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DANAE BROOKER and 10 year old son and I completed a 30 mile hill ride through Escondido, CA on Sunday. Winds and all...


JAIME YOUNG, Account Manager and family ran the O’Niantic Wee Mile in CT with our two girls (ages 3 & 4). Fun for all!


DEMIAN DORRANCE, Sr. Systems Engineer, IT, San Diego.  Continued training with my son on Saturday for the upcoming Gran Fondo Colnago San Diego.  We completed our biggest training ride ever, going on a 72 mile bike tour that took us from San Diego up the coast, an inland loop around Encinitas, north to Oceanside Harbor and Camp Pendleton, and back again.  Too exhausted to turn this one into a "brick" workout with a post ride run, I still decided to celebrate our success with a 2.6 mile cool down walk when we made it home.demian.jpg


JOEL MUNT, Blue Bear Technical Analyst had his second MMA fight, this time at 4th & B. I walked away with the win against a heavily favored opponent. I won by second round submission to increase my record to 2-0. My next fight will hopefully be in June. Here is a picture of the finish (me in red). I couldn’t find any clear pictures that looked any less violent so if this is not in the spirit of Weekend Warrior then feel free to just scrap the picture all together. DUDE YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! Mike



JOHN COYNE, Search Engine Marketing Manager participated in the Super Seal international distance triathlon at Silver Strand State beach in Coronado, CA this weekend. Had a great time though next time I will remember to put suntan lotion on my shoulders.




ANDY REILLY, Sport Sales Endurance was the head announcer at the Super Seal triathlon in Coronado, CA this weekend and had his Sherpa and assistant MIKE REILLY taking orders.  I’ve got a feeling I may get out bid by the kid for announcing services.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) joined Ashley Aurell of Skechers and thousands of others in the 26th annual Augura “Great race” 5k run. Despite the cancellation of the half marathon the event drew a huge crowd…and a one of the largest blow up villages I’ve ever seen!



MICHAEL O’BRIEN Desktop Manager ran the Running To Beat the Blues 5K in Nashville, TN this past Saturday.  One is of me crossing the finish line and the other is of me and my wife after the race.  It’s my 2nd ever 5K, I finished in 31:42, 9th in my age division (40-44), and 189th overall out of 367 runners and the run is held every year to promote good mental health/wellness.



JANE MARSHALL, Sales Exec did a fun 10 mile hike on snowshoes near Crested Butte, CO. It was a beautiful, blue-sky Colorado day with a white blanket of fresh fluffy snow covering everything. Great weekend!



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) spent 14 hours doing yoga this week, including 3 hours of arm balancing.  Yes, his arms are tired.  Fortunately there was also 4 hours of restorative to go along with that.  After his final class of the weekend, he made his return from a sprained ankle to Sentinels hockey , which started last week.  It's playoff time and we could not have been any more timely in picking up our first win in four months last week.  So yesterday … we officially began our first winning streak of the season!  Our team won 2-1 in overtime.  After getting off to a TERRIBLE start, with two penalties within a minute of the game start and an early 1-0 deficit.  But we equalized in the second period on MY FIRST GOAL EVER.    And then we hung on despite getting out shot almost 2-1 long enough to get the game winner in OT.  PS, Go Butler!


KAREN HARDY & CHRISTINA HANSON participated in the Seal Sprint triathlon on Coronado yesterday.  It was a great race and especially fun hearing a familiar voice with Active’s Andy Reilly announcing and the free beer garden afterwards!




ALAN DEICAS from San Diego office (2nd from the right in green cap) and some friends swam from La Jolla Shores to the Cove and back at dusk. Though most dangerous at dusk for shark attacks, we had dolphins and baby seals escorting us the whole way to keep us safe.



The Sacramento office had two representatives for the nutrition fitness 5k in Elk Grove, CA. ZAHEEN BUKSH & KRISTI GARCIA.  We ran on behalf of Zaheem's friend from high school who decided to start his non-profit to benefit childhood obesity.  Here's the founder's story: "My name is Teddy Herrera, I am 24 years old, from Elk Grove, CA and I am riding my bicycle 11,000-miles on behalf of Across America for Childhood Obesity. I started my journey June 5, 2010, with 36 dollars and no prior training, to raise awareness for childhood obesity to children everywhere! What began as a normal visit to my grandmother's home changed my life forever. I asked my 12-year-old cousins to play baseball outside on a beautiful spring California day. They looked at me with a blank stare that came from watching hours of television and dismissed the idea with a quick shake of the head. At that moment, I realized the negative role technology was playing in the lives of not only my cousins, but in the lives of millions of children across America. The next day I founded my organization, Across America for Childhood Obesity (AAforCO), and began coordinating a 11,000-mile bike ride across the nation. On this journey I will have traveled to 21 major cities inspiring our youth to actively chase their dreams, not only about obesity, but life in general."




SIJEN OLTHOF, Implementation Team Lead. Active Bothell was busy this weekend with the CanDo5K10K race that benefits children with special needs.  THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event a success.  Vendor Booth: Austin Braaten, Brian Topor, Leah Pardini, Meghan Swirski, Natassia Zabel, and Zac Panther. Water Station: Camarin Flores, Francesca, Keith Baltazar, Scott Baisch, Simon Wang, Stephen Branstetter, and Vince Cotroneo.  Runner: Shane Whitehurst.  (I think I got everyone, but if I missed anyone, THANK YOU)




ERIC MA (Market Analyst, M+M) Reported from Xi'an, China - On Saturday, he ran a 12K cross-country Hash Run with HHH group, it started from 3km away from the Qinlin Mt., all runners shoes were wet through right after started, since the course was along a rice field, it was an well designed race combined mud, cross creek, climbing and downhill. He felt great ever since it's his first time to run in the mountain and especially run with cold water in the shoes after crossed the stream 3 times!  On Sunday, 13 ActiveXers, Colin Li (IT), Karen Yang (CRM), Eda Zhao (IT), Steven Xue (IT), Kelly Yang (IT), Jimmie Jiang (BA), Rui Zhang (Class), Jason Qu (IT), Wesley Wang (ACR) and he spent a great ride day to Dayu Valley, totally 52.5 miles including 6 miles uphill and 5 miles downhill. Definitely an exhausting day spending 6 hours on bike, but all the fatigue disappeared when lying on the bed and recalling what have been challenged. It’s the first team ride this year and it was epic! The weather changed their original XLove ride plan, which was riding to the mountain and pick up the trash thrown by tourists, but it’s now on the team’s next ride schedule.




Payam Kavousian, Integration Analyst along with RYAN LYSTER (both from Burnaby) were out getting some spring powder in the backcountry BC interior mountains. We accessed this area using snowmobiles and would shuttle down a snowmobile and double up to ski and snowboard back down. There was over a foot of fresh snow and no one else around. We managed to get in 7 epic runs, possibly the best 7 runs of the season. This is what the winter in BC is all about!






TOBY GUILLETTE (4th place overall) and TODD PREECE (6th place overall) ran the Gut Check King-of-the-Hill Iron Mountain 9-Miler in San Diego this weekend.  Both walked away with the coveted "flying eagle" trophy for placing 3rd in their respective "Whipper Snapper" and "Old Fogey" age divisions.  It was a great event with cold and drizzly weather, multiple creek crossings, mud bogs, boulder scrambles and a total of 1,900 feet of climbing.


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Snow, Miles and Smiles

Posted by Active Toby Mar 14, 2011

Lisa Baldwin, Director of Client Migration in Burnaby completed the Inaugural Golden Ears Bridge 10K run.  Despite the relentless rain, some wind and the steep bridge incline, Lisa set a new PR shaving 8 minutes off her previous best 10K time!  Ah, a good day indeed.




Rebecca Zent, Strategic Account Manager in Boulder, CO -- Did 6 mile snow hike without snowshoes. We thought we didn't have enough snow for our snowshoes, so we used our Yack Tracks but mine got lost on the hike. This photo was taken about 40 minutes into our hike. Areas of our hike, your foot would drop into about 2-3 ft of snow. You had to laugh your way through the hike even though it was frustrating to lose your footing. Great core workout to lift your body out of the snow and continue on the path.
Over the hike took us 3.5 hours for 6 miles. Great day, great company, and great workout!


Rebecca snow hiking in CO mtns.jpg

James Lonsdale Hands (Events) and Sam Renouf (International) enjoying a day's skiing in Beijing with event clients. Note the smog and complete lack of snow beyond the piste - it was entirely artificial only a few miles from Beijing Airport.




Brian Enge, VP, Revenue Growth -- This weekend I traveled to Catalina Island for the Catalina Marathon.  I was thankful to finish 3rd overall and 1st in my old guys age group.  It was fun to get ActiveX on the podium.   The run across the island is spectacular and should be on every runner's short list.


Enge Catalina.JPG

Marc Kozai, Manager, Online Advertising Systems -- Justin Ramers, Jen Meanley and myself attended the Adobe/Omniture Summit last week in SLC and decided to extend our trip a bit to get a little snowboarding/skiing in.  It had not snowed for about 4 days so there was not much powder to be found inbounds.   1/2 way thru the day, Jen told me she was bummed that she missed ActiveX this week and that she had not been physically challenged yet.  So we went for a 45min hike and found the attached.  Snow was so good, that we traded the second half of our day to get this twice before the lifts closed for the day.




Yesterday in Escondido, Mike Reade (Sr. Software Engineer), Anusheh Chavez (Executive Asst.), Mark Warble (Desktop Mgmt Team Lead) and Bree Kulis (Market Mgr, Golf) from the San Diego office finished the inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful day for a half marathon, but the course was hillier than expected. Not too many animals were out and about that early, but we caught a glimpse of some Rhinos near the finish line.


Safari Park Half_03.13.2011.jpg


Chris Hemphill, Manager SCM and DevTools -- safari park 1/2 marathon - 1:56:11 chip time; 1:51:52 watch time which does not include the potty stop at mile 3 – best part of the race?  Seeing the baby rhino doing laps with her Mom at mile 13. I also killed my previous PR of 2:12 5 years and 30+ pounds ago.


Valerie Prestidge, Technical Account Manager -- Valerie Prestidge (Technical Account Manager) & friends ran the Inaugural Safari Park Half Marathon on Sunday.  Even with a gnarly spill after mile 6, I was able to PR the race!




Christine Crosby, Account Executive, Communities in San Diego - I completed my first 5K event with my husband, Bryan Crosby.  We ran the "Finish Chelsea's Run 5K" in Balboa Park.


Christine Crosby.JPG


Anthony Valentino, Senior Account Manager - Strategic Accounts (San Diego) enjoyed a weekend of wheels and great California locations.  Saturday he rode the Solvang Century in Central California and washed it down with a 4 mile run along State Street to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara.  Sunday was a little less intense - beach cruiser boardwalk crawl in Manhattan Beach.



Stephany Cavatoni, General Manager, Consumer Insight and Access -- The entire Cardenas family (Stephany Cavatoni, GM, Consumer Insights) enjoyed opening day festivities for Davis Little League, including a parade, dedication, the first pitch, picnic, games, and more.  We are looking forward to Lucas' first season with Little League - Go Phillies!!


lucas opening day.JPG


Amanda, Bennett, baby to be named later, and Joel Werdell (ActiveWorks Swimming Product Manager in Bothell)  built some long lasting memories up at around 4500ft during the dead of winter. Amanda is with child and in her 8th month of pregnancy! It took us about 5 hours to hike the 6 mile trail with 1100 ft of elevation gain. We were all very glad to get to camp and have some hot food. The evening and morning consisted of playing in the snow, hanging in the tent and plenty of sleep and hot food.  The next day we awoke to plenty of snow and a fantastic hike out.  Bennett (16 months) was either belting out animal noises or conked out in the baby backpack.  Overall we had a great time and surprising even for me, Amanda said she would do it all over again.  As you can see in the pictures we got a few of feet of new snow while we were up there and Bennett, when warm and fed was all smiles. Thanks to our beloved community of Peak 7 who helped get us every step of the way. Couldn't have done it without you guys!




This weekend I finally did something worthy of the weekend warriors updates.  I did my first roller derby bout!  San Diego has had women’s derby for years.   We are starting up a men’s team.  There’s not enough men yet so we play co-ed with the girls (which is a blast).  This weekend, I played in my first public bout.  White shirt in the photos.  Number 1966 (great year to be born).




Burt N. Repine, Sr. Software Engineer in San Diego -- had a blast with the family at the inaugural San Diego Zoofari  Park Half Marathon on Sunday finishing in 1:29:13, which was good enough for 2nd in his age group, but not good enough for the highest family placing, as his Mom ended up winning hers. His two boys and his step-father took on the 5K portion and everyone had a great time! What a venue/what an event!



(photo courtesy of Active's own Arch Fuston who was shooting and cheering along the course)


Demian Dorrance, Sr. Systems Engineer,  IT,  San Diego

I was in the UK to attend my graduation from the University of London  with a BSc in Information Systems and Management, when I represented  ActiveX in a local race organized by the Mornington Chasers running  club. I landed on Saturday evening and ran my first ever 10k race, in  freezing weather near 0 Celsius early Sunday morning. Finished the  Regent's Park Winter 10k in 1:05:45, despite some outrageous event  preparation that consisted of a transatlantic flight, a night on the  town in London, some local cider, and three hours sleep. Still achieved a  personal best: this was my first event running continuously with no  walking breaks. Kudos to the local club marshals who kept everyone going  with delightfully understated English cheers of "well done, runners."  at every corner of the Regent's Park course.



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