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What's your ACTIVE?

November 29, 2010

Turkey Trots

Posted by IMVoice Nov 29, 2010

Report by ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) from Xi'an, China - Big weekend for Cycling group! On Saturday, 13 ActiveXriders had a half-day interview from BON TV (, not only got the team on a TV show, but also a great branding chance to promote Active and X! Then they took a 60K ride to Chanba district, where will host World Horticultural Expo next year. It was the milestone for the team since they firstly have females joined the ride. An Amazing day!

Only Chinese today’s hottest word could describe this crew, which is GELIVABLE! See them - Eda Zhao (Dev Tools Administrator, IT), Dylan Hai ((Production Support, IT), Paul Guo (Desktop Administrator, IT), Steven Xue (NOC Specialist, IT), Bruce Xu (Tester, M+M), Nemo Ding (Developer, FND Endurance), John Zhang (Developer, Class), Fod Shadbakht (English Trainer), Kelly Yang (Service Desk Technician, IT), Lynn Lin (Service Desk Technician, IT) and Marian Gao (Market Analyst, M+M), Cash Xu (Controller) and Eric Ma.



ANUSHEH CHAVEZ had an active week with my 16 year old daughter in Hawaii.  Lots of hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and making our way through the world's largest maze at the Dole Plantation (at least it was the largest in 2008).  Did I mention pineapple ice cream?? One of our hikes was up Diamond Head on Ohau.  All I keep thinking as we climbed the 1¾ miles with almost 200 stairs and 225-foot tunnel was that when we got to the top, the view would be worth it and it really was.



ROBERT KLAPROTH Ran the Father Joes 5K in San Diego.  Thanks to Arch and active x for helping condition me to finish my best 5k time ever at 25:37.


DANE RISLEY, Director of Sales Enterprise reports his 11 old son Michael Risley ran the 5 mile Pequot Turkey Trot in Southport CT on Thanksgiving morning with almost 4000k other participants finishing in just over 48 minutes.




TOYA REAVIS won her age group and 9th woman overall in the Burbank, CA Turkey Trot. 37 degrees at the start!  Brrrrrrrr!


Robyn Wien, Operations Manager, and her brother Ryan, Tech Specialist,  from the Wilton, CT office, after running in the Bedford, NY Turkey Trot on Saturday. It has become a family tradition, and both beat their times this year!



JEANNIE FREIS, Associate Product Manager from the Boulder office ran the Colorado University Turley’s Turkey Trot in 17 degree weather!



KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator, San Diego – ran in the Father Joe’s Thanksgiving 5K with friends Nicole Hake, Whitney Norton, and John Weber.  It was Nicole and Whitney’s first 5K (great job girls, KUDOS)!  The perfect way to start off Thanksgiving before getting stuffed!



TODD PREECE, IT Director, was in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Jumping into the local 10K Turkey Trot was supposed to be a family event, but when the temperatures dipped to 20 degrees, high winds and snow flurries, Todd found himself the only one getting out of bed.  His insanity was awarded at the registration table by being handed bib 666, "The Number of the Beast".  Enduring the endless jokes by fellow runners about the demonic bib number and a bitterly cold and windy run (which at times felt like at least one of the levels of Hell), Todd ended up 13th overall and 2nd place in his age division.



STEPHEN BRANSTETTER, General Manager of Camps, braved the Seattle snow/slush Thanksgiving morning along with his wife and a few hundred others in the Seattle Turkey Trot 5k which raised $32k for a local foodbank. The first 1.5 miles was downhill which, coupled with the snow, lead to lots of slipping, sliding, and falling. Luckily almost every fall had a soft landing and resulted in laughs all around.


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Coordinator, San Diego) and her family ran in the Race for Hunger 10K/5K at Petco Park on Thanksgiving morning. What a great way to start a fun day full of food and family. Shannon ran a PR and came in 11th /91 in her age group. Her husband Mark ran both the 10K and then the 5K with the kids (he is a cyclist, not a runner) and still cannot make it up the stairs without stopping at least once. All three children ran and her youngest, Stella (7 years) came in 10th /72 in the 12 under category with her own PR! It was really cold but a clear a beautiful morning.


WILLIAM BASSLER and his son and did our third annual Turkey Trot in Oceanside, CA on Thanksgiving Day. I did the 5K: 22:33 and my son did the mile in 8:53. He’s 9.  It was great weather, and it’s a beautiful run with the home stretch along the coast - ending at the pier.



MEGAN FERRI, Account Manager ran the Father Joe 5k in Balboa Park San Diego with family and friends.  My mom, my best friend, and I decided to dress up to get in the Turkey Day spirit!  A 10news reporter also liked our headbands and interviewed us for the 5 o’clock news!



AUSTIN BRAATEN, Account Executiven ran the Seattle Marathon with her brother on Sunday. She got third in her age group and they finished with a time of 3:27, which was awesome since it was her bro’s first marathon.



ARACELI DAGDAGAN, Marketing Manager, San Diego.  My husband and I ran the Temecula Turkey trot 10K in the beautiful wineries of Temecula - with hot air balloons and great scenery, and not to mention free wine at the finish line!



ANDY GEORGE from San Diego ran the Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Walk/Run with friends and family. Andy’s 9 year old daughter Ava took 2nd out of 130 girls in her group – not bad for her first 5k! Nice job Ava!



PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager had a great Thanksgiving with the family & friends.  We packed up on Friday and did our annual camping trip – this year we camped & hiked at Agua Caliente Regional Park. The weather was nice and warm during the day light hours and then got close to freezing at night – fun!



AARON WALDMAN, Software Developer participated in the Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5K in San Diego.  This was my first 5k in a few years and I was amazed how many people showed up in the cold early morning.  It was a fun event, a good cause, and a great way to kick off the holiday.  I finished in 33:23 and was rewarded myself with a trip to the beer garden.



JULIE DIETZ, Training Assistant Frostburg wanted to share a project that I had done on Saturday 11/27/10. For the past 3 years I have organized a collection of Christmas/Holiday cards to mail down to the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 2 years ago I raised 3,070 cards and last year I collected over 5,200. This past Saturday at our local mall, I held a workshop where anyone could stop and make cards with the supplies I provided for them to use. At the workshop I collected 142 cards and also $30 in donations that I use to help with the cost of shipping. Also to help raise cards there are several local businesses that allow the public to drop off the cards to so that I can collect them and mail them down to the children. Also with the supplies that are left over from the workshop I am able to bring them into work for our representatives to make some cards at their desks between phone calls so everyone in the building has the opportunity to participate.


JENNIFER ROMINE, Account Manager – Running, ran the Run for the Hungry 10k on Thanksgiving with her sister and brother-in-law.  This was her brother-in-law’s first race and he was a little nervous so Jen stayed with him for the 6.2 miles.  They finished in 58:22 and had a great time listening to the bands along the course and watching the dogs racing with their owners.


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive in San Diego spent Thanksgiving Day by riding Mt. Soledad (5 summits, 5 different routes), running the bluffs in Del Mar, and hiking Fortuna Canyon.  On Sunday, Anthony hosted fellow San Diego Active employees KAT KEIVENS (Online Account Coordinator), LIZ HARRELL (Director – Project Management), and VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager) for the “Run, Bike, Brunch” event: 75 minute coastal run, 90 minute SPIN class, and the latest installment of the Bachelor Pad Brunch – the perfect end to a perfect weekend of family, friends, food and sweat!



MEGAN DUVALL, MICHELLE NATION & TAMMI SCHMIDT went to Yosemite National Park and ran the Sacramento 5k Run to Feed the Hungry over Thanksgiving.  Yosemite was GORGEOUS!  It snowed over a foot while we were there.  The turkey trot was also a great time.  There were 25,000+ people and all proceeds went to feed the hungry.  Happy Holidays!


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