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Arch Message and lots of Running

Posted by IMVoice on Aug 16, 2010 12:58:12 PM

ARCH FUSTON says “Endurance Sports" This weekend I was forced to be a spectator. Fortunately, I played side-kick to Mike Reilly in the announcer's booth at the AFC Half Marathon, with a perfect view of the constant stream of happy, sweaty people. You can't help but feel the sense of accomplishment exuded by all the participants. Every shape, size, speed, age, you name it, each share the accomplishment, the excitement. All of this lead to me thinking of Active, and our history and involvement in "Endurance Sports".


Today, we are so much more than endurance sports, and it is important for the business for consumers to understand it. But it is also important to understand that "endurance" is more than just swimming, biking, running. It's LIVING. And participation, whether swimming, biking, running, hunting, sailing, tennis, walking groups, etc, is part of the breath of life. That "breath of life" was apparent at AFC this weekend and all over the world, according to this weeks Weekend Warrior Report. I saw Mike Reade's wife Jenn, who for the past two years has thought her husband had gone to the dark side for his change in breathing patterns, smiling ear-to-ear after completing her first 5K. I saw Liz Harrell's daughter Natasha, fresh off of her first 5K as well, cheering her mom on as she finished her first 13.1. I saw Alicia Towery-Drew absolutely BLISTER her race. And the list goes on and on...

As we near the "eve" of our global ActiveX rollout, start thinking  about life, how you are breathing, and how refreshing a big, deep breath  of "endurance" would feel. Congrats to everyone who got after it this  weekend!




TODD PREECE, IT Director, ran the America's Finest City (AFC) Half Marathon on Sunday.  He tied his prior 1/2 Marathon PR time at 1:36 but " Had no gas left at the end to attack the final hill like I'd planned".  He loved seeing so many Active folks sprinkled throughout the course cheering him on and getting his name announced over the loud speaker at the end was a special treat.  "I felt like one of the big dogs when I headed in with Mike Reilly calling out my name as part of the Active Network."



STACEY JOHNSON ran the AFC Half yesterday.  One great thing about our San Diego winter-summer is that it's been perfect weather for running - including yesterday for the race - nice and overcast.  I'm still trying to beat my 21-year-old self's half marathon time, but I was very happy finishing yesterday in 1:42... maybe if I didn't get stopped by the trolley I could have taken that extra minute off that I needed to be 21 again.  Guess I'll have to try again next time!


ALICIA TOWERY, TAM and EMILY JOLLER were the first Active Women to finish the AFC ½ in a blazing time of 1:37:56 coming in together.


SHANNON STEWART, Sales Manager Endurance ran the AFC Half Marathon on Sunday.  I ran with my sister and we managed to finish the run in 2 hours and 15 min.  It was great to run 13.1 miles with people around me during the entire course.  I love the crowd support during this event, really helps to keep the legs moving up the final 2 miles of hills.


JAMIE WILLIAMS, Data Warehouse Architect ran the AFC Half Marathon Sunday to complete his Triple Crown for the year (The Triple Crown is when you run the Carlsbad ½ and La Jolla ½ along with AFC in the same year).  The weather was perfect for a run.  He ran strong and had a great time.  He obviously left something in the tank as he managed to sprint the last couple 100 yards across the finish line!!


KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator in San Diego, got her Triple Crown by competing in the AFC (America’s Finest City) Half Marathon this past weekend.  The Triple Crown consists of running in the Carlsbad Half Marathon, La Jolla Half Marathon, and the AFC Half Marathon in the same year.  The weather was perfect and the support from fellow Active employees and hearing Mike Reilly call my name as I crossed the finish line was an amazing experience in itself!


LIZ HARRELL, (Director, Project Management - San Diego office), ran the America’s Finest City Half Marathon on Sunday.  This was my third half marathon ever and I PR’d!  Shaved 4 minutes off my time!  Perfect running weather and a perfect challenge at the end.  Who sticks a HILL at the end of a half… yikes!  The best part for me was hearing Mike Reilly, The Voice of Ironman, call me in across the finish line.  Personal note:  Three years ago I did the AFC 5K (3.1 mi) and my pace was 15:15 min/mile…. Yesterday, my pace for the half (13.1 mi) was 12:25 min/mile. Think you can’t do a half?  Think again!  (2007 AFC vs. 2010 AFC pics attached)

Active Crew 2010 Pic – Megan Duvall, Liz Harrell, Jamie Williams, Brett Davies.



ALAN DEICAS ran the AFC Half Marathon this weekend in 2:02. In doing so, Alan discovered the new found benefits of only training with soccer (4 days a week) by PR’ing by 8 minutes.



ASIA SIMONELLI and AMBER MARTIN completed the AFC this weekend. Fitting training in was tough between work, night school, and MBA courses abroad in Spain, but they managed to fit it all in and are happy with the race over all. Amber ran a 1:56:04 in her first race back from a nagging Achilles injury last October, and is very excited to get back into the half marathon/marathon running world. This was the first half marathon that Asia trained diligently for, and she had great results with a time of 2:13:50. She enjoyed the challenge so much that she plans to run Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego as her first Marathon in 2011.



MOLLY CONNERS ran AFC ½ in 1:54:14 said it was a good race and even better with Mike Reilly and Arch up in the booth at the finish!  Pic is of me and ROB POWELL at the finish.

Molly 001.jpg


KEVIN BEATTY it was awesome hearing you at the finish line.  I ran with a friend of mine and helped her get her PR, our time was 1:58.


On Sunday, TINA WILMOTT’S (PR department) 10-month old son Sam completed his first 5K race in his jogger stroller with mom at the Playa del Run in Solana Beach. It was great to incorporate Sam into a lifestyle I love and look forward to him actually running in his first event in the next few years. We came in 49th overall and 2nd in my age division with a time of 24:32. He’s not as excited as I was!



JESSICA WEXLER, LIZ HARRELL and her daughter NATASHA with SERGE MCCOY and his wife - all volunteered on Friday for the USA Triathlon Junior National Championship Packet Pick Up. Besides the obvious benefits of looking like packages of Wonder Bread we were able to see the future of the sport of Triathlon. Kids as young as 7 were in town to compete individually and as relay teams. It was inspiring!



FIONA MACMILLAN, Account Manager APAC raced a 30km trail run on the weekend – You Yangs 5050 (also a client of ours!).  I took out the 30km in a new course time of 2:35, so am pretty stoked!

Fiona you are so much faster than Sam!



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) competed in the Folsom Dam Triathlon. USA Productions did a fantastic job of putting on the race, great course, super support and Steel Drum/burrito party afterward. There were even full size energy bars, GU gels and fresh fruit distributed on the course. This is a great first timer race, as evidenced by the 100’s of newbies who said they would return next year!  Nice to see such a strong show of support.

Garfield tri.JPG


BRIAN ENGE one of our newest team members did quick trip to Seattle for the Lake Stevens 70.3.  Perfect weather and a beautiful course.  The Active luck was on my side as I won my age group for the first time.  I think it helps that I'm racing as an old guy now.

Enge (2).JPG


DAMIAN STAMM, Associate Product Mgr raced in the North East Triathlon in Maryland on Sunday.  Was my first tri of the summer on a challenging (“rolling hills”) course.  Set a PR for the swim section which was a nice takeaway.


Reporting in from PTO DONNA EGAN, Senior Account Manager- Team Lead, Communities completed the 37th annual "Brew Run" on Saturday with her husband Jack. The 5.2 run/walk in the town of Brewster on Cape Cod, MA. raised money for the local Brewster Rescue Squad.  It was a beautiful day on the Cape and the spectators were amazing lining the local streets with water hoses, and cheering the 1600 participants on.

Donna photo.JPG


PAUL MCLURE, Account Mge Active Educate and his family camped at Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California which was really beautiful.  We did a few hikes – Our daughters Lily – 5 and Stella 3 rocked the hike to Kings Creek Falls.



MICHAEL STRICKLAND (ActiveWorks) joined 60+ other cyclists yesterday for the 37-mile “Tour de Five Cities,” a fundraising ride for the San Diego Bike Coalition that started at Adams Avenue Bicycles and went downtown, through National City, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach, on up the Silver Strand to Coronado, back to downtown via the ferry, and ending at the starting point. Here, the riders take a brief rest at Pier 32 Marina in National City. And last week, he used up some PTO to take a weeklong backpacking trip through the Popo Agie Wilderness in Wyoming’s Wind River Range.



MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - Won the second game of ultimate frisbee playoffs on Friday night under the lights.  At one point, he freaked out his entire team by tipping a pass to himself.    Kickball playoffs did not go so well, as the Playground Thuggz were handily beaten 20-4.  At some point, it appeared we had a list of baserunning mistakes we were trying to check off.  On Saturday, he continued his training for the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge with Team in Training by doing  a 5.5 mile run around Alki Beach.  It was a hottie, but a goodie!


Anthony Valentino, Account Executive from the San Diego office spent four days in and around Aspen Colorado for the best four days of his life (so far).  Other than a Class IV rapids run, it was pretty cycling-centric. Three road rides totaling 175 miles including an 80 mile out-and-back from Aspen (7,900 ft) climbing from up and over the Continental Divide at 12,095 ft) to Twin Lakes (9210 ft), and then back home again over the Divide. Mountain biking through the Aspens, complete with end-over-end crash. Watching the Leadville 100 MTB race.  We were at the finish line to watch Levi Leipheimer crush the course record, winning in 6hrs 16min.  Learned from the pros: Dave Wiens (4th place, 6 time Leadville Champ) Jay Henry (6th place, we hung out with his mom and his wife to watch him finishTo watch Lance Armstrong compete at Leadville was the reason we planned our trip for this weekend. As we pulled into Aspen on Wednesday morning, we learned he had withdrawn form this year’s race, still recovering from his crash induced hip injury from this year’s Tour de France.  We were pretty disappointed, but got over it when we met up with Lance his girlfriend and one of his daughters after dinner in town on Thursday night.  It’s pretty nice when Lance Armstrong tells you your ride plan for the week is “aggressive.”

Aspen 10.jpgAspen Summer 2010 028.jpg

Aspen Summer 2010 037.jpgAspen Summer 2010 116.jpg

Eric Ma (MRI Team Lead, M+M) Report from Xi’an, China, On Saturday, he did his first Hash Run with an International group, nearly 30 people participated in the 10K A – B run, from The Big Wild Goose Pagoda To TV Tower, the interesting part is you have no idea which direction to run at each crossings, the only way is to keep your eyes stair at the ground to see the route direction followed by the blue arrow marks, or you could follow the leading runner with their shouting.

It was really awesome to know more people from different countries through the event, and he can’t wait to the next run in two weeks!


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist, went tandem skydiving from 13,000' in east county San Diego on Saturday with 17 friends. Another item crossed off the bucket list!

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