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Posted by IMVoice on Jun 1, 2010 11:04:10 AM

ANTHONY VALENTINO Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego - just returned from a week long trip to Maui that included Stand Up Paddling, snorkeling, running, open ocean swimming, and an epic 76 mile round trip bike ride from sea-level to the 10,000+ foot summit of Haleakala crater - epic!

Hawaii 2010 180.jpgHawaii 2010 183.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, Copy Writer on the Foundation team, spent the weekend off-roading and camping in Baja California, which included bagging this peak above Laguna Hanson in Parque Nacional Constitución.




Saturday morning ARCH FUSTON, BURT REPINE, EVAN WITTE AND ROB THOMAS set out on Stand Up Paddle boards around 6:15am from La Jolla Shores. We headed for the kelp patties just outside of the cove. After navigating through the kelp, Arch decided it was time for him to head in. The 3 of us decided to continue down the coast to the Wind N' Sea area. It was a perfect morning under clear, warm skies. The water was calm and allowed you to see well into the water. The kelp spiraled down into the depths all around us. Every now & then schools of fish would hit the suns' reflection and light up the water. There were a constant array of dolphins and seals popping up and checking us out the entire time. Entering back into the cove, there were schools of sting rays in certain areas. The entire round trip took a little over 3 hours. I definitely recommend it to anyone having any urge to try SUP'n. It's a great full-body workout and you get to enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer.


TOBY GUILLETTE, social media specialist, San Diego was at Lake Mead for the holiday weekend. The highlight was definitely the flight line ( experience in Bootleg Canyon. Check out this video!


KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator, San Diego- had a busy three day weekend.  I had my longest open water swim (1/4 mi) at La Jolla Cove Friday.  Sunday I participated in the first annual Bullfrog Triathlon hosted by JEREMY SPITZBERG.  Top it all off, Monday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to venture on my first skydiving experience.  It was definitely a weekend to remember!




ARCH FUSTON taught their 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kai, how to swim, stand up paddled into shark-infested waters with Rob Thomas, Burt Repine, and Evan Witte, and spontaneously entered a " I didn't notice the screen door" contest and lost, bad.


The Cardenas Family (STEPHANY CAVATONI) spent the weekend in Big Sur being “active” which included biking, swimming, and hiking to the falls in Pfeiffer State Park.

Pfieffer State Park Falls.JPG


TODD PREECE battled it out on the brutal trails of the Xterra Mission Gorge 15k to come away with a 3rd place in his age division.  The Mission Gorge Xterra is one of Todd's favorite trail race courses due to multiple creek crossings, boulder scrambles, insanely hazardous descents, and of course, ridiculously steep climbs featuring the famous "1000-steps" to the peak of Fortuna Mountain.  So to come away with the Bronze medal was especially sweet.  The twisted ankle and handful of cactus spines, however... not so much.

Todd.pngXterra Mission Gorge.png



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined CrossFit’ers all over the nation in doing the “Murph” workout yesterday in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a SEAL killed in Afghanistan and a recipient of the Medal of Honor.  Jim joined his old Adventure Racing teammate and Crossfit LA owner Andy Petranek and about 70 other CrossFit LA’ers in completing the 1 Mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and 1 mile run. Of course Jim did not wear the 20 lb weight vest quite a few others did…but had a good time all the same.



JASON KARLS and 5,000 of his closest friends did the ski to sea relay – 99th year!!.  This is an awesome race from Mt Baker to Bellingham.  I completed the 14mi mountain bike leg in just over an hour.  The course was probably fine for the first 50 riders; after that it was fields of mud – the semi-slicks were a bad idea


STEVE MAZZA and his fiancé Mandy hiked to the top of Diamond Head in Oahu.  Must be nice!


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