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December 6, 2010

Rock n Roll, Mud and More!

Posted by IMVoice Dec 6, 2010

JAKE COONEY, Bothell, WA – spent the weekend surfing Costa Rica which was great.  The waves were awesome and the weather was excellent.  I toughed it out through many jellyfish stings but something of unknown origin chomped into my foot.  Nothing serious but the idea of something with teeth in the water ended my final day of surfing a little early.



LISA BALDWIN ran the Las Vegas half marathon this weekend. Great to see so many Active staff at the event representing SD, Bothell and Burnaby. A great experience running down the strip...very different Vegas experience that's for sure.



STACEY JOHNSON QUALIFIED FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!!  I ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento and finished in 3:44:20.  I qualified with 79 seconds to spare, but who's counting?  Oh yea, me.   The course was beautiful - starting with rolling hills through farmlands and amazing fall colors (yes, California does have fall colors!), and finishing up at the capitol building downtown.  I had about a 3 hour fight going on in my head wanting to quit the stupid race starting early (at about mile 5), but I hung in there and pulled it off in the end... barely.  My stomach wasn't happy with me as soon as I crossed the finish line, forcing me to the medical tent for a few minutes.  Note to all you marathoners who've never visited the medical tent: do your best to avoid that place - it's quite the (unhappy) scene!  Today I'm happy though -  very sore, but happy.



MICHELLE NATION ran the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon this weekend with a great crew from Active. We were able to get folks from 3 offices (Burnaby, Bothell, and San Diego) together for a picture at the start! The 5 of us are issuing a challenge to all the other weekend warriors out there to get a future photo submission with more than 3 offices represented. The run along the strip was fantastic.  At mile 12 I got some much needed support from Arch and got to see some familiar faces from our Media and Marketing team at the finish.  Oh yes, I also got a new PR so it was a truly fantastic day!



FIONA MACMILLAN, Melbourne office, LUKE LITTLER, Sydney office and MIKE REILLY were working and enjoying themselves at Ironman Western Australia in Bussleton, AUS a few hours south of Perth on Sunday.



PATTI ROSENTHAL reports the local ski resorts (Durango, CO) are now open but some of us are still motivated to mtn bike in the snow!  You have to go early while the snow is still frozen or otherwise it turns into a mud fest later in the day.  We hit our local trails in town (Sale Barn Trail system) for a 2 hr fun ride in snow, mud & a few spots of dry trail.  Was a blast but not sure it was worth the 2 hrs spent in cleaning the mtn bike after the ride!  Happy Holidays everyone!




JENNI MILLER, JENNIFER ROMINE and a few of our friends did the Gladiator Rock'N Run in Irvine this weekend. The first mile and a half of the course was actually fairly tough, being nothing but hills and stadium stairs. However the second half of the race was obstacle after obstacle including running past people throwing "wrecking balls" at you, swimming through mud and climbing over muddy hills. Check out our before and after…



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) - Made his first ever trip to Las Vegas to run in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Like most thing Vegas, his finishing time is staying in Vegas, but it was easily the best Rock and Roll event he’s participated in.  The strip was shutdown for our race and the music was started off with Cher singing our National Anthem (We’re lucky she’s so easy to find in this city!) and capped off with an amazing turnout for Bret Michaels.  We even had a club rented out for the night for us!  One of the best parts about this race was getting to meet up with some of his fellow Active employees from the San Diego and Burnaby offices.  Congratulations to everyone, same time next year!


JIM GARFIELD (M&M) ran the R and R half in Vegas this weekend with a slew of Active folks. I joined Active ambassador Ben Davis, and Actives Molly Conners and Jordan Katz in checking out Sugar Ray’s Mark Mcgrath’s Guitar Hero competition. The race was great…a far cry from the very first one in SD years ago that started an hour late and ran out of water.  Saw a great sign on the course “ no matter how slow you are…your faster than your couch!”.



EVE GARDNER (Sr. HRIS Analyst, San Diego)  - completed my top bucket list item that kept me going during my 3 surgeries and subsequent recuperations for colitis this past year.  I spent the past two weekends participating in a PADI Open Water Certification class – all without worrying where a bathroom was!!  After 5 quizzes, 1 final, 2 pool dives, 4 ocean dives (2 beach dives off La Jolla Shores and 2 boat dives in Los Coronados, Mexico) and several torturous mask remove/replace skills I am an Open Water SCUBA diver!!  Anyone in San Diego want to team up with a newbie diver, let me know.



TOYA REAVIS,  Implementation Analyst San Diego raced in the Mainly Masters 10K on Saturday. I won my age group and was 6th woman overall. My 2nd race after 2 years of health issues. I have a long way to go to get into race shape. Nothing like using races to get in shape!


On Saturday, SHANNON STEWART (Sales Manager) IZ HARRELL (Director – Project Management), and VALERIE PRESTIDGE (Technical Account Manager) rode from the Solana Beach train station (San Diego county) up the coast to the San Juan Capistrano train station, we then rode the train back to Solana Beach.  It was 48.5 miles of great weather, little wind, and an AWESOME ride with AWESOME people.



Active Advanatge Web Developer BRYAN PAVIN spent his Sunday with bro Chris Wheeler up in Ridgecrest, CA running the 25th Annual Over The Hill Track Club High Desert 50K Ultramarathon. Cool morning temperatures and beach like sand trails made for a challenging but fun day up in the High Desert.  Both Chris and Bryan finished with big smiles  in 6 hours and 2 minutes.



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities/Higher Education (San Diego) started off Saturday with a quick trip up Cowles Mountain followed by racing in the Hot Rum III sailing regatta.  The race officials ended up stopping the race as the winds vanished about halfway through the race.  However the after party was still a go and Anthony got to hang out with fellow Active employee JAMIE SNOW, Senior Technical Account Manager.  On Sunday, Active Employee SCARLETT DALGLEISH, Software Trainer, brought the intensity to Anthony’s weekly Sunday morning 90 minute SPIN class.


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