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Grand Canyon, Marathon Mania plus Ironman

Posted by IMVoice on Nov 8, 2010 9:55:45 AM

TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist, San Diego, ran across the Grand Canyon on Saturday.. Twice! The 50-mile rim-to-rim-to-rim run was truly an epic adventure. Our group of 4 finished safely in just over 15 hours after one of the toughest days I've ever had on the trail. TOBY FROM ME TO YOU – YOU ARE A RUNNING LEGEND! Mike



SAM RENOUF and LUKE LITTLER of the Asia-Pacific offices attended the Noosa Mutli-sport Festival that includes the world’s 3rd largest triathlon with over 8000 athletes

completing Olympic distance. The event is a new client for Active and our partnership with them includes on-site promotion - as shown by the photos below....great exposure for the rapidly expanding brand presence in Australia!



MICHELLE CREPEAU, DANA BLACKWOOK and STEVE MAZZA worked the New York City Marathon expo and event this weekend.  The world’s largest Marathon and it couldn’t happen without their help!  Way to wear that Padres cap Steve.



GREG LOPEZ ran the marathon his first one back in many years.  He had a goal to break 3 hours and he did running a 2:58:35.  Way to go Greg!


AUSTIN BRAATEN, Active Camps also ran the NYC marathon this weekend with the Chilean miner and Jared, the Subway guy, on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day and the most amazing experience of her life. The crowds and scenery were one of a kind and she beat her 3:30 goal time which was exciting!



ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) with 13 Active employees, LIN LIN (Senior Recruiter), JANE SHI (Tester, H&F), JENNER ZHANG (QA Lead, ActiveWorks), LYNN WANG (MRI, M+M), JESSICA JIN (MRI, M+M), MAGGIE WANG (Email Support), VERA MA (MRI Manager, M+M), EILEEN YUAN (Tester, FND), BRUCE XU (ActiveTrainer Tester, M+M), CASH XU (Controller) from Xi'an office participated Xi'an City Wall International Marathon on Saturday.  It was such an incredible experience to run with more than 2,000 people from all over the world, and hearing them shouting “Jia You!” (Jean always called it “Add Oil”) around your ears. The weather was good, not feeling at all it’s already in winter. Most of them ran 5K, followed the same course of Active 2010 China Employee Day Marathon, and CLIFF LIU (Developer, RW) finished 13.7K. "I never thought my legs could be that sore, but the race was great! Feel proud to chase those pro runners." said LEO LI (MRI, M+M), after finished his first half marathon.

“Let’s get more people do this next year!”, said Eric.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) - was a very Active person this weekend, starting with power yoga on Friday night and a Saturday morning training run with Team in Training and another power yoga class shortly thereafter.  Sunday was definitely overkill, starting with a 4 hour doubleheader of ultimate frisbee, where his Incredibles team lost 14-11 to Out of Sight and 15-7 to The Phantom Menace (did I mention the Samuel L. Jackson league theme this season?).  He followed that up with a third power yoga class and THEN his Sentinels hockey team lost a 1-0 game to Gang Green.  We were outshot 42-13 so clearly we all owe our goalie a beer.  Or three.



JOE SCHUM, Sales Mgr Eastern Region “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” Joe completed Ironman Florida this past Saturday in a great time of 12:54:21.  It was a great day on a very different Florida course! Recover well Joe!



GREG INGINO, VP completed his first ½ marathon run in Santa Clarita, CA over the weekend.  I would have never even thought of doing something like this before joining Active!  Great weather and great people.  Over 2000 entered the race.  Here is a pic of me and my kids after the race.



SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) spend Saturday morning riding 15 miles along the riverbed in Oceanside for a “Bike the Coast” event with her three kids and her husband. It was perfect weather and a great way to start the weekend!



ActiveXcursions San Diego: Solana Beach to San Juan Capistrano Ride.

ActiveXers ASHLEY PASCALL, JOHN COYNE, JEREMY SPITZBERG, LIZ HARRELL, KAT KEIVENS, RICKY GRAY, and DENNIS TRIPLETT, plus ActiveXwife CHRISTY FUSTON, friends of ActiveX Katya Meyers, Mike Forgione and buddies, rode 50 miles from Solana Beach to San Juan Capistrano Sunday morning, enjoying perfect weather, and a gorgeous route. Multiple flats, group fractures, and a dicey train conductor didn't keep the entire crew from jumping on the AmTrak for the ride back to San Diego!


STACEY JOHNSON - What a great weekend!  I took the train from Solana Beach up to Santa Barbara with a group of girls to run the Santa Barbara Half Marathon.  I’m not sure if I was more excited about the train ride (which I highly recommend), or the race itself.  J The train was so nice & relaxing… awesome sites and not to have to drive through LA priceless.  The race was beautiful!  At about mile 10, the course takes a left turn onto “Cliff Drive,” which was… well, a challenging cliff, but overall the course was awesome.  The last 2 miles were downhill along the ocean – what a great end!  I finished in 1:44, which I was happy about for that course.



MEGAN DUVALL & MICHELLE NATION participated in the 1st annual Oceanside Bike the Coast / Taste the Coast on Saturday.  There was a great turnout and it was a gorgeous morning for a bike ride.

bike the coast.jpg

On Saturday MIKE MACDONALD, Web Developer ran the Santa Barbara Half Marathon and finished in 1:54:45.  This was my first half and my goal was to finish under 2 hours.  Having grown up in Santa Barbara, the course was familiar to me.  Having to run around an entire track to get to the finish line was pretty miserable, but the course was pretty good otherwise.


Thanks to Ruben Gomez shooting pictures all along the course and at the finish.



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