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Kona, Chicago and Everything In Between

Posted by RyanActive on Oct 11, 2010 11:34:28 AM

A busy weekend and lots of great pictures to prove it!


MIKE & ANDY REILLY, and ARCH FUSTON enjoyed the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI. It was an epic day with over 1 million user visits online to watch the event--but it's nothing like being here!


Mike Andy 1011.jpg

Mike Arch 1011.jpg


JIM GARFIELD (M & M) joined the Active crew at the Ford Ironman World Championships this weekend. At the awards banquet he joined the "voice" of Ironman, Active's Mike Reilly, along with Arch Fuston and Andy Reilly in celebrating a remarkable weekend of achievement.


Garfield 1011.jpg


CASH XU (Controller), CHRIS MA (Eteamz Tester, M+M), BRUCE XU (Active Trainer Tester, M+M) and ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) from China finished a great 40-mile night ride in the city. They first rode 10 miles to Chanba, their fifth time to that place at night, but it was not fun--the air was terrible and the Bahe river was almost dry. But when sitting down at the BBQ street on the way back, they made a quick decision to a new place, the Da Ming Gong National Relic Park, which just opened 9 days ago, and it was an epic ride there! They never thought it could be that huge and amazing! Almost got lost after 20 minutes of high-speed riding in it. Awesome night! Epic ride!


China Night Ride 1.jpg


China Night Ride 2.jpg


LISA BALDWIN, Client Migration Coordinator in Burnaby, completed her first half marathon in Victoria on 10-10-10. No speed records were set but it feels pretty awesome to go from sucking wind for 1 minute of running in the Learn to Run program in January to finishing the half just 10 months later.


BEN CRUISE, Account Executive for Active Golf, went deep sea fishing and swam with the sharks off the coast of Oahu over the weekend.


Cruise Wife.JPG


Cruise Fishing.JPG


MICHELE CREPEAU from our New York City office ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. "Amazing course and fans, but very hot temps (80s by the end of the race), hadn't run through that many sprinklers since I was 7!" She was in town also supporting and cheering over 50 of her charity programs she works with through Active Giving. The marathon had over 10,000 charity runners!


EMILY OGATA, (Application Specialist), MAREA BLUE (Implementation Analyst) and KIRSTIN HARTOS (Technical Account Management Team Lead) traveled to Seattle this weekend with the San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby Club to take on the Emerald City Mudhens. The Surfers were playing in unfamiliar conditions (rain and Astroturf) and were undersized compared to their opponents, but pulled out a 41-17 victory. The defending national champs are now 5-0 heading into their final regular season match and will travel to Austin at the end of the month to defend their title in the first round of the USA Rugby Division 1 playoffs.


Weekend Warriors Rugby.JPG


JAKE COONEY (Online Marketing Manager, Bothell, WA) completed the Portland Marathon. I signed up for the full marathon several months ago but mentally planned on doing the half several weeks ago when my training completely stopped when I got sick. They wouldn't let me switch to the half so I had about 6 hours to prepare to do a full after not running for 3 weeks. The weather was terrible - it was one of only 3 times it's ever rained for the Portland Marathon but it's a great event though and I'm glad I did it.


STEVE MAZZA, Sales Industry Manager - Major Accounts, attended the Portland Marathon yesterday, with colleague DANA BLACKWOOD, Industry Manager - Running. A great weekend including the Portland Marathon Race Director's College. Here's a very rainy photo from the starting line:


Portland Marathon.jpg


PATTI ROSENTHAL, Cycling Industry Manager in Durango, Colo., did another epic mountain bike trip with friends in Moab, Utah to do what they call the "Whole Enchilada". A shuttle ride which takes you up the La Sal Mountain where they drop you off for an 800-foot climb up to Burro Pass. Once you climb up to Burro Pass (with 20 percent grades in certain spots) you have over 7,000 feet of downhill single track--yahoo! The fall colors were still going off towards the top. Once you come out of Burro Pass, you hit the Hazard County Trails (more whoopty-do downhill single track) and then the Upper Porcupine Single Track (UPS) and Lower Porcupine Single Track (LPS). Over 36 miles of fun mountain biking. Almost to the finish when I went off a drop into a sand pit (not good).  Got both elbows, some ribs, right leg and a mouth full of dirt when I landed.  Was able to get back on the bike and ride out so it was all good. Highly recommend this ride!


Rosenthal 1.jpg


Rosenthal 2.jpg


MATTHEW HENRY (Interaction Designer, Bothell, WA) - completed his 10th marathon on 10/10/10 by running his third Chicago Marathon with nearly 40,000 runners.  He finished with a personal worst time thanks in part to the mid-80s temperature and a pulled muscle before the race had started.  But he had a number of personal victories, such as beating the people dressed up as Wolverine, Bat Girl and the Eiffel Tower (Still unclear whether that was a costume or a torture device).  Overall, it was a great race and he looks forward to doing it again next year.




SEAN FORTUNE (Camps AE) and MATTHEW WANAMAKER (Professional Services) competed in the annual "Arne Open" golf tournament at Mill Creek Country Club in Mill Creek Washington.  We may not have won this year, but we played our best round yet and were easily the best dressed!




THE BOTHELL OFFICE had its Fall Golf Scramble at the Nile Golf Club.  It was a beautiful day and we successfully raised more money for CCFA.  We had a tie for first place between two teams: (SHANE CARLEY (Implementation), SIJEN OLTHOF (Implementation), JOEL WERDELL (Product Manager) and RYAN WUFLESTAD (Camps AE)) and (JACIN DAVIS (Events Sales), NICK HAWLEY (Events Sales), PAUL HOMER (Events Sales) and MIKE MORONCZYK (Camps AE)).  Additionally Ryan Wuflestad won the Closest to the Pin and RYAN MILLER (Camps AE) won Longest Drive.  It was a great turnout and all the groups had a lot of fun.


Golf Tournament.jpg


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive - Higher Education in San Diego, and daughter Jade spent two days in the Sequoia National Forest. This Daddy-daughter trip was incredible from start to finish and included hiking, camping, cooking over the open fire, stargazing, stream-side poetry reading, and--of course--tree hugging.


Valentino Camping 1.JPG


Valentino Camping 2.JPG


CATHERINE HANSEN, Sr. Account Manager in San Diego, went to Yosemite and hiked Half Dome with BRETT DAVIES and several other friends. It was a strenuous 16-mile hike round trip. We hiked up 5,000 feet to reach 9,000 feet above sea level. This challenging hike was definitely an adventure. We started before sunrise and ended just after sunset. The hike was a little over 12 hours total. It was worth the effort to see the amazing views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Liberty Cap, and panoramic views of Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra at the top of Half Dome. (Great picture!)


Hansen Yosemite.jpg

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