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MIKE REILLY working and reporting from the Boston Marathon. Happy Patriots Day!  His daughter Erin (white visor) and Niece Kim (Pink visor) ran the marathon for the first time.  Lisa Rainsberger the last American woman to win Boston (1985) started the women's race.  Robert Cheruiyot from Kenya set a new course record in 2:05:52.  The Boston Marathon in my opinion is the best in the world and not to be missed.


Photos from Mike:




Jim Garfield (M&M) and Jared Hinkley (M&M) participated in the 6k DOW/Live Earth Run for Clean Water.  Active is doing the registration for this 200 city world wide event to raise awareness for clean drinking water.  6K is the average distance a woman has to walk in Africa to get to clean drinking water.  The DOW event is also the largest clean water initiative in history.  We were joined by Los Angeles based advertising agency clients, professional triathlete Jenny Fletcher and Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz.


j,p and me.JPGangency1.JPG


Lindsay Nesselroad Solana Beach Training @ Mission Bay Park. 4/17 Good Times!!




Stella Cardenas (daughter of Stephany Cavatoni, GM, Consumer Insight and Access) and her U6 Softball Team had a great game against tough competitors this weekend – and all team members had great hits (no tee required!) and are really picking up their fielding game.  Stella rocked out first base!


stella batting.jpg


Eddie Rafols, Software Trainer, kicked off my running season with the St. Albert 10 Mile Road Race on Sunday. I finished with a personal best of 1:10:11. And true to my roots as a member of the golf consulting group, I managed to squeeze in a round of golf in the afternoon as well!


This is WW report from Xi'an, China.


Weekend Warriors From XI'AN, CHINA - CASH XU (Accountant), EDA ZHAO (Development Tools Administrator), PAUL GUO (Desktop Administrator), Fod Shadbakht (English Trainer) and ERIC MA (Directory Market Dev, M+M) took an 80K (60K Flat, 10K Uphill and 10K Downhill) tour ride to Jiulong Pond, a beautiful scenic spot in Qinling Mountains.


It was not cool to ride in such a chilly day, especially they just experienced a weird snow last week in Xi'an! But it's an awesome ride with such a great group. There're so many funs riding the sinuous rocky terrain, so challenging to ride uphill! While downhill was crazy, their hands were so stiff to hold the brake all the while for 20mins, besides have to dodge the vehicles passing through!




Tawnya Bordalo, Heidi Achenbach, James Sola and Jeremy Spitzberg enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning ride from Fiesta Island to Solana Beach and back (35mi).  As expected, the fog you see in the picture burned off just as we were about to climb the hill at Torrey Pines.




Brooke Kirkpatrick, Account Manager, ActiveSports - I celebrated "spring back to Vail" for the last day of skiing this season.   We have a tradition of dresssing up as Omigos and Senoritas every year. Yesterday was a perfect blue bird day to spend the day with friends, skiing, and watch pond jumping!




Evan Witte (Product Manager - Foundation) ran the Carlsbad 5000 last weekend with a finishing time of ~20 minutes. Unfortunately due to losing a bet he donned a full 80's inspired costume in celebration of the 25th anniversary event.


Carlsbad 5000.jpg


Busy weekend here in the NW.  Rain or shine, we had a Zoo Outing followed by a Red Mill Burger Outing(In and Out of Seattle). Great day out with Family and Friends.  Thank you for coming out to play


Daffodil Classic Metric Century (100 kilometer/62 mile).


AprilActivities 003.jpg


Sijen Olthof and Nicole Pelley (Business Analyst)rode the Daffodil Classic this weekend.  Great day for a ride with Mt. Rainer as our backdrop. This is the longest distance we have ever ridden.  Our goal by the end of the summer is to ride from Seattle to Portland.


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego camped out in Cuyamaca State Park (thanks ReserveAmerica!) with Airey Baringer, Jesse Hammond and Mike Clarke and did a 5 hour mountain bike ride on Saturday

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