours of sweeping, mopping, horse and rabbit poop mucking sound? Carol and JB fed 20 horses and mucked their corrals, hugged and walked dogs, cleaned dog runs and changed dog water for 30 dogs, and helped pick up poop and feed 300 rescued rabbits in 39 rabbit runs.  See for information about how Best Friends makes “A Better World through Kindness to Animals”.



MICHELLE CREPEAU ran the 4 Mile Run as One to benefit one of my client’s organizations- The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation which focuses on education and research for lung cancer.  Perfect spring weather in Central Park.


JAMES SOLA from SD office competed in the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado yesterday. It was a very cool morning and other than a headwind heading south on the 75 it was a great day for the race!



DARIN ADLER reports he ran his first ever endurance event, the Carlsbad 5000.  I had the great pleasure of starting the race with a great group from Active; JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE, ANDY REILLY, MICHELLE ULRICH and STEPHANIE SNAMAN.  We all finished the race under 29 minutes and were lucky enough to be greeted by you as we crossed the finish line.  Attached is a picture of Jenni, Jen, and I at the beer garden after the race. I hope that you enjoyed the day while you were calling the race.  I had a lot of fun!



Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) ran the Spring Ahead 10K in Mission, winning in 33:48.

The leader opened a slight gap at 1k. I couldn't respond immediately, but I slowly accelerated the pace to maintain contact. There were a number of rolling hills and the pace was slowed around the 5-6 km point. However, I really drew close when he faded on a hill past 7km, and I finally reeled him in at 8km. I threw down a 3:08 km (5:02 mile pace) to make sure he didn't come back at me. I won by 18 seconds. Full results:


JANEAN NATION (Account Manager, ActiveSports) was a true weekend WARRIOR, running in this weekend’s Warrior Dash in Lake Elsinore.  3.1 miles and 12 obstacles, ending with a mud pit that I swear had manure mixed in. The event was fantastic…costumes were out of this world!  My sister, Michelle (also with Active) was Super Fan #1, getting the whole crowd pumped up!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager did the Carlsbad 5000 for the second time this weekend and finished with a time of 26:48; better than last years 29:19.


REBECCA DIVITA, Account Mgr Camps and former Active team member CHRIS WHEELER did the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado-- lots of Active kits on the course and lots of wind!



KRISTIN CARROLL and her 22 month old McKenna participated in her first road race this weekend at the Junior Carlsbad Diaper Dash. Next up, Ironkids Triathlon Series.  Maybe McKenna will be an Ironman one day like her Mom!



ANTHONY VALENTINO Ran the Junior Carlsbad 1 Mile of Fury with my daughter Jade and niece Madison in the 7 year-old category.  We stuck together during the event and ran pretty much hip to hip.  The girls crossed the line at 9:42 and 9:44 respectively.  And can you believe the fastest 7 year-old did it in 6:46?!


From CHINA -  CHUAN HU, JOEY YIN, CRUSOE XIA, JEX CHEN, CHIM CHEN, DANIEL ZHOU and TOM HOU went to a Mountain bike speed match at Sunday.  This is the first time we joined this kind of match as The Active Network cycling team. We even have our own tent. The funniest thing was Chuan racing with a mask! Chuan is the one who attracted the most attention in the match!  I LOVE IT CHINA TEAM AND THE MASK IS GREAT!





On Sunday KAT KEIVENS (online Account Coordinator) along with her friends Jorge Velez and Anna Graham, participated in the Warrior Dash held in Lake Elsinore, CA.  They battled through 3.08 miles going through obstacles such as climbing up barrels of hay, jumping over junkyard cars, leaping over a fire pit, and finally ending with a mud pit they crawled through.  Kat finished first girl in her wave.

warrior dash.jpg


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – Foundation) and MELANIE WIVIOTT (Application Specialist – Thriva) and the rest of the Blue Ballers had its first kickball game against Aflac.  The team lost the game 12-5, but had a lot of fun and looked great for having met each other ten minutes before the game.  They’ll be doing two-a-days Tuesdays and Thursdays until they win!  Maybe....  No opponents were permanently injured in the playing of this game.  Only temporarily.


MELANIE WIVIOTT (Thriva Application Specialist) had a busy weekend also participated in the Seahawks 5k in Renton, WA on Sunday April 11th. Blitz (the Seahawks mascot) was there to cheer on the participants as they enjoyed gorgeous weather while running around the NFL teams training facility.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) actually had the opportunity to compete, rather then announce, the first Olympic distance Nautica South Beach Triathlon Sunday.  72’ water was a pleasure to swim through even though it was choppy.  Epic dash to the finish from the Chris’s (Lieto and McCormack)…I even got a chance to give them some pre-race tips!!! (ha).  Enjoyed showing NBC Today host Natalie Morales the ropes for her first triathlon.  Always good to bring new people to the party.


TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego and JESSE HAMMOND, Content Producer in San Diego enjoyed a weekend of exploring the mountain town of Idyllwild, CA along with their significant others. Toby got in 5 hours on the mountain bike and we all went on a hike until we had to turn back because there was too much snow on the trail!





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Pure and Simple Patagonia

Posted by IMVoice Apr 5, 2010

A pretty calm Holiday Weekend with only 3 reports.


In the beginning of March, CHRIS BOHNERT (who is getting married this Friday to Tara Kincaid), BRET HARRIS and ex-Active-ite (and current Baltimore Raven) MARQUES CHARBONNET embarked on a week-long trek to Patagonia’s Torres Del Paine in Chile.  We took 4 days to hike the infamous “W” trail, averaging roughly 27km per day.   After battling through torrential wind gusts, ancient glaciers, numerous Guanaca (Llamas), wild Flamingos, and the occasional nude Argentinean posing on the mountain top, we were able to cap off our adventures with a sunrise climb to the viewing point of the Torres.  Definitely the trip of a lifetime!  We also later survived the “Superclassico” in Buenos Aires, which is an infamous soccer match between Boca Jr. & cross-town rival River Plate!



NICOLE PELLEY, (Business Analyst) and SIJEN OLTHOF (Sr. Implementation Analyst) went on a 50 mi/80 km training ride around the Snohomish River Valley.  This is in preparation for the Seattle to Portland ride later this summer. 

MICHELE CREPEAU ran the Scotland 10K Run in Central Park NY with friends.  Kilts, bagpipes and lots of plaid!  A wee bit toasty weather wise!

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