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A Short Weekend Report

Posted by IMVoice on Aug 2, 2010 11:30:53 AM

Jim Garfield (M&M) and Latane Mead (M&M) channeled their inner Caddy Shack and played in the Zappos/Adidas golf Tournament in Las Vegas. We certainly will not be quitting our day jobs.  We won the “most honest” golf score team…still par, but not good enough to win the tourney.



ERIC MA Report from XI'AN, CHINA, he stayed two days in the QinLin mountains with Bruce Xu and Cash Xu, treck in the hill stream, walk through the trails to look for pools to fish. It's an interesting way of beating the heat since the city was burning.





TOBY GUILLETTE, social media expert, San Diego:  This weekend I competed in the Maui Jim Surf Monkey race in Oceanside, CA. I signed up for the King Monkey division which consisted of a 5K run, 1-mile ocean swim and 6-mile stand up paddle board race. It was super-fun morning and well orchestrated event that I recommend for SD folks to try next year. You can sign up for each event individually or a combination of events.



Micah Kropp (Marketing Coordinator, San Diego) traveled to Portland, OR for a touch rugby tournament. The competition included teams from across the U.S. as well as New Zealand. Our San Diego team finished in third place with a 5-1 record. It was a long sunny day and a whole lot of fun. Seemed like Portland is having a warmer summer than San Diego – that ain’t right. J


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Matt finished the weekend 2-0.  On Friday night, his Nerds beat the Pop Rocks 15-2.  This helped the team close out the regular season 3-3-1.  The team advances to the playoffs as the 7th seed.  On Sunday, he and his Playground Thuggz started its first winning streak by beating the Wolfpack 13-5, making our record 2-3.  On Saturday morning, he got to finally meet his team, the Purple Cancer Beaters.  We started off easy, with 30 minutes of laps around Bellevue Park, followed by a helpful shoe clinic afterwards.  After six months, it was time for some new shoes!


On Saturday, Todd Preece decided to push the limits on the San Dieguito River Trail and see if he could find a hidden route back along the South shore of Lake Hodges after a 9-mile trail run from the 15 to the dam.  There was no hidden route and he had to backtrack the way he'd come turning it into an unintended 16-mile run.  On Sunday he got peer pressured into blowing off his rest day and did a hilly mountain bike ride in the 'tunnels' out in Carmel Valley.  Gotta love it when the wife is out of town and no honey-do list


CHRISTINA HANSON (Consumer Advocacy), JIM SOLA (IT) and TAWNYA BORDALO (Program Coordinator) started training for the Mission Bay Triathlon Saturday morning. We went for 1K swim in the bay followed by 15K bike ride. Weather was great and it was a fun work out!


Anthony Valentino, Account Executive (San Diego office), took a quick bike ride up the coast to watch coworkers Art Eckstrom, and Toby Guillette compete in the Surf Monkey (a unique race incorporating paddling, swimming, and running) in Oceanside.  Great job, fellas!

Sunday Anthony and his girlfriend Nicole donated their time and plenty of sweat by leading the SPIN-to-Hear fundraiser benefitting the John Tracy Clinic (JTC - in Long Beach, CA.  The inaugural year or the 4 hour SPIN event had roughly 200 participants and rose over $26,000.  Little Noah (pictured below with his father Dave) is really the creator of this event.  When Noah’s mom and dad discovered he couldn’t hear, they dreamt up this event to support JTC, which has given them so much during their journey.  And, best of all, in 17 days little Noah will begin to hear via his brand new cochlear implants!






JASON KARLS (UX Lead on ActiveWorks) volunteered Thursday at RAMROD; working the finish line and refreshments.  Seeing the cyclists come in after 150 miles and 10k feet of elevation was just awesome.  We got some great pictures and field research – in addition to admission to next year’s lottery     Some interesting stats: 800 riders, 100 volunteers, Run by multiple co-event directors / committee – at least 5

Last rider(s) to finish was a tandem right at the 8pm cut off!



NOAH SKOCILICH, Thriva, on his visit to China reports. One of the more interesting features of the city of Xi’an is the old city wall.  Something that a lot of cities likely had at some point, but Xi’an’s is one of very few that has survived in it’s entirety.  So, not only is it a thing to behold from the ground (moat and all!), but you can go on top and walk or bike the entire way around (13.7 km).  There is going to be a “marathon” (not an actual marathon, but they’re calling it that) in November, and lots of people from Active Xi’an and Chengdu are going to participate. Haven’t made any final decision about whether I’ll be one of the runners, but to get a feel for what’s involved, this past Sunday afternoon a friend and I took a ride around on rented bicycles.  I won’t say I didn’t break a sweat, but more striking was the way you are able to take in the city from atop the wall, and making an entire circuit really get a feel for the urban core.  A highly recommended experience for anyone who comes to Xi’an.




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