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Hike, Hiker, Hiking & Kickball

Posted by IMVoice on Jun 14, 2010 11:56:41 AM

LEVI SMITH & JACQUELINE BERRY and their Italian Grey hound Deer hiked to the top of the mountain at the end of their new street Cheyenne in Las Vegas. Fortunately the weather was great this weekend and it was only 90 degrees yesterday!

jaq on mountain.jpglevi and deer on mountain.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, copywriter on the Foundation team, backpacked 23 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail over the weekend with his friend “Abby Normal,” who is thru-hiking the entire Mexico-to-Canada trail.


On Sunday, June 13, MOLLY CONNORS, SHANNON IBERGER, VICTORIA TINSLEY AND JINNA FELTON (all of the Media + Marketing Offline Operations team) hiked Torrey Pines and enjoyed the amazing San Diego scenery and beautiful June weather.




ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer, Bothell, WA – On Saturday, I went on my first hike of the summer (honestly my first “real” hike of my life) up Mt. Si with my wife Jenn.  Mt. Si is a gorgeous hike that is pretty much fully shaded the whole way which saved us from the sunny, 75+ degree weather.   The hike was a round trip of 8.0 miles with an elevation gain of 3150 ft.  After mile one my legs were dying, but after I got past that, it wasn’t so bad.  We got to the top and spent a little while enjoying the scenery (and resting the legs) and elusive “no cloud” day here in Washington and then we made our way back down.  After it was all said and done we completed the whole hike in 4 ½ hours which included our break at the top.

Mt Si 1.JPGMt Si - 2.JPG


NICOLE PELLEY & SIJEN OLTHOF (Bothell) rode in the Flying Wheel bike ride this weekend.  Hill training for the Seattle to Portland ride later this summer.


MIKE REILLY reports that the Endurance and Sports teams in the SD office squared off for their 3rd Annual Kickball match to see where the supremacy lives.  Well it lives with Sports who won 6 – 4 and now hold a series lead of 2 – 1.  Fun was had by all except the endurance team, those crazy sales types sure are competitive!




JIM GARFIELD celebrated with 30 members of “Team Mitch” who all ran the Rock and Roll Marathon last Sunday.  The members, from all over the U.S., met and communicate on our Facebook page and gathered at the race to raise money for a scholarship for kids interested in learning how to fly. The team was formed in memory of Mitch Steinke, a pilot who died in an airplane crash.  REBECCA DIVITA and Jim had a great day at the Bonelli Park Triathlon in San Dimas. Both placed 2nd in their age groups in spite of the heat.  Warm lake water beats the freezing wavy ocean water any day!!

team mitch.JPGdivita and m.JPG


CRAIG EDGMON capturing the final throw in Aikido.  Craig was the one being thrown, ouch!

Craig Edgmon.JPG VIDEO

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