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Athens 2500 year old Marathon

Posted by IMVoice on Nov 1, 2010 1:31:46 PM

JEN ROMINE, Account Manager - Running, reports in from Greece after participating in the 2500th anniversary of the original marathon! Such an incredible experience, and I had the honor to not only meet, but to run/walk/run the event with Jeff Galloway! my goal was 5 hours and I finished in 4:59. It was a tough course; in the words of Jeff "there is only 1 hill, however it goes on for 13 miles". Jen is in the middle of picture with white visor.



ANTHONEY CHIULLI from the Boulder Sales Team monkeyed around in the Denver Gorilla Run on Saturday. Anthony (pictured in the bikini) jogged with over 1000 other Gorillas in a new Guinness Book of Records for the most Gorillas running in an organized event. Not a bad way to start off a Halloween Weekend!



PATTI ROSENTHAL did the 2nd Annual mountain bike costume ride at Phil's World.  Just a bunch of friends from Durango who celebrated Halloween in style at the single track trails in Cortez, CO.  Over 30 miles of single track with lots of whoopty do's - just like a Disneyland ride!   We had a witch, superwoman, butter/dragonfly, a crayon, cowgirl, endo boy, lady gaga, ninja's, cave man/woman, plug/outlet, hippies & much more.  Super FUN!



MICHELE CREPEAU was down at the MCM this weekend in DC and ran the 10K along side many of the charity runners.  Very inspirational weekend with all the military charities including Team Fisher House and Semper Fi who had over 1,000 participants in the 10K/ Marathon.  An incredible tribute to all those serving our country.


TIM MCMAHON, MIKE COLEMAN AND MIKE REILLY worked the Marine Corp Marathon in DC this weekend.  Our boss was Miss Washington DC and it sure was a tough gig!



Troi Valencia, Senior Project Manager – San Diego. Outside of my passions of family and work, my other passion is the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (aka Ultimate Fighting). Since suffering a herniated disk a month and half ago, I’ve be unable to compete, but I still spend my time coaching and cornering upcoming fighters. This past Friday, all the training and coaching culminated in a win at the Epic Fighting promotion, here in San Diego.



Jim Garfield (M&M) competed in the Marin County Triathlon where he met up with professional triathlete twin sister’s phenom’s Rebeccah and Laural Wassner. The race was terrific and the “greenest” triathlon in the U.S. From the solar panels for power, our on-line registration, recycled bike parts as awards etc…it was a definite feel good event. If that were not enough, the staff is all volunteer and 100% of the money raised goes to that years designated charities. This year the money went to TNT, Prostate Cancer  and Team Winter…including the prize money won for First and Second place by Rebeccah and Laural



TIM WOOD this weekend was the final round of the Club Championship. The first round of the event was played two weekends ago and I was 3 shots back going in to final round on Saturday, played at the Salt Creek Golf Club in Chula Vista. I shot a final round net 68 to win the title, with a tournament total of 141 ( 3 under par). This tournament was a qualifier in to the SCGA Tournament of Champions in Palm Desert on December 13th. I sure would look good in some Active Golf apparel. <wink wink>



AUSTIN BRAATEN and MATTHEW HENRY saw each other twice on Saturday, first at the 15th Annual Pumpkin Push at Seward Park.  Austin was the seventh woman to cross the finish line in 21:18.  Considering Wonder Woman was the women’s winner, that’s an awesome finish for Austin!  As for Matt ... Well, Matt dropped his keys maybe a tenth of a mile into the race and had to wait for the stampede to die down.  So that sucked, but he still pulled out a 25:17 finishing time.  (In the picture, Matt swears he’s running his ActiveX shirt underneath the event’s shirt.)  Later that afternoon, Austin and Matt tried crossfit as applied to functional fitness for the first time at a special event sponsored by Forever Athletes, an organization focused on making “athlete” feel like a much more inclusive word. FYI, burpees are not fun!



KIRSTIN HARTOS (TECHNICAL ACCOUNT MANAGER), MAREA BLUE (IMPLEMENTATION ANALYST, SAN DIEGO) & EMILY OGATA (APPLICATION SPECIALIST, SAN DIEGO) traveled to Austin, Texas with the San Diego Surfers over the weekend to play in the USA Rugby Division 1 Women's Club Play-offs.  As a top seed from our region, we earned a bye on Saturday, and faced the #8 Glendale Raptors (of Colorado) in the quarterfinal match on Sunday.  We scored first on a penalty kick, taking a 3-0 lead - but Glendale was quick to tie it up with a penalty kick of their own.  However, those were the only points that Glendale would score during what proved to be a very physical game.  We won by a final score of 26-3 (even though it felt much closer), and Marea came away with a black eye (again) and MVP honors (again).  We travel to Mesa, Arizona over Veteran's Day weekend where we hope to defend our 2009 National Championship.



EVAN WITTE (Product Manager – San Diego) competed in the inaugural Fearless Triathlon on Saturday with his Dad – Greg. The Fearless Triathlon is a unique “double sprint” format. You complete a 250m Swim - 5 Mile Bike - 2 Mile Run - 250M Swim - 5 Mile Bike - 2 Mile Run. Evan pushed his Dad through his third Triathlon doing the entire event side by side finishing in 1:24 despite the intense rain and slick roads. Due to the rain this race also consisted in an unplanned 150M mud run. If you’re looking for a unique Fall San Diego Triathlon this could be a great addition.



JOHN RARITY, Online Editor participated in and completed the Kokoro Camp—a life-changing experience, see description: “SEAL FIT Camp, aka "Kokoro Camp" is the world's premier training camp for forging mental toughness and the warrior spirit.  The camp is an intense crucible experience based off of the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week concept, but with a focus on teaching through experience, rather than making you quit.”



DEMIAN DORRANCE, SR. SYSTEMS ENGINEER, IT DATA CENTER SERVICES (SAN DIEGO) I recently returned from a visit to the beautiful country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Some travelers avoid Myanmar due to longtime rule by military junta, but I strongly encourage adventurous travelers to visit. By staying in smaller guesthouses and using local services, it is possible to avoid much of the government-run or government-affiliated tourist infrastructure and make a positive contribution in the lives of locals who can really use the support of ethical tourism.  The people of Myanmar were extraordinarily warm and welcoming during my stay and it is a nation I would gladly return to. The golden Shwedagon Pagoda in the capital city of Yangon, covered in tons of real gold and topped with thousands of diamonds and rubies, is the most important Buddhist temple in the region.  It is truly an amazing place and should not be missed, but the active highlight of my adventure was unquestionably the four days I spent on bicycle, foot, and horse cart exploring the plain of Bagan. The city of Bagan was founded in the 2nd century AD and became a Burmese capital city in the 9th century. Today the area is a unique archaeological and cultural marvel with thousands of temples and pagodas densely packed into 16 square miles.  The majority of these date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Many of them are still open to climb and explore in great detail, some are still maintained for worship, a few are used for commerce, some have been haphazardly restored, and some have been left to the ages.  The largest structure in Bagan is Dhammayangyi Temple, visible just down the road in the photo with my bicycle. Bikes rentals are inexpensive and easily available for independent explorers ready to take on the miles of dirt road and goat trails. Should you happen to have any rare mechanical trouble there are locals ready to help with small roadside repair stands for flats and minor repairs. After leaving Bagan I visited the nearby cliff-top shrines of Mount Popa which are built on a sheer volcanic plug called the Taung Kalat (pictured). I also had the honor of an overnight stay in the monastery at the base of the cliffs.  The shrines can be reached via a long staircase wrapping around the volcanic cliff face with well over 700 stairs. The spectacular views and tranquil setting are well worth the effort of the climb. The modest monastery has one resident monk who speaks English, who is very helpful in arranging accommodations and transportation for travelers as the small village has no guesthouses or scheduled transit services. The people of Myanmar welcomed me with great respect and I can recommend the country to other active and adventurous travelers looking to get off the beaten track.



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