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ActiveX Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jul 12, 2010

ZACH PANTHER (Developer – Bothell, WA) and his wife Shannon hiked up to Wallace Falls near Gold Bar in the Central Cascades.  The hike was beautiful and the falls at the top definitely made the journey worth the effort, even with the temperature creeping close to the 90’s.  There are a couple of smaller falls along the way, but the biggest pictured below is 265 feet.  For more info on this hike follow this link:



KEITH WILLIAMS from UK office taking on his first road sportive EVER.... with shaven legs. Rolling hills around the UK countryside was not on his mind at this point.... after 51mile and 2000meters of climbing, the finishline and a cup of tea was needed.



AMBER MARTIN SD office said she is in Spain. I spent Sunday running with the bulls in Pamplona with my British friend Jess. The bulls were way bigger and faster than I started. We got passed by 8 of the bulls about 75 yards from the arena, but made it all the way into the bull ring. You can see a video of my run here If you look along the left side just as the bulls finish rounding the tight turn you can actually pick out Jess and I in the crowd. The adrenaline rush of a lifetime. CRAZY GIRL!



MIKE REILLY reports it was one of the best Active weekends in the history of the company.  Over 80 Active team members working out and having fun at the Warner Springs resort north of San Diego.  Can't wait for next year!

Dave & Mike having a tough day!


The beginning of the best meal


The 3 Stooges watching and mixing Jumbalaya


Active Dad and Active Son



REGINA HURICKS-San Diego-Foundations-Data Warehouse-ETL Developer. This weekend we enjoyed ActiveX Endurance 2010.  Thanks to Arch, Christy, Karen and the gang for throwing the best Adult Summer Camp Eva!  The Banana Bread, Goodie Bags and Jambalaya were amazing! OH!, the swimming, biking, running and yoga was good also!  Thanks so much!


Arch & Karen Hardy



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) had a blast at Warner Springs weekend with colleagues old and new!  I even discovered a love of Arch’s Jambalaya!  Jim with Lindsay Nesselroad, Emily Nesselroad Slade and Victoria Tinsley.



SHANNON STEWART (San Diego Office), Sales Manager Endurance, completed the Carlsbad Triathlon on Sunday.  This event consists of a 1k Swim, 25k Bike and a 5K run.  The conditions were great for the event, waves were small and it was overcast.  This is a fun event that is well run and gives you the experience and feel for a longer ocean swim than most sprint tri's.  I finished in 1:50 which placed me 20th out of 40 in my age group.

Carlsbad Tri Swim.jpg

Carlsbad Tri Finish.jpg


JON BELMONTE suggests this great hike-trail run workout out by Cowles Mountain, which is part of Mission Trails Regional Park near Lake Murray.  Hike quickly up the back side of the mountain, which is accessible near the end of Boulder Lake Road.  Run down the ‘front side’ of the mountain, which deposits you about 1.5 miles from where you started at the intersection of Navajo Rd and Golfcrest Dr.  Finish up by running back to where you started (Navajo Rd to Cowles Mountain Rd to Boulder Lake Rd).  ~5 miles round trip.  Generally speaking, definitely one of the better ‘hikes’ in San Diego and a good workout however you do it.


TYLER CAIRNS, Nicole Cairns (and 3 week old Raiya Cairns), MATT WEBB, RITA CHAN, MARTHA COX, BROOK EWART and JASON DETLOR of the Burnaby Inside sales team (Team Sparta ) had a great time at the Nat Bailey ballpark on Friday afternoon enjoying the hometown Triple AAA Vancouver Canadians of the PCL league roughing up the Yakima, Washington Bears side 3-1.

A few pops were enjoyed by all, but little Raiya was just happy to be there snoozing the game away.





PAUL MCLURE on Saturday night decided that he would wake up on Sunday morning and participate in the San Diego Blood Bank 5K run downtown at the Embarcadero. The run was real nice along the waters edge with the cool temps that we have been experiencing. I finished the run with a time of 28:07.


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) had a rough outing in league sports this weekend.  On Friday night, he and his Nerds were defeated in ultimate frisbee 15-9.  The Nerds are now 1-2-1 and are having a hard time covering deep throws.  On Sunday, the Playground Thuggz were beaten 12-6 in kickball.  On Saturday morning, he showed up at Memorial Stadium with more than 300 other people to join in Yoga for Hope, the largest outdoor yoga class ever.   The event was in support of City of Hope, an organization that is helping to fight everything from cancer to HIV to diabetes.  Visit to learn more and maybe make a donation!



SKIP CLEAVER reports The Mount Ascutney Hill Climb in Vermont was the sixth and last event in the USATF Mountain Circuit--six races on Mountains in an eight-week period.  I completed this race and the entire series, earning "Mountain Goat" status.  Two of these mountain races are exclusively on roads, as was the case with Ascutney.  Three are on trails, and the sixth a mix of road and trail.  Four of them are to the mountain summit, as was Ascutney, and two traverse the summit and finish back at the base.  Three are run on New England ski areas. Including Mount Washington (my 20th MW running this year in the 50th race overall), this gives me seven Mountains in eight weeks.  I am seventh all time in USATF Mountain Circuit appearances (Circuit began in 1995, the same year Cool Running was founded), and 14th in points of all runners since inception; that is a total of 65 mountain races completed.  This year's USATF Circuit included Northfield Mountain (MA), Mount Wachusett (MA), Pack Monadnock Mountain (NH), Mount Cranmore (NH), Loon Mountain (NH),

and Mount Ascutney, (VT).


RYAN LYSTER & PAYAM KAVOUSIAN (both in burnaby) went on a 5 day kayak trip with some of our friends. We left from Tofino, BC and paddled out to hot spring cove (150 km round trip) in 4.5 days. We paddled about 7-8 hours per day in the beautiful clayoquet sound, saw lots of wildlife and enjoyed one of the best natural hot springs around. Others pay upwards of $1200 to go on a guided one way tour for 5 days to get to these hot springs and water taxi back. We rented our own kayaks and bought some charts and off we went.  Not only kayakers have recognized this area as a thing of unmatched beauty but the United Nations has as well, naming it a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Its pristine temperate, old growth rainforest is among the last of its kind surviving in the world.  Once you have paddled here, you will understand the nicknames Clayoquot has been given.  Among them are the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and “Hawaii of the North.” Attached are a few pictures and the map of the route.





BRETT DAVIES 0n Saturday participated in the “Death Ride” in and around Alpine County, CA near South Lake Tahoe.  I started my ride at 5 am when it was just barely light enough to see the road.  By the time I got to about mile 10 the sun was up and in full force.  The temperature was in the high 80’s almost immediately, hitting 90 in the afternoon without a cloud in the sky.  Perfect weather for everyone not riding their bike through the mountains!  Each climb was very challenging with grades ranging from 7% up to 12% for miles at a time.  The miles of downhill that followed were certainly worth the pain of climbing.  Check out this video of one of the descents (  At 2x speed, the descent is still nearly 7 minutes long, quite epic downhill stretches!  I  ended up finishing the 4 pass route, which entailed 88 miles of biking and about 11,000 feet of climbing.  Total time was 11 hours including rest stops and lunch.  I was completely spent by the end, physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.  However, the feeling of accomplishment to have finished such a grueling course was amazing and made all the pain totally worth it!


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