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Sun Run, Boston, Ragnar, all over La Jolla!

Posted by IMVoice on Apr 18, 2011 11:37:31 AM

From everyone at THE ACTIVE NETWORK CONGRADULATIONS to American DESIREE DAVILA from San Diego County in Chula Vista, CA.  She just ran a 2:22:38 for 2nd place at the Boston Marathon today.  She is a 2001 graduate from Hilltop High School and All American at Arizona State University.  Desiree was only a step behind the winner Caroline Kilel from Kenya at the finish.


Our own EMILY JOLLER, Account Manager Sports San Diego just finished the Boston Marathon today in a time of 3:15:11 that is a 7:27 pace per mile – WAY TO GO EMILY A WELL DESERVED MEDAL AND BEER!

Emily Joller Boston Marathon.JPG


MARK WARBLE reports – Saturday, two 12-person ActiveX-men teams (22 Active employees and 2 friendlies) participated in the Ragnar Relay SoCal event- a 200 mile relay race starting in Huntington Beach and ending in Coronado. Although we fueled-up with Zico, Gu, Odwalla, and Snickers Marathon Bars the entire time, it was our capes that truly gave us power to reach the finish as a team. Even with the lack of sleep, sweaty confines (6 stinky people in each van), and the SoCal heat everyone had a blast AND there were no injuries for the entire 32 hours it took to complete the race! There’s already talking about participating in the Napa version and/or doing SoCal again next year. Great job everyone! (Below are just a few photos…many more will be plastered on Facebook, so stay tuned.)



MELISSA COHEN & AMY SCHWENCK participated in the Ragnar relay in Southern California.




ROB POWELL (Media + Marketing) took part in the SoCal Ragnar race as a member of Team Beach Slap.



JIM GARFIELD (M&M) had the fantastic opportunity to channel my inner Super Hero (with Pizza balloon thought bubble) and run the Ragnar Relay this weekend. I was incredibly proud to race with such a fantastic group of Active peeps.  A special shout out to Evan Witte (my partner in crime) who kept our pace strong and our transitions interesting! I hear there might be a vote for the Napa Ragnar! I vote for it!



RODNEY VAN WINCKEL, of the Pleasanton office, coached his 16 year old girls team (Vibe Nitro) at the Far Western National Volleyball Qualifier in Reno this past weekend.   Nitro was seeded 77th out of 177 and finished 62nd by playing their best volleyball of the season!



BRUCE XU (QA, Active Trainer) Reported from Xi'an, China - On Sunday, April 17. Eric Ma, Cash Xu, Nemo Ding, Tony Chen and Bruce Xu rode a 90k ride around the 3rd Ring Road of Xi’an City start from Software park. Distance – 90.78 km; duration – 4hours and 15 mins; Pace - 21.2km/hour; altitude difference – 456 m. It is a hot day with splendid sunshine. Every boy felt a little bit tired with sunburned skin, but nothing can stop them to enjoy this great riding/journey! We passed by several typical Xi’an Locations: Qujiang Pool, City Wall Relics of Tang Dynasty, International Horticultural Exhibition Park. It is the first team ride training for climbing the Watershed of Qinling Mt this year.



MATTHEW HENRY (Bothell, WA) finished his first season of ice hockey last Monday night, with a victory over the Kokanees by the score of 3-2 to win our division!  We broke out to a 3-0 lead after two periods and managed to hang on.  We finished the regular season 4-14-3 and including an 0-13-3 streak to finish the season.  And thankfully, everyone makes the playoffs and we won all of our games.  Matt did pay through the playoffs with a bad ankle, and is still waiting to see if it's broken.  Let's hope it's not too bad cause summer season starts in a month!



MICHAEL O’BRIEN, Desktop Support.  Before the start, and then at the finish line of the Purity Dairy Dash 5K in Nashville, TN.  It was cool and spitting rain but still a good run.



HEATHER LEVINE, Project Coordinator did the first annual Capitol City Classic 5K on Sunday and it was a lot of fun!  The weather was great!  The race took you through parts of downtown Sacramento and along the river.  It was fun seeing views of the Tower Bridge and the river.  The best part was the race benefitted A Change of Pace, a non-profit that trains kids to run and be active.  There were so many kids running with us.  The picture is of my friend Mandy, my mom, and me (in orange).



LISA BALDWIN, Director Product EOL & Client Migration reports that this Sunday, 27 folks from the Burnaby office took park in the Vancouver Sun Run, the largest 10K race in Canada featuring over 50,000 participants.  It was a perfect weather day for running with lots of sun and no rain.  A 2 alarm fire detoured us slightly at about the 4km mark but didn’t seem to really slow anyone down.  Lots of friendly side bets between co-workers, teammates and spouses were won or lost on the race course Sunday. J.  Our team placed 7th in the Sponsor category with many people achieving personal best times including Myo Thein, Lisa Baldwin, John Kadota, and Paul Cheung.    First timer Darwis Fransida posted a solid time positioning him as the 5th fastest on our team.



Way to go to the rest of the team Bardya Ariana, Chantel McBride, Inderpal Dhaliwal, Jamie Haaf, Mariel Coley, Niraj Prakash, Andrew  Chau, Brian Choy, Darren Jensen, Doreen Xue, Jack Su, Lisha Li, Melissa Douglas, Myreen Lacsamana, Paul Tan, Raymond Lei, Rong Peng, Wayne Zhu, Rod Sheeter, Ryan Carniato, Spencer Robertson, and Sukh Sanghera.   Go ActiveX!


SHANNON WINEMAN (Project Manager, San Diego) Ran the La Jolla Half Marathon this weekend. They don’t call it a “character-building” race for nothing. Those hills are brutal. It was a perfect day for a run, overcast and cool. Powered through on my way to the “Triple Crown” this year (running all three SD half marathons in one year at sub 3 hours.) Met up with other ActiveXers Todd Preece and his wife Karla. Awesome day!



GREG SCHWARZER, Sales Team Leader  Our buddies almost going over in their raft on “Tin Cup”, the Arkansas River, Salida, Colorado. 3 day rafting/fishing trip over the weekend.  My raft was through before them and we decided to video their journey through.


ANDREW BUTTERWORTH, Strategic Director took his family camping in the San Rafael Swell in Southern Utah and we spent a couple of days hiking through slot canyons and running around Hoodoo's in Goblin Valley.  Ding and Dang Canyons where not technical but it certainly took some ingenuity to figure out how to get down some 40 foot drops.  This is some of the most beautiful wilderness areas you could ever hope for.



MICHELLE NATION, Product Manager ran the Salt Lake City Marathon (as a warm up for the Rainier to Ruston in June).  It was exactly as promised:  snow capped mountains, newly blooming daffodils and tulips, perfect marathoning weather and mostly flat/downhill (not counting that nasty uphill around mile 25 heading up towards the state capitol).   Had a fantastic day out in the road and even indulged in the unofficial “temptation” aid station at mile 20.  I’m so thankful I managed to pull out a new marathon PR of 4:27:34 AND feel happy and strong almost the entire time!  The best part was running with my big sister for the first 6 miles and then seeing her at the finish.  Life is good!



A more Active Oziminski family in 2011 – Sherry and Jay Oziminski - Nashville, TN office

First Ski Trip ever – Wolf Creek Colorado!  Totally fun and we are all hooked. First 5k ever  –  Nashville, TN – Davidson County Humane Society - we made it and it was fun… even the dogs liked it J… don’t forget the dogs – they need to be more active too!  2nd 5k –  Mt. Juliet, TN  - Eva’s walk for a reason  - Jay improved his running time and has become more competitive with it.  I completed walking it with my time improved as well and met some really great people in my community!!   We plan on doing more because WE CAN!


ANTHONY VALENTINO, Senior Account Manager (San Diego), participated in the Ragnar Relay Friday and Saturday with two teams full of AMAZING Active employees/family. Special thanks to running partner Burt Repine for driving an aggressive pace.  Anthony added a little extra mileage on Sunday with the La Jolla Half Marathon, finishing in 1:41.  Despite tired legs from Ragnar, he was motivated to get to the finish as quick as possible for the prize in the picture below.



JEN ROMINE, Account Manager – Running, Ran the La Jolla, CA Half Marathon yesterday in 2:04 for a new PR!



BRIAN PORTER ran the 2011 Sun Run in Vancouver, BC. I didn't reach my best year's time by a long shot, but I killed my slowest time, so I ended up pretty happy with the run. The weather was perfect for it; not too warm, but clear and sunny. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it this year, so I didn't join the Active team. But I made sure to wear my Active T-shirt!



Anusheh Chavez, Melissa Eisler and Megan DuVall enjoyed 3 wonderful days full of yoga, hiking and live kirtan music in Joshua Tree, CA at Bhakti Fest.



A team of technical guru from China offices: Wayne Wang (Reserve America), Peter Wang (Thriva), Lin Lin (HR), David Qu (ActiveNet), Joey Yin (ActiveWorks), Eric Yao (Photos), Tyrael Tong (ActiveWorks), Chris Zhang (ActiveWorks), Shelly Yue (Product Management and China Operations), Carmen Liu (H&F), Jeff Fan (ActiveWorks) and Jean Su (China Operations) joined QCon Beijing 2011 over the weekend. Active Network has devoted to build best technology team in China over last 5 years and QCon has been one of our channels to establish networking with hi-end talents in Beijing and Shanghai. We also are proud to share our ActiveX stories and even with a small live mini golf pitch competition during the conference booth in order to demonstrate how technology and sports can meet and have fun!


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