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Holiday Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 6, 2010

SIJEN OLTHOF reports Rock n Roll SEATTLE!!!!



Epic Day for a race, Matt Henry, Stephen Branstetter, Keith Baltazar all set personal PRs.

Keith Baltazar, not pictured, ran his first Half Marathon.

Thank you to our race volunteers, NICK BATTAGLIA, MEGHAN SWIRSKI, and NATASSIA ZABEL for greeting us and handing out medals at the finish line.



JEREMY SPITZBERG reports that he and MARC VILLANUEVE, TAWNYA BORDALO, LIZ HARRELL & MIKE REILLY rode the Scripps Ranch 50 mile ride in San Diego July 4th. We had a blast.  We split into two groups about 1/2 through with Liz and I bringing up the rear.  She and I finished in about 4hrs and 20mins, about 20 minutes behind Marc, Tawnya and her friend Matthew. Mike Reilly was in his own group towards the front riding in 2 hours 30 min. Great course, great support, great companions!  The biggest problem was having to get back on the bike after stopping at the beer garden to ride back to the car.



JON BELMONTE said he busted out a 52 minute 50 second ('gun time') at the July 4th Scripps Ranch 10K this weekend (closer to 51 minutes if measuring chip time).  He was feeling pretty good about it, as his usual pace is a 10-minute mile plod.  Great event all around, particularly the massive downhill at the end.


SHANNON WINEMAN says she is a new employee so this is my first submission!  WELCOME SHANNON. She ran the Tidelands Coronado 15K this weekend in San Diego. My husband and three kids (13, 10, 7 yrs) all ran the 5K. It was my 10/7 year old’s first one and the 4th for my 13 year old. Everyone finished strong and enjoyed the cloudy, cool conditions.


LISA BALDWIN from Burnaby office with family in tow celebrated Canada Day with the Pitt Meadows Canada Day 8K.  While no land speed records were broken by me, I managed to improve my 8K time by 1:30.



KAT KEIVENS – Online Account Coordinator, San Diego – competed in the Coronado Independence Day 5k Run.  The weather was perfect—a bit overcast which made it not too hot and not too cold.  I finished with a time of 26:41.


JULIE RAHILL Backpacked on the Alta Trail in Sequoia National Park. There is still a lot of snow up there; trails vanished at time but no potholing.  Terrific view from Alta meadow and Panther Peak (Alta Peak not really accessible yet – so bummed!). The deer and bear were very active and present at all times. Pictures are of Alta Meadow, me & my backpacking buddy Spencer.




DAMIAN STAMM Associate Product Manager ran in the Freedom 5K on July 4 in West Chester, PA with several family members in what was my first race since the birth of my son.  Accomplished what is usually my goal – not finishing last.  Was a PR for a 5k stand-alone but have done better in sprint triathlons.  This was surrounded by a good bike ride on Saturday with an open water swim on Sunday, so a good weekend for the whole group as we prepare to compete in an Olympic in mid-August.


ANTHONY VALENTINO Account Executive (San Diego) took daughter Jade sailing for the first time.  Jade was pretty nervous about the upwind tilt of the boat and all the new sights and sounds, but once the downwind spinnaker was hoisted - and after spotting a whale and a sea lion - she really got her sea legs and enjoyed a great San Diego sailing day.



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) had another busy weekend in Seattle.  He’s now all caught up with his thirty classes of hot yoga in thirty days by doing seven classes of power yoga during the weekend.  One more to go!  On Friday night, he attended Disc Northwest’s ultimate frisbee clinic, where he learned to play zone offense, defense and how to make a sliding catch on your knees.  Finally, he and some of his friends welcomed the Fourth of July at the Firecracker 5000 5K at midnight on the fourth.   We’re going to say he finished in under 24 minutes given how far back he started and the mysterious traffic jam that happened .1 mile into the race.


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