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Irontastic Weekend

Posted by Active Toby Jun 28, 2010

I finally got to hear Mike Reilly tell me "You are an IRONMAN!" while crossing the finish line this weekend in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  The course was amazingly beautiful and the community here was incredibly supportive.  I was spoiled to have my parents and my older sister here to cheer for me in person and many people supporting and following along via the web. I've never felt anything like running in the last 4 blocks with screaming fans lining the streets towards the music and lights at the finish line.  It was worth every sacrifice I've made to get there.   What a day!  Finished in 15 hours and 7 minutes ... way ahead of my goal.  Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of the journey!  :-)


Congratulations to Michelle!


Eric Olson, Associate GM – Events, competed in the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon this weekend. The race was changed to a 5K run, 40K bike, 10K run duathlon after a swimmer went missing in Saturday’s sprint. I’m not a duathlon guy, and it was a tough day. The race started well with a good first run and a decent bike. In the end, the 100+ heat index and lack of shade took its toll, and I was just happy to finish. My girlfriend finished 5th in the pro women’s race, suffering through the heat and humidity at a much faster pace than me. 




Mike and Brian Law at ironman coeur d alene




Michele Crepeau ran the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5 Mile run in NYC, such an incredible inspiration with all the Achilles athletes participating.  Followed it up with a bike ride down to Battery Park City.  Fun in the NYC sun!


Anthony Valentino - Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego – spent the weekend with daughter Jade teaching her to build and start her first campfire at Cuyamaca State Park, share apple pie in Julian, celebrate his grandmother’s 90th in Corona, and watched his girlfriend compete in the Huntington Beach Sand Soccer Tournament. Perfect!




Chuan Hu from China:


Chuan and Lily continue their Tibet trip. We drove to the Everest Base Camp at June 24th. We saw the beautiful lake, the glacier and the highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest.


On the way to the base camp, there is 102KM road under very bad condition. It requires very good driving skill. After 3 hours, we arrived at the base camp.


When the evening was coming, Mt. Everest in the sunset became red. It was the most beautiful view in the world!





Matthew Henry (Interaction Designer – ActiveWorks Swimming) ran the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Saturday with Team in Training and a few of his friends from the Bothell office, including Sijen Olthof who he caught up with around mile nine.  The course was incredi-hilly, but he managed to finish in 4:31, a PR by 17 minutes.  The best part was, he felt good enough to do 90 minutes of hot yoga on Sunday morning.  Next up, Chicago!  


SCOTT FRIESEN (Associate Product Manager for Golf & Resort Solutions) ran in his very first marathon at the Seattle Rock N Roll on Saturday.


I was a little disappointed in my time of 4:16.   But considering that my longest run before the marathon was 15 miles, overall I’m happy to have finished with a smile on my face.  This was easily the most challenging physical event that I’ve participated in.   I couldn’t help but fill up an entire notepad of the things I’ll do differently next time.  Despite all of the new pains I enjoyed over the weekend, I’m looking forward to running this distance again in the future.


Scott Seattle Marathon 2010.JPG


Big kudos go out to Jamie Williams who powered through a weekend of serious cycling. Friday evening sported an intense spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness, followed by an early morning 30-mile road ride through the hills of Palos Verdes on Saturday. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Ask Jamie about the 13% grade on Via Coronel. On Sunday, Jamie set out to conquer the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains with Lorraine Daly, and former UCLA varsity crew members Justin Price and Brad Stapleton. The 72.5 miles may have had close to forty miles of rolling to flat terrain along the Pacific Coast, but the remaining 32+ miles dished up just over 4000 feet of vertical gain, with gradients as much as 11%. The climb up Stunt Road, very close to where the Tour of California passed earlier this year, was sweetened as Jay Leno drove by in a classic 1915 roadster and waved to our weekend warriors.


Jim Garfield, Tawnya Bordalo, Mike MacDonald and Jim Sola participated in the San Diego International Triathlon on Sunday.  All four of us competed in the International distance race (1K-30K-10K), and the cool and cloudy morning was perfect for all of us to meet or exceed our expectations… “good times” were had by all: Jim G. (2:01), Tawnya (2:29), Mike (2:13), Jim S. (2:25). They were cheered on by Nolan Hansen and Karen Hardy.  A beautiful course winding its way up over the Spanish Bay Park. Interesting point to point run finishing at Fisherman’s Village.  It was a long walk back to the transition area…..oy!



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Father's Day and More

Posted by IMVoice Jun 21, 2010



JESSICA WEXLER - San Diego Foundations Team On father's day my father and I rode our favorite bike route down to the beach in LA. I am grateful that he introduced me to the joys of cycling as a kid and that I am able to still ride with him today.fathersday2010ride.jpg


STELLA CARDENAS daughter of STEPHANY CAVATONI GM competed in her first swim meet with the Davis Aquamonsters this weekend finishing second in the 25M Free and third in the 25M Back.  She also participated in the relay team for 6 and under.  She did an awesome job and even used the starting block for the first time!



MICHELLE VALENTI M&M just arrived back from doing media coverage for Team ViaSat at the Race Across America. They killed it! Averaging 22.24 mph, they came in 2nd place. Check out the photos on the ViaSat Racing Facebook page:!/pages/ViaSat-Racing/123151281053738?ref=ts


CHUAN HU (Technical Manager)from the China office and LILY ZHANG (Foundation Tester) were hiking in Tibet. The blue sky, green water, snowing mountains and the Active logo we found on a door of a traditional Tibet house are breath-taking. We traveled for more than 1,000 KM in 3 days. We saw the most beautiful place in China.




This Saturday, ELAINE BERGERON (Industry Manager, Sports), SUE HINKLE (Sr. Account Manager, Strategic Accounts), JANEAN NATION (Account Manager, Sports), and BRET HARRIS (Sr. Account Manager, Strategic Accounts) enjoyed one of their best DNF’s ever at City Chase San Diego.  It was a gorgeous day in downtown, and the challenges were fantastic!  While 10 complete challenges were necessary to finish, both teams tapped out at 4pm (after six hours of chasing) just shy of the goal.  That aside, it was a great event and fun was had by all!  BRET THIS IS JUST NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR YOU BUT THE SOCKS ARE COOL!

bret bull.jpgCity Chase.JPG



ROB POWELL, MATT BECKMAN, JESSIE GIVENS, BREE KULIS & LARKIN GEYER completed the Camp Pendleton 10k Mud run on Saturday morning in a stunning time of 1:34:37 (placing in the top half of all teams). The new tech Ts survived the mud and we did too (thanks Arch!). Despite the team getting cold feet in the days leading up and attempting to sell our team race slot – only to have no one biting to buy it, fun was had by all. Highlights include: Jessie face planting in one of the easier sections of mud, the river currents sweeping Larkin away at a swifter pace than most, Bree jumping in as an alternate the day prior, Matt envying the marines who were hoisting women over barriers at a furious rates while swallowing gallons of mud and Rob turning on the heat in the last obstacle/Marine crawl through dirty water (aka “mud”) resulting in self induced bloody knees and stomach burns.


mud run 1.jpgmud run 2.jpg

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Hike, Hiker, Hiking & Kickball

Posted by IMVoice Jun 14, 2010

LEVI SMITH & JACQUELINE BERRY and their Italian Grey hound Deer hiked to the top of the mountain at the end of their new street Cheyenne in Las Vegas. Fortunately the weather was great this weekend and it was only 90 degrees yesterday!

jaq on mountain.jpglevi and deer on mountain.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, copywriter on the Foundation team, backpacked 23 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail over the weekend with his friend “Abby Normal,” who is thru-hiking the entire Mexico-to-Canada trail.


On Sunday, June 13, MOLLY CONNORS, SHANNON IBERGER, VICTORIA TINSLEY AND JINNA FELTON (all of the Media + Marketing Offline Operations team) hiked Torrey Pines and enjoyed the amazing San Diego scenery and beautiful June weather.




ANDY BUCHANAN, Technical Sales Engineer, Bothell, WA – On Saturday, I went on my first hike of the summer (honestly my first “real” hike of my life) up Mt. Si with my wife Jenn.  Mt. Si is a gorgeous hike that is pretty much fully shaded the whole way which saved us from the sunny, 75+ degree weather.   The hike was a round trip of 8.0 miles with an elevation gain of 3150 ft.  After mile one my legs were dying, but after I got past that, it wasn’t so bad.  We got to the top and spent a little while enjoying the scenery (and resting the legs) and elusive “no cloud” day here in Washington and then we made our way back down.  After it was all said and done we completed the whole hike in 4 ½ hours which included our break at the top.

Mt Si 1.JPGMt Si - 2.JPG


NICOLE PELLEY & SIJEN OLTHOF (Bothell) rode in the Flying Wheel bike ride this weekend.  Hill training for the Seattle to Portland ride later this summer.


MIKE REILLY reports that the Endurance and Sports teams in the SD office squared off for their 3rd Annual Kickball match to see where the supremacy lives.  Well it lives with Sports who won 6 – 4 and now hold a series lead of 2 – 1.  Fun was had by all except the endurance team, those crazy sales types sure are competitive!




JIM GARFIELD celebrated with 30 members of “Team Mitch” who all ran the Rock and Roll Marathon last Sunday.  The members, from all over the U.S., met and communicate on our Facebook page and gathered at the race to raise money for a scholarship for kids interested in learning how to fly. The team was formed in memory of Mitch Steinke, a pilot who died in an airplane crash.  REBECCA DIVITA and Jim had a great day at the Bonelli Park Triathlon in San Dimas. Both placed 2nd in their age groups in spite of the heat.  Warm lake water beats the freezing wavy ocean water any day!!

team mitch.JPGdivita and m.JPG


CRAIG EDGMON capturing the final throw in Aikido.  Craig was the one being thrown, ouch!

Craig Edgmon.JPG VIDEO

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Rock n Roll and a little Mud!

Posted by IMVoice Jun 7, 2010

A HISTORY LESSON - The Rock n Roll Marathon San Diego started in 1998.  It was the brainchild of Tim Murphy the founder of Elite Racing in San Diego.  It was a concept that was not fully accepted by the running community until his prediction that 20,000 runners would show up proved true!  Plus it was the first marathon in history that drew more women than men.  His vision and the growith of the series promoted charity running and was the begining of this running boom we are now in.  Tim and Elite racing was the first major event client that put his trust in in 2000, a partnership that still flourishes today and has fueled much of Active's success. The series across the Country now managed by the Competitor Group draws over 250,000 runners.  It is still amazing to me after being at the start line in 1998 and thru the past 13 years how far running and Active has come.  A big part of that is due to Tim Murphy's vision. Mike


DAVE ALBERGA our CEO figured if you can’t run as fast as the leaders you can certainly ride with them! Dave was assigned the envious job as the lead rider at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon Sunday.  He rode 26.2 miles in just over 2:10 minutes and oh yeah the winner Richard Limo from Kenya also ran that fast.  Plus we’ll give Dave the award for the best Active billboard of the month wearing all his Active gear in front of the huge crowds along the course.



EMILY CHAN-NORRIS ran the RnR 1/2 Marathon and it was a great race. The energy from the thousands of runners, enthusiastic spectators and bands along the way made the race really fun. I finished at 2:19 which was exactly on track with my training, so I was really happy about that. Great to see familiar Active faces at the finish line as well. Thanks to ANUSHEH CHAVEZ for bringing her camera and MIKE REILLY for calling us all in!

Emily_Mike.jpgFacebook  Anusheh Chavez_Reilly06_06_2010.mhtRnR Emily_Anusheh.jpg




JULIE WOOLF reports her and FRAN BENEDICT ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon this weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was so exciting to be in corral #1.  Fran’s twin brother Andy surprised her and flew in from Nashville for the weekend so he was there to cheer for us at the start line.  Of course, Fran was the energizer bunny and pushed a fast pace from the outset.  I did everything I could to keep up with her, but at mile 6 she broke off as we climbed uphill on the 163.  The rest of the race was much calmer for me and I was able to settle into a good rhythm.  This was my first race since Hannah was born 8 months ago.  I finished the race in 1:35, not bad for a mother of 2 who had no time to train.  Fran finished in 1:33.  There’s a reason her nickname is Franimal!  I am also so proud of my husband Anton who also finished the race.  This was his 2nd half marathon and he completed the race in 2:07.  It was a great weekend for all of us and great to see you on Sunday Mike so motivating to hear your voice!



Michelle Nation (Product Manager – San Diego) ran the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego this weekend as my last long training run before Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 3 weeks.   The course and the bands were fantastic and I wish all my runs had such good aid stations and running companions.  Seeing the other Active folks out on the course and supporting as spectators was truly inspiring.  It was such a treat to be able to finish a marathon feeling so good and to be greeted at the finish line by Mike’s voice.  Can’t wait to hear him again when I cross the line after 140.6!!!

STACEY JOHNSON ran the RNR Marathon yesterday.  I loved the new course... a true taste of all San Diego has to offer. The last 5 or so miles on Fiesta Island was rough though.  That island was NOT a fiesta, especially since it was pretty hot by then.  Overall, it was a great race.  I finished in 3:59:42... under 4 hours by the skin of my teeth.   My mom walked the half marathon, so it was great to have her out there too.




There was a large crew of Active folks out at the San Diego Rock N Roll! This photo shows MEGAN DUVALL, JAMIE WILLIAMS, JEN ROMINE, TAMMII SCHMIDT & MIKE READE about to cross the start line bright and early on Sunday morning. Luckily Jen and Tammi were smart enough to only run 13.1 miles and they both set a new PR! J  Megan, Jamie and Mike chose to double that and completed the full marathon (Jamie’s first)! Overall it was an awesome day. Thanks to all those who came out to support us!GROUPRNR_6 6 10.bmp

KRISTI GARCIA ran the rock and roll. It was a tough run!  It was great to have my mom and sister supporting me.


LIZ HARRELLl (Director, Project Management ~ San Diego) did a mock Tri on Saturday and a real Mud Run on Sunday!  Saturday morning several members of the ActiveX Tri crew participated in our 1st mock tri of the training season.  400m swim/16mi ride/3mi run in Coronado.  Sunday morning, instead of Rockin N Rollin with the rest of the Active folks, my daughter, Natasha and I headed up to Camp Pendleton for the World Famous Mud Run. A 10K course with obstacles and lots and lots of mud.  Mother/Daughter day has a new meaning!


The weekend wasn’t just about rock ‘n’ roll. MICHAEL STRICKLAND, copywriter on the Foundation team, and his wife Cassie joined 5,498 other runners in the mud pits of the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.



JIM SOLA IT App Support Admin HAD AN INCREDIBLE DOUBLE THIS WEEKEND completing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on Saturday and the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. The Camp Pendleton Mud Run, undoubtedly one of the toughest  (and the most fun) 10K’s in SoCal, once again proved there are ways to make 6.2 miles seem like much longer.  The first half has creek crossings, sand to run through and LOTS of climbing.  Just when your legs are all burned up, the real fun begins on the second half, with mud pits, walls, tunnels, a (very) slippery hill, and oh that reservoir crossing!  After roughing up my knees and shins on the last mud pit crawl, I crossed the finish line in 1:09:11, in the top third of my age group. Then came Sunday… less than 24 hours after finishing the Mud Run, I crossed the finish line at the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  Knowing I would still be feeling the effects of the Mud Run the day before, I figured my best chance stood with trying to run with the 2:10 pacer.  Feeling tired from the beginning, I was still able to keep up for the first 10 miles before my legs really started to rebel.  I dug down and was able to finish in 2:10:40, which was a 9:59 per mile pace.  A really tough double that I don’t think I’ll try again though!

jim sola mud run.jpgjim sola half marathon.jpg

JOSEPH SCHUM Sales Mgr Eastern region Atlanta completed the Coliseum Rock & Roll Half Iron Distance Triathlon in Macon, GA this last Saturday.  I did it in 6:16 in a pavement melting 92 degrees.

SKIP CLEAVER reports on Sunday I ran the Pack Monadnock 10 Mile Mountain race, a challenging jaunt to the summit of Pack Monadnock Mountain in southern New Hampshire.  My time was 1:57:33 at 311 overall and 26th in my age group.  This is the third of seven races in the USATF New England Mountain Circuit, the only such circuit in the USA.  I am ninth all time in appearances in this circuit, which started in 1996, having run 62 mountain races in that time.  About 2/3 of these are base to summit, with the other third being up and down.  Slightly more than half are on auto roadways to summits, and the other half on trails. My daughter Traci ran the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Sunday: Her time was: 4:10:29 Overall: she placed 2,286 out of 10,625 finishers. She was 721 of  5,505 women Division  place was 159 out of 1,050 women 30-34 Pace: was 9:34 average.  Splits 5K: 30:10;  10K: 57:43;  Half: 2:02:33

MICHELLE ULRICH, Sales AE said great to hear your voice yesterday Mike! J  I had a great half marathon and PRed with a time of 1:26:56 finish time.  I finished 8th overall female and 3rd in my age group.  Gotta love the Rock n’ Roll Races. 

RYAN WOOD, Content Producer in the San Diego office, took part in the San Clemente Trail Run on Saturday morning. The 10K course was incredibly challenging but the views were amazing and the marine layer made the conditions ideal. I finished in 1:06 and gladly took the rest of the weekend off.


MAREA BLUE (Implementation Analyst, San Diego) and KIRSTIN HARTOS (Technical Account Manager, San Diego) traveled to the National Sports Center in Blaine, MN over Memorial Day weekend to play in the USA Rugby National All-Star Championships with the 8th seed Southern California RFU Griffins.  We kicked off the tournament on Friday morning with an upset win over the 5th seed Mid-Atlantic RFU, 21-14.  This put us into the Tier II Championship game on Sunday against the South Panthers (6), who had defeated the West Mustangs (7) 61-0 on Friday.  We started strong on Sunday against the South, scoring 18 unanswered points with the wind at our backs.  The second half saw us playing defense most of the time, and South was able to hit two penalty kicks and eventually touched down for a try – but we managed to retain our lead and maintain possession of the ball toward the end of the half to hold them to 13 points and win the game.  With two wins on the weekend, we fought our way back into Tier I as the 4th seed for next year’s All-Star tournament. 


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All Good Stuff

Posted by IMVoice Jun 1, 2010

ANTHONY VALENTINO Account Executive, Higher Education, San Diego - just returned from a week long trip to Maui that included Stand Up Paddling, snorkeling, running, open ocean swimming, and an epic 76 mile round trip bike ride from sea-level to the 10,000+ foot summit of Haleakala crater - epic!

Hawaii 2010 180.jpgHawaii 2010 183.jpg


MICHAEL STRICKLAND, Copy Writer on the Foundation team, spent the weekend off-roading and camping in Baja California, which included bagging this peak above Laguna Hanson in Parque Nacional Constitución.




Saturday morning ARCH FUSTON, BURT REPINE, EVAN WITTE AND ROB THOMAS set out on Stand Up Paddle boards around 6:15am from La Jolla Shores. We headed for the kelp patties just outside of the cove. After navigating through the kelp, Arch decided it was time for him to head in. The 3 of us decided to continue down the coast to the Wind N' Sea area. It was a perfect morning under clear, warm skies. The water was calm and allowed you to see well into the water. The kelp spiraled down into the depths all around us. Every now & then schools of fish would hit the suns' reflection and light up the water. There were a constant array of dolphins and seals popping up and checking us out the entire time. Entering back into the cove, there were schools of sting rays in certain areas. The entire round trip took a little over 3 hours. I definitely recommend it to anyone having any urge to try SUP'n. It's a great full-body workout and you get to enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer.


TOBY GUILLETTE, social media specialist, San Diego was at Lake Mead for the holiday weekend. The highlight was definitely the flight line ( experience in Bootleg Canyon. Check out this video!


KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator, San Diego- had a busy three day weekend.  I had my longest open water swim (1/4 mi) at La Jolla Cove Friday.  Sunday I participated in the first annual Bullfrog Triathlon hosted by JEREMY SPITZBERG.  Top it all off, Monday I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to venture on my first skydiving experience.  It was definitely a weekend to remember!




ARCH FUSTON taught their 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kai, how to swim, stand up paddled into shark-infested waters with Rob Thomas, Burt Repine, and Evan Witte, and spontaneously entered a " I didn't notice the screen door" contest and lost, bad.


The Cardenas Family (STEPHANY CAVATONI) spent the weekend in Big Sur being “active” which included biking, swimming, and hiking to the falls in Pfeiffer State Park.

Pfieffer State Park Falls.JPG


TODD PREECE battled it out on the brutal trails of the Xterra Mission Gorge 15k to come away with a 3rd place in his age division.  The Mission Gorge Xterra is one of Todd's favorite trail race courses due to multiple creek crossings, boulder scrambles, insanely hazardous descents, and of course, ridiculously steep climbs featuring the famous "1000-steps" to the peak of Fortuna Mountain.  So to come away with the Bronze medal was especially sweet.  The twisted ankle and handful of cactus spines, however... not so much.

Todd.pngXterra Mission Gorge.png



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined CrossFit’ers all over the nation in doing the “Murph” workout yesterday in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a SEAL killed in Afghanistan and a recipient of the Medal of Honor.  Jim joined his old Adventure Racing teammate and Crossfit LA owner Andy Petranek and about 70 other CrossFit LA’ers in completing the 1 Mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and 1 mile run. Of course Jim did not wear the 20 lb weight vest quite a few others did…but had a good time all the same.



JASON KARLS and 5,000 of his closest friends did the ski to sea relay – 99th year!!.  This is an awesome race from Mt Baker to Bellingham.  I completed the 14mi mountain bike leg in just over an hour.  The course was probably fine for the first 50 riders; after that it was fields of mud – the semi-slicks were a bad idea


STEVE MAZZA and his fiancé Mandy hiked to the top of Diamond Head in Oahu.  Must be nice!


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