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Diverse Weekend with Tents, Horses, Golf and Salmon!

Posted by IMVoice on Aug 9, 2010 10:49:07 AM

Tale of Two Tents - Karen Hardy (Consumer Marketing Manager) and Rebecca Divita (Account Manager, Camps) road-tripped to Boulder for the 70.3 event on Sunday and met up with Tina Novak and Alyson Rea. We had quite a few adventures involving camping in thunderstorms, mechanical bull riding, and Rebecca’s epic race in altitude ending with a PR and visit to the med tent for some needed oxygen.

karen tent (2).jpgRebecca Run (2).jpg

med tent (2).jpg



ROBIN and DAMON MATHEWS attended the 2010 World Footbag Championships in Oakland CA this past week. Milan Benda from the Czech Republic took the top spot at the very young age of only 18. Milan upset the 8 time world champ and team mate Vasek Klouda. Here is video of the winning performance:

DAVE ALBERGA spent 2.0 days working with the national park service in Yosemite national park then took family time for vacation.  A great time had by all.


STEVE HOOVER, ActiveNet development manager, and three friends golfed 72 holes in Medford and Florence Oregon in a single long weekend.  This included a 1000 mile round trip drive from the Sacramento, CA area.  Perfect weather and great courses!  Is there an award for longest distance traveled to play golf in a single weekend?



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Had a not-so-great team sports weekend, going 0-2-1.  He and his Nerds opened the ultimate frisbee playoffs with a forfeit after just 5 people showed up for the match.  I blame Seafair.  In kickball, the Playground Thuggz played two close games, tying the first game 5-5 and losing the second game 4-2.  We closed out the regular season 2-4-1, and playoffs begin next weekend!


On Saturday August 7th, JAMIE WILLIAMS hiked up to Ontario Peak near Mt. Baldy in the San Gabrial Mountain Range.  It is almost 8’700’ elevation while it’s sister Peak Cucamonga (that Jamie hiked 3 weeks previously) is slightly higher at 8,900’.  The hike begins near Mt. Baldy Village at roughly 5,000’ elevation.  A short description of the trail says “some crosscountry skills will be needed to find the "true" summit.”  Jamie will attest to that as his group thought they’d neared the top a couple different times before seeing and reaching the true summit. J




12.5 total miles

Elevation Gain:

3,900 feet

Trail Type:


Skill Level:

Extremely Difficult


7 hours

Top Elevation:

8,693 feet


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) rode to the Herbalife/La Grange Brentwood Criterion this weekend to cheer on team TTS (Triathlon Training Systems).  It was a fantastic day full of riders of all ages and abilities and their fans.  There was even a kids 5-8 year old race.  Great to see tomorrows super stars!


MIKE COLEMAN Alaska Adventure. Headed up to Alaska on a fishing trip with the family. Definitely an adventure with nearly 100 pounds of Halibut and Salmon brought home to show for it. We had an aerial tour of Ice flows, deep sea fishing for Halibut out of Homer (Halibut Capital of the world), Salmon fishing on the Kenai River (The world biggest sports fishing river in the world) as well as visits by moose, brown bears and bald eagles. A breath taking and surreal week had by all. We even visited Homer’s local pub which still housed a business card of mine from 2007 along with about 20,000 signed dollar bills. Funny thing, a couple called me last year from the Salty Dog Saloon to tell me my business card was still prominent and they were cheers me and a good days catch. After that call last year, I knew I would have to return this year to mark another spot on the wall with a new business card from 2010. The trip was such a success we had to purchase a new fridge with a much larger freezer.



ERIC MA (MRI Team Build Lead, M+M) FROM XI’AN, CHINA, said he, CASH XU (Controller) and BRUCE XU (Tester, League One) took a 40K night ride from Xi’an office to QuJiang Pool Relics Park along the S. Third Ring, that’s a really nice tryout in the night, since you can’t do much things outside in the daytime because of the sustained high temperatures in the city. And it’s worthy setting some routine night activities just like this ride.


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