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January 25, 2011

Smiling Faces Weekend

Posted by IMVoice Jan 25, 2011

JON CHRISTOPHER, Software Engineer took some action shots from China for the upcoming weekend warrior report. I am on the great wall doing some Hill repeats and stair lunges. It was about -10 degrees Fahrenheit there so I had to move around to stay warm. At the temple of Heaven I decided that I needed to do some pushups!



ANTHONY VALENTINO, Account Executive – Communities, enjoyed seeing other Active Network folks during this weekend’s events.  First, he and daughter Jade bumped into VALERIE PRESTIDGE at the Kid’s Marathon Mile event at Lego Land on Saturday morning. On Sunday, ActiveX alumnus JAMIE WILLIAMS and girlfriend Lorraine Daly joined in for 90 minutes of SPIN at Frog’s Fitness in Encinitas.



ROBYN WIEN, Operations Manager reports the Enterprise Sales Team played in San Diego at the Miramar Speedtrack for a night of team building. From left to right starting at the top, Robyn Wien, Jasmin Farrag, Jen Cenedella, Phil Graham, Ken Hansen, Lesa Watts Frederick, Georgiana Foletta, Chris Finocchio, Dave Baker, Izania Downie, Bill Piekarski, Peter Donnelly, Jaime Young, Jerry O’Neil, Dane Risley, Joe Schum, Teri Ann Donaldson and Steve Bushey. And the winning team of the relay was Jen, Phil, and Ken, who came in at the fastest lap speed. Although a night of bumps and bruises, the team had a fun time getting to know each other, and really getting to know each other’s competitive side. 



JEANNIE FREIS (Associate Product Manager, RegOnline, Boulder) put my kids in ski lessons and went snowboarding at Eldora yesterday.  It was a cold windy day - zero and breezy at the top of the mountain - but always a great day to get out; get some fresh air and exercise!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) learned a great way to simulate conditions for a road race is to run through your local strip of bars late at night.  You get all the people dodging you could ask for and you even get the occasional cheer!   He had another not-so-close hockey game, with his Sentinels losing to Iced Awesome 9-1.  He's getting closer to scoring his first actual, official goal, this time hitting the post off a point-blank, fairly wide open net.  Apparently the goalie had to get all acrobatic at that moment.  The game wasn't pretty, but he takes comfort in knowing that his jersey doesn't have a cake with sprinkles on it, which is wrong on so many levels.


ANNE BUCHANAN turned 50 this past summer and decided to embark in Active's Couch to 5K program. Having great success in my running regime I signed up for the Emerald Nuts 4M Race in New York City on New Year's Eve while I was visiting my daughters over the holidays. Not only did I run the race at midnight and had a wonderful time but I also ran to support Christopher's Way Foundation which was formed as a resource for children who suffer from a neurological disorder called Disgraphia. My next door neighbor formed this foundation in honor of their 17 year son, Christopher, who died suddenly last year. My run brought in over $2200.00 of which I am equally proud.




On Sunday, Rob Powell (Director - Strategic Account, Media + Marketing) along with 75 over athletes ran the Carlsbad Full and Half Marathons with Chloe’s Crew, the running group founded by Chloe’s parents, Dharma and Tim Nichols.  There were 24 first timer at these distances and a number of PRs set this beautiful Sunday in front of hundreds of Chloe’s Crew supporters.  Both Dharma and Tim were so thankful for the love, support and the effort of their athletes and supporters.  Go Chloe’s Crew!


The Chloe Nichols Foundation is an organization inspired by Chloe Nichols, an eight year-old girl whose spirit and determination inspires others to reach for and achieve their goals. Chloe was a fiercely determined girl who never backed down from a challenge. Chloe was a very imaginative and creative child who loved stories, art and all things "girly". She passed away tragically at age eight on August 25, 2009, and yes, she fought all the way to the end.  The Chloe Nichols Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established as a college scholarship fund - The Chloe Nichols Memorial Scholarship will be granted each year to one college bound Senior who demonstrates superior creativity.  Learn more about The Chloe Nichols Foundation and Chloe’s Crew @


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) ran the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday. Hoping for a 2 hour PR, I decided to commit to running with the pace runner. Then, 50 feet into the race someone gave me a flat tire and I lost my shoe! After swimming upstream to get it back, going to the side line to put it back on and hopping back into the river of runners I looked WAY ahead and saw my 2 hour pace guy…. (Run your race….) So, I powered through, passed him at mile 2 and never looked back! Finished with a 1:59:12. YAHOO!



Devika and Natasha Preece, 5 and 7-year old daughters of TODD PREECE, IT Director have been dying to be sponsored by ActiveNetwork over the last year so Arch graciously worked up a set of "ActiveX-Jr" kits for the Legoland Kids Marathon Mile.  Devika quickly burst into the lead ahead of the pro Kenyan pace setter but the wheels fell off the train about half-way through.  Regardless, she got lots of free promotional air time for ActiveX during her lead out.

TODD paced his wife during her 1st Marathon at the Carlsbad Marathon.  Todd is usually obsessed with PR and age group rankings but the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the experience with his wife proved amazingly inspirational.  There were incredible stories that played out for us all along the course.  Especially the 72-year old completing his 38th marathon and the group of U.S. Marines taking turns pushing their combat wounded buddy in a wheelchair, and of course his wife sobbing uncontrollably as she called her parents in Mexico to tell them she's "a Marathoner". The marathon really brings to light the incredible potential in ordinary people.  



LIZ HARRELL, Director of Project Management, KAT KEIVENS, Online Account Coordinator and SHANNON STEWART, Sales Manager Sports & Endurance all PR’d this weekend at the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  Liz finished the half in 2:24 which was a 23 min improvement over her performance last year at the Carlsbad Half.  Kat and Shannon each PR’d with a time of 2:03.  Here is a picture of some of the Active crew that participated yesterday, ELAINE BERGERON, Shannon Stewart, Liz Harrell, Kat Keivens and JAMES SOLA.




JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running ran the Carlsbad ½ marathon with her sister on Sunday.  Jen finished in 2:10 for a new PR and is looking forward to completing the Triple Crown this year.



STACEY JOHNSON ran the Carlsbad Half yesterday, and it was such a beautiful day – cold at the start, but the race was sunny and clear with big clean waves to watch throughout most of the course.  I just love this place.  I finished in 1:46 – no PR or anything for me, but it was such fun running!


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