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We have to start off with the First Ever Active Marriage (at least here in SD if not the entire company). Tara Kincaid and Chris Bohnert met at Active, dated at Active, got engaged at Active and now were married this last Friday while still working at Active.  They were married in La Jolla, CA and it was a truly an Active wedding with so many of us in attendance.  Yours truly was honored to be the one marrying them, something that I will cherish for a lifetime.  The happy couple are off to Belize.

IMG_1952-Edit-2.jpg IMG_1893.jpg



LIZ HARRELL, Director, Product Management & Projects (San Diego) participated in two 5K races this weekend!  Saturday morning I ran the Mission Driven Eco Run 5K (Mission Trails) with one of my BFFs (Violet).  It was her first ever 5k and she trained for it using the Couch To 5K program (offered by Active).  She was awesome!!   Sunday morning I ran the Carlsbad 5000 and PR’d!  A weekend full of WINS!




ActiveEducate’s CAROL MARTIN (and 2 sisters) and JB Leep drove 500 miles to Kanab, Utah, to spend 2 days of PTO volunteering for Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary.  How does this qualify for NBR-Weekend Warriors?  How does 8 hours of sweeping, mopping, horse and rabbit poop mucking sound? Carol and JB fed 20 horses and mucked their corrals, hugged and walked dogs, cleaned dog runs and changed dog water for 30 dogs, and helped pick up poop and feed 300 rescued rabbits in 39 rabbit runs.  See for information about how Best Friends makes “A Better World through Kindness to Animals”.



MICHELLE CREPEAU ran the 4 Mile Run as One to benefit one of my client’s organizations- The Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation which focuses on education and research for lung cancer.  Perfect spring weather in Central Park.


JAMES SOLA from SD office competed in the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado yesterday. It was a very cool morning and other than a headwind heading south on the 75 it was a great day for the race!



DARIN ADLER reports he ran his first ever endurance event, the Carlsbad 5000.  I had the great pleasure of starting the race with a great group from Active; JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE, ANDY REILLY, MICHELLE ULRICH and STEPHANIE SNAMAN.  We all finished the race under 29 minutes and were lucky enough to be greeted by you as we crossed the finish line.  Attached is a picture of Jenni, Jen, and I at the beer garden after the race. I hope that you enjoyed the day while you were calling the race.  I had a lot of fun!



Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) ran the Spring Ahead 10K in Mission, winning in 33:48.

The leader opened a slight gap at 1k. I couldn't respond immediately, but I slowly accelerated the pace to maintain contact. There were a number of rolling hills and the pace was slowed around the 5-6 km point. However, I really drew close when he faded on a hill past 7km, and I finally reeled him in at 8km. I threw down a 3:08 km (5:02 mile pace) to make sure he didn't come back at me. I won by 18 seconds. Full results:


JANEAN NATION (Account Manager, ActiveSports) was a true weekend WARRIOR, running in this weekend’s Warrior Dash in Lake Elsinore.  3.1 miles and 12 obstacles, ending with a mud pit that I swear had manure mixed in. The event was fantastic…costumes were out of this world!  My sister, Michelle (also with Active) was Super Fan #1, getting the whole crowd pumped up!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager did the Carlsbad 5000 for the second time this weekend and finished with a time of 26:48; better than last years 29:19.


REBECCA DIVITA, Account Mgr Camps and former Active team member CHRIS WHEELER did the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado-- lots of Active kits on the course and lots of wind!



KRISTIN CARROLL and her 22 month old McKenna participated in her first road race this weekend at the Junior Carlsbad Diaper Dash. Next up, Ironkids Triathlon Series.  Maybe McKenna will be an Ironman one day like her Mom!



ANTHONY VALENTINO Ran the Junior Carlsbad 1 Mile of Fury with my daughter Jade and niece Madison in the 7 year-old category.  We stuck together during the event and ran pretty much hip to hip.  The girls crossed the line at 9:42 and 9:44 respectively.  And can you believe the fastest 7 year-old did it in 6:46?!


From CHINA -  CHUAN HU, JOEY YIN, CRUSOE XIA, JEX CHEN, CHIM CHEN, DANIEL ZHOU and TOM HOU went to a Mountain bike speed match at Sunday.  This is the first time we joined this kind of match as The Active Network cycling team. We even have our own tent. The funniest thing was Chuan racing with a mask! Chuan is the one who attracted the most attention in the match!  I LOVE IT CHINA TEAM AND THE MASK IS GREAT!





On Sunday KAT KEIVENS (online Account Coordinator) along with her friends Jorge Velez and Anna Graham, participated in the Warrior Dash held in Lake Elsinore, CA.  They battled through 3.08 miles going through obstacles such as climbing up barrels of hay, jumping over junkyard cars, leaping over a fire pit, and finally ending with a mud pit they crawled through.  Kat finished first girl in her wave.

warrior dash.jpg


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – Foundation) and MELANIE WIVIOTT (Application Specialist – Thriva) and the rest of the Blue Ballers had its first kickball game against Aflac.  The team lost the game 12-5, but had a lot of fun and looked great for having met each other ten minutes before the game.  They’ll be doing two-a-days Tuesdays and Thursdays until they win!  Maybe....  No opponents were permanently injured in the playing of this game.  Only temporarily.


MELANIE WIVIOTT (Thriva Application Specialist) had a busy weekend also participated in the Seahawks 5k in Renton, WA on Sunday April 11th. Blitz (the Seahawks mascot) was there to cheer on the participants as they enjoyed gorgeous weather while running around the NFL teams training facility.


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) actually had the opportunity to compete, rather then announce, the first Olympic distance Nautica South Beach Triathlon Sunday.  72’ water was a pleasure to swim through even though it was choppy.  Epic dash to the finish from the Chris’s (Lieto and McCormack)…I even got a chance to give them some pre-race tips!!! (ha).  Enjoyed showing NBC Today host Natalie Morales the ropes for her first triathlon.  Always good to bring new people to the party.


TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego and JESSE HAMMOND, Content Producer in San Diego enjoyed a weekend of exploring the mountain town of Idyllwild, CA along with their significant others. Toby got in 5 hours on the mountain bike and we all went on a hike until we had to turn back because there was too much snow on the trail!





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