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Another Active Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Feb 22, 2010

MICHELLE CREPEAU On Saturday Michele Crepeau joined Brenda Seidner and 8500 others to run a 4 mile races in Central Park to raise funds for Haiti.  $400,000 was raised with just over 18 days to plan the race.  NYRR immediately put into action their ability to rally runners in NYC who were blessed with a perfect spring like day in Central Park.  Sunday brought more spring like conditions out east so Michele spent Sunday afternoon snow shoeing in Mohonk with good friend Matt Morchower.



DAMON MATHEWS, Sr. Web Designer and his wife ROBIN MATHEWS Web Production Manager for M + M participated in the 2010 Las Vegas Footbag Jam! This year the Tournament was held at UNLV Student Center and was sponsored by Freedom Footbags and Nucleus Footwear.  I placed 4th in the annual Rippin' Run contest and helped to introduce the world's first Footbag Freestyle shoe called the Nucleus.

Current US Footbag Champion Jim Penske from Boise Idaho was also in attendance and blew away the competition in ALL categories.

It was a blast and Robin and I are excited about attending these years’ world championships in San Francisco later this year.


TOBY GUILLETTE, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, ran 32 miles in the rain this weekend. 12 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. The run on Sunday was quite the adventure, starting at the US/MEX border in Campo, CA and running 20 miles north to Lake Morena. There were two big climbs (1000ft each) on the way and the last hour we were running in the dark and in thick fog. Here's a video from the adventure:




ANDY GEORGE, BRAD WILLS, and PAUL APODACA from the San Diego office poached some Colorado powder this weekend with big smiles and sore legs to boot.




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MEGAN HOLLSTEDT, Web Designer in Burnaby, BC participated as a volunteer performer in the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic winter games. It was AWESOME! I was one of the skaters in red towards the end of the show. The energy in the stadium was incredible and when the Canadian team entered I have never heard such a sound. A major perk was the fact that we got to keep the costumes at the end. I spent the better part of the weekend celebrating in style in my a bright red unit-tard/jacket combo that lights up, very stylish indeed. Kudos out to the Active Assasins roller hockey team for encouraging me to start playing roller hockey. It was through the team that I learned about this (random yet brilliant) volunteer opportunity. Go Canada Go!

megan2.jpgred jacket.jpg


Slideshow   Opening Ceremony  The pageantry   NBC Olympics_1266257580319.png

Slideshow   Opening Ceremony  The pageantry   NBC Olympics_1266257614897.png


JON BELMONTE and his Son CALVIN had a great weekend all around.  Cal is turning 7 this week and is a BIG TIME fisherman (fisherboy?).  Took him out for a big night of squid fishing Saturday night.  Late hours, rocky waters, freezing cold. Cal had a blast...and made the catch of the night!  (with a little help, of course)  Pretty intense…as you haul them up, they squirt water and ink at you from the surface.  Yes, ink!  Toothy tentacles and a sharp beak round out the fun.  All that said, I highly recommend it to anyone that can tolerate the high seas.



ANDY GEORGE from the San Diego office returned to the podium after coming off the injury reserve list in the Southern California Racers and Chasers Mt Bike Series. Andy took 3rd

this race and is now holding a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd going into finals.



JAMIE WILLIAMS, Data Warehouse Architect ran the San Dieguito Half Marathon in San Diego on Sunday – the weather and the course were great.  And Sunday I went on a quick 30 mile bike ride along the coast – preparing for the Gran Fondo ride.


FRAN BENEDICT (Email Traffic Manager) showed her LOVE for San Diego County Parks on V-Day by participating in the San Dieguito Half Marathon. The weather was absolutely amazing, the course challenging, but all in all it was a blast finishing 1:34:24 – 6th in age group.


PAUL MCLURE, Account Manager Active Educate this weekend also ran the San Dieguito 5K for the first time finishing at 29:02.  Lily our 4 year old daughter ran the 5K (her first event) with mom and finished at 47:03. It was a fun event with the family.

dad with the girls.jpg

ADNAN ZAIDI, Technical Account Mgr Tennis played in the 58th Annual Challenge Cup Seniors tennis tournament in Stockton, CA this past weekend and won the tournament in my division, the Men’s 35 Singles.


BRET HARRIS, Account Mgr Strategic Accounts ran in the San Dieguito Half Marathon this weekend up in Rancho Santa Fe.  It was a perfect day for the run and the course was absolutely beautiful.  For some reason I heard that the course was relatively flat and easy….but when I heard the announcer say “remember, what goes down, must come back up”, I knew I was in trouble…fortunately I was able to PR though and had a great time!

RON GAETZ, (Pictured to left) ActiveNet QA Engineer, remote – Knoxville, TN and a contingent of local Tennesseans participated in the in the 5th annual Labatt Blue/USA Hockey pond hockey championships held on Dollar Lake in northern Wisconsin.  The Knoxville Ice Bears went 4-1 to take second place (beginners division). The weather on Friday and Saturday was sunny and warm - 25 degrees or so - and we were 3-0 in the B pool.  Sunday morning we won the semi-final against the #2 Yaks from the A pool as the weather deteriorated.  It was cold, windy and snowing hard for championship game against the Evanston Ice Men.  Knoxville lead 6-4 at halftime, but that quickly evaporated as fatigue caught up with us.  The final score was 11-7.  We're proud of our second place finish, but are hungry for next year!




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Here's a weekend warrior update from Switzerland.  BRIAN BERGEY (ActiveEvents EMEA), ERIC OLSON, (ActiveEvents) and ANTHONY MILLER (ActiveEvents EMEA) did some team building in Flumserberg, Switzerland Saturday, taking some time to enjoy the Alps and "shred some serious Swiss gnar." I WONDER IF THAT WAS A WORK TRIP?



ADNAN ZAIDI, Tech Account Mgr Tennis played in the 58th Annual Challenge Cup Seniors tennis tournament in the Men’s 35s Singles division in Stockton, CA. I won my semi final match and am now in the finals this coming weekend.  I am currently 22 in the country in the Men’s 35s. If I win this next match (i.e. tournament) I should move into the top 15. Here is a link to the tournament.



TODD PREECE reports a rainy weekend canceled most of the San Diego events this weekend so I went for a 10-mile trail run out of pure spite.  It was a cold, slippy, sloppy mud bath with intermittent downpours.  Felt more like an Amazon expedition than a trail run. Weekend.bmp


ALEX AFANDI had the pleasure to assist with the Pasadena ½ Marathon. My duties were mostly to organize the course and prepare the Aide Stations. The course was hilly and the vast majority of it was on dirt roads.  Walking on wet dirt while carrying equipment took some balance skills. The race was very successful and 1200 competitors finished the race. I also got to cheer as I directed racer. Only one medical aide was needed.  THANKS ALEX VOLUNTEERS ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF ALL ENDURANCE EVENTS!


KAT KEIVENS (Online Account Coordinator) competed in the Surf City Half Marathon this past weekend.  This is her second half marathon ever in just two weeks (first was Carlsbad)!


EVAN WITTE had a leisurely relatively injury-free Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach followed by an intense afternoon of chips, dip, and the Super Bowl.


More Gran Fondo ( training for MARC VILLANUEVA, JEREMY SPITZBERG and TAWNYA BORDALO (Media + Marketing) who rode from Fiesta Island up to Del Mar, via the hill at Torrey Pines, and back.



MIKE REILLY, VP Major Event Sales along with his niece visiting from Columbus, Ohio did a 35 mile ride up and down the coast.  While all the SD people riding on a 60 degree blustery day with long pants and sleeves my niece thought she was in the tropics wearing shorts.  We are such wussies here!



TOBY GUILLETTE, social media specialist in San Diego put in 2.5 hours on the stationary trainer on Saturday while it was raining outside to prepare for the Grand Fondo San Diego in March. Then on Sunday, despite the weather, ran 14 miles in the mountains in east San Diego County. The run was 7 miles of climbing and 7 miles of descending. During the climb, the rain turned to snow! SEE EVERYONE IT DOES SNOW IN SAN DIEGO, AT LEAST IN THE MOUNTAINS.


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Active Lifestyle Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Feb 1, 2010

ActiveX made a good showing at the 2010 Endurance Sports Awards ride and expo this past Saturday. A number of Xers participated in the 200+ cyclists, 25 mile bike ride. Mike Reilly, Ricky Gray, Airey Baringer, Mark Warble, Marc Villaneueva, Tawnya Bardolo, Chris and Julie Barnwell, and Arch and Christy Fuston rode in the peloton with the likes of Craig Alexander (2009 Ironman Hawaii winner), Chris Lieto (2009 Ironman Hawaii runner-up), and Kristen Armstrong (world-champion trim trial). We got dropped.


Rebecca Divita (ETeams), Jim Garfield (M&M) and Tina Novak (Active) journeyed to Aspen for the winter X-Games.  Thrills, chills and definite spills were had by all, including the three of us.  Truly death deifying and gravity resistant tricks were the rule of the weekend….oh and a live concert by 50cent…. 




Orlando, FL, some of the ActiveGolf team went to Orlando for the 2010 PGA Show.  The day prior to the show a group of us (Ben Cruise, Matt Kessler, Joe Pink and Don Cramer) were able to get in a round of golf at the new Waldorf Astoria Golf Club at Disney World (OpenCourse Client).  The golf was unfortunately, well above par.  However, it was a great time to catch up and enjoy the sport we are involved in.




Liz Harrell (Director, Product Management & Projects), Kat Keivens (Online Operations) and Jeremy Spitzberg (Development Manager, UI) rode the coast on a beautiful Sunday morning in Southern California.  26 miles from Solana Beach to Carlsbad and back.  Gearing up for the Gran Fondo in a month!




Deborah Linggi, Director, Employee Communications -- New Year's resolutions to get/stay fit are still going strong.  I taught packed spin classes on both Saturday and Sunday morning at 24 Hour Fitness.


On Saturday, Kat Keivens (Online Account Coordinator) ran in the Lake Hodges 5k Race along with some fellow Active Employees and finished with a time of 26:04.40.  On Sunday Kat enjoyed a scenic 26 mile bike ride and played a soccer game.


Michele Crepeau Skied Vail sat, snow shoed at Beaver Creek Sunday, AMAZING:)


Vail 005.jpg


Toby Guillette, Social Media Specialist in San Diego, ran the Sun Strides Foundation Lake Hodges 5K on Saturday morning in 18:24 which was good for 8th place overall and 1st place in the 20-29 age group. It was great to celebrate at the finish line with fellow Active Weekend Warriors who also ran the 5K: Andrea Rishmawi, Giselle Domdom, Kat Kievens and Jason Johnson!



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