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Active China Has Fun & Arch with a Good Message

Posted by IMVoice on May 4, 2010 7:49:08 AM

REPORT BY ERIC MA FROM CHINA: M+M China team (MRI, A2, Active Trainer & eTeamz) had a great team event with ALAN COLE and BELINDA LU on Xi’an City Wall on Friday. It was the Alan’s first trip to China office, and also was the first time to have all China team members in M+M gathered for an event, 4 funny activities scheduled started from afternoon: Egg Tower Building, Cycling Relay, 100m Sprint with Balloon, Cooking Competition. Luckily we watched the folk-custom show from the Wall!

Pictures of Egg Tower Building – This is def a collaborating activity, we eventually have 5 products by groups. Cycling Relay was so funny, because a female team beat the strong male team.  Clap with teammate means you could turn back to get your next teammate on the race. The third game 100m Sprint with Balloon, which required two players do a 100 sprint carrying a balloon without limb touch. Team China.






ALAN COLE added this about his China visit. The Media + Marketing team in Xian lines up for a friendly bike relay on The City Wall.  A mere three seconds separated the winner from third place.  Alan Cole was visiting the team and was fortunate enough to participate in the race.  Great event M+M Team Xian!

Xian Wall Bike Race.jpg


CRAIG MASLOWSKI was a part of the Escondido, CA Renaissance Fair. This was my first time fighting in full armor. It was not choreographed and the strikes were real. We fought to the yield. My sore muscles can attest that this is indeed one heck of a workout.



JIM GARFIELD raced the 30th Anniversary Escape from Alcatraz this Sunday. Active alum JANNA STEWART and Active M&M’r SHANNON IBERGER added their support.  A stunning sunny day water a chilly 55’...but not cold enough not to take a quick picture! This year saw many invited past Champions and legends in the sport racing in this special 30th anniversary edition. Keep your eye out on the fan page on Face Book for special exclusive interviews with Chris McCormack, Michellie Jones and this year’s champ Leanda Cave. DOES JIM EVER HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN WITH GUYS, I THINK NOT!

jimactive.JPGme water.JPG


ALLISON REUTTER & DANA MCKEITHEN went to cheer on Jim Garfield at Escape from Alcatraz this past Sunday in San Francisco. It was a great event and a beautiful day in the city.




LISA BALDWIN participated in the 8K event as part of the 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon.   A typical Vancouver morning with lots of rain and drizzle wasn’t enough to stop 13,000 people from running that morning.   I managed to finish ahead of my estimated finishing time which was a win in my eyes. It was incredibly inspiring and motivating to watch 4,000 marathoners and 8000 half marathoners set off on their race as well…who knows, maybe next year I’ll do the half…


Mark Lister (Documentation – Burnaby) ran the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. I had been battling some tendinitis leading up to the race but I hoped I would hold together. After a good first half (1:19:50), I felt pretty sore and was forced to slow down. I crossed the finish line a wounded Weekend Warrior, in 3:01, well off my target of 2:40. I now look forward to several weeks of rest and rehabilitation.


JEREMY SPITZBERG, REGINA HURICKS, JAMES SOLA, AIREY BARINGER and TAWNYA BORDALO from the San Diego office had a great time on Sunday completing a Swim/Bike brick! There were two open water swim groups, 500 or 1000 meters followed by a 19 mile bike ride OR fast 10K. It seemed to be longer with the strong headwind though! Jeremy even topped off the ride with a mile run! The group is training for San Diego International in June and Solana Beach in July. Great work everyone!


CARMEL CINCO, Software Consultant competed in her first knock-down tournament on Saturday in the Women’s 19 and over lightweight division.  Having sparred in the dojo during regular training, there’s nothing like 100% full-contact fighting…and I have the bruises to prove it!  Although I lost my fight, I learned so much and am looking forward to the next tournament.  My goal this time around was just to get into the ring and not get knocked-out…which I thankfully achieved J  Next goal…win my first fight.  I’m the blue belt in the photos.


NICK STEVENS on a recent, unexpectedly muddy Sunday, Joe Hamlet and I rode up from Lefthand Canyon, through Heil Ranch, down Picture Rock Trail, and into Lyons, CO for some fried grits and Dales Pale Ale. It was excellent and I highly recommend it.

5-4-2010 8-51-38 AM.png

ARCH FUSTON reports from high atop the announcer’s booth, watching an Ironman unfold gives you an interesting perspective, and not just from a viewing angle. OUR VERY OWN MARK WARBLE FINISHED ST. GEORGE IN 14 HOURS AND CHANGE, WAY TO GO MARK!


I was fortunate to work with MIKE REILLY at Ironman St. George this past weekend, and spent much of the day in the tower, monitoring the race, gathering Intel on the athletes as they approached the finish line. What I found was anything but trivial facts. What I found was purpose.


Ironman comes to those that choose to accept it for many, many purposes. Last night, I learned some do it for the purpose of grief therapy, addiction recovery, marriage counseling, personal fulfillment, you name it and Ironman covers it. We witnessed two finish line marriage proposals, rolling tributes to a fallen warrior, criers’, chest pounders, screamers, profound relief, and utter, utter joy. Joy so elevated, so raw and sincere, you want to rip you own clothes off and run buck through the crowds celebrating THEIR accomplishment! It is an absolutely unbelievable thing to watch.


Now most reading this might think they can't even begin to relate. Think again. You would be amazed at who tackles an Ironman. The majority of finishers were 34 to 56 years old, and for quite a few, this was their first! And these are not all uber athletes. These are REAL people that have a purpose, and the desire to answer that purpose. It is a beautiful thing to watch, too.



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